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I feel like I’m a lot like Luke; loyal, fond of his little world, a man who doesn’t like change and who loves the people he chooses to love. You can trust him. I grew up with a very similar background in Haddonfield, New Jersey, 15 thousand people, some of which were really bizarre. It was a historical town, George Washington had slept there once, during the prohibitionist era you couldn’t find any liquor there and could only paint buildings in 5 different colors - and had to ask the city council for permission first- very much like Stars Hollow.

It took me all of two seconds to say yes to Netflix, maybe one and a half, none of us were satisfied with how it ended, too many unanswered questions.

—  Scott Patterson - Vanity Fair Italia [x] 
Re: Palpatine’s “overconfidence”


I keep seeing these posts and theories and analyses about how Palpatine had planned then entire downfall of the Republic down to a T, manipulating anyone and everyone that was anything important. Obvious maniupulation of Anakin aside, it could be argued that everything from the Jedi finding out about the clones to Padme and Anakin having their little vacation on Varykino was Sheev’s doing, indirectly. The more you look into it, the more it feels like Palpatine thought of everything.

BUT. I was just thinking. He didn’t think of everything. A trend I keep seeing here is this:

Palpatine tends to focus all of his manipulating efforts on people who are quickly acknowledged by everyone to have great potential for power. Anakin (who admittedly starts out as a “nobody”, but then there’s also the theory that Sheev knew about him from the very beginning, so) is an obvious one, but look at everyone else - the people in the senate, the Jedi - individuals, like Dooku and Ventress and Obi-Wan, and even Padme and Bail … look. These are all people who, even if good, or at least, trying their hardest to do good, are overtly powerful. Their power comes from their Force sensitivity, from their speeches, from their political influence. Their money, their armies … politicians or Jedi or clone manufacturers or even bounty hunters, everyone Palpatine is using as his pawns are acknowledged to have tangible power

But then, that’s where his downfall is (as Luke says - “your overconfidence is your weakness” - Sheev doesn’t realize that he’s missing something, even after he’s made that mistake once). In treating the powerful, or potentially powerful, as the only ones that really matter, and everyone else as expendable or not worth focusing intently on, Palpatine’s screwing up.

Let’s start with Padme, because this one is more complex than the others. In TPM, I’m of the firm belief that Sheev had initially written Padme off as a naive and easily-duped or influenced girl, not someone to really worry about much. GRANTED, as the movie progresses, it’s obvious that he’s realizing his mistake (in that she’s hardly naive and reliant on others’ advice, but very very capable and very very determined) and backpedaling, leading to his ultimate convincing of her to push for a vote of not confidence, etc. And then, as the movies progress, he concentrates more and more efforts on and around her, not only because he’s using her as a tool against Anakin, but also because she’s too proactive in a senate full of corrupt politics and bureaucracy to leave unchecked. He needs to control her, as well, because she’s now proven herself to be overtly powerful.

But then, Sheev still doesn’t learn from his mistake - to never underestimate someone who’s apparently a “nobody” (and obviously, Padme is hardly a nobody - which makes the real nobodies here even more effective). So now we progress to the end of ROTS and into the OT.

You know who Sheev underestimates? The Larses. Palpatine, who focuses so much of his efforts on Luke Skywalker (again, powerful) forgets that any child must be first raised in a kind and loving home, must be taught a set of values ingrained fundamentally and deeply into their psyche. Luke is very different from Anakin because he grew up in a stable, loving, and healthy home environment - hardly the same as a slave who was taken from his mother at age nine and handed to a boy who was barely an adult and who didn’t know the first thing about dealing with abused children, etc etc. Owen and Beru not only raised and protected Luke from the Empire for all of his formative life, they also taught him who to be. Obviously, there are qualities in him that are latent and inherent and his to be nurtured and developed, inherited from his parents - but who taught him to develop those? Who taught him about the importance of love and compassion and kindness? Who taught him to believe? Not that part of that wasn’t already latent in Luke, but any flower needs a loving and caring gardener to attent to it, for it to blossom beautifully. Palpatine forgets this. Palpatine doesn’t even bother checking back on Anakin’s family. They’re nobodies, living on a little backwater dustball and farming water. What could they possibly do for him?

You know who else Palpatine underestimates? Wedge Antilles and the entirety of the Rogue Squadron. Biggs Darklighter. Lando Calrissian. 

Han and Chewie. Like, God, where would the twins, those two who decided the fate of the entire kriffing galaxy, even be without all of these people? And who were these folks before the Rebellion, before the Alliance took them in and they grew up themselves and shaped history?


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Flatmates - The Christmas Tree

You share a flat with 4/4 of 5sos at university.

It was nearly Christmas, you were looking forward to going home to spend time with your family, but you still had a couple of weeks until uni finished for the year and you got a well deserved break. 

With Christmas on the horizon the talk of the flat had turned to Christmas decorations. You decided not to decorate your room as you would be going home and didn’t really see the point. That and you didn’t want to waste the money you had on Christmas decorations you wouldn’t be around to see. 

Your flatmates however had other ideas.

“We should decorate the kitchen” Luke says randomly. You were in the middle of making dinner, Luke was leaning on the counter next to you.

You simply rolled your eyes in response to his suggestion.

“We could put tinsel up and get a little christmas tree for the windowsill” he continues excitedly.

“Or we could not” you respond.

“Oh come on it’s Christmas lighten up” he says nudging your shoulder.

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to have to battle my way through a sea of tinsel before I can get to my food.”

You turn around when you hear the door to the kitchen open, Calum walks in. “What’s going on?” he asks as he leans on the counter behind you.

“Y/N doesn’t want to decorate the kitchen” Luke states.

Calum lets out a fake gasp of surprise.

You sigh.

“Come on Y/N why do you hate christmas?” Calum pouts.

You sigh again, “I don’t hate christmas I just don’t want loads of Christmassy shit in the kitchen” you state.

They gave up after that knowing that they wouldn’t be able to convince you. Your food was ready so you took it the the table to eat.

Calum and Luke left after a while to meet up with some of their friends, they were going out, they had invited you but you had declined. It was a guys night and although their friends were nice to you and you didn’t mind spending time with them, they were a pain in the ass when they were drunk and you couldn’t be bothered to deal with that today. So instead you opted to to stay in and watch Netflix all evening.


You woke up the next morning, it was nearing the afternoon but you didn’t have anything to do so you didn’t bother getting out of bed at a reasonable time. You shuffled to the kitchen, finding it impossible to move normally when you were still half asleep.

You pushed through the door, walking inside. You weren’t looking where you were going. Suddenly your body collided with something, causing you to trip forward and fall on the floor. You yelp in surprise and groan as you hit the cold hard floor. 

You stand up and look over to the object, your eyes widening in shock and annoyance. In front of you stood a christmas tree, not a small one like Luke had suggested either. It was an artificial tree that came up to your chest. It wasn’t there when you had gone to bed and now it was obnoxiously stood in the doorway to the kitchen.

The door opened behind you, Calum walking in. “I heard you yelp are you okay?” he asks, his face full of concern which you thought was cute.

You just stare at him, not saying anything, then you shift your gaze to the tree, and then back to him, raising your eyebrows in want of an explanation.

The concern washes from Calum’s face, a smirk taking its place. “I see you’ve found the tree” he smiles.

“Yes, i tripped over it on the way in, why would you put it in the doorway?” you groan.

Calum just shrugs. Calum moves towards the tree, picking it up and moving it the corner of the room where it could no longer surprise attack anyone.

“Also,” you begin calmly “why the fuck is there a massive christmas tree in the kitchen?” you finish a little less calmly.

Calum shrugs again, “Dunno, we found it on the way home last night and carried it with us, I thought it would look nice in our kitchen” he smiles innocently.

“So you got drunk and stole a christmas tree, then carried it up two flights of stairs and left it in our kitchen?”

“Pretty much” he says with a wide smile.

“Unbelievable” you shake your head in disbelief.


Dating Luke would include:
  • pulling stupid faces at each other from across the room
  • ‘but baaabe…’
  • playing with his hair
  • him playing with your hair
  • ‘nice try, princess’
  • teasing. So much teasing.
  • overstimulation (fight me on this. I dare you)
  • cuddling
  • ‘can we order pizza?’ ‘Luke you just had dinner!’
  • winking at you from across the room
  • bad jokes. so many bad jokes
  • ‘I saw this documentary the other day…’
  • him singing in stupid voices in the shower
  • wearing his flannels
  • burnt toast
  • ‘babe, can we get one?’
  • feeling his beard at every given opportunity
  • refusing to let him shave his beard
  • height jokes
  • how much do you love me?’
  • ‘no luke, you’re not getting a puppy,’
  • inevitably getting him the puppy
  • randomly hugging you from behind
  • having to all but drag him out of bed every morning
  • ‘come cuddle,’
  • cute photos of the two of you framed around your apartment
  • him serenading you with stupid songs at every given moment
  • just luke being luke really



Now when Richard finishes getting his first eyeful of Luke* and says All ready? he could equally be saying Already? – his meaning is obviously very much on purpose ambiguous – but I went with the one I think Luke heard before Richard’s smouldering glances made him reassess. 

Because after all, the whole point of Mr Wakefield is that it’s completely told from Luke’s very special point-of-view.  (You know, the one that involves him taking lots and lots of showers all the time**.)

*Lucky lucky Richard

**Lucky lucky us.

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Gilmore Girls Spoiler from the EW PopFestival *updated*

Cookies + Sangria WE WATCHED TWO CLIPS AND I AM NOT OKAY. the phrase “singapore is just being a dick” is in it. GOD BLESS

Cookies + Sangria 2nd batch of clips has babette using imdb on her phone

Cookies + Sangria also the other clip made me almost cry but i’m not telling you why bye

Rachel Paige Rory just moved out of her Brooklyn apartment

Philiana More clips: Taylor unhappy abt Stars Hollow attracting “B-level” stars. Emily advises Luke to have a will + sweet Richard nod.

Erin Crabtree OMG Emily is grilling Luke at Friday night dinner.

Erin Crabtree Lorelai and Rory are hanging at the Stars Hollow Municipal Pool, critiquing bods and public watering holes.

Rachel Paige Lorelai has @RWitherspoon’s “totes y'all” bag

Cookies + Sangria if you thought the revival wasn’t going to feature a gilmore girl wearing a bucket hat, you’d be wrong.

Philiana Last #GilmoreGirls clips: Start of Summer w/ Lorelai/Rory fully clothed at the pool. Amazing Michel moment where he gives kids lollipops.

Pauline A Matthew McConaughey film is being filmed in Woodbury, and all the B list stars are staying at the Dragonfly.

whenever I’m sad I just think about how luke must have reacted to seeing his first body of water
because like, as a moisture farmer, his whole life every little drop counted and it was a precious commodity, and then when he gets to another planet it like