Asylum // Luke Hemmings (Pt. 1)



The smell of nicotine and death had flooded my nose as two guards dragged me up the stairs of the “facility” I was staying at. I hated when adults used that word describe places like where I was headed- It was supposed to make us residents feel less crazy.

I wasn’t crazy, I was without a family or a future to look forward too back in the real world.

“You know, the more you tell them you’re not insane- the more insane they think you are.” The green haired boy across from me said, poking his fork in my direction. It had been my 3rd day at North County Mental Asylum and the only friend I had made was the boy who was dating a ghost.

“But I’m not insane.”

“I know you’re not, but no one thinks they’re insane.” Michael said, poking around at his salad.

“I’ve changed my mind about this place being good for me.. Or anyone- Ever.” I grumbled, catching eyes with someone across the room.

“What’s wrong with blondie over there?” I asked, gesturing to the quiffed hair boy that was sat alone. “Luke?” I hummed in agreement, my eyes not leaving the table Luke was handcuffed too.

“He’s a bit grumpy, doesn’t have any friends here really. I’ve never heard him talk.” Michael shrugged turning back to his food. “What’s he in for?” “A couple of murders here and there.”

“How many’s a couple?” I wondered aloud. “6 before he got locked up here, after that I lost track at 13.” Michael shrugged again as if he was talking about something as simple as the number of ice cream flavors they sold here.

“He killed people here?” I asked.

“All nurses. Head nurse told them they weren’t aloud in his cell- they didn’t listen. He’s manipulative. Try to stay away from him.” He warned, looking from me over his shoulder to Luke.

Little did my friend know I was right across the hall from the sociopath.

Coldness washed over my body as I was thrown on the floor of my cell.

“Sleep tight sweetheart.” The hostile unit guard who’s name tag read ‘Craig’ cooed at me, throwing in a wink. “Fucking pig.” I spat under my breath, pulling myself to my feet. A tall frame came in my side view, making me turn to see a chuckling Luke leaning against his cell door.

“Get used to it Princess, he flirts with all the girl inmates.” He said, flashing a smile. I opened my mouth to respond but shut it quickly after remembering Michael and I’s conversation.

“What, too good to talk to me? Too innocent?” He laughed. No words left my mouth as I moved to sit on the uncomfortable box they called a bed. “So tell me, was it murder, rape, or torture?” No reply.

“That’s the only reasons people are put in this unit. You know, you look like a murder girl. How’d you do it?” “I didn’t kill them.” I snapped, rising to my feet. “Them huh? So there was more than one? Damn, we must be soulmates.”

“I’m nothing like you.” I spat harshly. “You don’t even know me princess.” He chuckled, walking back to his bed.

He was right, I didn’t know him.

But boy did I want too.


this was shit im so sorry but continue or no

It makes me so happy to see them this happy and smiley. Reminds me that I never want them to be sad