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Angst (may be triggering or upsetting) - !

Smut - $

Every fic has warnings before them; if there’s no warnings then that’ll mean there’s nothing triggering within the fic. All my fics have swearing in them lol

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Bookstore Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Ashton Irwin

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Enchanted -  Autumn, Y/N gets invited to a Halloween party but she’s basically a friend of a friend of a friend. She goes with her closest friend but is instead constantly introduced to new people who she really couldn’t care about. But, a silhouette sees her and soon they start their own conversation. One night won’t last forever though.

Salty Pop-CornWhy is Ashton is so hard to read? Why can he be so difficult? And why do you two act like a couple whilst the title of your relationship is restricted to friends? Requested, $

Gross… You, Ashton (your boyfriend) and Calum (your best friend) decide to check out the ‘Street Sesh’ San Francisco has to offer. After getting completely wasted during the night, you can’t help but enjoy the drunk fuelled follow-up. Requested, $ & ! kinda

Mario Kart and ChillAshton goes on tour soon, as usual, and the lazy morning you both planned soon merges into a lazy day. Requested, a little $

Storage Cupboards -  When the boys tried to set you and Ashton up, a caretakers closet wasn’t quite what they had in mind. Requested, a little $

Blissful Beginnings It’s your first time but you know for a fact it isn’t Ashton’s. Requested, $

Calum Hood

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Gross… - (Platonic!Calum btw)  You, Ashton (your boyfriend) and Calum (your best friend) decide to check out the ‘Street Sesh’ San Francisco has to offer. After getting completely wasted during the night, you can’t help but enjoy the drunk fuelled follow-up. Requested, $ & ! kinda

Am I Enough Anymore? You gained a little extra weight whilst Calum’s on tour, and you begin to worry if this will have an effect on your relationship when he returns. Requested, $ and !

Window View -  Calum has a break from tour to visit his childhood best friend, you. Whilst walking Duke, secrets finally unfold after being kept for years. Requested

Luke Hemmings

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Chill, will you? -  Luke is stressed. To top off his already stressful weak, he injures himself on stage and so Y/N decides to help him relax. $

GorgeousBasically, Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

How Did I End up Here? -  You and 5 seconds of summer are touring the world, bu ta certain blonde may have a soft spot for the beautiful sound tech.

Nothing to Say - Inspired from a fic I couldn’t find, but I loved the concept. You and Luke are very private with your relationship, so how will he react to you posting an innocent picture of the two of you together? !

Paradise -  You and Luke were introduced by your mutual childhood best friend years ago, though you see each other very little. However, on a summer holiday for your 21st, maybe some old memories and feelings will awaken between the two of you as the week away lights old sparks. $


DuetsWhen your guitarist gets sick right before the opening act, Luke offers his own share of talents for loan. Requested

October Again - Y/N and Luke had a history, whenever he’d go to visit his family’s cottage in October she’d always be there. But after he screwed it up last year, what will happen when October comes around again? Requested, implied $

The Common Cold -  Luke has a cold, but he can see how much you want to go to the welcome home party. Requested, possible ! 

Tom Holland

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Playing Cupid -  As Tom attempts to walk Tessa, she decides to play cupid and start running. Thankfully, a cute girl has the heart to stop the bulldog before devastation, causing Tom to thank Tessa for her misbehaving.

6/10 -  6/10 by Dodie. Y/N is simply homesick, insecure, and not happy with this relationship. Is that a crime? Is it too much? !!!!

Spoilers? Tom is notorious for his slip-ups on camera, and it’s your job as his co-star to try and stop any. But maybe it’s good that this slip-up slipped out. Requested

Peter Parker/Spiderman

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Unfathomable (On Hold)There’s a mysterious video from New York city going around, implying there’s a guardian angel out there. Peter doesn’t know who she is, but she saved his life, and he needs to find the strange girl to thank her and remind her that he’d forever in their dept. One issue, New York is a big city. 

Part 1 

Part 2 



“How’s your daughter?” -  …but here is what would happen if there was a daughter that Peter was referring to, and what would happen if she overheard.

Damn You wanted to go to the gym to keep in shape as exams creeped up, and apparently so did a certain Peter Parker…but who knew he was good at weights? Requested

Bucky Barnes

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I know you (On Going)You have visions, they were the cause of you being called insane for most of your life. However, they’re also why you met Bucky, and why you seem so stuck to him. 

Part 1  kinda !


Bookstore (On Going)Y/N owns a bookstore, and Bucky desperately needs to catch up with the last 80 years or so. He prefers books, and thankfully Y/N has thousands of them. Maybe the reason he keeps coming back though, isn’t just for her store full of knowledge. But maybe they aren’t reading in between the lines quite enough…

The Benefits of the 2000s / Part 1

The Great Avengers (a hand guide) / Part 2

The Date; a 101 / Part 3 !

Learn Russian in 6 Days / Part 4 !

A Billionaire’s Biography / Part 5 !



Teach Me, then You liked dancing, but nobody said you were actually good at it. Then again, a certain super soldier is…

Nothing But Admiration  -   Inspired by the song You Are In Love by Taylor Swift; Y/N looks over her relationship with Bucky from start to finish on their wedding day - the good and bad parts. $ kinda

Make a WishYou found writing as an escape, as you struggled to connect with society and the rest of the team. But Bucky can’t keep his curiosity at bay when you leave your notebook on the table. Not when the title of the story is “Birthday Bundle” and the date in the tale matches to the date that he read it. Requested, possibly a ! but not really though

Lost and Found When Y/N’s daughter goes wandering, is it all that bad? possible !

He’d Broken You -  Bucky wasn’t the best at relationships, but he never meant to hurt you like he did. (Based off the song Apple Juice by Jessie Reyez). !

Before You Died -  When people die, it’s usually permanent. So how will Bucky react when it turns out you never really stopped living to begin with? (My submission to @writingcroissant ‘s 2K challenge) !!

Steve Rogers

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Carving It’s autumn, and Steve wants to make the most of the season.

CandyflossWho knew a man who fought in many wars was so scared of a fair ground ride?

Newt (The Maze Runner)

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Letters Addressed to You -  TDC; Tom got a letter from Newt, but so did you. ! $

O.D.DY/N is the girl described by the song O.D.D by Hey Violet. She’s also Newt’s girlfriend, who was kept within WCKD after the Maze, they couldn’t find her and Newt never really stopped looking. !


Opinionated - 5sos -  You think autumn/fall is the best, but others tend to disagree


anonymous asked:

Why do you stan 5sos they're so problematic....

alright, i’ve got some things to say. i’m not going to be one of those people who denies that 5sos have ever done any bad things because that would be an absolute lie. they’ve done problematic things, but then again, hasn’t anyone? half of you walk around like you’re perfect petals and have done nothing wrong ever or that your idols haven’t or whatever. that’s stupid. at one point or another, we’ve all been oblivious of our actions and words and said or done some things we shouldn’t have. but do people walk around and hold you against it your entire life? if you, for example, said a homophobic slur/joke 3 years ago, would people still bring that up today and be mad at you for it? no, they wouldn’t. especially if you’d moved past it and learned that it was wrong. so why are people still giving 5sos shit for things that they did when they were younger and didn’t know? especially when they’ve done a lot of good things to make up for it. take a look.

(thats luke giving money to a homeless man)

they’ve done a lot of other good stuff but i figure this has gotten long enough and i don’t need to make it longer.

something people tend to bring up a lot is the mexican themed signing that the boys did. if that makes 5sos racist, then lets not ignore the skit that one direction did on snl when they were carlito, pepito, martito, miguelito and dick. (not trying to bas 1d since i also love them, but come on. thats something that could actually be seen as offensive, not serving tacos and wearing sombreros and having an authentic mariachi band play at a venue/cd signing.)

ALSO, i don’t have screenshots and i’m too lazy to get them, but calum rted a charity cause that for every rt the tweet got, they’d donate a bowl of food to a dog in the shelters. they also rted a tweet on their band acc bringing attention to how fur coats are made and the animal cruelty behind it. so, sure, 5sos have done and said some problematic things but they’ve clearly learned from their mistakes and grown up. 99% of the “problematic receipts” you all pull out are from 2 or 3 years ago, and maybe even 4. they haven’t done anything bad for a long time. i’m not saying that you have to love them, but don’t act like they’re these horrible monstrous people when they certainly are not. they’ve made their mistakes and so has everyone else. lets move on from that.


Audio edits

Empty arena

Next door/basement

Hidden vocals

Split audios



Coffee shop

Being married to michael

-”Will you still love me when I go bald?”
-Fangirling over bands together
-Your kid making fun of Luke
-Him bringing home a kitten and trying to hide it from you
-Stealing his favorite shirt
-Reading muke fanfics together
-”No, he’s four. You can’t dye his hair green”
-(but lol he does it anyway)
-Watching series together
-”Mrs. Clifford”
-Spending time with his family when he’s on tour
-Texts from him saying “I miss your boobs” when he’s on tour
-”You’re so loud, oh my god”
-Watching pokemon together
-Teaching your kid how to play guitar
-High fives after great sex
-Teaching your kid how to be punk rock
-”I’m bored, can you suck me off?”
-Feeding your kid nothing but pizza

Luke completely losing it when you ride him for the first time and its taking everything in him not to cum before you do but wow you’re working him so fucking well and he’s gripping your sides and leaving hickeys on your chest and whimpering your name which just encourages you to rock your hips back and forth faster and he’s using his thumb to rub circles on your clit to make sure his princess cums before he does and WHY DID I DO THIS

Sounds Good Feels Good (Target Edition)

I’m making a downloadable link to Sounds Good Feels Good because I know some people can’t afford it. I will update this post as more songs are released. 

 1) Money

2) She’s Kinda Hot

3) Hey Everybody!

4) Permanent Vacation

5) Jet Black Heart

6) Catch Fire

7) Safety Pin

8) Waste The Night

9) Vapor

10) Castaway

11) Girl Who Cried Wolf

12) Broken Home

13) Fly Away

14) Invisible

15) Airplanes

16) San Francisco

17) Outer Space / Carry On

18) The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place (Target Exclusive)

19) Story Of Another Us (Target Exclusive)

If you would like the regular version, click here.

If you would like the deluxe version, click here.  


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