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“Yeah, it’s over. I get emotional if we talk about it too much, but it’s been an amazing job. Amazing experience. Yeah, I gotta go back to reality now. I’m not sure whether I’m ready for that, but… When you’re with people for like a year in film; it’s very unusual to do that. And so I feel like… Well, I don’t feel like. I know. I know I’m leaving a family behind here. So… That’s quite nice.” - Luke Evans

| See You Again |

| Luke Hemmings Story | Chapter One |

A/N: I hope you guys like this new story! Its going to be written using Y/N so everyone can relate. Feedback is always appreciated. Also remember with the point of view of Y/N I try to keep things general, but somethings might be more specific to the story just to make it flow better. There will also be multiple  :)

You’re standing in front of the mirror looking over your body in a black dress that flattered your curves. You never wear dresses but your friend invited you out to her birthday at some bar which you weren’t entirely looking forward to it because of the crowds, but she was a really good friend and you couldn’t just ditch her. You quickly took one last into the mirror letting out a sigh before you grabbed your bag heading out the door getting an uber to your destination.

When you reach the bar you start searching for your friend, but she was already out on the dance floor with some guy. Shaking your head laughing at yourself not surprised you walk over to the bar grabbing yourself a drink, “Bartender?” you ask and he steps over to you, “May I have rum and coke please?” you ask and he nods, “That will be eight dollars miss,” he says and another voice joins the conversation as you were reaching for your wallet, “Hey Jerry. Put her drink on my tab,” he says and you look up at the mystery guy, “Oh no. That wont be necessary. I appreciate it though,” you smile up at him as you grab your drink from the counter sliding your money to the bartender, but the dirty blond haired guy grabbed the money sliding it back into your bag, “Save it for a rainy day.”

You look up noticing his piercing blue eyes, “I don’t think I caught your name. I mean if you’re gonna buy me a drink I think I should at least know your name right?”

He gave you a sideways smirk, “My name is Luke,” and after saying those words your friend ran up in between you to you a little tipsy, “HI MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD,” she yelled. Maybe she was a little more then tipsy, but you just smiled, “Hi sweetheart Happy Birthday,” you say giving her a hug, “ARE YOU HAVING FUN? I’M GOING TO DANCE WANT TO JOIN?” she continued to yell, but you shook your head, “No I’m going to watch the band for awhile. Have fun ok?”

You walk over finding an tall empty table and lean against it slowly sipping on your drink watching the live band perform. You always loved live music it was your passion, if you could get a job just watching people perform every night you would, but now you just sway slowly to the beat when you hear a familiar voice behind you, “They are pretty good aren’t they?”

You look up seeing those piercing blue eyes, “Hello again,” you say looking back at the band, “Yeah they are pretty great. They have a good sound a little different then what you hear around lately which is refreshing,” he nods in agreement, “Yeah it’s like everything you hear on the radio has been done before. People need to be more creative and create songs from their hearts instead of just trying to write the next hit.”

You look back at him mesmerized by his words, “I completely agree. Oh and I’m sorry about my friend interrupting us earlier,” he smiles, “Thats ok you can just make it up to me,” he says causing a nervous laugh to escape your lips, “Oh? And how would I do that?” you ask and Luke smirks taking a step closer to you, “You could do me the honors by giving me a dance.”

You blush slightly and nod, “I’d like that,” you say as he extends his hand which you gladly take, but you get nervous when the song becomes a little slow. He pulls you close to him your arms automatically hooking around neck as his go around your waist, “Your eyes are gorgeous,” he says looking down at you as your eyes meet with his, “Look whose talking,” you laugh and he smiles, “I bet you have all the ladies here swooning,” you say and he shakes his head, “I wouldn’t know. There is only one girl tonight I have my eyes on that I keep running into.”

You start too look around, “Hmm who?” you ask putting a smirk on your face causing  him smiles pulling you a little closer, “She’s closer then you think,” he say inching closer to you leaning his head down his eyes skimming over your lips. Right before his lips touched yours you turn your head to the side so his lips hit your cheek, “Luke I’m,” you start to say pausing until he looks at you, “I’m not the kind of girl who kisses random strangers here and there. I’m sorry you seem like a great guy, and maybe if I got to know you, but its just not how I do things. I’m sorry,” you say shaking your head disappointed in yourself. He smiles his hand moving to cup the cheek he just kissed, “Then why don’t we head back to my place. We can get to know each other better,” he says pulling his black lip ring in between his teeth, but you shake your head, “I don’t think thats a good idea,” you say leaning into his hand, “I might not be able to control myself, and do something I regret.”

Luke leans his forehead against yours, “Please there is something pulling me towards you. Something is telling me to get to know you,” he says quietly, but you shake your head smiling pulling away slightly to look at him, “Luke. You seem like an amazing guy. Very…intoxicating, but I have to go. Its getting late,” you say feeling his grip tighten slightly by your words which makes you smile, “Maybe I’ll see you again sometime Luke,” you say sealing your meeting with a kiss on his cheek. 

You pull away from him and quickly walk away leaving the bar still feeling his touch on your cheek and his eyes on you as you walk away.

A/N: Alright there is Chapter One :) I hope you guys liked it and if you want to see a chapter two make sure you put a request in my inbox :)

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