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Fic prompt - Luke x Mara, Luke and Leia, GFFA after Palpy's death, "Add it to my tab"

“You’re my other half,” Leia says to her brother as she walks into the cell. “My blood, my flesh. I suppose it was only a matter of time before you did something like this, too.”

She looks down at her twin and his lover sprawled out on the duracrete floor, as far away from each other as they can possibly be. Remembers her own illicit taste of public shenanigans with the love of her life fondly before pushing the thoughts away; Leia doesn’t want to think too much about Luke’s sexual escapades.

“Hi Mara,” she adds. The woman in question say something under her breath, stares at her fingernails. When Leia turns back to her brother, she feels her chest expand with affection. He’s gazing at Mara like she’s the one who charmed the sheriff into releasing them. She recognizes that look, has seen variations on it many times before in his big blue eyes. (Variations–but never quite like this). It’s enough to at once soothe and sting her heart.

(Leia will admit that she’s liked being the most important woman in his life, and that’s not entirely fair to him.)

“Theed has very strict laws about public indecency,” she says. “But Sheriff Manua is willing to make an exception this time for the son of Amidala.” Leia pauses.  “And, I quote, ‘his blushing bride. Lucky break.’”

Mara sinks further into the floor, if that is at all possible. On the other side of the cell, Luke grins. “You were awfully flushed, dear.” The other woman flashes him a very rude gesture.

“At least tell me the speeder is okay,” Mara says in a tone not entirely unlike a whine. “It’s not even out on the market yet.”

“The chase didn’t help,” the senator replies with a wince. “What in blazes made you think that was a good idea?” Luke mumbles something indistinct, and the redhead glares in his direction. “What was that, little brother?”

“Yeah, farmboy. Why don’t you tell big sister what you told me? You know, about that diplomatic immunity?”

“I was joking!”

Leia rolls her eyes. “Alright, Mara. Add it to my tab.” 

“General, I’d much prefer to add it to his, if you don’t mind.” Mara’s lips quirk; Leia gets the impression that a credit chit is not what she has in mind for payment. “Instill some personal responsibility in him.”

Considering how thoroughly Luke is shielding right now, Leia has a feeling she won’t want to know their terms.

So I may or may not be embracing the bbs hell I’m currently in.

Because of this, have some spur-of-the-moment gemsonas of the guys. May draw them later but I’m absolute shit at drawing men so

I headcanon that the Banana Bus Squad is a lil troop of rebels against the Diamond Authority like the Crystal Gems are in canon, but much smaller lol.

Also, Del, Toonz, Ohm, and Bryce have their own lil squad that often all get sent on missions together because they work really well together and their powers compliment each other. Ye \o/

  • Vanoss - Carnelian. LEADER OF THE PACK BOIS
  • Delirious - Lapis Lazuli (altough part of me feels like a beryl gem might fit him also? like an aquamarine or a maxixe or somethin idk). Second in command in both squads.
  • Mini - Sunset Orange Pearl
  • Wildcat - defective Pink Tourmaline
  • Marcel - Blue Moonstone
  • Nogla - Praisolite
  • Lui - defective Bixbite (if this lil shit isn’t a beryl I don’t know who is)
  • Terroriser - Black Star Diopside
  • Moo - Bi-color Tourmaline
  • Cartoonz - Brecciated Jasper (a type of garnet could also work but i wasn’t sure about making Luke a fusion w/o knowing who would go togther to make him up). Leader of the mini-squad.
  • Ohm - Tourmalinated Quartz
  • Bryce - Hackmanite

((Mondays New Gem: Luke Castellan! Hes been demanded a lot ever since I started this blog and I thought he’d be the most appropriate to do today! His weapon is naturally the scythe and he is a homeworld gem!

Expect a new fusion and a new gem tomorrow! And don’t forget to look at my main blog (@shelbyecandraw) for other drawings and fun stuff! Until tomorrow!))

Zircon is a naturally occuring gem; cubic zirconia is not.

Imperial Topaz (Van) spearheaded the cubic zirconia project in order to mass produce battle ready gems which would also have extraordinary potential for highly powerful fusions. Of course, sometimes these things go wrong, and even an authentic gem like Zircon gets an idea into his head about a mere replicated gem like this cubic zirconia…. 

(I was a little iffy on creating gems of male characters buuuuut cubic zirconia was too good to pass up, especially since both zircon and zirconia can be found in red/gold/orange colour variants.)


Degrassi Fusion with Luke Bilyk & Aislinn Paul vs. Phoebe Dykstra and Lauren Toyota and hosted by Shane Kippel!