Luke Brooks Dirty Imagine

   I wrapped my leg over Luke’s and sighed, scooting a little closer to him. He smiled down at me and tightened his grip on me. I kissed his jaw lightly and moved up to his lips. He pulled me onto him and kissed me slowly and sensually.

  I felt a lump harden between my legs inside of his basketball shorts and giggled. “You’re so weak,” I murmured against his lips and he growled, flipping us over so he was hovering over me.

   “Shush,” he hissed at me and moved to kiss at my neck. I was used to Luke getting turned on fairly quick. He claimed I was just that irresistible.

   A small whimper passed my lips as he created a mark on the underside of my jaw. “Luke,” I whined. He pressed his crotch against mine in response.

   He pushed my tank top off and didn’t bother to fully remove it. He went to work at ripping my black bra from my body, exposing my breast. He groped them and stared like a little kid, causing me to giggle. He shot me a look and kissed each nipple before moving lower. As he took off my pajama shorts, I removed my tank top and bit my lower lip.

   I met his gaze as he took off my shorts and panties. He licked up my heat slowly before giving me a cheesy smirk and wink. I whined and sat up, yanking at his basketball shorts. As usual, he was already shirtless, the only thing keeping us apart was his blue shorts.

   He helped me remove them and his grey boxers. His cock was erect and standing tall. I literally felt my mouth water. I grasped it and took it into my mouth, his hand coming to the back of my head. A breathy groan came from his lips as I sucked him deep in my mouth.

   “Fuck, baby, no more,” he grunted, pushing me back on the bed. “You want it?” he asked with a sly grin, rubbing his tip at my entrance.

   I nodded and whimpered, “Please, Luke…”

   “Beg,” he snarled.

   I squirmed. “Please, Luke… Please fuck me! I need it so bad.”

   He pressed his lips against mine roughly and pushed his cock into me. I gasped and arched my back, clutching onto him. He kissed at my neck and panted in my ear, working his hips roughly against me. He bit my ear lobe softly and thrusted quickly, sending waves of pleasure through me.

   We both ignored the sound of the front door downstairs opening and closing, but when I moaned loudly, Luke pressed his hand to my mouth. He glared down at me, his jaw clenched as he continued to pound into me.

   We heard Beau and Jai talking downstairs and Luke picked up the pace which I couldn’t believe. “Come on baby,” Luke panted. “You gotta cum… Cum for me, Y/N.”

   I whimpered against his hand as I felt my walls tighten around his cock and my stomach churn. My back arched off the bed and my hands gripped the sheets as I came.

   My spasms spurred Luke to cum himself. He bit onto my shoulder and groaned deep in his chest, shooting into me. He gripped the pillow on both sides of my head and pushed all the way into me. We both panted and he slipped off of me, pulling me to his chest.

   Suddenly, the door opened and Luke was quick to cover me. Beau looked at us and burst out laughing after a moment. “Gross,” he muttered. “Clean up and come down for food.” He shut the door and I giggled, pecking Luke’s cheek. 

My first imagine :D I TAKE REQUESTS! 

people think that luke doesn’t treat you right and he gets offended

WARNING: this contains nsfw content

requested by: anonymous

You were lying on the couch under a blanket while a random movie was playing on television. It was late afternoon, and you had just woken up from a nap, so the world was still in a sleepy haze. You almost didn’t register your boyfriend, Luke, sitting down next to your feet and pulling them into his lap. “Hey babe.” He said softly, and you nudged his tummy with your foot in response.

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Extra Credit

“Ahh fuck I failed again! I’m never going to pass if I don’t get my grades up!” you say as you look down at your English paper with a large red “F” written on it.

“You could always ask Mr. Brooks for extra credit!” your friend suggests. You think it over and decide that you really need it so you stay after class.

“Mr Brooks?” you ask quietly.

“Hmm?” he replies.

“Umm I was wondering if there was anything I could do for extra credit, I really need it.” you say sweetly. Mr. Brooks gets up and walks over to the door and locks it. He smiles at you and motions you over to him. You walk over to him a bit confused.
He comes up close to you and whispers seductively in your ear,

“How badly do you want that extra credit?”

Holy shit. You’ve always had a massive crush on him. The age difference wasn’t that much. He was the youngest teacher at your school. You were 18 and he was 24.

You try to shake the thoughts from your mind. He’s your teacher, you shouldn’t be thinking that way. But damn was he hot.

You feel his bulge press up against your bum. You gasp and turn to look at him. He smirks at you. Damn that boy knew how to make your insides melt.

“I asked you a question,” he says, forcefully pushing you up against the wall, “how badly do you want it?”

And in that moment, the conversation was no longer about extra credit.

Your breath is caught in your throat as his face is only inches from yours. His hot breath hits your face. He gets closer and closer until his lips are on yours. He trails his tongue on your bottom lip and you open your mouth a bit to let his tongue slide in. You both explore every but of each others mouths, stopping only for a few breathy gasps in between.

Luke breaks the kiss and leaves a trail of kisses down to your neck. He sucks on your neck and a few moans escape from your lips. He moves back up to your lips and kisses you roughly, unbuttoning your blouse as he kisses you. You help him get your blouse off and unhook your bra. He breaks the kiss for a moment to pull his own shirt off and then returns to your lips.

He pulls off your shorts so now you’re only in your thong and lifts you up by you hips, pinning you to the wall. You wrap your legs around his waist, still not breaking the kiss.

He brings you over to his desk and lays you down on it. He climbs on the desk, hovering over you. Your hands move to his hips and you pull his pants and boxers off, revealing his massive erection.

“Like what you see?” He says, smirking. “Like I said before, how badly do you want it?”

“Really, really badly,” you reply.

“Then you have to work for it bitch,” he says and climbs off the desk, “get on your knees you filthy whore.”

You get off the desk and do what he said. You take his dick in your hand and trail your tongue around the tip, before you take as much as you can fit in your mouth. You lick the sides of his penis and keep alternating between licking and sucking while pumping your hand. He rolls his head back in pleasure and moans uncontrollably. You continue sucking, looking up at him every once in a while. A series of moans, swears, and pleads came from his mouth and suddenly you feel his dick twitch and a warm liquid fills your mouth. You stop sucking and open your mouth to show him his cum and then swallow it. It tastes salty, but bitter and you gag a bit but it all goes down. You open your mouth again to show him and smile.

“Good girl, now tell me, how badly do you want it?” He says.

“Mr. Brooks, I already did what you asked,” you whine

“ Call me Luke, and I said tell me how badly you fucking want it!” He says loudly.

“I want it really badly Luke, realllly badly” you say.

“Then beg for it bitch, I want you to fucking beg for it,” he says bitterly.

“Please Luke please. Please Luke I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me Luke please.” You beg.

“Alright you dirty slut,” he says, as you stand up and he’s begins to roughly kiss you. He pulls off your thong and teases your entrance with the tip of his dick. He breaks the kiss and looks at you dead in the eye.

“How bad do you want it?” He asks.

“So fucking badly, Luke, please” you whimper. He thrusts into you roughly, making you gasp in pain and pleasure. You moan and scream as he thrusts into you. He passionately kisses you, suppressing your moans and screams and tangles his finger in your hair. You dig you fingernails into his back, letting them wander his body as you leave scratches everywhere. He winces a bit but thrusts harder to cope with the pain.

You shove him down onto the desk and climb on top of him. He places his hands on your hips and he slides you onto his dick. You adjust yourself and the new angle you’re at hits your g-spot perfectly. You moan loudly loudly and ride his dick until you reach your climax.

You get off and lay down next to him out of breath.

“Miss (Y/LN) I think you’ve earned that extra credit” he saying breathily.

You smirk and look over at him. You both get up and get dressed. You grab your things and try to hurry because you know you’re late and you should’ve been home hours ago.

“Thank you Mr. Brooks, see you next class.”

Luke Imagine #1

You came home from a long day at work to your boyfriend Luke. He was laying on the couch watching tv so you went up to your room to wash your face and change your clothes before relaxing with him. You were in your underwear when you felt his arms wrap around you from behind. He kissed your bare shoulder and up your neck and sucked under your jaw. Your eyes fluttered closed, moving your hair to one side to give him more access. He smirked against your skin knowing how much you wanted him. His hands roamed down your stomach and he slipped one into your panties and began rubbing your clit. You reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck, fisting his hair. He slipped one finger in you and pumped it slowly.

“Luke” you moan.

He removed his finger. “Such a tease" you groan.

He spun you around and pulled you to the bed, pushing you down and crawled on top of you.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day babe. Deal with it.” he winked.

He pulled his boxers off, kicking them aside, his erect dick standing proud. You bit your lip and got wetter, your panties becoming soaked.

“I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good,” he growled.

You looked over his toned body. He slipped off your panties and slid his dick up and down your slit, teasing you.

“Luke…please…" you beg. He held your hands above your head, leaving you vulnerable.

“Spread am” he smirked.

You did as told, spreading your legs as wide as you could. Without warning he thrusted into you.

“Luke!” you screamed.

“Fuck fuck fuck” he repeated as he thrusted into you.

You moaned and he just went deeper and faster.

“Lu-Luke, I’m….I’m gonna c-cum..” you whimpered.

He reached and rubbed your clit, giving you the best orgasm of your life. You soon came all over his dick and he came in you, filling you with his warm juices. He moaned pulling out slowly and collapsing on you. You kissed his forehead.

“Thanks babe that got my mind off things. I love you” you breathed and smiled.

“Anytime,” he winked. “I love you too.“

All credit to my bestie Nicki. No stealing!

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I Wrote My First Smut

You were sitting on the couch with your boyfriend Luke. You had your eyes glued to the animated movie in front of you. Luke had rented your favorite movie:Tangled. Luke kept starring at you.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” He leaned in really close and whispered in your ear.

“Because I wanna fuck you so bad.” You tensed instantly. It didn’t go unnoticed by Luke. He chuckled a bit before pushing you down into the couch. He began kissing down your neck. He pulled off his shirt that you were wearing and threw it across the room. He kissed down your stomach until he got to the lining of your underwear. He decided to be a tease and slowly pull down your underwear with his teeth. His nose brushed against you, and made you moan out his name. He got your underwear off and threw them to the side. He kissed your thighs all the way up to your heat. His tongue licked a bold line up your vagina. He continued to lick and kiss. Both your hands were fisting his hair. You were practically shouting his name. He pushed a finger inside you, and pumped at a slow pace. He added another finger and continued licking. Your back arched off the couch. He moaned against you sending chills and vibrations through your body. His fingers picked up speed. You couldn’t control your hips as they shot into the air. He held you down with his other hand. You felt a tight knot forming in the pitt of your stomach.

“I’m…I’m.” You tried to tell him you were close, but got cut off by a feeling of unbearable pleasure. Your eyes shut and your toes curled as you reached you high. Luke’s fingers slowed back to a steady pace. You sat up and looked him in the eyes
“Oh it’s go time.”

This is the first smut I’ve written and posted. I wrote it for my friend Molly, and she told me to post it, so here ya go.

brooks brothers foursome

requested by: darla-rodgers

WARNING: this contains (nothing but) sexually explicit material. 

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happy birthday beau


Dirty Luke Brooks Imagine (Requested)

This imagine was requested by anon. If you want to submit a request feel free to at any time and I will get round to doing yours as soon as I can♡

You and Luke were spending a Saturday evening at your house watching Netflix. He came round with kebab that evening and decided to spend it with you because you had a cold. Even though you kept coughing, Luke didn’t mind at all. He had you wrapped up in his arms all night and a winter blanket over the top of both of you.

Layer on that evening you started to feel a bit grotty.
“I’m just gonna go take a quick shower.” You said as you wriggled your way out of Lukes arms.
“Sure. Hurry back baby.” He said as you rushed out of the living room door and upstairs into the shower.
You were just about to take your clothes off when you saw a glimpse of a figure in the mirror.
You wondered who it was so you stood there with your bra and underwear on when you saw Luke.
‘Luke what are you doing here? You scared the life out of me. I thought it was someone else.“
"And why would I let someone else get in the house and try to hurt my beautiful girlfriend?” Luke said deeply staring into your eyes.
“Well either way why are you up here? I thought you were watching the film?”
“Actually I was wondering if I could join you in the shower?”
You nodded after a moments of silence and continued to get undressed. He watched you as you did and started to feel a little uncomfortable. It was almost as if he could sense what you felt because as soon as you felt that way he looked away and also started to get undressed.

You turned the shower on and stepped inside, him following closely behind.
“Y/N?” Luke asked.
“Yes Luke?” You replied turning round to look at him.
“I just wanted to warn you that you might not be getting very clean tonight.” You raised your eyebrow at him and he smirked. “In actual fact, this will probably be the dirtiest shower you’ve ever had.” Luke winked as he picked you up and pushed you against the wall kissing you hardly.

You thought it was odd considering that he always starts off softly, but tonight it felt different. And you liked it. You kissed him back and put your arms around him. He started to kiss your neck and he kept travelling down. You kept letting out soft moans and demanded more. Then he started to suck on your clit and withought warning started sucking right at your point really hard. You screamed his name and he broke away for a second.
“I told you this was gonna be a dirty shower didn’t I?”
You moaned again as he continued sucking your clit when he stopped and put you down on your knees.
You started sucking his dick softly. But he wasn’t having any of it.
“Go harder!” He demanded. You did as he asked and you pumped then sucked going as hard as you possibly could.
He pushed your face away and turned you around thrusting himself inside you violently,  but he turned you on so much. You kept moaning his name and he just didn’t stop. And then you felt his cum inside you and he relaxed and pulled out of you.

You both got out the shower together and dried off.
“That was pretty intense.” You exclaimed stunned.
“Well I do have my moments.” Luke winked at you.

I hope you enjoyed my imagine let me know what you think and remember to send in requests any time you want (:

got a fever running through my bones (jake)

requested by: anonymous

Are you fucking insane?

Jai rolls his eyes from where he’s sitting across from Luke on the couch, then meets his gaze once more. “I don’t see what the problem is.”

“The problem?” Luke asks, exasperatedly throwing his hands up. “The problem is that that’s super fucking gay!”

An angry laugh bubbles out from Jai’s throat, and Luke shoots a glare in his direction. “You’re shitting me!” Jai exclaims, standing up. “And the other stuff we’ve been doing hasn’t been?!” In response, Luke stares at Jai for a long moment as a blush creeps up his neck, and then stalks out of the room.

In total honesty, it had been fairly innocent when it started out.

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anonymous asked:

Brooks for the whole getting mad cause a drunk guy is flirting with ya.

“You have such a nice ass..” Whispered a tall gentlemen. I turned around, thinking it was my boyfriend Luke to find out, it wasn’t. I bit my lip and blushed. “Well thanks..” I whispered under my breath, a bit uncomfortable. He smirked and looked down at me, he was at least 5’9 with brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. He was semi attractive, but not my type. “Where ya from sugartits?” He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows, a bit confused on the nickname. “Melbourne, Australia.” I smiled, biting my lip. My boyfriend Luke and I had lived there since we were kids. It’s where most of his fame took off as well. “Ahh good old Australia.” He smirked, I nodded my head. “Explains everything though.” He chuckled. I looked at him confused. “A hot girl coming from a hot country.” I blushed once again before strong hands grabbed a hold of me. “What the fuck are you doing!?” Luke screamed, drunk and angry. I jumped, a bit scared of his voice. “N-Nothing!” I shouted over the music as I grabbed his shoulder, trying to calm him down. “Bull shit! I saw you flirting with him! I saw him flirting with you!” He shouted, grabbing my arm. I flinched, biting my lip. “There was no flirting! It was a harmless conversation!” I cried, trying to shake off his grip. “Nah honey, I was flirting.” He smirked before walking away. Luke’s grip tightened and I whined a bit. “You fucking slit. I am going to show you who you belong to. Who you can look at. And lastly who you can fuck.” He growled, drugging me outside to our car. He threw me inside and drove home.

Before I knew it, we were inside our house, my body pressed against the wall. I groaned a bit as his nails dig into my hips, through my clothes. He smirked, hearing me groan. He ripped my shirt off, like literally ripped my shirt off of my body. He picked me up and carried me into the kitchen. I whined a bit, his grip tight on my torso. He threw me onto the table and crawled onto it, hovering above me. He undid my shorts, sliding them off of my body. He looked down at me and whispered under his breath “You’re mine. And only mine.” He lifted his shirt over his head before undoing his belt, sliding his jeans off. I bit my lip, admiring his body. He grabbed my face, squishing my cheeks together. “This isn’t for fun.” He hissed before forcing my body to flip over so I was on my hands and knees. He slide my underwear off along with undoing my bra. I bit my lip, even though this ‘wasn’t’ for fun, it still turned me on. I loved when Luke was rough.

Next thing I knew, I was whining and screaming from the top of my lungs. Luke shoved his dick inside of me, stretching me out. I groaned loudly as he pulled out and slammed himself back in. “You like flirting with other guys?” He mumbled, pulling out and slamming himself inside of me hard. He grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back. “Answer me!” He shouted, pulling more. I whined, “no..” I mumbled softly, biting my lip. He pulled himself out of me and slammed himself inside of me once again, I yelped out, holding onto the table. “Don’t you ever flirt with another guy!” He shouted, grabbing my left hip with his left hand, digging his nails into my skin. I whined a bit, yet again. It hurt but I loved it. He picked me up and slammed me on the table, this time I was on my back. “You like being a slut?” He mumbled, rubbing my clit fast. I moaned out, tilting my head back. “You like flirting with other guys?” He slammed himself inside of me, it didn’t hurt as much as we start because I got use to the fact he wouldn’t stay all the way in. I moaned out, getting more pleasure than torture out of this. I knew he was only joking around, rough sex calmed him down when he was upset, so I just let it happen. “You’re mine.” He growled, thrusting in and out of me. He soon came, pulling out of me. He fell on top of me, but still supported himself, so that he wouldn’t crush me. “I love you..” I mumbled. He smirked. “I love you too baby.” He kissed my lips softly.

A/N: Okay well here is this, it sucks I am so sorry, I am living off of three hours of sleep atm so yep. Ilyasm thanks for 1200 followers xxx

AU: Okay i just got a request to do a dirty Luke Brooks imagine so i said why the hell not. So here you guys go. Enjoy~

You and your friends decide to go skating on Saturday.The one day all the cute boys come and skate to show off. As you all get ready to go by five thirty you all are ready. Heading to your friends car carrying your brand new skates. As you girls reach your destination you all file out the car. You pay to skate and go find a booth you all can sit at. As you all finish changing your shoes you get up and grab your friend dragging her to the rink.“ Y/N !STOP OR I’LL FALL”, she almost yelled. “ Don’t worry i got you. I promise”,you say with a laugh.Since you were skating backwards you don’t notice the boy the was skating at full speed towards you.Your friend lets go of your hands dodging the blow. The boy grabs you turning so when you fall you fall on him. All the air is knocked from your body as you fall hard onto him.You faint from the blow and wake up to see your friends and a group f boys staring at you.“Ugh…what happened”,You grumbled.“You ran into me and took a pretty hard blow. Your lucky i grabbed you and let you fall on me. You would've had a concussion”, He stated.“Thank you. I’m Y/N”, You say siting up. He smiles and stands pulling you with him. You fall against his chest slightly hard" I’m Luke. Nice to meet you", He smirks. Luke turns to your friends. “ Don’t worry I’ll take very good car of her”, He said with a wink as he licks his lips.You and Luke skate together for a good while then he decides it would be a good idea if you ditch your friends with him and go have fun else where. You nod grabbing his hand and skating over getting your stuff changing your shoes quickly Luke picked you up running out of the skating rink.As you drive to a destination only he knows. As you pull up to a mansion like house. As you exit the car you jump wrapping your legs around his waist. He first looks at you shocked then relaxes kissing you.  He quickly walks inside the house pushing the door closed with his foot. He presses your body against the closest wall.“Dam your hot”, he mumbles against your lips. You giggle running your hand under his shirt. He groans as you move towards his room. he drops you on the bed moving to lock the door. as he stalks his way back to you he takes of his shirt. “I didn’t  think you were such a bad girl”, He mumbles nipping on your ear going to your neck. “ Well I didn’t think you were such a bad boy either”, You moan as you feel him kissing a line down to you chest.“ You are wearing to much dam cloths ”, He growls pulling your shirt over your head. As you fumble with his belt he unhooks your bra and begins playing with your already semi-hard nipples.Moaning loud as he sucks on you nipples you push down his pants. Luke continues to move down your body. Pulling your skirt from your body Luke begins to tease you by liking a pattern into your inner thigh.“Ugh please don’t tease me”, You whine moving your hips impatiently. Luke chuckles at you and removes your panties. “Dam your soaking”, he whispers looking at you drip. He blows cold are on your clit making you moan louder and squirm.Luke flicks his tongue on your cunt shoving two fingers deep into you making you scream.“No more ! I’m coming !LUKE!”, you moan as you squirm under him.He licks you clean and sits up taking off his boxers. You reach to give him a blow job but he stops you" don't worry princess we have time for that later right now i just need be inside you .Like now". He grabs you by your hips having you sit in his lap as he enters you. You both moan as you both connect to each other.“ You better hold on cause you might not be able to walk for a while”, Luke says confidently. He thrusts up into your body har making you gasp for air. He continues his blissful torture on you making you scream and beg for oh so much much. As you feel your high coming close Luke pulls out placing you face down into the bed. “ Sweet heart I hope your ready cause you are going to feel a hell of a lot more this way” He purrs into your ear entering you slowly. After a few more thrust he has you a hot moaning mess under him. “ Luke oh…. please hurry I’M soooo close”, You beg. Luke grunts and his thrust become more rapid and needy.“LUUKE!!!”, You scream as you reach you high. Luke grunts as he empty's himself into you.You both collapses onto the sheets Luke pulls you to rst on his chest.“ I think I love you”, He chuckles.You giggle tiredly and smile"I think i love you too". He smiles and pulls you closer to him. You fall asleep feeling loved and warmth.  

PROM DRESS! (Janoskians) #4


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#76 Janoskians – We all love you*


You are friends with all the Janoskians boys and on your way to their house. It has been exactly three years since you’ve become friends and get excited when you get to the their house and see a note on the door. “We’ve got surprises for you… just come in” It signed by each boy and you take it off the door as unlock the door with the key that they gave to you for emergencies. You step into the house and turn the lights on, seeing rose pedals on the floor. You follow the rose pedals until you get to the dining room. James sits at the table and stands up smirking when you step into the room.

“Do you have any idea what’s about to happen to you, (Y/N)?” He asks and walks over to you.

“No.” You say and look at him confused. He chuckles quietly and then kisses you. You kiss him back even though you’re super confused. He puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up. James puts you down on the table and spreads your leads.

“what are…?” You ask as he takes off your shirt.

“shh, just let it happen.” James whispers and kisses you. He pulls your jeans down and then throws them to the other side of the room. He kneels down on the floor and puts your legs on his shoulder. James kisses your inner thigh and then your lips before starting to lick. He puts his hands on your ass and pulls you closer to him as he pushes his tongue against your hood. He licks up and down, side to side and makes circles. You are a moaning mess and then one of his hands moves up to your breast. He squeezes into your boob and starts to massage it.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” James mumbles and gives your clit a kiss before he stands up. You get up confused and James gives you kiss on the cheek. “Beau is waiting in the kitchen.” He whispers into your ear.

You take a deep breath and then leave the dining room. Arrive in the kitchen, you see Beau leaning against the kitchen island. “Damn.” He mumbles. You blushe as he takes your hand. Beau kisses you and then lifts you up, putting you on the kitchen island. Just like James he spreads your legs open and then pushes one finger into you. You moan instantly as he chuckles.

“You’re fucking wet. James did a great job.” He whispers and starts to push his finger in and out of you.

“Why are you doing this?” You want to know, shutting your eyes.

“Because we all love you (Y/N).” He says and attaches his lips to yours. You start to make out and Beau pushes a second finger into you. He starts to quicken his pace rubs your clitoris softly in a circular motion with his other hand. Beau slowly starts to increase speed.

“Don’t stop!” You exclaim and he doesn’t. He keeps on going it until you orgasms. You let out a scream and breath heavily as your thighs are shaking.

Then he pulls out of you and helps you stand up. “You should clean yourself in the bathroom.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your cheek. You bite your lip and then leave him alone. You go into the bathroom and see that Daniel is waiting for you, already naked

“What now?” You ask as you walk over to him.

“You’re still wearing your bra.” He says and puts his hands on your waist. “That’s about to change.” He chuckles and leads you into the shower.

“How?” You ask and admire his naked body.

“By cleaning you.” Daniel says and pushes you against the wall. He turns the water on and unclasps your bra, dropping it onto the floor before turning you around. You are presses against the wall as he pushes his dick into you from behind. “Beau and James did a great job.” He groans into your ear and puts your hair to the side. He kisses your neck and starts to suck on it, leaving a hickey. You moan and hold onto your boobs as he starts to fuck you from behind against the cold wall. The water drips down on your skin and is cold against your hot body. Daniel starts to fuck you faster and squeezes your ass.

“ahh!” You scream and are a moaning mess. “Ahh fuck Daniel.”

“You like that, don’t you? You like it when you get fucked from behind.” He groans into your ear.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” You exclaim and feel yourself approaching your orgasm.

“I know that Beau made you cum. I heard you… but I’m not allowed to, (Y/N).” He whispers and pulls out. He gives you a towel and a kiss on your cheek. “Jai is in the office.” Daniel says and squeezes your butt one last time before you leave the room. You go upstairs, your clit burning to cum. When you open the door to the office, Jai is sitting behind the desk, naked.

“Finally.” He smirks and stands up. You walk over to him, not even closing the door and he takes your hand. “Bend over.” He whispers into your ear. You do as told and bend over the wood desk. Jai gives you a slap on your ass and then pushes his dick into you. You moan loudly, nearly scream as he starts to push himself fast in and out of you. He holds onto your hair and makes your whole body shake. Jai bends down as well, to hold onto your boobs. He massages them and stimulates your nipples.

“Ahh Jai!” You whimper and want to come so badly. “Please just make me cum.” You beg and he licks over your hickey.

“tell me, how gave that to you?” He groans into your ear and decreases his speed. “Tell me or I won’t let you cum.”

“Daniel.” you gasp.

“That bastard. It was my job to give you a hickey.” He mumbles against your neck. “I guess I’ll just have to give you one on the other side.” He says and sucks on your skin. You moan his name as he starts to hit your g-spot.

“Please Jai!” you exclaim and he starts to speed up. Within seconds you cum. You shut your eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. When he pulls out, you stay laying on the desk. Jai chuckles and lifts you up. “We aren’t done.” He says and carries you bridal style to the bedroom. He lays you down on the bed and kisses your cheek before he leaves again and Luke comes into the room.

“Hey cutie.” He smiles and hovers himself above you. “Just tell me when you want what.” He whispers and pushes his dick into you. It fills you out completely and you feel every inch of him inside of you.

“Faster.” You moan and he obeys. He starts to fuck you faster, holding onto your boobs. You hold onto his bicep and keep your eyes closed. “Faster Luke!” You scream. You and Luke start to make out and then change position. You’re on top and ride him fast. He lifts his hips up and pushes himself in and out of you. You start to ride him harder and faster, wanting so bad to orgasms again.

“Ahh Luke!” You moan. “Ahh! Ah! AHHH” You scream and then the door opens. The other boys come in and walk towards you. James and Beau stand on the right side of the bed and Daniel and Jai on the left side. Luke continues to fuck you as the other boys start to jack off. “Harder please!” You scream and Luke flips you around again. He fucks you harder than someone did ever before and massages your boobs until your orgasms. It’s black in front of your eyes as you cum. You’re whole body is hot and sweaty. When you open your eyes, Luke jacks himself. You open your mouth and he crawls up to your face. You take his dick into your moth and give him a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. You swallow and then give James a sign that he’s next. His eyes widen as he changes position with Luke. You give him a blowjob as well and then Beau and Daniel and lastly Jai. You swallow for each one.

“Thanks (Y/N).” The boys say at the same time.

“Thank you boys!” You smile at them and hope that you’ll get the same surprise next year.