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I don’t care what fandom you’re in if you’re trash and I mean full blown trash reblog this

Should I start writing fics?

I was thinking about being a fanfic writer and if you think I should, you can send me requests for these things:

~Dan Howell X Reader

~Phil Lester X Reader

~Dan X Phil

~Tom Holland X Reader

~Spider-Man/Peter Parker X Reader

~(Any 5sos Member) X Reader

Jughead Jones X Reader

And personal fics for all of those ^^^ :)

PS, I will not write smut. And I will tag the person with the idea for the fic.

AOS 3x19
  • Fitzsimmons: *talking about science and medical things to Coulson *
  • Lincoln: " HELLO...I'm a doctor too"

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D | Season 3 Gag Reel


So, I’ve been working on this all week, and I finished editing it yesterday, but I reached post limit for the very first time ever RIGHT as I was about to put it up. So. A couple things:

  • Nothing in this fic is suppose to be taken romantically, unless you count the (rather heavily implied) Anakin/Padme
  • I have a great and obsessive love for any variation of this au
  • Parentheses are my new favorite thing and I apologize for their excessive use  
  • Hopefully this all makes sense

((Shoutout to several lovely people whose ideas fuel my thoughts regarding these nerds in space: psimina, and above all, julia, whose undying love for “skywalkers actually have a happily ever after au” is awe-inspiring. I love you all, you nerd buckets <3))

She is nine years old and her father is a beacon of light in a world that is surrounded by dust and sand and heat and desolation.

She sits on the edge of the table as he shows her how to repair the broken controls of their old speeder, marvelling at how fast his hands maneuver around the wires and little crevices, his set of mechanical fingers hidden under their leather wrapping.

“Tell me about Mom again,” she says, and Dad’s face lights up with that wistful, slightly-goofy grin just like it has every other time, his eyes a little sad and his mouth a little crooked.

“She was an angel,” he starts, but she interrupts.

“You’ve told me that a thousand times, Daddy.”

“Well, she was.”

She does not ask further.

(She wants to).


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Star Wars fanfics I really want to read (but don’t have time to write)
  1.  Much Ado About Nothing AU: Luke is living in the royal court in Alderaan, Mara is a Jedi Knight accompanying Captain Han Solo and General Obi-Wan Kenobi for the marriage of Han to Luke’s twin sister Leia.  Luke and Mara once had a short-lived relationship when both were training at the Jedi Temple, but it went sour and they now hate each other with a fiery passion.  During the festivities, Obi-Wan, Han, Leia and Bail Organa hatch a plot to get the two together.
  2. After LOTF, Ben accidentally time-travels to 9 ABY where he gets a job working for Karrde and Mara takes him under her wing - the events of The Thrawn Trilogy unfold with Ben in the mix, who is a bit bewildered that he Mara he encounters is so different from the mother he remembers.  
  3. NJO, LOTF and FOTJ from the pov of Malinza Thanas and her yearly visits from “Uncle Luke” Skywalker.
  4. The story of Mara’s “promotion” to Emperor’s Hand.  After Mara hesitates in her first assassination test, she is abandoned on an unknown planet with only the clothes on her back.  She has to fight her way through a jungle full of predators and hostile weather to the nearest city all the while lamenting her failure.  But lo and behold, the target she failed to kill is there, and she is given the chance to prove herself.  
  5. Jacen is captured rather than killed at the end of LOTF, and given a life sentence in a ysalamiri-filled prison where he receives a visit from Talon Karrde. (I really just want to read what this conversation would be like.)
  6. Disney’s Hercules AU (I know this has been suggested by others before):  Luke is raised by his Aunt and Uncle on Tatooine, where his Force abilities make him an outcast.  He is visited by Force Ghost!Anakin, the last great Jedi Knight, who sends him to Dagobah to train with Yoda.  Flash-forward a few years, Luke tries to prove himself a Jedi on Coruscant and becomes a very popular vigilante/crimefighter.  Emperor Palpatine, wary of a prophesy that the son of Skywalker will destroy him, sends Mara Jade to first make Luke fall for her so he can break his spirit, and then kill him.  Of course, Mara falls for Luke instead.   

So I have been shamelessly thinking of Julia’s Back to the Future/Star Wars AU, and here’s what I feel obligated to add (Julia you are my sun and stars please forgive me for obsessing over your ideas):

- for dramatic effect, the twins show up right at the cusp of Everything Bad is About to Happen, just immediately before ROTS.
- see, they THINK they have to get their parents together, and they even enlist Obi Wan’s help, but hey, joke’s on them, thoSE LOSERS ARE ALREADY MARRIED
- which consequently is the catalyst for many deliberate (and disastrous) attempts to evade Luke and Leia’s meddling - in part because Anakin is starting to transition into his Everything Is Awful and You Are All Against Me phase, in which he trusts no one, but also because Padme at this point THINKS she might be pregnant and is having an internal panic attack, so two nosy kids from gods-know-where not-so-subtly hinting at her and Anakin being a thing is freaking her out.
- I really really really need Han to go with them, if only to be the blunt sarcastic voice of reason (which just shows how pathetic and ridiculous the whole krething operation is, points out Leia in a particularly bad mood, if HAN is the one being reasonable. “Come on, sweetheart, since when am I NOT reasonable?” Han tries to say, except Leia and Luke are giving him the Twin Look,which usually means he should not press his point).
- also, Han’s presence allows for even MORE comedic potential, in the form of a dirty little ten year old blushingly shoving wilted flowers into Leia’s reluctant (yet HIGHLY amused) hands and asking “who’s HE?” in a carrying whisper as Han stares at himself and nearly has an aneurysm.
- the question is, how/why is scrappy ten year old han there in the first place? Force only knows, says Luke, when Han and Leia confront him about. Han tells himself that it’s absolutely ridiculous to be jealous of one’s ten year old self, except that the stupid kid keeps bringing her flowers, and Han curses himself for never thinking to bring her flowers before. It’s ridiculous, he tells himself firmly. The damn things wilt in a day. Don’t be kriffing stupid. You’re NOT jealous. ThiNK OF WHAT CHEWIE WOULD SAY. STOP LAUGHING AT ME LEIA I AM NOT JEALOUS.
- additionally, Han’s presence requires a scene somewhere along the line in which he and Anakin, totally unaware of who the other is, have a grumpy stare down and conclude that they hate each other (which is a lie, they actually have this weird undercurrent of respect and kinship, because of backstory reasons, but saying they hate each other is easier) (“I don’t like you, and you don’t like me.” “so we understand each other, then.” “oh, perfectly.” “you have an absurdly strong grip” “I know” “bionic hand?” “How could you tell?” “Uh, my friend has one” “oh” “yeah” *awkward silence* “so, uh,” *clears throat in a failed attempt at manliness* “I got my eye on you” “right. what did you say you name was again?”)
- at one point in the mission/journey/whateverthehellitis, Leia slaps Anakin right across the face and Luke nearly chokes on his own spit because leIA WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO GIVE AWAY FUTURE EVENTS and Leia’s like, it’s cool, he’s already kind of a dick, and Obi Wan rubs at his temples tiredly and Padme gets very offended, but also kind of helplessly agrees. (“I don’t like those new people,” grumbles anakin later, as Padme brushes her hair. “I think the boy is sweet,” comments Padme, and anakin decides that if that stupid kids so much as looks at his wife funny, he’ll - he’ll - cut his hand off, or SOMETHING)
- Leia is about to give up the mission as a total and complete failure when Padme accidently gives away the fact that she may or may not be suffering from morning sickness and Leia is so ecstatic when she discovers this that she bursts into Luke’s room at two in the morning to yell THERE IS HOPE THIS IS NOT A TOTAL UNMITIGATED DISASTER except then the poor twins think “wait, what if we were ILLIGITIMATE” And that causes a whole new set of complexes. (“Psh,” says Han, “that happens all the time. It’s fine.” Except Leia doesn’t quite see it that way)
- and of course, Obi Wan is SO relieved when he’s finally sent on that mission to rescue Palps with Anakin because HE CAN FINALLY GET AWAY FROM ALL THE MADNESS except without his help, as he is esentially the doc brown, the trio can’t return home, so theu have to go back before ROTS actually happens
- woo, timelines.
- this makes no sense and I’m rambling
- julia I hope you’re okay with this