luke + leia

Get ready for some new Luke and Vader one-shots. Are these stories a trick? Or a treat? 

You’ve Got to be Kitten Me

Summary: Ensign Han Solo didn’t know if this was a trick or not. He had been summoned to Lord Darth Vader’s personal quarters. Now the Supreme Commander was asking Han about … cats? It’ll be a treat if Han makes it through this alive. (This is very much a crack fic.)


“Tell me Ensign Solo …” Vader paused. Solo felt his breath trapped in his chest. What was Vader going to ask him to do? Spy on officers? Kill someone? Sabotage something? “What do you know about cats?”

Solo stood there dumbfounded. At first he thought about perhaps cats was a codeword for a secret Imperial project. But finally he managed to squeeze out, “Ca-cats? Sir?”


“Like … like the pet, sir?”


“I uh … don’t know much about cats.”

Another long pause filled with breathing.

“You will need to research cats, especially their young.”

Ok, what was this about? Solo was so confused. “Sir?”

“Kittens, Solo. You will need to read up on kittens,” Darth Vader replied.

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(I wrote this fics before I got my new job.)