Repeat & eNjoy : Shadowhunters

Jace, who is still reeling from everything that has happened, makes hunting down Valentine his number one priority even though he continues to wrestle with his conflicted feelings. In hopes of finding a way to stop Valentine before it is too late, Clary and Simon must find the key to unlocking Jocelyn’s coma. But that key to unlocking Jocelyn’s spell may just undo the Downworlder peace treaty, Simon’s relationship with Raphael, and the Vampire clan in the process. Meanwhile, Alec must deal with the aftermath of his decision and what his choice means for his future.

Things I want for Luke in Season 2

• A quiet moment between him and Jocelyn. Where she gazes fondly at him and thanks him for everything he has done.
•Lots of hugs between him and Clary where she just clings to his shirt in need of comfort.
•Clary stating that her father is Luke, Valentine can choke.
• Simon and Luke doing the finger and eye combo.
•Alec Lightwood asking Luke for advice on missions and downworlders affairs.
•Luke not having any time for the Clave and calling them out.
•More vampire and werewolf banter.
•Luke training his pack and caring for them.
• Exasperated best friend/coworker Alaric and Luke discussing pack affairs over chow mein.
•Shirtless Luke without him being in pain
• Luke giving more sagely advice at the Jade Wolf.
• More flashbacks of young!Luke
• Luke giving clary and Jocelyn forehead kisses.
• Magnus and Luke discussing the safety of their people over cocktails, obviously.


Boy you got me


Honestly my favourite thing about Shadowhunters is that it has become it’s own thing. it’s not like every other adaption where it is those movies based on those books, or that show based on those books. 

Shadowhunters has become it’s own universe, and I love it so much. 

Before I would have cared if it was like the books or not, but now I don’t want it to be, it’s better than that and they can do what they want with it and everybody will love it.

things the shadowhunters fandom tends to forget but shouldn’t:

◾ magnus isn’t weak and could easily carry alec around
◾ alec is gay
◾ magnus is bisexual
◾ luke garroway is a main character
◾ as much as i love lydia, she isn’t
◾ neither is raphael
◾ raj isn’t a villain
◾ magnus isn’t just alec’s love interest but a fully layed-out character with his own path
◾ everyone is flawed
◾ jace has ptsd
◾ izzy isn’t just a pretty face (she is a genius)
◾ clalec is just a fucked-up crack ship
◾ magnus is extremely powerful (yet he is still kind and compassionate)
◾ luke and magnus have both been through a lot and haven’t turned to the dark side
◾ 4/7 of the main characters are pocs, stop whitewashing them
◾ verbal abuse is still abuse
◾ characters are allowed to make mistakes

feel free to add more if you think of something else

Alec: “Everybody shut up.” *picks up phone* “Hey mum.”


Magnus: “come back to bed”

Lydia: *various sex noises*

Luke: “tell her i said hi”

Jace: “aye! pass the weed”

Isabelle: *blasting out curse words*



gif request meme → @chestofletters​ asked: shadowhunters + parabatai (then/now)

“What was it that Alec called you? Para-something?”
“Parabatai,” said Jace. “It means a pair of warriors who fight together—who are closer than brothers. Alec is more than just my best friend.”

the amount of hate directed at the cast and crew from people who claim to be fans of the show is extremely horrifying and absolutely shameful…

•in summary people want matt to lose his job so the role of alec could be given to the poc who also auditioned for the same role, forgetting the fact that maybe just maybe the producers chose matt because he embodies the character so well and looks like he could actually play a teenager/young adult…
•the same people then chooses to forget that poc are represented a lot in the show with most of the main cast being poc themselves, *cough isaiah/luke,*cough* harry/magnus, *cough* emeraude/izzy, *cough* alberto/simon
•some of them actually refusing to acknowledge luke as being a main character, they gave us isaiah who is incredibly sweet and kind (who happens to be a poc) to play luke, thus giving representation yet people seem to erase his existence…
•stop using “we need more representation of poc” as an excuse to blatantly hate on matt, stop tweeting the crew you want him to be replaced, appreciate the poc on the show! there’s a lot of shows out there which lacks representation of poc but shadowhunters isn’t one of them, there’s shows in which the only main poc either dies or is constantly tortured (tvd being one) but shadowhunters cares about their poc cast and characters just as much as the “whites” and they give the poc characters purpose and storylines… If you want to be complain how about you criticise shows which have barely any representation…
•matt deserves better, the cast deserves better and the crew deserves better…

shadowhunters on snapchat (a sequel to shadowhunters on vine):

  • luke is the type of person who narrates what he’s doing while he’s doing it, even completely random things such as ‘hey guys whats up im just standing up from sitting on this chair, you know how it is” 
    •  once he was walking and talking at the same time and he tripped and fell, it was only jocelyn and alaric holding onto his arms on either side who kept him from falling straight on his face
    •  “my knights in shining armour!” “is this why you sometimes have random bruises on your body?” “… maybe”
  • clary is a pro at making snapsterpieces that are at once stunning and clever  
    • she also draws grumpy cat on alec’s face and it’s her most screenshotted story, 40 of them are magnus 
    • she posts snapchats of izzy dancing and singing to beyonce in the early morning    
    • “izzzz come back to bed it’s way too early” “clary you’re already up and wrapped in the covers let’s go watch some cartoons”                
  • simon always has at least 400 seconds on his story, raphael is the only one who actually watches them all, and simon finds out and admits his crush on raphael at 250 seconds and that’s how they started dating without anyone else knowing             
    • clary finds out because simon doesn’t post on his story for a good thirty minutes and she knows that he was in the middle of explaining his reasoning for the new band name so she goes to find him    
    • “nice simon, get it” “thanks clary!” “..are you two serious right now? my tongue was down his throat not three seconds ago”   
  • magnus is a dog filter hoe, there’s no denying that, but he also loves using the angel filter on alec     
    • he takes selfies all the time with everyone everywhere and ironicallycalls himself a millenial, even raphael has been roped into taking a selfie or two   
    • magnus is the kind of person to take a picture of his starbucks coffee with his name horriby misspeled on it, only alec knows that magnus asks them to spell it as wrong as they can        
  • izzy loves lip syncing to songs in a car with a filter, and she will also go on rants about science and capitalism every couple of weeks, magnus often makes appearances and he talks about gender roles    
    • izzys number one best friend from day one is clary and they have a running competition to see who can make the ugliest face      
    • her second best friend is magnus for the sole purpose of getting him to send her pictures of alec caught unaware with his mouth open or asleep or with double chins                                                  
  •     jace denounces snapchat and no one knows exactly why except alec 
    • “really jace?” “you said you wouldnt judge me!” “i never said that” “it’s a very complicated app, i bet lots of people dont know how to use it” “sure jace”         
    • alec downloads snapchat for the sole purpose of being able to see his boyfriends face whenever he wants and he never posts anything on his story   

Shadowhunters + Main Characters Aesthetic

The Scholomance was a piece of Shadowhunter history come to life. A cold castle of towers and corridors carved into the side of a mountain in the Carpathians, it had existed for centuries as a place where the most elite of Shadowhunters were trained to deal with the double menaces of demons and Downworlders. It had been closed when the first Accords were signed: a show of faith that Downworlders and Shadowhunters were no longer at war.

anonymous asked:

Ok how about a top-five "I want to hug a character so damn bad!" moments on Shadowhunters? (Happy or sad is up to you)

My Top 5 ‘I Want To Hug You So Bad!’ Moments

1. Max, when he turned up and made pyromaniacs adorable.

Don’t know about you guys, but I wanted to hug the little man, too.

2. Magnus, when he lost his best friend.

Centuries of life spent together, gone in an instant. You’d think the immortal would learn not to feel so deeply, but I have the impression they feel more.

3. Jace, when the hits just kept on coming.

He’s smirked and strutted his way out of a lot of things. Doesn’t mean the man don’t need a damn cuddle and a decent cry. Poor thing.

4. Alec, realising the error of his ways. And that he had no way out.

Alec needed a hug all season long and no one was offering. So misunderstood by people who have known him his entire life, and no one thought to ask ‘You’re not being your usual self. Is everything okay?’ I would have. Just sayin’.

5. Luke, as he remembered his lowest point.

Our favourite alpha dad should never, ever have to feel that way. Had I been there, I would have snuggled on up until that big beautiful smile of his was back where it belonged.

Maia Roberts Pt. 5

Justine Skye!

She’s 20 (Like Kat) and seriously drop dead gorgeous.

Besides the purple hair (which could be covered-or not, it looks really good) she fits the description really well. 

And she’s a singer/songwriter in addition to being a model, so as a bonus maybe Maia ends up being a good singer or something. 

Seriously though, she looks exactly like the badass Maia who fled to Manhattan and fought for herself that I read in the books (Let’s just not get her back together with Jordan pretty please)