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but how sorry? // luke hemmings smut [au]

summary: luke is your brother’s biggest rival and, unbeknownst to him, you disregarded every caution he told you to take

warnings: rated m // nothing besides angst (duh) and smut i think??

word count: 7.2k

author’s note: so i think my last smut was written in either 2015 or maybe even 2014 so this may be really rough but be gentle pls all i know from 5sos popping back into my life is that i’m still a michael girl through and through but fuck luke has grown and i’m so here for this so enjoy!! (as per usual there’s far too much backstory but that’s always been part of my backstory sO leggo) // i also didn’t edit this but i will later so pls be gentle!! // part two here!

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Dating Luke would include:

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- Nights filled with him laying around shirtless playing guitar, singing to you, and making up silly songs together.

- Lots of nights in, especially after he returns from tour, cooking dinner together and lounging about in a family cuddle with Petunia while watching Netflix.

- NEVER being able to shower alone, even if you start out alone he’ll inevitably join you. “Come on babe, if you scrub mine I’ll scrub yours ;)”

- Him always posting pics/videos of you and Petunia on his IGstory; caption: “My girls ❤”

- Family hikes with Petunia, lots of silly pictures.

- Him saying “I love you” first because I just feel he’s a giant sap.

- Lots of dance parties in the living room, sometimes with his bandmates.

- You practically living with him because he never wants you to go home. “Luke, I should really go home you know I pay alot for rent to never be home.” “But babeeee, we’ll miss you too much,” lifts up Petunia to his face to look at you with both their puppy eyes.

- Always being the big spoon because he loved to sleep with you wrapped around him. His head against your chest, your hand and face buried in his hair, your leg over his hip.

- Him being really excited to introduce you to his mom and brothers; always flying to Australia for family holidays.

- Lots of this whenever you’re in the car listening to music:

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- Lazy Sunday morning sex, he wakes you with a kiss on your nose, the sun is barley peaking through the windows, him quietly whispering “I love you” as he kisses you and starts undressing you, hands and lips moving slow, lots of eye contact and face kisses.


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watch 5sos drop their new album out of nowhere with a tweet saying ‘hey guys, _____ is available on itunes and spotify!’


my man’s looking good

every day things each 5sos member reminds me of

calum: ocean breeze, ice cubes melting in your mouth, the smell of aftershave, broken mirrors, scribbled notes, painfully strong hugs, starless skies, fridge magnets from all around the world, dark poetry, blue berry stained fingers, the warm feeling of alcohol in your tummy, fast cars, drive-in theaters. 

michael: freshly cut grass, ripped notebook pages, flower gardens, dimly lit bedrooms, cold air on hot skin, bed hair, bruises on thighs, rough fingertips, sand in shoes, hair dye on t-shirts, guitar picks, cold showers, long paragraphs, fluffy carpets, oven heat blowing in your face, musicals, fruit baskets. 

ashton: wine stained lips, expensive suits, cartoon designed band-aids on knuckles, colorful butterflies, late night facetime calls, broken phone screens, cold feet, knee high socks, heavy thunder storms, horoscopes, braids, knee scratches, skateboards, bandanas, picnics under the moonlight, freshly baked cookies. 

luke: uncomfortable freshly washed sheets, hair spray, moon eclipses, ripped clothes, leather jackets, mint drops, tangled headphones, full body goosebumps, love letters, fancy dinners, piles, the after taste of cigarettes, sticky notes, doing laundry, cold tiles, the sun peaking from behind heavy curtains, empty apologies.


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A/N: Based off the song “Wrong” by MAX (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Luke’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he felt your hand slid over his thigh. His eyes darted over to you in a look that said “don’t you dare.” Only you weren’t looking at him. You were facing forward, a sly smile on your lips as you continued to tease him. Your hand inched closer to his crotch and you began to palm Luke through his jeans. Luke’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip and he began to tap his finger against the steering wheel. Eyes locked on the road. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into you. Moments before you were perfectly content and full from the dinner you two just had. It was a different story now. You were on the prowl and of course had your eyes set on Luke. He cleared his throat, eyes still locked on the road as you kept palming him. You could feel Luke’s cock growing under your touch the smile on your face growing. Luke’s attention was taken off the road for just a split second when he heard your seat belt unbuckle. “What are you doing?” Luke asked, pouting at the feeling of your hand leaving his cock. 

“Just lift up,” you instructed him, already unzipping his pants. Luke did as you said, moving in his spot as carefully as he could so that his foot wouldn’t move off the brake. Lucky for him the two of you were stopped at a red light. Once his pants were off you immediately went back to giving him a handjob. Soon Luke was hard enough to your liking and you leaned over the gear shift to take him into your mouth. Luke’s foot hit against the gas pedal in surprise and the car skirted forward. 

“Oh fuck,” Luke gasped, trying his hardest to focus on the road. Your tongue swirled around the head of his cock, tasting the bit of precum that had collected at the tip. Your lips surrounded his cock as you began suck. Your tongue poking out to lick at a prominent vein on his cock. “Damn it feels so good,” Luke grunted, his foot hitting against the accelerator, so that the two of you could make it back to his place quickly. Your head bobbed at a steady rhythm and you stroked the parts that wasn’t in your mouth. Just giving Luke head made you wet. Everything about him turned you on. The way he looked in his black fitted shirt and ripped blue jeans. Luke’s hair had even grown out a bit more and started to curl. You loved it when he let his hair grow, giving you something to play with sexual or not. Luke was and is beautiful. 

Throughout the entire dinner Luke had been whispering to you. Telling you everything he wanted to do when you got back to his place. His hand placed on your thigh and thumb rubbing circles close to where you needed him. It made you crave for his touch even more than you had. Just thinking about all the things Luke was going to do to you made your core throb. Your head lifted so that you could catch your breath and you wiped at your mouth then looked around at your surroundings.

Pull over and don’t lock the doors,” you whispered into his ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe. Your words made a shiver run down Luke’s spine and he made a sharp turn towards a back road area. 

“What are you up to?” Luke moaned, feeling your hand massage his cock once more. You began to kiss alongside his neck, teeth nipping at his sweet spot. 

“I want you,” you muttered against his skin. “Take me right here. Right now,” 

“You don’t want to wait ‘til we get home?” Luke asked, coming to a stop in an empty lot. You were too busy teasing Luke to answer his question and sucked just below his earlobe. Luke turned the car off, then pulled the keys out the ignition. He tossed them into the door holder. Luke turned his head to the side and grabbed you by the back of your head to pull you into a kiss. You kissed him back with much passion and your tongue glided along his bottom lip in asking for permission. His lips parted and you stuck your tongue inside his mouth. Luke moaned against your lips, his other hand reaching down to push his seat far back. The kiss broke and you took that opportunity to kick off your shoes and climb over to sit on him. “I like this mood you’re in,” Luke chuckled, eyes closing shut as you sat down on him.

“Yeah, you like it?” you asked, beginning to grind on him. Luke nodded rapidly and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip. The only thing that was separating him from actually being inside of you was your panties. Luke pulled down the straps of your dress and pulled down the front of it. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra and massaged your breasts. Your lips connected once again, the kiss slower this time. The tension began to build when Luke began to buck his hips up into yours. Luke knew it was wrong for the two of you to be doing this in public, but it somehow felt better when it felt wrong. 

“Stop teasing me,” Luke mumbled against your lips. Even if he was showing so much dominance during dinner it was clear to the both of you who was in control at the moment. His hands moved down to your ass and squeezed at the soft flesh. He lifted up the bottom of your dress and rubbed at your clothed clit. Luke may have been extremely hard, but you were another story. He could feel how soaked your panties were, your clit swelled in arousal. “Y/N please,” Luke groaned, moving your panties to the side and running his fingers between your folds. This action took your by surprise and you let out gasp. You wanted him to be inside of you just as much Luke wanted to be there himself. “Come on let daddy in,” he whispered in your ear, plunging two fingers into your soaking heat. You whined in pleasure and began to ride his fingers. The air inside the car had gotten hot. The windows fogging up as everything escalated. Luke had turned the tables and now you were the one like putty in his hands. You lifted up so that you could line him up to your entrance. Teasing both of you by rubbing the head of his cock over your folds. 

“How much do you want it?” you asked Luke, a smirk on your lips as you saw him pout in frustration. Luke couldn’t take it anymore and held tight onto your hips as he pushed in. “Holy shi-Luke,” you moaned out, sitting down more so that he was fully inside of you. 

“Does that answer your question,” Luke chuckled. The wind had nearly been knocked out of you and your head rested against Luke’s shoulder. Both your actions had stopped and you soaked in the feeling of him filling you up. After a few seconds you began to ride him. Your hips lifting at a steady pace and rolling down in a figure eights. Luke’s grip on your hips was so tight you knew it was going to leave a mark. You picked up the pace, mouth hanging open as silent moans left your lips. Luke began to buck up into you, matching your pace. 

“Oh yes-right there,” you huffed, breath fanning over Luke’s face. You grabbed the headrest and began to bounce on his cock. The sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed around the car. You sat down on him hard then began to grind. His pubic bone hitting at your clit. His eyes closed in pleasure, head falling back against the headrest. Luke couldn’t remember the last time the two of you fucked like this. Just hot and dirty. It made him get worked up even more and he began to pound up into you. Tiny screams of pleasure leaving your lips as the head of his cock hit against your g-spot. Luke sat up straight making your back hit against the steering wheel and the horn honk. “I think we should go to the backseat,” you suggested. Before Luke could even reply you were already getting up. Your warmth no longer surrounding him. You opened the car door and quickly moved towards the back. Luke was fast on your heels and the minute you opened the back door he had you face down ass up. 

“Look at you,” Luke grinned, spreading cheeks apart. He stroked at his cock and rubbed at your bundle of nerves. “So beautiful…opening up for daddy like a good girl,” he said. You moaned at his words and raised your hips in a request to having him inside of you. Luke plunged in hard making your toes curl and a squeal of pleasure leave your lips. Your body pushed forward as Luke began to thrust into you. His hand coming down hard on your ass. No one could fuck you as good as Luke could. He made your body tingle in ecstasy.

“Luke!” you yelped, hands reaching you to grab at anything only to grab at the air. He was working into you so much that you could almost see stars. You began to clench around him and you could hear Luke curse under his breath. “S-So good. Fuck Luke d-don’t stop,” you stuttered out. He slapped your ass once again and really began to work into you. You began to clench around him, face burying into the cushions as you moaned into them. 

“Do that again baby,” he requested, rolling his hips into yours. Going in deep and hitting all the right spots. You clenched around him once more and moaned. Luke was close to his release a series of grunts coming from him. This was so wrong, wrong in the fact that you two could get arrested for public indecency, but it still made everything feel so right, so good. You could tell Luke was about to come. His pace becoming sloppy and his moans growing louder. 

“Fuck I can’t hold it,” Luke announced, his pace slowing down and letting you feel ever inch of his cock. He gave you two sharp thrusts then pulled out to spurt his load over your ass. Luke stroked at his cock as he came. Letting every bit of it leak out and coat your ass in his cum. After he had finished, Luke tapped your leg. You turned over in exhaustion and pouted up at him. “Sorry you didn’t finish baby,” he sighed, leaning down to kiss you. “How about we drive home and I can eat you out?” Luke suggested, “Then do that thing you wanted me to do too.” He kissed at your forehead, then the tip of your nose, then your cheek, and finally he kissed your lips. “Hmm?”

“You’ll do it?” you asked, trying to confirm his words. Luke nodded in response. You grinned at Luke and pulled him into another deep kiss. “Well then we better hurry home,” you said. Luke was quick on his feet. Pulling his pants up and heading to the driver’s seat. This wasn’t going to be the last time you two had sex in public, but this was going to be the start of a new kink.


Denim jacket Lu🌻💫