ashton was pretending to be niall last night

let’s just Appreciate 5sos please

Luke just gets so passionate when he sings. 
Calum just gets so emotional when he performs.
Michael just gets so personal when he’s on stage.
Ashton just gets so energetic when he’s behind his drums.

Let’s give a fuckin round of applause for a healthy, heartfelt, happy and high-spirited band because that’s all we want for them. Let’s stop judging them and start supporting them because it’s so obvious that they did a lot of soul searching and heart healing to create another album to please you guys. The Fans. It’s for you. Be happy that they are happy and that they were in a good enough place to write a 3rd album, because lots of bands don’t even make it that far.

Stop Downgrading 5 Seconds of Summer Because They Let Their Music Grow With Them. It’s 2018. Let’s All Just Love And Appreciate Each Other.



i’ve been here so long i’ve learned not to question

i’m probably looking too much into this but i’m 99% sure that calum only posted the picture of him licking luke’s face to somewhat normalise it. like, first he kisses luke’s cheek?? then this??? i know he also kissed michaels in the new picture but like, that’s twice now w/ luke. cake is THRIVING in this new era. (also calum is just really carefree lately, like in that interview where he said that he’d be the dragon and donkey in shrek with luke) AH IM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM BEING IN LOVE


hi i’m dead

um WOW