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Word count- 1,400+

Summary- Ash is being distant, so Luke and you make him jealous and he feels really bad about it so he makes it up to you. (This is so emotional, brb crying)


Backstage after a concert was always lively. The adrenaline still pumping and everyone congratulating the boys. A ritual of some sorts. You, being Ashton’s girlfriend were present backstage as well. As soon as they ran off stage you went to Ashton to give him a hug but he just brushed you off saying, “Not now, Y/N. I’m tired”

You were hurt and you felt rejected so you went and sat on the couch in the common dressing room. Now that you really thought about it, Ashton had been acting distant and you couldn’t help but think the worst that some other girl probably had his attention and he was going to break it off with you. You groaned and buried your face in your hands.

“You alright, YN?” You heard the voice of Luke questioning your current, clearly not alright state. “Does it look like I’m alright?” you snapped at him, instantly regretting lashing out since he wasn’t the one you were angry with. “What’s wrong?” he asked sounding genuinely concerned so you let out a heavy sigh and patted the spot next to you on the couch.

He obliged and sat next you, keeping a respectful distance. “It’s Ashton, isn’t it?” he said before you could start. You merely nodded your head before elaborating. “He’s been so distant lately and I can’t even remember the last time we were intimate. He didn’t want to hug me today, for fucks sake. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found someone better. These girls are always throwing themselves at him, I guess its about time.”

“Hey, hey Y/N, don’t say that. He’s crazy about you and I know for a fact he wouldn’t cheat on you. He doesn’t even look at other girls. But you’re right about him being distant. He’s been like that with us as well.” Luke paused to take a breath before looking around the room. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he looked like he just had the greatest idea in the world and it might just have been as he said this, “Let’s make him jealous. That ought to get a reaction out of him.” You nodded your head eagerly and as if on cue, the other three boys walked in the room.

You started laughing loudly causing all of them to look at you confused. “Oh, Lukey, you’re so funny.” you put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly. His face contorted into one of understanding as he played along. “Nah, Y/N you’re just flattering me. I guess you’re a sweetheart like that.” He put his hand on your thigh, slightly high for it to be just friendly.

You gauged the reaction of the other boys and Calum and Michael’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets while Ashton didn’t seem really phased. You decided to kick it up a notch and scooted closer to Luke so that your knees were touching now. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, Y/N?” Luke asked and that seemed to get Ashton’s attention as his eyes were trained on you. Calum and Michael’s jaws dropped, literally to the floor and you started blushing.

“It’s been a while since anyone’s called me that” as soon as you said that you could’ve sworn a look of guilt flashed across Ashton’s face, but you didn’t drop the act as yet. You wanted Ashton to stop it. Luke reached his hand up to your face and tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear. You leaned in closer to Luke and he did as well. You only felt his breath on your lips for a split second before he was practically thrown across the room.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend mate.” Ashton’s voice boomed across the dressing room. He had Luke pinned to the floor and was about to swing a punch before he was caught by Michael and Calum. Luke scrambled out from underneath him and Ashton struggled against his band members grip. “Don’t you dare fucking get close to her again. She’s mine.” Ashton was stern with his words and absolutely did not expect the next words that came out of Luke’s mouth. “Maybe if you hadn’t been acting like a complete dick and taking her for granted, I wouldn’t have.”

At once, he stopped struggling and turned to face you, at the edge of your seat now. “Maybe you guys should leave.” you said and they nodded in understanding and left the room without uttering another word. “Is it true? What Luke said?” Ash asked and walked over to you. You nodded and looked to him. He walked over to you and it was as if his legs gave way as he was on his knees in front of you. “I’m so so sorry, Y/N. I didn’t do it intentionally” he buried his face in your knees and you lightly placed your hands on either side of his face. He looked up at you and you said, “I love you Ash, nothing could ever change my feelings toward you. I just fear that yours are changing.”

He looked crushed, to say the least. “Let me show you how much I love you, Y/N. I want to worship every inch of you.” you feebly nodded and he reached upward to capture your lips in a sweet innocent kiss. The kiss slowly progressed into a needy, emotional one and he found his place on top of you. He detached and you took a deep breath, feeling the lack of oxygen. His lips were on your cheek then your jaw, your neck and kept progressing downward till they were at the waist band of your pants. He pulled them down with ease and began kissing your inner thighs. Feeling hot and bothered, you pulled your t-shirt over your head and discarded it. You felt him smirk against your skin at your eagerness.

“So beautiful” you heard him mutter and he placed an opened mouth kiss over your clit. You squirmed underneath him and he took the band of your panties in his mouth before letting it go causing it snap against your skin. You felt yourself getting damper and let out a low mewl. “Ash, please”

It had been so long and you didn’t know if you could last at all. “No teasing, please” you breathed out and somehow Ashton listened to you. He got off of you for what felt like less than a second as he peeled his sweaty tank top off him and his jeans. You, too, did quick work in ridding yourself of your bra. He pulled your panties off of you and kissed you slowly again. You reached your hand in between the two of you and pushed his boxers down, just enough to grab his ever growing length in your hand and pumping it. Ashton moaned loudly and buried his face in your neck. You rubbed your thumb across the tip and you knew he was rock hard now.

You pushed his boxers down further and used your legs to push it off of him completely. “I love you baby” he breathed into your neck while positioning himself at your entrance. He pushed in slowly and you swore you felt your eyes roll to the back of your head. It stung slightly but that disappeared once Ash started sucking on your neck, sure to leave a hickey. “So fucking tight” he murmured and you replied with a loud moan. “Fuck, Ash”

His hips moved against yours, rolling them together. Pulling out almost entirely, before thrusting back in. Skin slapping against skin and his moans consumed you. Ashton consumed you. “I’m so in love with you” he half grunted out. “I-I love you Ash” you struggled out. You arched your back so your chest was flush against his. “I’m close” he moaned, scrunching his eyes shut. “Mhmm” you said quietly and the knot in your stomach exploded leading you to scream loudly. “God, Ashton!” you released around him.

He let out a string of curse words when he felt you contract around him. He rode out your high and in a few more thrusts he came inside you. His body went limp and he fell on you. You were exhausted too. “I never want to stop falling for you.” he said looking straight into your eyes. You placed a lingering kiss on his forehead. Ash and you stayed like that, cuddling, talking and what felt like falling in love all over again.

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Luke is probably the type of person that says ‘MWAHHH’ everytime he gives you a small kiss in the cheek or forehead