Leia: *dropping Ben off at the new jedi academy* Here, Luke. Please, teach this boy something.

Luke: but, Leia, you can’t just–

Leia: is that Han calling? I think that’s Han calling.

Luke: Leia, I’ve got other younglings to train.

Leia: Be good for Uncle Luke, alright? 

Luke: Leia!

Leia: bye!


Luke: Sooo–

Ben: I like Darth Vader.

Luke: okay?

Ben: die rebel scum!

Luke: *speaking over intercom* Leia, I can’t do this.

Leia: what do you mean? He’s just a little boy.

Luke: I think he’s going to murder me!

Leia: oh, don’t be silly!

Han: *in the background* don’t let him get hold of a lightsaber.

Luke: why?

Han: it never ends well.

Luke: what do you mean, never ends well?

Leia: I think we’re breaking up. *crinkles paper in front of speaker*

Luke: Leia!

*intercom call ends*

Luke: oh come on!

Ben: want to have lightsaber training, Uncle Luke? *evil laugh*

Luke: ahh!

5sos interview
  • Interviewer: "Big spoon or little spoon?"
  • Michael: "Big spoon all day everyday."
  • Luke: "I might be a little spoon."
  • Ashton: "Yeah we're little spoons because we're Cancers, Luke."
  • Luke: *laughs*
  • Ashton: "It's a Cancer thing."
  • Interviewer: "What sign are you?"
  • Michael: "I'm Scorpio."
  • Calum: "I'm Aquarius."
  • Michael: "I am a big spoon. The only time when I'm not the big spoon is if I'm crying."
  • Ashton: "Cancers are always crying. We just cry about stuff, that's what we do."
  • Let's talk about this for a moment.
daddy's little princess

description: luke’s a bad boy, you’re the priests daughter with a good girl reputation. Who knew it’d be so easy for Luke to corrupt you…

warnings: so basically you’re calling luke daddy and fucking him in church so yeah

Every week was the same. Wake up, get dressed in a sensible outfit, and pretend that you didn’t hate your life. You used to love your life, you were your daddy’s little girl and everyone knew you as a good girl as your father the was church priest. Rarely had you ever acted out, always obedient to your parents demands. But ever since Luke Hemmings had come back from boarding school a foot taller and a black ring in his lip, you had realized that maybe you were missing out. For the last 4 months you had been lusting after the broad boy, fantasizing of him holding you close, kissing you roughly, his thick long cock thrusting inside of you as you screamed his name. Except the problem was you were a good girl. No boy would look twice at you because they assumed you were a virginal prude. They were wrong, you had fucked an older boy from church who had moved away a year ago.

Your father had warned you to stay away from Luke, always saying “that Hemmings boy is trouble, I don’t want my sweet daughter anywhere near him.” He’d go on to say what Luke had said during confession to him and although your fathers intent was to make you disgusted with Luke, it only made you want him more. There was something about the idea of a bad boy and a good little girl that appealed to you. For some reason you just couldn’t get that thought out of you head.

Often times you’d catch yourself staring at Luke from across the church pew in his dark pants and tight button up, the top buttons undone to expose his toned chest. He would be lazily playing with his lip ring with his tongue, sending blissful fantasies in your mind. Imagining his tongue on you, bringing you to the brink -but no. That wouldn’t ever happen. You knew Luke had no interest in you, the only interaction the two of you had was when he’d notice you staring at him and he’d send a wink. Sometimes you would catch his ocean eyes on you, but you assumed he just wasn’t paying attention. There was no way a boy like Luke would ever want you.

That Sunday you put on a black skirt that hit about mid thigh, with a tight top that if you pulled it down enough, showed the perfect amount of your ample cleavage. You finished it off with a pair of thigh high socks. Before heading downstairs, you applied a dark red lipstick to your lips. Truth be told, you knew your mom wouldn’t be too pleased with your outfit, but it was the most defiant thing you’d done in years so you decided it’d be okay.

On the way to the church, your mom put up a bit of a fuss about your outfit as you expected, but eventually you let it go. That was relieving. You needed to show Luke you weren’t as good as he thought. When it was time for the teenagers to meet, you planned on hiking up your skirt and tugging down your top. This was phase one in operation seduce Luke.

The sermon was oddly ironic, as your father had chosen the topic of abstinence. The whole time you sent Luke glances, keeping eye contact when he’d notice. One particular time, he caught your eye as you had been playing with the top of you thigh high sock. When he saw that, you noticed him shifting visibly, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip. It seems that Luke had a thing for thigh highs, things were going smoothly already.

When you were finally dismissed to go to the youth class, you made a detour to the bathroom. Once there, you hiked up your skirt, and revealed more of your breasts. This made you feel empowered and suddenly very confident. Just as you finished touching up your lipstick, you heard the main doors to the bathroom swing open. Before you could turn around to see who it was, there was a sharp click of the lock shutting.

“Reds a nice colour on you babe,” came a low voice. Successfully hiding your surprise, you turned around and met Lukes gaze. He was looking you up and down appreciatively, a smirk on his face.

“This is a girls bathroom,” you reminded him, causally running hand through your dark as if his presence didn’t bother you in the slightest.

“You know y/n, I had always had this hunch that you weren’t as innocent as people thought,” Luke began, slowly moving closer to you. “Today proved it. Did you think it was funny to tease me like that?” By now he was inches away from you, backing you up into the wall. He grabbed your hand, holding them up on the wall above you, trapping you in place.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” you said innocently, biting your lips. Luke let out a groan at that, pressing his body against yours.

“Oh princess, don’t play these games with me. You knew exactly what you were doing. Now you’re going to be punished for it,” Luke snapped, his voice raspy. The tall boys lips were barely brushing against yours as he spoke, sending a rush through you, and you sighed softly. He slowly started grinding against you, and you could feel his cock stiffen slightly against you. “I’m going to teach you not to tease daddy.”

A whimper escaped you. Roughly, Luke turned you around so your front was against the cool tiled wall. He stood flush to you, his mouth brushing against your neck.

“Daddy,” you whispered, and you felt his member harden a bit more. “I’ve been so naughty.”

Luke threw his head back with a groan, grabbing you so you were bent over facing the wall. Lifting up your skirt to reveal your lacy black panties, he placed his hands on your ass, his thumb rubbing slow circles on the skin.

“Did you wear these just for daddy?” Luke asked. You nodded. “Use your words princess. Let daddy hear you.”

“Yes daddy, I wore them for you!” You called out.

“Princess, you deserve five spankings. I want you to count them out loud for me, do yo understand?”

“Yes daddy.” Luke sensual way of speaking sent pleasure straight to your core. You knew you were already soaked.

“Get ready princess.” You could feel his hot breath as he murmured into your ear. A shiver ran down your spine as you waited in anticipation. Suddenly, his large hand made contact with your ass, a loud smack filling the silent room. You let out a cry.

“One!” Another hit. “Two!”

“You seem to be enjoying your punishment Princess, aren’t you,” Luke inquired, massaging your ass.

“Yes daddy I am,” you let out, stuttering slightly. Luke let out a low chuckled, before swinging his hand back then letting it collide with your backside. You let out another moan.

“Three!” You almost yelled.

“Two more babygirl, you’re doing so good. Daddy is so proud of you.” By this time, your arousal was dripping down your leg, and you knew Luke could tell.

Another smack.


The last hit was more forceful than all the other combined, yet you felt on top of the world from the throbbing skin. You knew that there’d be a imprint of Lukes hand on your ass, the thought of that just getting your more flustered.

“FIVE!” you screamed.

“Very good Princess, you did amazing. I think you deserve a reward,” Luke praised you. He reached up and slowly tugged down your skirt, and you stepped out of it. Off came your shirt, the flimsy material fluttering to the floor. For a moment Luke stood there, taking in the lacy black bra holding your large breasts up.

“While I find them very sexy,” Luke said, his hands finding the clasp. “I think I’d much rather prefer what’s underneath.” He expertly undid the clasp, slowly removing the straps off you arms. The bra landed on the floor, his hands replacing it, his thumbs running over your nipples.

“Daddy please,” you whined, desperate for more.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful,” he marvelled, sliding his hands down your body. They reached you the top of your panties, and pulled them down, leaving you only in your thigh highs. “Get ready for your reward Princess.”

Luke got down on his knees, spreading your legs apart with his large hands. He kissed up your thighs, sucking and nibbling as he traveled upwards, surely leaving marks in its place. As he got closer, your breathing became laboured as you waited for him to make his next move. He blew warm air onto your clit, causing you to lace your fingers through his messy blond hair. Slowly, his tongue darted out, brushing against your clit. He started moving his tongue against you, moving up and down and side to side, before circling his tongue around it. Biting your lip, you held in your sounds of pleasure. Then he plunged his tongue it, causing you to lose all control. The room was filled with you whimpers and moans, as you tugged on his hair causing him to let out another groan. He sucked on your clit before going back to his previous
movements and you could feel that familiar knot in the pit of your stomach building up.

“Daddy,” you cried, tugging harder on his hard, receiving another sound of desire. “I’m close daddy!”

This seemed to encourage Luke, as he slipped a finger inside of you, his other hand holding your hips back as they started bucking. His movements increased and with a cry you reached your peak, crying out as Luke continued as your rode out your high. Luke peppered your face in kisses, finally meeting your lips with his. You could taste yourself on his lips, but you didn’t care as your lips moved frantically together.

“You did so well Princess,” Luke said breathlessly, breaking the kiss. His hands trailed down to the top of your thigh highs, fingering the soft material of them.

“Daddy,” you whined, running your hand over the front of his dress pants. If his cock wasn’t already completely hard before, it was now. “I want you inside me please!”

“Oh Princess, you don’t need to ask twice.” You started unbuttoning the rest of this shirt before letting it slip off his broad shoulders and onto the floor. You admired his lean body, slowly kissing down his chest until you reached the top of his pants, his length straining against the tight material. Unzipping them, you slid his pants down his legs leaving him only in his boxers. Even concealed by thin fabric you could tell his cock was huge. Luke saw you gulp and let out a chuckle.

“Oh Princess, just you wait,” Luke said lazily, stroking your hair. You slid down his boxers, his thick cock springing out. It was huge. You felt heat run through your body. Never before had you ever wanted anything so bad.

“Oh daddy I need you now,” you begged, reaching out to his cock. You took it in your hand, rubbing your thumb against the tip. “Please fuck me like the dirty slut I am. Please daddy!”

“Get ready Princess,” Luke whispered, a cocky tone to his voice. He led you over to the sinks, bending you over the counter. “I’m going to make you mind baby.”

You felt his tip brush against your entrance, and you moaned. Slowly he slid in, stretching you.

“Oh Princess,” he moaned out. “You’re so tight. Fuck baby.”

He pulled out slightly, before slamming back in, receiving a cry from you. Thrusting hard, he whispered in your ear.

“You’re such a dirty girl, fucking me in a church like this. What would your father say if he knew I had you bent over the sink, at my mercy as I slam into your tight wet pussy?” Luke smacked your ass. “Cmon baby, let me hear you!”

“Oh daddy,” you replied, your eyes rolling back in pleasure. “Faster daddy please. I’m so close.”

“Hold on Princess,” Luke commanded, speeding up. The sound of your skin slapping together joined the symphony of moans filling the room. “Wait for daddy Princess, don’t come yet.”

Once again, you could feel your orgasm nearing, building up, getting closer and closer. Whimpering as Luke slammed into you, brushing against your g spot, you let out a cry.

“Daddy please,” you begged, nearing tears. You needed to cum now, the need for a release so desperate.

“Let go babygirl,” Luke shouted. As you reached your eye, screaming out his name over and over, you felt him release into you, as he moaned louder than ever.

After you both came down from your highs, Luke slid out of you, pulling you close to him. He placed his lips on your temple, running a hand up and down your back.

“You did so well Princess. That was amazing babygirl,” Luke praised you, his voice tired. You just nodded, too tired to even respond. After awhile of standing there, wrapped in his strong arms, he let you go. “It’s almost time to go home Princess, I should let you make yourself appear like a good little girl again. Can’t have anyone knowing what their little angels been up too.”

Luke pulled on his clothes, now rumpled. He ran a hand through his messy, sweaty hair. You continued to stand there, staring at the beautiful boy.

“I need to go confess of my sins,” he told you with a wink. “See you next week Princess.”

With that he walked out, leaving you still naked. The shock of what just happened hadn’t left you, but you looked forward to next week, anticipating what’d happen next.

✔️ Birbs
✔️ Home
✔️ Passport
✔️ O/seas accommodation
✔️ Return flight
✔️ Itinerary money
✔️ Emergency

When Luke my little boy was born 20 years ago, I cut up my credit card. So today I decided to see if I could get one for the trip just in case & it went through ! (I MAY have exaggerated my income somewhat :P) But thanks to being brought up living with my thrifty Scottish Grandpa I don’t reckon I’ll get in trouble. But I got to cover the rest of the cost now instead of later. GoT tours here I come !


Do you realize how lucky we are to have Calum in our lives


I’m going to make these available for purchase on etsy as soon as I get back from spring break, so like two weeks! In the mean time, enjoy them here! Please don’t repost these anywhere or remove my signature. Thank you :)

Dear boys

I am more likely to have sex with you if you send me a picture of you in a good looking tux, not in a dirty bathroom with your dingaling hanging out, ok?

domestic skywalker family headcanons half of these have probably already been thought of but i figured i’d give it a shot:

  • luke is a total momma’s boy, and leia is daddy’s little girl. so it shocks the hell out of everyone when leia wants to start a career in politics, and luke wants to be a jedi and/or pilot.
  • padme and leia argue a lot when leia is in her tween and teen years. conflicting political views, mostly. leia challenges her mother – the supreme chancellor – constantly over what’s being done about slavery in the outer rim.
  • luke has been attached to obi-wan since day one. as a baby, he would only ever really stop crying in the arms of uncle obi.
  • anakin does his best to bring the twins treats from every planet he visits. these are usually a tad ‘worse for wear’ by the time they get them
  • padme loved dressing the twins in matching outfits when they were young.
  • the twins are embarrassed often by their parents frequent pda
  • luke snuck aboard his first cruiser at the age of four. leia commanded her first squadron at the age of six.