luke's fusion

Zircon is a naturally occuring gem; cubic zirconia is not.

Imperial Topaz (Van) spearheaded the cubic zirconia project in order to mass produce battle ready gems which would also have extraordinary potential for highly powerful fusions. Of course, sometimes these things go wrong, and even an authentic gem like Zircon gets an idea into his head about a mere replicated gem like this cubic zirconia…. 

(I was a little iffy on creating gems of male characters buuuuut cubic zirconia was too good to pass up, especially since both zircon and zirconia can be found in red/gold/orange colour variants.)

((Mondays New Gem: Luke Castellan! Hes been demanded a lot ever since I started this blog and I thought he’d be the most appropriate to do today! His weapon is naturally the scythe and he is a homeworld gem!

Expect a new fusion and a new gem tomorrow! And don’t forget to look at my main blog (@shelbyecandraw) for other drawings and fun stuff! Until tomorrow!))