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In This City~chapter4~Luke Hemmings




I stumbled out of the bar and onto the street. Luke was right behind me as I leaned against the wall and covered my face with my hands. That shouldn’t have happened and I think we both knew it.

“Kin.” He called after me as I walked down the street. My eyes were blurry and I turned to look at him. He looked beautiful.

“I can’t do this, Luke.” I said as he got closer to me as to not make a scene on the sidewalk. “You hurt me.”

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Originally posted by bellimie

This is my favorite thing I’ve ever written this is exactly what I imagine best friend!luke would be like i’m crying. this is a fucking novel because i got super carried away. btw based off this request. hope you enjoy it :)

Warnings: smut

Word count: 7935 (wowzers)

“Well, what do you think?” He asked after closing the top of the red nail polish. My eyes darted up from my book to his outstretched hands, a small smile tugging at my lips. He began to smile when he saw my own, pulling his hands to his face to get a closer look. “You don’t think anyone will think I’m too weird? Do you really like it or are you lying?” His blue eyes shifted from his nails to my face, uncertainty lacing his tone. “Who cares, they’re awesome, Luke.” I grabbed his hand in mine, being gentle to not mess up the polish. The color really suited him and I couldn’t help but notice how much hotter he looked. “You’re right, I like it, you like it, that’s all that matters.” A wide grin took over his features as he admired his nails. He’d done a pretty decent job. The polish was even and not smudged, maybe he could do my manicure some time.

As he blew on his nails to get them to dry, I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth. I could’ve never pictured my best friend of 8 years blowing nail polish dry on his own hands. He used to be so shy, never wanting to do too much that would make him stick out. But now, the fully grown man laid on my bed with long curly hair and red nail polish, was full of confidence. “Don’t blow too hard, you’ll move the polish around.” I warned, returning my gaze back to my book. “That’s what she said.” He smirked, waving his hand around in the air.

I rolled my eyes at him, returning my full focus to the book I had in my hand. I was trying to get into to it, and I was getting pretty far with Luke occupied with his hands. But now his hands were dry and he was becoming bored without my attention. He was rummaging through my drawers, pulling out shirts he claimed were his. They were, but there was no way he was ever getting them back. It was when he started rummaging through my underwear drawer that he became a real nuisance. “Woah, Y/N!” He exclaimed pulling out a particular pair of red lacy underwear. My face heated up at his find. Throwing my book beside me, I leaped form the bed to grab the garment from his hands. “Who the hell are you wearing this for?!” He moved his arms up to a place where no human of normal height could ever reach. I tugged at his arms to bring it towards me but he wouldn’t budge. “That kid Kyle sure is getting one hell of a sight.” He joked, pulling the garment up higher. I beat my fists against his chest, my face almost as red as the underwear. “Would you stop, you prick!” I shouted, jumping and hopping to get back my panties. Luke laughed and made obnoxious kissy faces at me, only making me more embarrassed.

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You’re a work of art (5sos edition)