high sex with luke

Warning: explicit sexual content
requested by: anonymous

In the entire country, in the entire world, in the entire universe, there was no place that you would rather be than sitting where you were, sitting on the floor of your boyfriend’s bedroom with a half-full plate of brownies and the greatest hits of Hall and Oates album playing in the background.

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I Wrote My First Smut

You were sitting on the couch with your boyfriend Luke. You had your eyes glued to the animated movie in front of you. Luke had rented your favorite movie:Tangled. Luke kept starring at you.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” He leaned in really close and whispered in your ear.

“Because I wanna fuck you so bad.” You tensed instantly. It didn’t go unnoticed by Luke. He chuckled a bit before pushing you down into the couch. He began kissing down your neck. He pulled off his shirt that you were wearing and threw it across the room. He kissed down your stomach until he got to the lining of your underwear. He decided to be a tease and slowly pull down your underwear with his teeth. His nose brushed against you, and made you moan out his name. He got your underwear off and threw them to the side. He kissed your thighs all the way up to your heat. His tongue licked a bold line up your vagina. He continued to lick and kiss. Both your hands were fisting his hair. You were practically shouting his name. He pushed a finger inside you, and pumped at a slow pace. He added another finger and continued licking. Your back arched off the couch. He moaned against you sending chills and vibrations through your body. His fingers picked up speed. You couldn’t control your hips as they shot into the air. He held you down with his other hand. You felt a tight knot forming in the pitt of your stomach.

“I’m…I’m.” You tried to tell him you were close, but got cut off by a feeling of unbearable pleasure. Your eyes shut and your toes curled as you reached you high. Luke’s fingers slowed back to a steady pace. You sat up and looked him in the eyes
“Oh it’s go time.”

This is the first smut I’ve written and posted. I wrote it for my friend Molly, and she told me to post it, so here ya go.

anonymous asked:

Brooks for the whole getting mad cause a drunk guy is flirting with ya.

“You have such a nice ass..” Whispered a tall gentlemen. I turned around, thinking it was my boyfriend Luke to find out, it wasn’t. I bit my lip and blushed. “Well thanks..” I whispered under my breath, a bit uncomfortable. He smirked and looked down at me, he was at least 5’9 with brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. He was semi attractive, but not my type. “Where ya from sugartits?” He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows, a bit confused on the nickname. “Melbourne, Australia.” I smiled, biting my lip. My boyfriend Luke and I had lived there since we were kids. It’s where most of his fame took off as well. “Ahh good old Australia.” He smirked, I nodded my head. “Explains everything though.” He chuckled. I looked at him confused. “A hot girl coming from a hot country.” I blushed once again before strong hands grabbed a hold of me. “What the fuck are you doing!?” Luke screamed, drunk and angry. I jumped, a bit scared of his voice. “N-Nothing!” I shouted over the music as I grabbed his shoulder, trying to calm him down. “Bull shit! I saw you flirting with him! I saw him flirting with you!” He shouted, grabbing my arm. I flinched, biting my lip. “There was no flirting! It was a harmless conversation!” I cried, trying to shake off his grip. “Nah honey, I was flirting.” He smirked before walking away. Luke’s grip tightened and I whined a bit. “You fucking slit. I am going to show you who you belong to. Who you can look at. And lastly who you can fuck.” He growled, drugging me outside to our car. He threw me inside and drove home.

Before I knew it, we were inside our house, my body pressed against the wall. I groaned a bit as his nails dig into my hips, through my clothes. He smirked, hearing me groan. He ripped my shirt off, like literally ripped my shirt off of my body. He picked me up and carried me into the kitchen. I whined a bit, his grip tight on my torso. He threw me onto the table and crawled onto it, hovering above me. He undid my shorts, sliding them off of my body. He looked down at me and whispered under his breath “You’re mine. And only mine.” He lifted his shirt over his head before undoing his belt, sliding his jeans off. I bit my lip, admiring his body. He grabbed my face, squishing my cheeks together. “This isn’t for fun.” He hissed before forcing my body to flip over so I was on my hands and knees. He slide my underwear off along with undoing my bra. I bit my lip, even though this ‘wasn’t’ for fun, it still turned me on. I loved when Luke was rough.

Next thing I knew, I was whining and screaming from the top of my lungs. Luke shoved his dick inside of me, stretching me out. I groaned loudly as he pulled out and slammed himself back in. “You like flirting with other guys?” He mumbled, pulling out and slamming himself inside of me hard. He grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back. “Answer me!” He shouted, pulling more. I whined, “no..” I mumbled softly, biting my lip. He pulled himself out of me and slammed himself inside of me once again, I yelped out, holding onto the table. “Don’t you ever flirt with another guy!” He shouted, grabbing my left hip with his left hand, digging his nails into my skin. I whined a bit, yet again. It hurt but I loved it. He picked me up and slammed me on the table, this time I was on my back. “You like being a slut?” He mumbled, rubbing my clit fast. I moaned out, tilting my head back. “You like flirting with other guys?” He slammed himself inside of me, it didn’t hurt as much as we start because I got use to the fact he wouldn’t stay all the way in. I moaned out, getting more pleasure than torture out of this. I knew he was only joking around, rough sex calmed him down when he was upset, so I just let it happen. “You’re mine.” He growled, thrusting in and out of me. He soon came, pulling out of me. He fell on top of me, but still supported himself, so that he wouldn’t crush me. “I love you..” I mumbled. He smirked. “I love you too baby.” He kissed my lips softly.

A/N: Okay well here is this, it sucks I am so sorry, I am living off of three hours of sleep atm so yep. Ilyasm thanks for 1200 followers xxx

Dirty Luke Brooks Imagine (Requested)

This imagine was requested by anon. If you want to submit a request feel free to at any time and I will get round to doing yours as soon as I can♡

You and Luke were spending a Saturday evening at your house watching Netflix. He came round with kebab that evening and decided to spend it with you because you had a cold. Even though you kept coughing, Luke didn’t mind at all. He had you wrapped up in his arms all night and a winter blanket over the top of both of you.

Layer on that evening you started to feel a bit grotty.
“I’m just gonna go take a quick shower.” You said as you wriggled your way out of Lukes arms.
“Sure. Hurry back baby.” He said as you rushed out of the living room door and upstairs into the shower.
You were just about to take your clothes off when you saw a glimpse of a figure in the mirror.
You wondered who it was so you stood there with your bra and underwear on when you saw Luke.
‘Luke what are you doing here? You scared the life out of me. I thought it was someone else.“
"And why would I let someone else get in the house and try to hurt my beautiful girlfriend?” Luke said deeply staring into your eyes.
“Well either way why are you up here? I thought you were watching the film?”
“Actually I was wondering if I could join you in the shower?”
You nodded after a moments of silence and continued to get undressed. He watched you as you did and started to feel a little uncomfortable. It was almost as if he could sense what you felt because as soon as you felt that way he looked away and also started to get undressed.

You turned the shower on and stepped inside, him following closely behind.
“Y/N?” Luke asked.
“Yes Luke?” You replied turning round to look at him.
“I just wanted to warn you that you might not be getting very clean tonight.” You raised your eyebrow at him and he smirked. “In actual fact, this will probably be the dirtiest shower you’ve ever had.” Luke winked as he picked you up and pushed you against the wall kissing you hardly.

You thought it was odd considering that he always starts off softly, but tonight it felt different. And you liked it. You kissed him back and put your arms around him. He started to kiss your neck and he kept travelling down. You kept letting out soft moans and demanded more. Then he started to suck on your clit and withought warning started sucking right at your point really hard. You screamed his name and he broke away for a second.
“I told you this was gonna be a dirty shower didn’t I?”
You moaned again as he continued sucking your clit when he stopped and put you down on your knees.
You started sucking his dick softly. But he wasn’t having any of it.
“Go harder!” He demanded. You did as he asked and you pumped then sucked going as hard as you possibly could.
He pushed your face away and turned you around thrusting himself inside you violently,  but he turned you on so much. You kept moaning his name and he just didn’t stop. And then you felt his cum inside you and he relaxed and pulled out of you.

You both got out the shower together and dried off.
“That was pretty intense.” You exclaimed stunned.
“Well I do have my moments.” Luke winked at you.

I hope you enjoyed my imagine let me know what you think and remember to send in requests any time you want (:

Jai Brooks Smut #16 (REQUESTED)

Request: Can you do a Jai smut for me were we have been fighting all day then I go to hit him or something and it gets heated and also my name is Aaliyah than you so muchhh 💓

AN: “y/n” means your name lol a lot of new people to the smut and imagine world are reading and they ask ❤️WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE BABES

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SMUT. Lol I sound like a hoe writing this smut lol


I walk inside the house with Jai following my tracks. “Y/n will you just talk to me?” He says slamming the door behind him.
“Fuck no Jai.” I say. I sit down on the couch and he stands in front of me.
“Jai just leave me alone.” I say.
“No you need to talk to me. Stop ignoring me whenever we have a fucking problem.” He shouts. I grunt and get up out my seat.

Before I could even walk away he pulls me back. “Jai most of the fights are caused by you! Let me go!” I yell.

“What the fuck did I do?” He says.
“Jai just leave it alone.” I say. He lets go of my arm and puts his hands up in defense.
“Fuck it. Okay.” He says sitting on the couch, turning on the tv. I leave the room and go inside his room to watch Netflix by myself.

About 30 mins into the movie Jai comes in and something in me is hoping he would come and hug me but he doesn’t. Instead he ignores my presence And grabs his charger from the wall behind his bed where I’m laying. He walks out his room and closes the door behind him.


I don’t know why that hurt me but it did. I get up off his bed and leave his room to go the living room. When I see that he’s not there,I go and check the other rooms and I find him in Luke’s room making a video on his computer.

“Just send in any questions guys.” He says into the camera with his phone in hand, must be making a Q&A video for sure. “Jai?” I speak up. He turns around in the chair and faces me.
“Can we talk?” I ask. He rolls his eyes and turns back around to face the camera. He stops recording. “What do you want?” He asks.

“For us to work out whatever is going on with us.” I say stepping closer to him.
“Not now I’m making a video.” He says. “Jai seriously let’s just get it over with I’m tired of arguing and being mad.” I state.

“I wanted to do the same but you didn’t so you’re just gonna have to wait like I did.” He says. “Jai.” I call. He gets out of his chair and walks towards me.
“Y/n leave me alone.” He says in my face. I huff.

“Whatever Jai, I’m just gonna go take a nap. Wake me up when you’re done being an ass.” I say walking out. I walk back into his room and lay in his bed, covering myself in his duvet. Soon I find my self drifting to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of Hamlet’s barking.
“Woof!” Hamlet barks. I groan and place a pillow over my head.
“Ugh hamlet be quiet.” I whine. Hamlet continues to bark. “Jai!” I call. No answer.
“Jai!” I call again. Still no answer.

Seconds later Jai comes in with a water in his hand. “Oi what’s wrong?” He says.
I look at him then Hamlet and then back to him. “Do you not hear Hamlet barking?” I ask. “Yeah.” He answers.
“Well then why didn’t you come in here to take him outside?” I ask.

“Cause you could’ve.” He shrugs. I look at him like he said the dumbest shit ever.
“Jai seriously” I say
“Y/n just tell me the problem.” He says.

“The problem is I’m trying to take a nap and you know that and you let Hamlet just bark in my face.” I say sitting up.

“You’re overreacting you could’ve taken 2 minutes out of your life and taken him out side.” He argues.

“Jai if you were trying to sleep I wouldn’t let Hamlet Wake you up, I would’ve taken him outside or out for a walk I mean something considerate.” I say raising my voice. “Well okay what do you want me to do now you’re already fucking awake.” He fires back.

“Damn Jai what the fuck is wrong with you, you’re acting like what I’m saying doesn’t matter like its no big deal.” I say. “Because it isn’t!” He yells.
“You’re pissed off because a fucking dog woke you and you blame it on me when you could’ve done something!” He says

“You knew i was trying to sleep and you didn’t do anything.” I yell at him, causing Hamlet to bark even louder.
“Oh my fucking gosh move Jai.” I say pushing past Jai to take Hamlet out, him following behind me.

I open the door to the back yard and Hamlet runs outside. “Damn that’s all you had to do was let him out side, thanks Jai.” I say walking back into his room.

“Oi just drop it y/n he’s outside, now you can go to sleep.” He says rolling his eyes.
I close the door and lay back in his bed to go back to sleep.
“I’m sorry for waking you Y/n I didn’t know I was on dog watch or something, you don’t have to act like a selfish bitch.” Jai says from outside the door. I got light headed from how fast I sat up from hearing him say that bullshit.

“Really you’re gonna call me a bitch because I was trying to sleep and the fucking dog kept barking loud as shit!” I yell, getting out the bed. I walk to the door and pull it open. “Oh my fucking God Y/n you wanted to sleep why are you still talking to me.” Jai says.

“Jai you called me a bitch!” I yell.
“I said you were acting like one! You always take things I don’t mean so fucking personal!” He yells. “I just wanted some sleep damn! And you don’t respect me!” I say. “Just go to sleep Y/n, just go back in my room and shut the fuck up!” He yells.

I guess we were yelling at each other so loud we didn’t hear the front door unlock and open. Beau and Luke walk in on the scene. “Fighting again I see. What now?” Beau asks. “We would’ve been finished by now but she just kept yelling.” Jai says.

“Jai if you didn’t open your fucking mouth I wouldn’t be arguing with you now!” I yell. By now we’re both in each others faces.

“Hey hey hey.” Beau says while him and Luke quickly run over to us. Luke gets behind me and pulls me back by my waist while Beau gets besides Jai and wraps his arms around his shoulders and pulls him to the wall. “Beau fuck off!” Jai yells while trying to pull Beau’s arm off his shoulder.

“Why are you guys fighting again?” Luke asks me. “ Luke can I sleep in your room tonight?” I ask. Before Luke can answer, Jai opens his mouth. “No, fuck no.” Jai yells.
“I didn’t ask you, shut the hell up!” I fire back. “Jai come on, let’s go outside.” Beau says, pulling Jai to the front. Jai’s chest rises up and down fast from being so angry. Jai slips from Beau’s grip and comes over to me.

Luke quickly stands in between us with his Hands on Jai’s chest, being the brick wall that keeps us apart.

“You always fucking do this!” Jai spits at me. “Jai fucking go!” Luke says, struggling to keep him away from me.

“Yep I do don’t I cause our arguments are always my fault right? Cool fuck you!” I say, tears streaming down my face.

“Fuck you too Y/n! That’s probably why you and Gypsy aren’t friends anymore cause you’re such a bitch!” He spits.
Something ignited inside of me. I raise my hand and reach over Luke to smack Jai in the mouth but before it hits him, he grabs it.

Luke turns around so that he can pin me against the wall while wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Shut the fuck up what happened between me and her is between us!” I yell.
Luke and Beau struggle to keep us from each other.

Beau grabs Jai by the collar of his shirt and puts his left arm around Jai.

“Jai stop let’s go!” Beau yells pulling him away again to the front door.
“Fuck You Y/n!” Jai says from outside.

“Whatever bye! Fuck you, have a great day.” I say. Luke let’s go of me and sits down on the couch letting out a huge breath. “Ugh he’s irritating.” I say sitting next to him. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me into his chest, comforting me. “It’s okay, What happened?” He asks.

“I was trying to sleep, Hamlet kept barking, Jai didn’t let him out called me a selfish butch for getting mad.” I say.
“Jai does that to me all the time I know how it feels. But you guys shouldn’t fight as much as you have been lately.” He states.

“We’ve been fighting all day.” I say.
“Let’s just get your mind off it, wanna cook dinner?” He asks. I nod and we get up and walk to the kitchen. Luke starts mincing the onions and I begin seasoning the chicken. “I’m going to play some music” he says, turning on the speaker loud in the kitchen.

Justin Timberlake starts playing and I know Luke played his radio because he knows how much I love my Timberlake.
“I’m in love with that girllll.” I sing while swaying my hips. Luke starts singing with me and we start dancing with each other playfully. He gets behind me and my ass is pressed against him and we sway together laughing.

“And she told me, she’s in love with me.” We sing. He laughs and walks back to his cutting station while I season the chicken. Minutes later Beau walks in with Jai behind him. I look up and immediately look down when I notice he’s looking at me. Jai walks up behind me and placed his hands on my waist.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Can we talk?” Jai says in my ear. “I’m doing something Jai.” I say softly, not wanting to start another fight.
“Beau can you take over from here?” He says to Beau. “Yeah so you lovers can love again.” Beau smiles taking my place. I wash my hands in the sink and follow Jai to his room. He closes and locks the door before speaking. I sit on the bed and he stands in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

“Y/n I’m sorry for arguing with you all day, I was wrong to let hamlet bark and I was wrong for being rude all day. I don’t want to lose you and I know I can be an ass sometimes but I need you with me baby.” He apologies. He kneels down in front of me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’m sorry baby” he says.
“I’m sorry too Jai. I’m sorry about the whole Hamlet thing and earlier today, I love you.” I say.
“I’m also sorry for bringing up Gypsy and making you cry. That was too far and I hate seeing you cry let alone hurt babe.” He says. “It’s okay we say things we don’t mean when we’re mad I still love you.” I say.

He cups my face in his hands and places a kiss on my lips. He breaks the kisses and quickly plants kisses all over my face and neck.

“Okay okay Jai.” I laugh. He lays me down on the bed and hovers over me, hands on either side of me. “I love you.” He smiles.
“I love you more.” I say. I pull his face to mine and make out with him. My right leg wraps around his torso and his left hand reaches down between my legs. He unbuttons my shorts and tugs them down. He breaks the kiss and goes down to my shorts and pulls them off.

I sit up and unzip his black jacket and pull his shirt over his head. “Are we really doing this.” He laughs. I nod.
“Make up sex is the best.” I laugh with him. He gently pushes me back so that I laying down and he spreads my legs. His finger grazing over my clit and he starts rubbing it. “You’re so wet.” He smiles. He plants kisses from my inner right thigh to my clit as he starts licking and sucking.

“Oh fuck.” I moan in a shaky tone. My hand laces in his hair and I tug on it. His tongue rapidly flicks on my clit sending electricity through my body. “Jai fuck.” I moan. His fingers slide into me slowly and curls them to meet my spot.

“You like that don’t you.” He say. I moan in response. “I can’t hear you babe.” He says.
“Yesss Jai don’t stop.” I moan. His tongue starts curling and rubbing my clit. My legs start closing but he’s quick to pin them back down on the bed.

“Keep those legs open for me.” He says. Three minutes later I’m almost at my high. “Jai I’m gonna cum.” I moan. He stops and sits up on his knees to unbutton his jeans . I sit up with him and swat at his hands to do it my self. He lays down and I help him pull down his jeans, then take them off.

I strip out of my shirt, leaving me in only a bra and go down to his boxers and pull them down. His length springs up making my mouth water. I take him in my mouth and start sucking. I go down as far as I can and pump the rest of what I couldn’t get.

“Fuck.” He moans. My tongue swirls around his head and I continue pumping him. “Fuck y/n you’re gonna make me cum already.” He exclaims. I laugh which sends vibrations through him.
I up at him and his features are flawless. His jawline is exquisite, his mouth forms a perfect o and his eyes are closed shut with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Shit.” He grunts. He exhales and inhales through his teeth making that sort of sucking noise turning me on even more.
His leg twitches as I deep throat him.
“Y/n stop Or I’m gonna cum.” He breathes. I take him out my mouth and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Fuck that was fucking amazing babe.” He says. He pulls me up to him, unclasps my bra and then flips us around, making my legs on either side of him. He slides in me and starts thrusting.
“Ughhhh.” We both moan in sync. He reaches down between my legs and rubs my clit. “You’re so fucking tight.” He grunts.

“Jai don’t stop yes.” I moan. He takes my right leg and lifts it over his left shoulder, going deeper inside of me.
“Fuck!” I say. “Y/n.” He moans.
He flips us over to where I’m on top and pounds into me, not giving me anytime to think.

My breasts bounce up and down and he takes the left on in his hand.
“Oh fuck Jai yesss” I moan. I go down to his neck and start kissing it as he thrusts into me. His left hand go on my ass give it a little spank. Our moans are uncontrollable as we’re reaching our point.

Minutes later He pulls out flips me back over making me ass up and face down. He slams into me and thrusts faster than before.
“Jai!” I moan. He fists my hair and pulls it back. “Louder.” He says.

“Jai harder.” I moan even louder. His thrusts become even harder as the sound of the room fills with wet skin slapping together. The headboard starts banging against the wall, both of us not even caring. He lets go of my hair and firmly grasps my waist, pulling me into him to meet his thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum.” He says. “Me too.” I moan. His strokes become uneven as he pulls out and cums on my back. Once again he turns me over and starts eating me out so I can cum.

“Jai fuck!” I moan as his tongue flickers over my clit really fast. I reach my high and my moan come out louder than intended. Our breathing is off as we clean up the mess we made on the bed and my back. He hands me my underwear, spanks, bra and his DP hoodie and he gets dressed in his shorts and black tshirt.

“That was so fucking good.” He says pulling the shorts up, kissing my cheek.
I nod, still adjusting my breathing.
“I’m fine I promise, that was really good.” I laugh. “I guess they’re still making the food you can go out if you want I’ll be out soon, I have to clean this cum off the bed and your wetness.” He laughs. I nod and get up to walk out.

I unlock the door and walk out closing the door behind me and meet Luke and Beau at the kitchen table. I sit down on the opposite side of Luke with Beau on my side and they both just stare at me .

The walk of shame is no joke.

“Where’s the chicken?” I ask.
“It’s done were just waiting for the other shit to be ready.” Luke says.

“So.” Beau starts. “How was it.” Luke says, sending all three of us in laughing fits.
“Oh my god stop it guys.” I laugh.

“Come on it’s just us girl talk you know.” Beau says. “Oh my gosh.” I say crossing my arms on the table and burying my head in it from embarrassment.
“Oh my fucking God Jai!” Luke fake moans like a girl. Beau starts laughing and rubs my back in small circles.

“Ah come on y/n it’s okay we all know Jai is amazing in bed.” He laughs.
“Shut up Beau!” I laugh sitting up.
“You guys had the headboard banging the wall it must have been really good.” Luke says. Jai walks in and takes in the scene.

He walks over it me and hugs me from behind. “Fuck off you guys.” He says to Luke and Beau. “I love you babe.” He says kissing the back of my head.
“I love you Jai.” I smile. “Awww!!” Luke and Beau say.

“If you guys have a round two, do it on the floor or a chair or something that doesn’t bang against the wall that share with you.” Luke says. “Fuck off cunt.” Jai says, earning a loud laugh from Luke.

“I’m glad that you guys aren’t fighting anymore that’s for sure.” Beau smiles.

“Me too.” Jai and I say together.

AU: Okay i just got a request to do a dirty Luke Brooks imagine so i said why the hell not. So here you guys go. Enjoy~

You and your friends decide to go skating on Saturday.The one day all the cute boys come and skate to show off. As you all get ready to go by five thirty you all are ready. Heading to your friends car carrying your brand new skates. As you girls reach your destination you all file out the car. You pay to skate and go find a booth you all can sit at. As you all finish changing your shoes you get up and grab your friend dragging her to the rink.“ Y/N !STOP OR I’LL FALL”, she almost yelled. “ Don’t worry i got you. I promise”,you say with a laugh.Since you were skating backwards you don’t notice the boy the was skating at full speed towards you.Your friend lets go of your hands dodging the blow. The boy grabs you turning so when you fall you fall on him. All the air is knocked from your body as you fall hard onto him.You faint from the blow and wake up to see your friends and a group f boys staring at you.“Ugh…what happened”,You grumbled.“You ran into me and took a pretty hard blow. Your lucky i grabbed you and let you fall on me. You would've had a concussion”, He stated.“Thank you. I’m Y/N”, You say siting up. He smiles and stands pulling you with him. You fall against his chest slightly hard" I’m Luke. Nice to meet you", He smirks. Luke turns to your friends. “ Don’t worry I’ll take very good car of her”, He said with a wink as he licks his lips.You and Luke skate together for a good while then he decides it would be a good idea if you ditch your friends with him and go have fun else where. You nod grabbing his hand and skating over getting your stuff changing your shoes quickly Luke picked you up running out of the skating rink.As you drive to a destination only he knows. As you pull up to a mansion like house. As you exit the car you jump wrapping your legs around his waist. He first looks at you shocked then relaxes kissing you.  He quickly walks inside the house pushing the door closed with his foot. He presses your body against the closest wall.“Dam your hot”, he mumbles against your lips. You giggle running your hand under his shirt. He groans as you move towards his room. he drops you on the bed moving to lock the door. as he stalks his way back to you he takes of his shirt. “I didn’t  think you were such a bad girl”, He mumbles nipping on your ear going to your neck. “ Well I didn’t think you were such a bad boy either”, You moan as you feel him kissing a line down to you chest.“ You are wearing to much dam cloths ”, He growls pulling your shirt over your head. As you fumble with his belt he unhooks your bra and begins playing with your already semi-hard nipples.Moaning loud as he sucks on you nipples you push down his pants. Luke continues to move down your body. Pulling your skirt from your body Luke begins to tease you by liking a pattern into your inner thigh.“Ugh please don’t tease me”, You whine moving your hips impatiently. Luke chuckles at you and removes your panties. “Dam your soaking”, he whispers looking at you drip. He blows cold are on your clit making you moan louder and squirm.Luke flicks his tongue on your cunt shoving two fingers deep into you making you scream.“No more ! I’m coming !LUKE!”, you moan as you squirm under him.He licks you clean and sits up taking off his boxers. You reach to give him a blow job but he stops you" don't worry princess we have time for that later right now i just need be inside you .Like now". He grabs you by your hips having you sit in his lap as he enters you. You both moan as you both connect to each other.“ You better hold on cause you might not be able to walk for a while”, Luke says confidently. He thrusts up into your body har making you gasp for air. He continues his blissful torture on you making you scream and beg for oh so much much. As you feel your high coming close Luke pulls out placing you face down into the bed. “ Sweet heart I hope your ready cause you are going to feel a hell of a lot more this way” He purrs into your ear entering you slowly. After a few more thrust he has you a hot moaning mess under him. “ Luke oh…. please hurry I’M soooo close”, You beg. Luke grunts and his thrust become more rapid and needy.“LUUKE!!!”, You scream as you reach you high. Luke grunts as he empty's himself into you.You both collapses onto the sheets Luke pulls you to rst on his chest.“ I think I love you”, He chuckles.You giggle tiredly and smile"I think i love you too". He smiles and pulls you closer to him. You fall asleep feeling loved and warmth.  

Masterlist 1.0

Bolds are smuts, Italic are imagines and the ones crossed out are coming soon. 

Jai Brooks

You get jealous of one of his girl friends.

“You know she loves you.”


“It’ll Always be You”

Gypsy Beef

Next time don’t fuck on my bed!

We’ll be quiet

First Time


Mad for nothing (REQUEST FOR AALIYAH)

MDMA party

Cooking with my Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag

“What makes teeth full of wisdom what the fuck? 

Gypsy Beef part 2

Move in with me

“Im not like other girls!”

Gypsy Beef Part 3

Best if we keep it on the low

James Yammouni

Hate you, but I’m in love with you

Paint Ball hickies 

“Anything to make you Happy”

I could watch him all day (Short one)

Friend zone explanation 



“Don't worry, ill take care of him.”

I love you baby

Luke Brooks

Best Friends are honest to each other 

Road Trip

How would it feel?

MY boyfriend

It won’t even make a difference

Don’t go

Laters Baby

Daniel Sahyounie

“I’ve never done this before”

He’s Gone (This one sucks, i didn’t write)

Happy Birthday!

Casual Shower 

Why can’t you see what i do?

Beau Brooks



Shower Sex


Fuck you

Any time of day

I’m so lucky

Beach day

Too many hoes

Figure it out 

people think that luke doesn’t treat you right and he gets offended

WARNING: this contains nsfw content

requested by: anonymous

You were lying on the couch under a blanket while a random movie was playing on television. It was late afternoon, and you had just woken up from a nap, so the world was still in a sleepy haze. You almost didn’t register your boyfriend, Luke, sitting down next to your feet and pulling them into his lap. “Hey babe.” He said softly, and you nudged his tummy with your foot in response.

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#76 Janoskians – We all love you*


You are friends with all the Janoskians boys and on your way to their house. It has been exactly three years since you’ve become friends and get excited when you get to the their house and see a note on the door. “We’ve got surprises for you… just come in” It signed by each boy and you take it off the door as unlock the door with the key that they gave to you for emergencies. You step into the house and turn the lights on, seeing rose pedals on the floor. You follow the rose pedals until you get to the dining room. James sits at the table and stands up smirking when you step into the room.

“Do you have any idea what’s about to happen to you, (Y/N)?” He asks and walks over to you.

“No.” You say and look at him confused. He chuckles quietly and then kisses you. You kiss him back even though you’re super confused. He puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up. James puts you down on the table and spreads your leads.

“what are…?” You ask as he takes off your shirt.

“shh, just let it happen.” James whispers and kisses you. He pulls your jeans down and then throws them to the other side of the room. He kneels down on the floor and puts your legs on his shoulder. James kisses your inner thigh and then your lips before starting to lick. He puts his hands on your ass and pulls you closer to him as he pushes his tongue against your hood. He licks up and down, side to side and makes circles. You are a moaning mess and then one of his hands moves up to your breast. He squeezes into your boob and starts to massage it.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” James mumbles and gives your clit a kiss before he stands up. You get up confused and James gives you kiss on the cheek. “Beau is waiting in the kitchen.” He whispers into your ear.

You take a deep breath and then leave the dining room. Arrive in the kitchen, you see Beau leaning against the kitchen island. “Damn.” He mumbles. You blushe as he takes your hand. Beau kisses you and then lifts you up, putting you on the kitchen island. Just like James he spreads your legs open and then pushes one finger into you. You moan instantly as he chuckles.

“You’re fucking wet. James did a great job.” He whispers and starts to push his finger in and out of you.

“Why are you doing this?” You want to know, shutting your eyes.

“Because we all love you (Y/N).” He says and attaches his lips to yours. You start to make out and Beau pushes a second finger into you. He starts to quicken his pace rubs your clitoris softly in a circular motion with his other hand. Beau slowly starts to increase speed.

“Don’t stop!” You exclaim and he doesn’t. He keeps on going it until you orgasms. You let out a scream and breath heavily as your thighs are shaking.

Then he pulls out of you and helps you stand up. “You should clean yourself in the bathroom.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your cheek. You bite your lip and then leave him alone. You go into the bathroom and see that Daniel is waiting for you, already naked

“What now?” You ask as you walk over to him.

“You’re still wearing your bra.” He says and puts his hands on your waist. “That’s about to change.” He chuckles and leads you into the shower.

“How?” You ask and admire his naked body.

“By cleaning you.” Daniel says and pushes you against the wall. He turns the water on and unclasps your bra, dropping it onto the floor before turning you around. You are presses against the wall as he pushes his dick into you from behind. “Beau and James did a great job.” He groans into your ear and puts your hair to the side. He kisses your neck and starts to suck on it, leaving a hickey. You moan and hold onto your boobs as he starts to fuck you from behind against the cold wall. The water drips down on your skin and is cold against your hot body. Daniel starts to fuck you faster and squeezes your ass.

“ahh!” You scream and are a moaning mess. “Ahh fuck Daniel.”

“You like that, don’t you? You like it when you get fucked from behind.” He groans into your ear.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” You exclaim and feel yourself approaching your orgasm.

“I know that Beau made you cum. I heard you… but I’m not allowed to, (Y/N).” He whispers and pulls out. He gives you a towel and a kiss on your cheek. “Jai is in the office.” Daniel says and squeezes your butt one last time before you leave the room. You go upstairs, your clit burning to cum. When you open the door to the office, Jai is sitting behind the desk, naked.

“Finally.” He smirks and stands up. You walk over to him, not even closing the door and he takes your hand. “Bend over.” He whispers into your ear. You do as told and bend over the wood desk. Jai gives you a slap on your ass and then pushes his dick into you. You moan loudly, nearly scream as he starts to push himself fast in and out of you. He holds onto your hair and makes your whole body shake. Jai bends down as well, to hold onto your boobs. He massages them and stimulates your nipples.

“Ahh Jai!” You whimper and want to come so badly. “Please just make me cum.” You beg and he licks over your hickey.

“tell me, how gave that to you?” He groans into your ear and decreases his speed. “Tell me or I won’t let you cum.”

“Daniel.” you gasp.

“That bastard. It was my job to give you a hickey.” He mumbles against your neck. “I guess I’ll just have to give you one on the other side.” He says and sucks on your skin. You moan his name as he starts to hit your g-spot.

“Please Jai!” you exclaim and he starts to speed up. Within seconds you cum. You shut your eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. When he pulls out, you stay laying on the desk. Jai chuckles and lifts you up. “We aren’t done.” He says and carries you bridal style to the bedroom. He lays you down on the bed and kisses your cheek before he leaves again and Luke comes into the room.

“Hey cutie.” He smiles and hovers himself above you. “Just tell me when you want what.” He whispers and pushes his dick into you. It fills you out completely and you feel every inch of him inside of you.

“Faster.” You moan and he obeys. He starts to fuck you faster, holding onto your boobs. You hold onto his bicep and keep your eyes closed. “Faster Luke!” You scream. You and Luke start to make out and then change position. You’re on top and ride him fast. He lifts his hips up and pushes himself in and out of you. You start to ride him harder and faster, wanting so bad to orgasms again.

“Ahh Luke!” You moan. “Ahh! Ah! AHHH” You scream and then the door opens. The other boys come in and walk towards you. James and Beau stand on the right side of the bed and Daniel and Jai on the left side. Luke continues to fuck you as the other boys start to jack off. “Harder please!” You scream and Luke flips you around again. He fucks you harder than someone did ever before and massages your boobs until your orgasms. It’s black in front of your eyes as you cum. You’re whole body is hot and sweaty. When you open your eyes, Luke jacks himself. You open your mouth and he crawls up to your face. You take his dick into your moth and give him a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. You swallow and then give James a sign that he’s next. His eyes widen as he changes position with Luke. You give him a blowjob as well and then Beau and Daniel and lastly Jai. You swallow for each one.

“Thanks (Y/N).” The boys say at the same time.

“Thank you boys!” You smile at them and hope that you’ll get the same surprise next year.

Luke Brooks Dirty Imagine

   I wrapped my leg over Luke’s and sighed, scooting a little closer to him. He smiled down at me and tightened his grip on me. I kissed his jaw lightly and moved up to his lips. He pulled me onto him and kissed me slowly and sensually.

  I felt a lump harden between my legs inside of his basketball shorts and giggled. “You’re so weak,” I murmured against his lips and he growled, flipping us over so he was hovering over me.

   “Shush,” he hissed at me and moved to kiss at my neck. I was used to Luke getting turned on fairly quick. He claimed I was just that irresistible.

   A small whimper passed my lips as he created a mark on the underside of my jaw. “Luke,” I whined. He pressed his crotch against mine in response.

   He pushed my tank top off and didn’t bother to fully remove it. He went to work at ripping my black bra from my body, exposing my breast. He groped them and stared like a little kid, causing me to giggle. He shot me a look and kissed each nipple before moving lower. As he took off my pajama shorts, I removed my tank top and bit my lower lip.

   I met his gaze as he took off my shorts and panties. He licked up my heat slowly before giving me a cheesy smirk and wink. I whined and sat up, yanking at his basketball shorts. As usual, he was already shirtless, the only thing keeping us apart was his blue shorts.

   He helped me remove them and his grey boxers. His cock was erect and standing tall. I literally felt my mouth water. I grasped it and took it into my mouth, his hand coming to the back of my head. A breathy groan came from his lips as I sucked him deep in my mouth.

   “Fuck, baby, no more,” he grunted, pushing me back on the bed. “You want it?” he asked with a sly grin, rubbing his tip at my entrance.

   I nodded and whimpered, “Please, Luke…”

   “Beg,” he snarled.

   I squirmed. “Please, Luke… Please fuck me! I need it so bad.”

   He pressed his lips against mine roughly and pushed his cock into me. I gasped and arched my back, clutching onto him. He kissed at my neck and panted in my ear, working his hips roughly against me. He bit my ear lobe softly and thrusted quickly, sending waves of pleasure through me.

   We both ignored the sound of the front door downstairs opening and closing, but when I moaned loudly, Luke pressed his hand to my mouth. He glared down at me, his jaw clenched as he continued to pound into me.

   We heard Beau and Jai talking downstairs and Luke picked up the pace which I couldn’t believe. “Come on baby,” Luke panted. “You gotta cum… Cum for me, Y/N.”

   I whimpered against his hand as I felt my walls tighten around his cock and my stomach churn. My back arched off the bed and my hands gripped the sheets as I came.

   My spasms spurred Luke to cum himself. He bit onto my shoulder and groaned deep in his chest, shooting into me. He gripped the pillow on both sides of my head and pushed all the way into me. We both panted and he slipped off of me, pulling me to his chest.

   Suddenly, the door opened and Luke was quick to cover me. Beau looked at us and burst out laughing after a moment. “Gross,” he muttered. “Clean up and come down for food.” He shut the door and I giggled, pecking Luke’s cheek. 

My first imagine :D I TAKE REQUESTS! 


happy birthday beau


brooks brothers foursome

requested by: darla-rodgers

WARNING: this contains (nothing but) sexually explicit material. 

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Jai Brooks Smut #9 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU AINT INTO THIS STUFF

“Beau, Luke are you guys ready?” I say to them from down stairs. “Yeah give me a minute I’ll be ready” Beau says to me.

“I’m coming” Luke says running down the stairs. “Wow you look hot y/n.” Luke says looking at me. “Thanks Luke” I blush before taking a seat on the couch next to Jai. “Whatcha doing Jai ?” I ask him. “Nothing Just on Twitter, can Beau hurry the fuck up I’m getting bored.” He says before placing his phone down to lay his head down on my lap.

Beau starts making his way down stairs. “Alright let’s go.” He says while walking towards the door. We all follow behind him and get into the car.

“I love this song.” Luke says before turning the music up all the way in Beau’s car. We all sing along and laugh together until we arrive at the party. As soon as we get there, Jai and I go into the kitchen were the shots are being served. “Y/n let’s get so drunk tonight that we can’t even walk straight.” Jai says into my ear over the loud music. “Yes!! Let’s get fucked up!” I say to him.

After we took shots, we made our way to the dance floor. We start grinding on each other and for some reason, our dancing had a little more something in it. He was closer to me, his grip on my waist was more firm and his eyes were a darker shade. We were so wasted.

Jai pulls me in closer so that he can lean in to kiss me. His left hand was on my lower back and his right cuffing my cheek. He leans in and presses his lips against mine. The world around me completely stopped, almost like we were the only people in this room. This was the first time Jai and I kissed. All I felt were butterflies and the weight on my shoulders was lifted off.

The kiss was slow and passionate and lasted a while before he broke it. “Why haven’t we kissed before? You’re so good at it beautiful.” He says. He looked deep in my eyes before laughing. I laugh with him and we begin kissing again.

His tongue grazes against my bottom lip begging for entrance which I don’t give him at first. His left hand leaves my lower back to grab my ass. He squeezes it lightly and I give him access. His tongue massages mine and my hands go up to his cheeks. Luke and Beau notice us and run over to bother us. “Oh yeah get some y/n!” Beau says putting his left hand on my back and his right hand on Jai’s back.

I expected Jai to break the kiss but instead he just keeps kissing me, and I let him. “Use protection!” Luke says while messing with Jai’s hair. Jai still doesn’t budge, but he pulls me in closer. “I think we should go now so they can be happy.” Beau says.

“Jai lets go home now.” Luke says into Jai’s ear. He still doesn’t move away from our kiss. “Jai come on.” Beau says to Jai. Finally he breaks the kiss and he looks at me before taking my hand into his leading us into Beau’s car. Jai opens the door for me and I get it with him following behind me. As soon as we get in the car we start kissing again.

Beau looks in the rear view mirror and laughs. “Luke they’re still making out.” Beau says. “Yeah they’re fucking tonight, Look at Jai’s boner.” Luke says to get Jai to respond and he doesn’t.

We arrive at the house and Beau opens the door for us because Jai and I were still Making out. He gets out the car and he falls. We both laugh at what just happened and we walk inside still laughing. Luke and Beau are in the living room getting ready to play Fifa and Jai and I are stumbling our way into Jai’s room.

When we reach the bedroom, Jai playfully pushes me down on the bed. He takes off my shirt and unclasps my bra then takes off his shirt. The whole time we’re both laughing for no reason. I sit up to unbuckle his belt to pull down his jeans. His erection is visible through the material of his boxers. He lays me down gently before pulling down my underwear. He spreads my legs and presses his tongue against my clit.

“Fuckkkkk.” I moan. He licks faster and starts fingering me. “You like that y/n? You like my fingers inside you don’t you?” He says looking up at me. “Jai I need you now.” I moan.

He stops and pulls down his boxers. He positions him self at my entrance and then pushes himself inside me. He starts thrusting into me really hard and fast. “Fuck Jai don’t s-stop.” I moan. “You’re so tight.” He says. “Ah sssshit.” He grunts.

He reaches down to run my clit and thrust in my even faster and deeper, getting me closer to my high. “Jai” I moan. My hands scratch his back leaving marks. We finally cum together and we end up having round two, round three and so on.Minutes turn into hours until we pass out.

The next morning I wake up in Luke’s room for some reason. I hear people arguing in the other room and I figure it out that’s Luke and Jai. I notice that I’m not wearing any clothes and then I see condom wrappers all over the bed. I put on my panties from the floor and grab a towel to wrap around me so I could hurry to Jai’s room without anyone seeing me.

As soon as I get into his room I drop the towel and grab a pair of his boxers to put on and his shirt to put on.

I leave the room to go calm them down. “Boys stop its too early for this” I say groaning holding my head. “Y/n go back to sleep I didn’t mean to wake you.” Luke says to me. I shrug and go back to Luke’s room and lay down.

“Next time don’t fuck on my bed you asshole!” Luke yells. “I didn’t know I was in your room you cunt I was drunk!” Jai fires back. “You better wash my fucking sheets that’s so fucking disgusting.” Luke says. “I will, I already said I’m sorry I woke up and I knew I wasn’t in my room.” Jai says.

“Whatever just don’t do it again, I mean I’m happy that you guys are I guess together now i don’t know because you guys were all over each other last night.” Luke says.

“Okay, I’ll wash your sheets.” Jai says

Jai comes back in the room and lays down next to me. “You know what we did last night?” He asks me. “Yeah, I mean well I it was Luke at first cause I was in his room with condoms all over his bed.” I say to him. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I was drunk and if you don’t want to speak to me again I understand.” He says to me.

“Jai I don’t remember all of last night but I remember how I felt when you first kissed me last night, I love every moment. So don’t apologize because I loved it.” I say to him. He smiles. “So what does his mean?” He asks. “I don’t know how did you feel when we kissed?” I asked him.

“Honestly the same way, I couldn’t believe I was kissing you and I didn’t want to ever stop. Some thought in my head told me I would have the chance again so I didn’t let anything stop me.” He says. “Well you can if you want.” I smile. He smiles back before leaning in to press his lips against mine. The kiss was short because again we were in Luke’s room.

“So does this mean we’re together or something?” I ask. “Only if you want to be, because of course I want to be with you but it’s up to you.” He says. “Yes I do want to be with you.” I answer him.

“Okay. But I need to redeem myself and ask you in a better way. Maybe dinner tonight?” He smiles. I nod and we laugh together. “Ok so now we have to leave Luke’s room soho can wash his sheets.” He says laughing. “You were so wet last night.” He winks.

“Jai!” I say laughing and then I swat at his arm. He laughs and kisses me again.

Jai Brooks Smut #1

The following content has NSFW material, DONT READ IF YOU AINT INTO THIS STUFF OKAY

| You have feelings for Luke and you get jealous when you are around him and he’s with Kiana. Jai is your best friend and he secretly has a crush on you |

“Let’s go mate, it’s been an hour already hurry up!” Beau yelled to Luke from down stairs.
“Alright! Fuck! I’m not the only not ready you cunt!” Luke yelled back, laughing a little.
Luke, Jai, Beau, Kiana, Chelsey, Daniel and I are on the way to a club in down town LA. Right now I’m not exactly happy that I have to be around Luke and Kiana. I’ve been in love with him since middle school and it hurts when I see him love someone else.

I’m sitting in the living room with Jai, Beau and Daniel and we’re watching Family Guy waiting on the others. Finally, the other three are walking down stairs and of course, Luke and Kiana and holding hands and laughing.
“Omg Y/N you look so sexy!” Kiana says when she looks at me. “Thanks you too girly” I said to her with a fake smile.

“Alright let’s go now” Daniel says. We all walk out the door and get in the car. Jai and I are in the back of the car, Beau is driving Chelsey is in the passenger seat and Daniel, Luke and Kiana are in front of us. “I heard this club is actually pretty sick you know” Jai says to me.

“Yeah I can’t wait” I lie. Jai looks at me with a concerned face. “It’s going to be okay, Don’t focus on Luke tonight. Just have fun tonight maybe have a drink or five and dance with Chelsey you’ll be okay I promise” Jai whispers to me, squeezing my hand lightly. “Thanks Jai” I smile and kiss his cheek.

“Aww Well aren’t you cute little fuckers!” Beau laughs looking at us in the rear view mirrors. “Fuck off you dumb cunt” Jai laughs flicking him off causing all of us to laugh.

Luke looks back and me and smiles, “hey ” he mouthed. “Hi” I mouthed back. Kiana kisses his cheek causing him to turn his attention to her and kisses her lips. Ouch. Jai puts his arm around my shoulder and I lay against his chest.

Finally, we reach the club. Jai pulls me out of the car and I grab Chelsey, she pulls Kiana and we run to the dance floor. Chelsey’s back is against my chest and my back is against Kianas chest. We’re grinding together dancing, while the boys just watch us in awe.

The boys come up to us and start dancing. Luke grabs Kiana and places his hands against her waist and she puts her arms around his neck. Jai jumps behind me and starts dancing withme. We’re grinding on each other going hard on the dance floor and I can say we’re pretty good. “Yeah Y/N and Jai go! Woo!” Kiana and chelsey scream.

“Fuck Y/N you’re getting me hard, you’re such a good dancer.” Jai says to me. He must be a little drunk because he’s never said that to me. I laugh and I turn around so I’m facing him. The lighting and strobes lights are going off in the club making him looks so fucking hot. Jai grabs me and pulls me dangerously close to him and looks at my lips and back at my eyes.

“Y/N I need you.” He says before pressing his lips against mine. Hoots and cheers go at us from the group. I hear Luke “yeah y/n get some!” He yells, causing me to stop .

Jai looks at me with lust in his eyes and he smiles, “let’s get some drinks”

After what seems and probably was about 20 shots, we all decided to go home. Beau only had 3 shots be user he had to drive.

On the way back Luke and Kiana couldn’t keep their hands off each other, Kiana was on top on Luke with her legs on either side of Luke. “Luke why are you hurting y/n you know she loves you you fucker!” Jai slurs laughing.

All of the attention is on me, except Kiana and Daniel. “What?” Luke’ looks at me while Kiana is kissing his neck. “Nothing he didn’t say anything” I try to cover.

We reach the house and I just wanted to go to bed. I took a quick five minute shower and got in Jai’s bed. I wake up to Jai kissing my neck. “Jai what are you doing, it’s 4am” I said to him. “Y/n i couldn’t help myself, I need you”

The only light we have in the room is the moonlight coming from the window, making him look irresistible as fuck.

He looks me in the eyes. “Y/N, I’ve been in love with you since I met you in year 6, I hate to see you stress and worry about Luke when you have someone here who loves you more than anything. Please let me show you.” He says.

I crashing lips into his. He begs for entrance and I immediately give him access. His Hands slide up my shirt and breaks the kiss to take it off. “No bra?” He winks. “No that’s that’s uncomfortable as fuck to sleep in” I laugh

I take off his shirt and tug at his shorts which he pulls down. He pleases wet kisses from my collarbone to the top of my PINK thong. “Damn y/n, you’re so beautiful” he says to me

He pulls my underwear down and licks my clit. He started going in a slow motion and then just super fast. “Oh fuck Jai, don’t stop ugh!” I moan loud. “Jaaaiiiii” I moaned.

He looks up at me, his tongue presses against me slowly causing me to go crazy. “Jai come here.” I beg.

He pulls down his boxers and I sit up and grab his length. “No baby girl rid is about you.” He kisses me

He lays me back down and gives me one last look before sliding in me, His pace slow at first. “Fuck Y/n you’re so tight ” he groans, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth forming an o shape

He starts going faster, our moans are filling the room, growing louder and louder. Then I remember that were not the only people in this house, yet again this is the janoskians house and we’ve heard worse.

“I’m gonna cum!” We say together. Jai’s thrust become sloppy until he pulls out and jerks off before cumming on my stomach. He grabs a towel off his chair and wipes us off.

“I’m sorry I feel like I sorta forced you to do this, I could’ve shown you a better way of how much I love you ” Jai says putting on new boxers and a hoodie. He hands me a pair of his boxers and a shirt to change in.

“no no Jai it’s fine, I actually didn’t realize that what I wanted I had all along. I do love you, and you mean the world to me” I say to him. We lay down in his bed and get under the covers. He’s laying on his back and my head is against his chest, his arm around me.
“I don’t want You to think that I just used you for sex or something you know? I really really do love you. Y/N I’m in love with you.” His accent thick, making my heart swell. “I wish you loved me the same as you love Lu-” I cut him off kissing him.
“You know jai, we’ve been best friends for years, I do love you and now you’ve open my eyes and made me realize I’m in love with you. Yes it’s going to take a while before I get over Luke but I know I’ll be okay, knowing you’re here with me. I love you Jai.” I say to him.

He smiles “I love you y/n” he says before we go to sleep.

When I wake up, Jai wasn’t there. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before heading downstairs. “And speaking of Y/n you guys sure had a fun night huh baby Jai?” Beau joked. “Fuck off you cunt” Jai says standing up to hug me. “Goodmorning” he says before kissing me.

“SO YOU GUYS ARE TOGETHER NOW!?” Chelsey screams. “No haha still somethings we have to solve.” I say and as if on que Luke comes down stairs and takes in the scene. “Hey y/n can I talk to you ? ” Luke ask.

Luke and I walk outside to the pool near the fence and were at least 10 feet away from each other. “I just want to say I’m sorry. I didn’t know you.. You loved me. If I knew I honestly wouldn’t have dated Kiana. But I guess it’s a little too late because you’re with Jai now..” He says

“It’s fine Luke, i guess now isn’t a good time but you know I’ll always be here for you, no doubt. ” I say. He closes the space between us and Hugs me tightly, instantly making my arms go around him.

“I love you too y/n, I’ll always be here for you too. I hope this doesn’t make things weird for us.” He says. “No of course not, we’re best friends nothing’s awkward between us” we both laugh before finally letting go of each other and getting inside.

Before we reach the door Luke pulls me to the side confusing me. “Why’d you do th-” he cuts me off by quickly kissing me. The kiss lasted two seconds. “I’m sorry I had to, I had to see what I’m going to be missing.” He says. He kisses me again and walks inside the house, leaving me breathless.

Jai Brooks Imagine #5 (REQUESTED)

“Y/n go ride a bike over there.” He points to the bikes while we’re walking through the halls or target. “No Jai you.” I laugh. “Come on you’ll be so cool if you do it!” He laughs with me. “I’ll ride them with you.” He says. We walk over to the bikes and we purposely choose kid bikes. Jai picks out a bike that he can barely fit into and he falls from it being so tiny. We both break out in a laughing fit.

The thing is, I’ve had a crush on Jai for the longest. No I haven’t told him because he friend zones me all the time. “Oh my god Jai!” I laugh. Jai starts laughing so hard he cries. A target employee that looks about our age walks up to us and stares at us. “I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He gets up laughing. When he composes himself he takes a better look at her. She’s got long brown hair and green eyes, her lips are full and she has the perfect body.

“Oh hi, um my friend and I were just messing around and uh yeah.” He stammers. Why is he acting so weird? “It’s fine I came over her to laugh at you actually.” She smiles. He smiles back at her and scratches the back of his neck. He looks at her ID before speaking.

“Melissa? Is that how you say it?” He asks. “Yeah Melissa, what’s your name?” She asks. They’re literally flirting right in front of me, and he’s drooling over her. She’s acting like I’m not even here. “I’m Jai, do you want to hang out sometime maybe?” He asks smiling. “Yeah I’d like that, maybe tonight? My shift is almost over anyways” She smiles back. She grabs a note pad from her jeans and writes her number down before giving it to him.

She walks away and he’s still looking at her. “Jai? Hello?” I wave my hand in front of him. “We should go home now ” he says without looking at me. He starts walking towards the exit door with me following behind him.

When we get home he’s still smiling from meeting that girl. “Ill be right back I’m going to text her.” He says walking in his room. I lay down on the couch and hold back the tears that are fighting to come down. “Y/n I have a date tonight at 7!"he says to me from his room. "Cool.” I reply. I check my phone to see that it’s only 5.

Jai walks back into the room on his phone. “Alright I’ll see you later, bye.” He hangs up. “Y/n that girl, I seriously can’t get her out of my mind.” He says smiling. “Yeah I bet.” I mumble. “I’m going to get Starbucks After the date and I’m going to the flower shop, do you want to come?” He asks. “No I’m fine I’ll just stay here or whatever.” I say without looking at him. “You okay?” He asks coming over to me.

“Yeah I am, can you get me a Carmel frappe ?” I ask him. “With extra Carmel just how you like it, I’ll be back soon.” He says kissing my forehead before leave the house. I sigh and let everything come out.

My tears stream down my face and I pull the blanket from behind the couch and snuggle into it. I guess I wasn’t the only one at the house because I can hear footsteps coming towards the living room.

“Y/n are you okay?” I hear Luke say. “No but I’ll be okay.” I say pulling the blanket over my face. He gently pushes me over closer to the couch so he can lay with me. He wraps his arms around the blanket that’s wrapped around me. “Y/n what’s wrong?” He asks. “Jai, he met this girl at target and he has a date with her. ” I say.

“Why are you upset about that? You guys are best friends. Oh wait you like him don’t you?” He says. He holds me tightly and comforts me letting me cry softly. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m pretty sure he’s oblivious to your feelings.” Luke says rubbing my back.

“He’s friend zoned me without even noticing.” I say. He pulls the blanket off my face and looks at me. “You are a beautiful girl and I wish you knew that. Whatever happens he’ll always be here for you and he’ll always love you.” He says.

“He won’t love me the same way.” I cry. His face turns into a sad frown. “You love him y/n? I’m so sorry.” He says holding me. “Well what does the girl look like?” He asks me. As if on que Luke gets a text from Jai,it’s a picture of the girl from her Instagram.

“Well you’re prettier than her so he’s blind” he says lighting up the mood. “Thanks Luke.” I smile. “Jai said he’s going to go pick the girl up and take her out now. You know what let’s just forget her.” He says sitting up.

“So no more crying and embrace your beautiful ness. Let’s do something That’ll take your mind off this.” He says lifting me up and carrying me into his room. We end up doing a you now and the fans of course make me feel so much better. “Alright guys it’s time for us to go now so thanks for watching and we’ll be back with more Luke and y/n time!” He says before blowing a kiss to the camera and turning it off.

Luke and I start watching a movie and 30 mins into it Jai comes home and he’s with Melissa . “This is my twin brother Luke and Y/n you met her already.Jai says coming into Luke’s room.

"Jai I think you and y/n need to talk I’ll show Melissa around.” Luke says before walking up to Jai. Luke whispers in Jai’s ear before Leaving his room with Melissa.

“Why are you upset that I’m going out with her y/n?” Jai asks sitting down on the bed. “Dammit Luke, look jai. I was sorta upset that you and Melissa went out on a date.” I say to him. “Well why? I like her a lot.” He says . “Yeah I know, but I just feel like there’s someone else maybe.” I say without looking at him.

“Well don’t you want me to be happy?” He asks sitting down next to me. “Yes but Jai.. I can’t explain.” I say shaking my head. “Just tell me. You can tell me anything.” He says touching my shoulder. “Jai I can’t because every time I try to you friend zone me.” I say. “What?” He questions.

“Jai you’re to blind to realize what’s in front of you” I say to him. “Y/n I’m confused with what you’re trying to say.” Jai says. “Jai how can you possibly go out with her. You saw how she just acted like I was not even there? And you forgot I was there too?” I say.

“Y/n I’m sorry that I forgot about yo-” I interrupt him. “Yeah please don’t apologize cause you always do.” I say getting up to walk away. “So you can just enjoy your date with her, I’ll be spending time with Luke.” I say Trying to walk away from him but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“What’s your problem? Do you not like me being happy? ” he asks. “Jai I’m in love with you.” I say tears threatening to fall. “You love me?” He says shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me I wouldn’t have gone out with her!” He whisper yells. “Jai because if I did you would’ve friend zoned me like you always do!” I yell.

“ you’re my bestfriend y/n, I don’t want to hurt you.” He yells back. “You hurt me already by flirting with her in my face and flaunting her around.” I yell. “I’m sorry y/n! I didn’t know. So you can’t fucking blame me!” He fires back.

“You think this is easy for me to see you fall for her? It hurts and this isn’t the only time. It hurts every time a girl catches your eye so you know what I’ll just try to move on.” I say trying to leave the room. He pulls me back again.

“I never said it was easy! I had to move on from you a long time ago because I fell in love with you the first day i met you!” He shouts. “The very first moment I laid eyes on you. I knew that you were going to be mine but it didn’t happen.” He says, his voice hushing down.

“You think it’s easy for me when I just found out that the girl that I fucking love the most in this world is hurting because of my stupidity? The girl that I can’t imagine a world without. That girl is you, it’s always been you no matter what anybody says it’ll always be you!” He whisper yells,his eyes widening in realization of what he had just said.

He turns around so he’s not facing me anymore and puts his hands in his face and let’s out a huge breath.

“Jai.. You love me?” I question. He turns back around and caresses my cheek. “Yes y/n I’m love with you. I always have been, I just hid my feelings because I didn’t want to break this friendship like you said. I didn’t mean to hurt you I’m sorry.” He says. He steps closer to me, closer and closer.

His lips are inches away from mine, he closes his eyes before resting his forehead against mine. “You drive me crazy. The way you smile, the way you laugh, they way you look at me. I’m head over heels for you.” He says taking his other hand and placing it gently on my cheek. My hands rest against his chest. “You take me to a whole new world and I can’t get enough of you.” He says.

“I just want to show you how much I love you, words can’t even explain how much I do.” He sighs. “Show me.” I whisper.

He pulls back slightly looking into my eyes before looking down at my lips. His eyes close and Slowly, he leans in and pecks my lips. He starts to kiss me passionately.

Our tongues move in sync together and The world stops. He breaks the kiss and looks at me. “I’ll be back.” He says before disappearing. I stand there dumbfounded and I sit on Luke’s bed. 5 mins later her walks in.

“Luke is taking Melissa home. I’ll have to explain every thing to her later.” He smiles. “Explain what.?” I ask. “That I finally got the girl that I’ve always wanted.” He says. He helps me stand up and he hugs me tightly. His face nuzzles into the crook of my neck.

“I love you y/n, I’m sorry for being stupid.” He says. “I love you Jai.”