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Anonymous said:Request of where Luke is insecure about his body and u comfort him all set around the Christmas time?


This story was kinda hard for me to write. I an no way in any shape of form, trying to romanticize mental troubles, mental disabilities, or body image issues. I am just writing this to make this anon happy. So, if this TRIGGERS you, please don’t read, okay. I don’t want any of my followers to get triggered bc my stupid ass is writing this okay, okay.

** ALSO : If you need someone to talk to, my message is ALWAYS open, okay. I promise Ii love you, and I don’t want you to be upset, please talk to me I want you to be happy :) I love you **

Baby You’re Perfect

I opened the oven and put the cookie sheet, full of freshly made chocolate chip cookie batter, rolled into small round circles, into the oven. I closed it and set the timer for 10 minutes.

I then started making the gingerbread cookie batter in a separate bowl. As I was putting the spices into the bowl, I heard my boyfriend in the other room calling me. I walked into the living room, and was welcomed with Luke, standing and showing off the beautiful tree he just decorated. It was so amazing I went over to hug him.

I walked over and kissed his cheek, “ Good job babe, it looks great ” I said. He kissed m cheek back and said “ Thanks, I can also smell your cookies, they smell pretty good. ”

“ Thanks babe ” I said. “ I need to get back to baking, how about you replace the couch cushions with the Christmas ones. ” He nodded his head and went to the closet to grab the cushions. I went back to the kitchen to finish the baking.

~20 minutes later~

“ Luke, stop! ” I screamed, trying to get away from him because he was trying to kiss me with the leftover batter on his lips. “ C'mon babe, don’t you want a kiss ” he said. He finally caught up to me and kissed my cheek.

“ Ew! You are so gross ” I said with a smile. He just laughed to himself. “ C'mon help me clean up from baking, please ” I asked, pulling my famous puppy dog face, which I know Luke couldn’t say no to.

“ Ugh, fine, if I have to ”  he said. We walk back into the kitchen and start cleaning up the mess that was made when Luke tied helping me make Christmas cookies.

After we finished, the cookies had time to bake so we just decided to watch some cheesy Christmas movies. We sat down on the couch in our shared apartment, and turned on whatever was on. He was sitting down and I was laying down, my head resting on his lap. I felt his hand starting to play with the stands of my (Y/C/H) hair and it was calming me.

I looked up at Luke, and he looked down at me, and we both just smiled. I sat up and we just looked at each other. I then leaned in and kissed him, and he immediately kissed back. I then instinctively went over and straddled him and he grabbed my butt, and the kiss started to get deep and more passionate.

I then tugged the bottom of his shirt, and then Luke pulled back. He then asked me if I could get up and he went to our room. I was kinda confused, but this has been happening recently.

Recently, Luke and I have been getting into some more passionate makeout sessions, and once I kinda tugged at his shirt, he kinda pulls back and either tells me he’s tired or he'll come up with an excuse. I knew that he wasn’t a virgin, and neither was I, so it’s been confusing me lately.

I went to our shared bathroom, and I knocked on the door. I realized the door was locked, so I knocked a little harder, thinking that something was wrong. I heard Luke, he said he would be out in a minute. I just assumed he had to use the bathroom, so  I went back to the kitchen, remembering that I had to take the cookies out of the oven.

I took the cookies out, and put them on a cooling rack to cool. It’s been at least 15 minutes and Luke still didn’t leave the bathroom. I went over again, and knocked on the door and asked if he was okay. No response. I go worried.

“ Luke, are you okay ” I asked again. No response.

I got really nervous. “ Luke, if you don’t answer I am going to fucking barge this door down.

No response.

I started crying. I started pounding on the door, screaming his name.

’ LUKE! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! ” Is what I said for a good minute.

No response.

That was it. I started pounding on the door, desperate for the door to fall or somehow open the door. The door miraculously opened and I saw Luke, standing in front of the mirror, with his shirt off, just staring at his body.

My heart immediately broke. I walked over to Luke. He didn’t even move when I opened the door. I grabbed his body from the back and held him. I noticed that he was crying. “ Luke ” I said, trying to get his attention.

He just closed his eyes, not wanting to make eye contact with me. “ I’m sorry ” is all he said. I can’t believe it.

He thinks that his body isn’t perfect, when I think his body is the best in the world. I turned him around and made him look in my eyes. “ Luke, look at me "  Ii said. He opened his eyes, and my heart broke.

” Luke, please listen to me, you are the most, perfect human being in the world. You make my life worth living and I love you with all my life and I hate seeing you like this. You are so fucking worth it and such an amazing human and I love you to fucking pieces. Please never think you aren’t in every way perfect, because you are, okay. I fucking love you so much and please, please know that I will never, ever stop loving you. “

His arms just wrapped around me. ” I love you, thank you “ is all he said.

” I love you baby, you’re perfect “  I said back, kissing him.



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Little spoon *Luke fluff*

Anonymous requested: luke fluff please. anything but school.

Summary: You come home to find Luke crying cos of hate and you comfort him You finally got home and sighed in relief as you slumped against the front door of your apartment. Why did you even pick so many college courses to do anyway?! You kicked off your shoes and trudged into the sitting room, expecting to see your Australian - noodle of a boyfriend Luke on the couch. When he wasn’t, you called out for him. You heard a muffled cry from the bedroom, followed by rustling. You went to investigate. “Lukey?” you called, softly, as you opened the door. The room was completely dark, only Luke was illuminated by the dull white glow of his phone. “Babe? Are you Ok?” confused, he would normally answer your calls. He sniffled. “Y- you weren’t supposed to be home this early” he whispered, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “Are you crying?” you asked, worriedly turning on the lamp. In the warm, yellow glow, you could see his pretty blue eyes were red and puffy, his cheeks damp. He stared at you like a hurt puppy, with the duvet pulled up under his chin. He nodded, weakly. “Why? What’s wrong, baby?” you sat next to him on the bed. “Nothing. Just some people on twitter…” he murmured, looking everywhere but you. You sighed, lightly. He was such a cutie, he didn’t deserve any of this. You grabbed his face, making him look at you. He sniffed, wiping his eyes, and reluctantly brought his eyes to yours. “Luke Hemmings, you are a perfect human being. A perfect singer, brother, son, friend, and a perfect boyfriend. Don’t listen to those dumb shits on twitter because they don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about!” he smiled, his dimple showing. You brought his face to yours and kissed him. You couldn’t help but keep looking at him; the way he scrunched his nose closing his eyes, willing himself to believe you. You pulled away and got off the bed, his puppy face returning. “Where are you going?” “I’ll be right back, don’t worry!” you smiled, grabbing some of his cloths. You returned from your kitchen expedition with chocolate and a box of tissues, wearing his boxers and an over sized sweater. You flicked the TV on, to a ‘friends’ re-run and got under the covers. You let your hair down, causing him to laugh (through sniffles) as you shook the bushiness out. “This is to be ignored, Ok?” you took is phone and put it on the  ground next to the bed. He nodded. You sat up a bit, opening you arms. He grinned sheepishly as he wrapped his arms around your tummy, using your boobs as pillows (which you loved!) You pulled him closer to you, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. You rested your chin on his head, and he pulled his long legs up, curling into a ball. It was funny, considering how tall he was and how short you were! {Ah, height differences! 😘} As you absentmindedly watched the TV, you felt his grip around you began to loosen, his head dropping onto your chest more. You looked down at the sleeping boy, and smiled, kissing his forehead. When ‘Friends’ finished, you carefully turned the TV off. Luke’s eyelids fluttered open, and he blinked a bit, adjusting to the lighting change.  “Did I miss it?” he asked, his accent much stronger now he was sleepy. “Just a minute” you lied, shimmying down the bed a bit, helping him remove his shirt. You kissed his nose. “You should sleep, Lukey” he nodded, lying next to you. You turned off the lamp. He put his arm on your waist, but you stopped him. “Tonight, you’re the little spoon!” you heard him chuckle excitedly, as he rolled over to his other side. You wrapped you arms around him, resting your cheek on his back. He held your hand, kissing your fingers lightly, as he sighed in contentment. Within minutes, he was snoring lightly. You smiled to yourself, kissing his shoulder blade as you hugged him closer to you. “’Night, Lukey” you murmured before drifting to sleep.  REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!