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so imma need a beauty and the beast malec fanfic asap:

-alec is a prince, brought up by horrible parents
-one day the witch comes and turns him into a beast
-magnus is living in a tiny village w his mother
-camille is gaston
-when magnus’ mother doesnt return from her trip, he sets out to find her and ends up trading his life for her freedom
-alec is taken aback by magnus’ beauty the second he sees him
-and magnus cant help but notice alecs hazel eyes in the candlelight
-but alec is a dick so magnus is like nah
-magnus meets the rest of them
-lumiere is jace
-cogsworth is simon
-(and theyre in love)(lbr theyre gay)
-mrs pots is izzy
-chip is max
-the piano is luke
-and the wardrobe is clary
-so magnus doesnt take any of alecs shit and puts him in his place
-and so begins their love story
-he gifts magnus the library and cant help but feel his heart warm as magnus’ eyes light up
-they go on strolls around the castle, reading poetry
-they have snowball fights
-they watch the snow fall together
-then the ball happens; magnus wearing a gold suit w blue accents on the lapels and pockets, alec wearing a blue suit w shining buttons
-once magnus realizes his mother is in danger, moments before alec can admit his love, alec sets him free
-then the villagers come to the castle
-magnus watches alec get shot by camille, and he can feel his heart being ripped out
-but once camille falls to her timely death, magnus holds alecs dying form in his arms
-alec hates seeing magnus in pain, but feels at peace knowing hes safe
-tears stream down magnus’ face, his grip tightening on alecs lapels
-magnus pleads for alec not to leave him, pleads to the universe not to take away the man he loves
-so alec gets turned back into a human
-and magnus recognizes those hazel eyes, and they share a soft, loving kiss
-and they live happily ever after

The Signs as Luke Skywalker's Gay Ass™ Wardrobe
  • Aries: Gay Ass™ Tank Top in a living work out video feat. Little Green Troll. AKA modeling for a porno.
  • Taurus: Gay Ass™ PONCHO that's 110% a piece of junk, only to impress his bf. AKA the gayest piece of clothing in existence.
  • Gemini: Gay Ass™ Cloak Sash over ROTJ replica, fully equipped with your own badass Jedi Scavenger gal (complete with a stick and a bloodthirsty need to kick emo ass) AKA the outfit that has yet to be rocked.
  • Cancer: Gay Ass™ Sick Robe, perfect for all diseases like Corellian flu, getting mauled by a Wampa, and losing a hand. AKA i'm totally wearing nothing underneath this thin piece of fabric, how are you?
  • Leo: Gay Ass™ moisture farmboy who just wants to go to tosche station and pick up some "power converters". AKA the original gay smol who stares at the sunsets and broods about the sand.
  • Virgo: Gay Ass™ Hood for when you just want to hide away on an island for who knows how fucking long because your motherfucking goth nephew screwed shit over. Razor not included for sudden beard. AKA the "shock" of TFA.
  • Libra: Gay Ass™ Gucci Black Leather inherited from his mother, equipped with leather boots and a no-shit Jedi pout, be ready for the cameras. AKA the super Extra flippy jumps for the bae and the evil dad (who doesn't understand that this is not a phase).
  • Scorpio: Gay Ass™ Goggles and a fuzzy vest to keep you warm and snuggled as you're slowly picked apart by Wampa claws. AKA the ploy to get the bae to notice you for once.
  • Sagittarius: Gay Ass™ Jacket that's more yellow than a fucking lemon and was totally borrowed from that sexy Corellian that he totally doesn't like at all. AKA the outfit you wear to your wedding cause you don't make enough money to get a wedding dress.
  • Capricorn: Gay Ass™ Uniform that the Alliance designed specifically to be as straight as a curvy line and so orange that their enemies are blinded in battle. AKA the unsubtle coming out of Rogue Squadron.
  • Aquarius: Gay Ass™ Stormtrooper uniform that is too tight in certain places and too big for smols. AKA the perfect opportunity to flip luxurious golden locks when removing the helmet you can't see out of.
  • Pisces: Gay Ass™ Fatigues that you ruin in under three seconds and use to fight your salty old man. AKA blood sweat and tears taken literally.
Day Off

Pairing: You & Luke 

Words: 1500+

Warning: sfw 

Luke spends his day off with Princeton. 

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Preference #41 :: Stealing His Clothes

M I K E Y 

It was early in the morning and Michael was still fast asleep, his arm draped over your waist and his breath tickling your neck. You’d been awake for probably twenty minutes or so, and you didn’t want to move in fear of waking him up, but soon ran out shapes to trace on his chest and songs to hum quietly. You carefully removed his arm from your waist and kissed his cheek lightly, before grabbign his shirt off the ground. You figured it’d be a little warmer than the skimpy tank top you were wearing. You clicked on the T.V. as you walked by, and got to work on making breakfast. You had the pancakes done and the eggs on the stove when Michael walked in. Of course, you were a little too concentrated on scrambling those eggs to notice, so when he wrapped his arms around you, you about jumped out of your skin. “God, Michael! Never scare me like that again!” You scolded him, slapping his chest lightly. He chuckled, reaching over your shoulder to grab a half-eaten pancake off of the plate. “Sorry, (y/n).” He smiled before taking a bite. You grinned and rolled your eyes before turning back to the stove. Michael went to sit down at the table, and you could feel his eyes on you while you dumped the now-scrambled eggs onto a plate. “Is that my shirt?” He rasied his eyebrows, pancake in mid-air. “Well, unless you know of another boy who’s wardrobe I would have access to that cuts his sleeves off of his shirts, then yes.” You said, carrying your plate over to sit down next to him. “Huh,” he said, not taking his eyes off of you. You brought your fork to your mouth, but stopped before biting. “What?” You asked him, feeling self-concious. “What?” He asked. “You’re staring at me,” You informed him, raising your eyebrows. “Oh, you just look really hot in that shirt, that’s all.” Michael said matter-o-factly, shrugging and turning back to his food. You laughed and blushed, taking a bite of your breakfast. “Well, thanks,” you said around a mouthful of food. He turned to look at your again whilst you were eating, causing you to blush once more. Before you could say anything, his lips were on your exposed shoulder, making their way up your throat. “Michael…” You giggled, pushing him away. “Sorry,” He smirked. “I told you that you looked hot in my clothes,” he shrugged, grinning at you.


You were running really late to a lunch you had planned with some of your friends, so you were running around the room frantically looking for clothes to wear. Once you found something that was suitable, you glanced in the mirror to check your hair. “Ugh,” You groaned, grabbing a brush and trying to make it look somewhat presentable. About five minutes later, you gave up. Surely Calum would have a beanie or snapback somewhere. You looked around the room in a hurry, trying to find suitable headwear. You finally stumbled across a maroon beanie that matched your white shirt and jean shorts, and tugged it on, taking one last glance in the mirror before walking out the door. When you got back from your lunch, you came home to see Calum practically tearing the bedroom to pieces. “Cal?” You asked, raising your eyebrows at the mess. “Hey, yeah, babe, have you seen my maroo- oh.” He stopped short as his gaze fell on your head, where the beanie he had been looking for. You reached up and felt it, letting out a nervous giggle. You pulled it off, beginning to ramble an apology. “Sorry, Calum, I was just using it because I was having a really bad hair day and I thought that you wouldn’t mind and I’m realy sor-” “(Y/n), it’s totally fine.” He cut you off, taking the beanie from you and pulling it back over your hair. “Really?” You asked, a little surprised. He nodded, his hands sliding down to your waist. “Besides…” He murmured, close to your ear. “I think it looks good on you. Maybe I should just let you have it.” He said, kissing your cheek.


You and Ashton had just decided to have a lazy day in, seeing as he’d done nothing but work on the album all week. He’d asked you to just spend his day off watching movies and talking with him, and of course you agreed. “(Y/n), are you coming? The movie’s about to start!” Ashton called up from the living room. “Yeah! I’ll be down in a minute!” You answered, searching around for a shirt. You could have sworn you had a tank top or something lying around, but you found nothing of yours to wear. Giving up on a search for your clothes, you moved on to Ashton’s closet. There, you found his oversized red plaid shirt, which was as comfortable to wear as it looked. You shrugged it on, then spotted a bandana hanging off the bedpost. I mean, you were already wearing his shirt, so why not wear his bandana, too? You smiled to yourself before pushing it over your hair like a headband and hopped downstairs to meet Ashton. “Took you long enough! I was about to skip the previews and-” He stopped short when he saw you standing by the couch. You shot him a confused look. “That’s my shirt…” he said. You nodded, your smile faltering. “And my bandana?” You looked down at the shirt before shrugging. “I couldn’t find anything of mine to wear… I just thought… sorry, I’ll just… go change.” You said quietly, turning to go back upstairs. “(Y/n), I wasn’t going to tell you to change!” Ashton called after you. “I was going to tell you how unbelievably irresistable you look in my clothes.” He said, causing you to blush. “Really?” You asked, tugging on the sleeves of his shirt self-conciously. He nodded, and, as if to prove it, looked you up and down whilst biting his lip. “I mean, we don’t have to start the movie right away…” He started. You laughed, sitting down on his lap. “Just play the movie, Irwin.” You said, resting your head on his shoulder. “Yes, m'am.” He laughed.


You were really just messing around. You were home alone while Luke was at an interview or something, and you were bored out of your mind. To pass time, you were going to watch T.V. or do something you normally did when Luke’s open closet door caught your eye. You saw all of his shirts and sweaters and smiled to yourself. You’d always wondered what it would be like to wear them. Curiosity got the better of you, and you grabbed the nearest shirt, which happened to be the shirt with the dog on it that we wore for like, a month straight. You shrugged it on and twirled in the mirror. It was basically a dress on you. It came down to almost exactly mid-thigh on you, if not a little further. You amused yourself by trying on his wardrobe until Luke came home. When we walked through the door, you were wearing his “You Complete Me(ss)” shirt and his snapback. You were twirling in the mirror, and you didn’t even notice Luke standing there until you caught a glimpse of his reflection. “Oh!” You squeaked in surprise, grabbing the snapback with both hands and lifting it off your head. “S-sorry, I didn’t know you were going to be home so soon. I wouldn’t have… sorry.” You smiled sheepishly, handing the snapback out to him. He chuckled, taking it from you and dropping it on his own head. “What is that, a dress?” Luke laughed, taking a look at you. “Well, I was thinking I could belt it and it would be pretty cute.” You laughed as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “You don’t even have to belt it. You look stunning wearing my clothes.” Luke smiled, kissing your nose. “I smell like you.” You said. “Is that a good thing?” He asked. You simply scrunched up your nose, causing him to giggle. “Well, I think it’s a good thing, because then every guy knows you’re mine.” He whispered, kissing your forehead.

A/N :: ugh it’s been forever since I’ve written! I’m so, so sorry! I’m a little rusty, so excuse me, but I think I really like how this one turned out ^-^

I like these pants, what happened to these pants?


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