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Weapon X: New Age Part 16

Beginning: Weapon X: New Age 

Warning: Cussing

Weapon X: New Age Part 16

Chapter 21

“Will will, look what the cat dragged in.” Issac said, smiling at Owen as he lean against the door frame. “I was wondering when you were going to show up.”

“I’ve been busy with work. You know how that is mate.” Owen said, smiling.

“So sitting in your car outside my property is work?” Issac said, raising an eyebrow. Owen’s smile fade as he rolled his eyes..“I’m just playing with you lover boy, come inside.”

“Thanks.” Owen said, stepping inside. “Is Laura upstairs?”

“She hasn’t left her room since we came back from the funeral.” Owen turn to the stairs, to see a woman coming down the stairs as she played with her wedding ring. “Can’t blame her though. It took me sometime before I left my house, after ..” She let a sigh as she looked over at Owen, who was staring back at her. “I haven’t seen you before, are you one of Laura’s new friends?”

“O where are my manners?” Issac said, speaking up first. “This is Owen Shaw. The one I told you about.”

“O yes, I remember.” She said, smiling.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.” Owen said, offering his hand.

“Nice to meet you too Owen” She said, taking his hand and shaking it. “I’m Diana Phillips…Howlett.”

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You don’t need to say a word! I should have seen this coming a long time ago. That man is a drug to you and has been since you were a teenager. I can relate. I have the same addiction.

How does it feel to wield that kind of power? Enjoy it. Because you will never have that pull over me ever again.


I remember when I first met Tracy Quartermaine. She was an heiress engaged to be married to a district attorney and as far above me as she is today. But I remember thinking, “That woman is magnificent.” Took me a long time to realize just how magnificent. I, uh, took her to Vegas, and I got her so drunk that, uh, she thought we were married when we came back. That was supposed to be a short-term scam, but it turned into a long-term love affair. And that was because it was the finest, most wonderful, infuriating experience of my life. And now she has accepted my proposal to marry me again – for real this time. I don’t deserve this chance she’s giving me, but I will take it.

#LUKE WILL NOT CRY IN FRONT OF LAURA #now he wants to be strong and be the one that’s there for her; he wasn’t open before but now he keeps all regative thoughts away because she #is depending on him to be those arms to wrap around her to chase the nightmares and sadness away - or at least that’s what he think’s he’s around for

Just Friends

first of all i just want to apologise. this was meant to be up as my christmas gift to you all, but 3 days before christmas my laptop broke. this was written at that point but it needed major editing and a lot of work before it was near any standard i would be happy to share! i’ve now paid £159 and had my laptop fixed and 2 days later and a lot of complaining to nat about how i’ve forgotten to write i got round to editing this to a point where i was happy!

this is probably my favourite one shot i’ve written, this time i’ve tried to incorporate social media into it to make it a realistic as possible, i have no idea if the names i’ve used exist, but they are in no way connected to me, this story or the characters in it.

this is also based off the song friends by ed sheeran.

it would honestly mean a lot to me if you can tell me what you think, as i think this is my favourite one so far! let me know here what you think:)

love, gem x

pairing: Luke/Reader (Laura)

word count: 6000+

smut: no


“So come on then Lau. You don’t drive 4 hours to see me every weekend at uni, hell I don’t think you’ve ever done it.”

You ducked your head, trying to hide from the glare of your sister. You knew she was only joking but you weren’t really feeling it.

“So what is it?” Your sister looked at you worriedly. She was your one confide in this world and you were so thankful for her. Although she was 4 hours away you knew that she would make time for you, so a rash decision was made at 6am this morning, and here you were at 11am sat in a coffee shop with her.

“Maybe I just missed you Kim? Ever thought that was the reason?” She laughed. You raised your extremely large coffee cup to your lips and took a gentle sip, preparing your throat for the conversation ahead.

“I’m your sister Laura, I have been for the last 18 years. I think I can tell when something’s up. And there is no way you love me enough to spend the amount of petrol you did on the way up here, let alone the way back.” Kim smirked. You let out a shaky breath as you placed the cup back on the table.

“It’s silly really.”

“I don’t care, tell me. Something’s upsetting you and the fact you’re here shows it’s serious. I’m worried about you, talk to me Lau.”

You sighed. Apparently your sister knew you better than yourself.

“I had an argument with Luke.” You dragged your eyes back down to the floor, not wanting to really have this conversation yet. You hadn’t thought about him all morning, the longest time without him running through your mind since the argument.

“You and Luke always have little arguments Laura, that’s just something that good friends do.” Kim lent forward to rub your arm gently as she used her other hand to pick up her coffee.

You looked up to see her smiling, it was sympathetic, you almost smiled back believing her, but you couldn’t.

“I haven’t spoken to him in 3 months.”

“Your joking right?”

You sighed. Shaking your head gently, her face softened completely, no longer smiling sympathetically but a look of understanding. You were hurting, as your sister she should have been there for you the minute you fell out with your best friend, but she wasn’t, and she felt awful.

“Oh Laura, What happened?”


You brushed it off the first time it happened, he was a good friend, he was just looking out for you and you deeply appreciated it.  But the second time was slightly different. You hadn’t gone out hoping to get completely smashed, but the week had been stressful and you decided to let your hair down a little. This is obviously got you some male attention during the night, although you would politely decline, that wasn’t on your agenda for the night. It was just a few people from your English class, you all wanted to celebrate passing your last mock, so alcohol seemed the best way to enjoy yourself. It had been a while since your last outing, and maybe this was why you became such a lightweight, and why Luke was worrying more than he should. Yeah he was a good friend, but he was meant to be enjoying himself as well, not constantly watching your back for sexual predators. He left early, much to your dismay. He was cute, you couldn’t deny it, but unfortunately you had known him for a while now and you were sure you were just in that little boundary of good friend, so you didn’t push it much further.

Although that morning, you didn’t consider him a friend as you were plotting his murder in your head. Yes it was a sweet gesture, but 32 texts? Seemed a bit excessive to you, and yes maybe he wanted to make sure you were safe, but the hangover you currently had didn’t think through his good intentions of making sure you got home okay.

So maybe the text you sent back was a bit snotty, and maybe turning your phone off and going back to sleep after wasn’t a good idea either, because an hour later you were woken again to a pounding on your door. Swearing under your breath, you crawled out of bed. You knew exactly who it was and you were ready to castrate him there and then using the closest object you could grab. You pulled the door open slowly, hiding behind it, shielding yourself from the natural light.

He barged in, turning to you, lifting his hands in the air to show two full shopping bags, with his ridiculous cheesy smile shining proud between them. You could see the outline of bacon packets and an egg carton, and you smiled back, remembering why you decided to keep this guy around.


It wasn’t as if you and Luke were really close, you only had one class together, and although you always sat together, you wouldn’t consider yourself to be really that good of friends. Yeah maybe you had got closer over the last few months, it was nothing to really be getting too excited over. He barely knew anything about you and you the same about him, it was a friendship that just seemed to work, and you didn’t feel the need to change anything about it.

It was a few days later when you both walked out of class, that instead of going your separate ways, he called out for you and as you walked out of the room, you stepped aside waiting to see what he wanted. He smiled once he saw you waiting, throwing an arm around your shoulders before pulling you away. You had no idea what he was doing, but you didn’t care, he was smiling down at you as he pulled you in the opposite direction of your apartment and towards some different buildings. You could barely hear what he was saying, too focused on his arm around you protectively, and his signature smile which you adored.

“Come on Laura, I’ve got a big bag of popcorn and a new Netflix account that we need to christen” He laughed, pulling his arm away slightly as he twisted to walk backwards, his left hand tugging at your right as you laughed away at his lame excuse for wanting to spend time with you.

“Luke’s pulled!” was shouted across the courtyard, a few boys you recognised but didn’t know personally. They all laughed, and Luke joined in, shouting “Fuck off!” before pulling on your hand again, not giving you a choice in the matter.


And that’s how it was for a few weeks, taking occasional trips to Luke’s flat to watch films or to study together. You didn’t want to say that it was the highlight of your week when you saw Luke waiting for you outside class, because admitting that would mean you would admit to the small crush you felt yourself developing. Although it wasn’t small, it was more of a black hole swallowing you up every time you saw him, it consumed you, and you were unsure whether it was a good thing or not. The only person who you had brought it up to was your sister, you gave no real details, just his name and how you were good friends for the moment. She said to enjoy yourself, let nature take its course and that she wanted to hear the second anything happen, which made you laugh, cause you didn’t think it ever would.

Luke had never given any signs, no mixed signals, he was strictly a friend and you were thankful that he at least knew what he wanted from you.

It was a Saturday morning when you started to question that though. You laid in bed, although it wasn’t yours, and the arm around your waist belonged to him. Nothing had happened; it was another night of watching movies or some stupid film series when you checked your phone to see that it was getting late and that you needed to head home. It was then that he hesitated, suggested that maybe it would just be easier for you to stay over, it would only be a onetime thing he said, just didn’t want you to walk home so late.

So maybe he didn’t have to convince you that much and that was how you found yourself waking up in his bed, staring up to the ceiling with his arm around your waist protecting you. You just laid there for what seemed to be hours taking in this moment. You had never shared a bed with a boy before without sex being involved, and you were unsure how to act. You pulled yourself out gently, his arm searching for you once you had slipped out to change back into your clothes. Once dressed you snuck out of the door ever so quietly not wanting to wake him. It wasn’t like you were doing the wake of shame, but yet for some reason you felt uneasy, and you didn’t want to admit why.


“Where did you disappear to this morning?” he asked through the phone. Apparently he was a bit concerned when you hadn’t been there when he woke up; feeling the need to phone you and make sure everything was fine.

“Just had to get home and start this English essay..” you complained, your phone held between your head and shoulder as you shuffled around your flat trying to tidy up slightly. “You’re more than welcome to come over Lukey, then we can do analysis together, I know how much you hate that part.” You walked into the kitchen and pulled open the fridge to check your possibilities for dinner.

“Yeah fucking hate that shit, get highlighter all over my hands.” You laughed at his joke, which unfortunately was true, all these different things to analyse needed to be colour coded and Luke managed to colour his hand more than the book these days.

“See you in a bit then! Can you stop at the shop and get something to eat? Forgot to go shopping yesterday..”

And that’s why you and Luke found yourselves sat on the sofa  few hours later, a glass of wine in your hand and bottle of beer in his, although you weren’t drunk, just relaxed and it was good, it was nice. You had done your work, and you returned Luke’s offer of a sleepover, telling him he was more than welcome to your pull out couch so he didn’t have to walk back in the cold.

You had been in bed 25 minutes when your door creaked open and a body joined yours in your bed. Your bed was a bit bigger than Luke’s meaning that you didn’t need to be as close to him as you were in his bed, but yet again Luke’s arm found its way around your waist and he dragged himself closer to you as you tried to sleep. Too tired to protest you kept your eyes closed, and enjoyed the feeling of being held.


This was the second time you woke up in Luke’s arms, and you weren’t sure how to feel. The truth was you enjoyed it, it was nice to wake up to someone holding you, and this time you couldn’t escape, after all this was your flat. You tried to pull yourself out of bed to grab some breakfast, but you were stopped by Luke’s death grip around your waist. You waited a few minutes and tried to get out again, only to be startled by Luke growling at you slightly, before he started to open his eyes. He looked up to you, not taking his head off the pillow smiling gently, looking ever so content, and you realised you didn’t really want to leave your bed yet.

You had been sat on your sofa with him, both watching TV with a bowl of cereal resting in each of your laps. His phone had buzzed and he picked it up, instantly typing a reply, and waiting for another message to come through.

“You know Calum?” you looked up to Luke, and scrunched up your face in thought. You heard the name but couldn’t put a face to it.

“Think so, why?”

“Invited us for a few drinks round his tonight, if you’re free?”

You nodded, unable to talk due to your mouth full of cereal.

For some reason you found yourself freaking out. You had never met any of Luke’s friends before, yet alone knew that they knew who you were. Why were you meeting his friends? What did this all mean? Why is everything happening so quickly? You jumped up; trying to get these thoughts out of your head before they started spilling out, therefore embarrassing yourself.

“I’m off for a shower!” you shouted taking your bowl into the kitchen. “Feel free to stick around I won’t be long.”

At this point Luke jumped up following you to the kitchen to place his bowl alongside yours. “It’s alright, I need to get home and change anyway.” He smiled. “Want me to pick you up later?”

“If that’s okay?”

“More than okay.” And with that he pulled you into a hug, his arms wrapped around you tightly, reminding you of his grip this morning whilst still in bed. He pulled away slightly, to place a gentle kiss on your forhead, before turning away and walking out the door. The truth was you were confused, you had never been in a situation with a boy like this before, normally it was a one time hook-up or some sleezy guy your sister had forced you to go on a date with. Not wanting to over think it, you walked to the bathroom wanting time to go faster so you would see Luke again.


You showered, and changed hoping that a jeans and top would be good enough; it was only Luke’s friends after all. You had explained everything that had happened over the last few days to your sister, in detail this time which was not your best idea. You had finally admitted to someone that maybe you did like him, and that you liked the way he would hold you whilst you slept, as if he wanted to keep you close at all times. The way you caught him looking at you and instantly looking away, embarrassed he had been caught. All these little things that you seemed to notice about him that made you love him more and more, the longer you got to be in his presence.

And with a knock on the door, you took a deep breath, ready to face the world head on, whilst you were head over heels for the boy who seemed to become a good friend. He greeted you as you normally would, a bright smile as he hugged you tightly, smiling as you used this as a chance to embrace him again and enjoy his tight but comforting grip on you. He pulled away and just smiled, before checking his phone to see he was late, muttering a curse word before grabbing your hand and pulling you down the stairs, laughing at your complaints of how your legs were smaller than his, so you couldn’t go at his speed.  

The car journey was short, and before you knew it you were sat in Calum’s living room, a beer in hand as you joked around with the boys. You were nervous, not really knowing the other boys so you stuck to Luke like glue, trying to stay in your comfort zone, so you could signal to Luke if you suddenly became uncomfortable. The only issue being was that you weren’t expecting Luke to be the one making you uncomfortable, and you didn’t know how to get yourself out of it. He had been asked about some girl, some girl that the boys made quite clear he was interested in romantically; as you found out he had taken her on a date 3 nights ago. You wanted to curl up and cry. You quickly and hopefully discreetly excused yourself to the bathroom, and hoped you could keep it together.

He went on a date 3 nights ago, but yet felt it was okay to spend the next 2 nights in bed with you, clinging to you as if he didn’t want to let go? You blamed yourself for this all, maybe you had just been pulling yourself along this whole time reading into something that didn’t even exist, this is why friends sleep in different beds you thought, but then you realised he had the choice for at least one of the nights! But yet he crept in to join you, he wanted to join you that second night, he pulled himself closer to you, but yet a few 48 hours before he had been on a date.  And then you realised that you had completely misread him and these so called signals.

You looked in the mirror, made sure you were composed before walking out and announcing that you didn’t feel well and was going to head home. You thanked Calum for the invite, giving a hug and a peck on the cheek as a thank you like the classy woman you had grown up to be. You declined Luke’s offer for a ride home, claiming you needed some fresh air as you were already half way out the door, looking back to see him grinning with his arms spread waiting for a hug, instead being disappointed as you slammed the door shut.


You were thankful you had only told your sister about your true feelings for Luke, hoping you could just save the embarrassment and keep it a secret. You tried to carry on as normal, going to classes and keeping yourself busy, but ignoring all texts from him, as well as his glare from the across the room as you avoided sitting with him in English. You practically sprinted out the door once class had finished, but yet his hand still managed to grab your wrist as you tried to run past him, the simple touch of his skin sending a shiver down your spine. You spun around to look at him, no words leaving your lips; after all you had nothing to say to him.

He stared down at you, not sure where to even start. “Why don’t you talk to me anymore Laura, what did I do?”

You chuckled slightly, and that ridiculous thing you do when you’re shocked and you let out a small huff as you take in the harshness of what he said. “You want me to be honest Luke? You kind of led me on. Not much, but enough to make me think that maybe you actually liked me, I mean you actually snuck into my bed one night to sleep next to me and that’s not something just friends do. You treat me a lot better than any friend, best friend for that matter, would. So yeah, you led me on and for some ridiculous reason I fell for it and started to like you back, how pathetic of me ay? How was I to know you were on a date a small 24 hours before you shared a bed with me?” You snarled, pulling your wrist away from his grip, taking control of the situation. You didn’t want to look weak; you were fed up of feeling weak due to his actions.

“I didn’t lead you on Laura, don’t be so fucking ridiculous. I thought you were different to any other girl, that’s why I treated you like such a good friend!” he started to shout, you looked around to receive a few glares from people around you.

“I’m not doing this here Luke. Evidently you didn’t take on anything I said before so listen up. We aren’t friends, if we were ever friends, you should have known. Just give me some space.” You finally turned around walking away, not even giving him the chance to reply.


The first tear fell as you took the tissue from your sister. “So yeah Kimmy, I asked for space, and he’s given me 3 months.” You sighed, a sign of sadness, and your sister watched as you broke before her eyes. “I miss him so much.” You whispered, before your breath caught in your throat and you began to cry, not caring you were in a coffee shop surrounded by people you didn’t know. You were broken, all you really wanted was to be held, and although your sister was trying, her arms just weren’t as soothing as Luke’s.

So you sat there for a few minutes in the arms of your sister as you tried to compose yourself.

“I know this is gonna sound stupid but me a few friends are going out tonight, and your more than welcome to join us. The club we go to hardly ever asks for ID so youll get in for sure, and I have this friend..”

You looked up at your sister couldn’t believe what she was saying. You had confessed your heart break and she was already trying to set you up. You shook your head laughing, you knew there was reason why you decided to visit her.


Luke was sat in maths class with Calum when his phone went off with a text from Michael. He was questioning where Laura was because she was in his class and had never missed a lesson before. Luke asked Calum if he had seen her, replying with a small shake of his head, before pulling his own phone out and mindlessly scrolling, not at all bothered with the lesson.

Luke replied, and put his phone away, at least one of them should be paying attention or they would be screw when it came to revising.

It had been a few minutes before Calum stopped scrolling, nudging Luke slightly before laying the phone down on the desk, avoiding it being seen by the teacher. Luke saw it was an instagram picture, and picked up the phone to get a closer look. It was Laura’s sisters account, a picture posted 23 minutes ago.

Kim-for-the-win: She’s only been here for 5 hours, and spent only 3 hours with him, but yet the sexual frustration is unreal. #iamcupid

It was a black and white photo, an older boy sat on a sofa, with Laura sat sideways her legs bent over his lap. She was looking up to him, her face scrunched up as she laughed, and he looked at her, a smile on his face, he was probably the one who made her laugh.

Luke hadn’t realised but his left hand had become a tight fist as he tried to keep his anger under control. She wasn’t at school today so she could hang out with some guy at her sisters university? He hadn’t know Laura that long, but he knew she wasn’t that kind of girl, she hated missing class, but yet today she did, and for another boy. Taking a deep breath, Luke locked the phone before passing it back to Calum, just shrugging his shoulders like he didn’t care, when really it was all he thought about for the rest of the day.


He got home that evening, and just went straight to lie down on his bed. He couldn’t believe he had lost her. Well she was never really his anyway, but that was beyond the point. He was close, in fact he was sure if Calum and Michael hadn’t brought up his stupid date a few nights before then she would probably be his. Their argument replayed in his head as he laid still. Truth was, he didn’t think he had led Laura on, he thought of them as more like subtle hints. The first night they shared a bed was simply because he was concerned for her walking through town so late at night, but once he was lying in bed with her, seeing her so calm and relaxed, he remembered why he made a promise to himself at the beginning of the year to get to know Laura, and he fell in love with her all over again. He couldn’t resist moving closer, once he knew for sure that she was asleep, wrapping an arm around her. Truth be told, that had been the best nights sleep he had ever got, and he couldn’t have been happier, but when he woke up to find her gone, he had freaked out. Maybe he had pushed his luck, taken their relationship a bit too far for Laura’s liking so she fled without saying a word. He panicked and rung her, relieved to hear her cheery voice meaning that she wasn’t upset over last night, or at least didn’t show it. And when she invited him round that night, he thought that maybe this was his chance to just tell her, that’s why he brought wine, he wanted to seem sophisticated to her, instead of some just teenage boy obsessed with beer and boobs.

It wasn’t his intention to join her again that night, but knowing she was so close but not being able to hold her again physically hurt him. He knew she wasn’t asleep this time when he pulled himself closer to her, but the fact she didn’t push him away gave him the last push of confidence he needed, now he knew that she wanted this too. He was so happy the next morning when she accepted to meet his friends, the last test to see if he could start something amazing with this girl, and that afternoon when he picked up her, he really wanted to kiss her. She was in a simple top and jeans but in his eyes, she looked truly beautiful and he almost did it, chickening out at the last minute and playing with his phone instead.

And then he sighed, not thinking about the events after that because that’s when it all fell apart. Instead he rolled over and grabbed his phone, pulling up Kim’s instagram to see the picture again. It had been barely seconds and yet his eyes watered slightly, she looked so happy, the happiest she had looked since their argument, and it hurt him that he was the cause of her sadness and not the cause of her happiness again.

He was so focused on her smile, something he hadn’t seen in a while, something he wished he was the cause of that he missed the photo that had been uploaded 3 hours ago.

Kim-for-the-win: I think I just witnessed people fall in love.

Another black and white photo, this time Laura and this boy facing each other, her looking up to him and him looking down at Laura, foreheads touching each other. The boy was smiling widely as Laura was biting her lip and looking up at him.

This was when Luke completely lost it. That should be him. Dropping his phone on to his bed, he pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes hoping to stop the tears but not succeeding. He jumped up and kicked his bedside table, screaming out, before bending down and picking it up before throwing it down to the floor. This was his way of coping, and he did it for a good 30 minutes, completely trashing his room. Finally pausing, he fell down to his bed, and picked his phone up seeing the picture that caused his outrage, but yet he couldn’t stop looking at it. 

He should be happy, he should be so happy that finally she had found someone that she truly liked, someone that was brave enough to just be a man and maybe say that he liked her back and that could give her the world, because if he has been the bigger person a few weeks ago and admitted that he did like her then he could have been doing that right now. It was stupid of him for blaming his friends about bringing up his date, cause maybe he should have told her about it, or he should have told her the moment he knew he liked her instead of waiting for his friend approval, after all it was his relationship, not theres. He pulled himself out of his thoughts, to look at the picture again. He didn’t know why, it hurted more and more each time, but he couldn’t bring himself to close it down. They were stood next to her car, and Luke noticed her car keys in her hand and smiled, wiping away one last tear hoping this meant she was on her way home. He loaded up Laura’s instagram to see one new update since he last looked.

Laura-Jones: Don’t want to leave this guy, best 5 hours ive ever spent with someone.

The caption well and truly broke his heart, the picture causing the tears to fall again, it was picture of Laura and this boy, but he was kissing her cheek and her smile was truly beautiful, she finally looked happy again.

It was then that Luke realised he couldn’t do anything about it. He was no longer friends with her, he could no longer stop Laura from falling in love with someone else, and that was what hurt the most. She wasn't his, she nearly was but she wasn’t, and he decided that he needed to fix it.

The picture was also uploaded 3 hours ago, meaning that she was on her way home, with an hours journey still left. He grabbed his jacket and ran out the door, ready to fix his heart.


The car journey home consisted of you singing out loud to any song that coame on the radio, you were happy, and you tried to play it out for as long as possible. It wasn’t until you were 10 minutes from your flat when you started to think of your day, how you had met your sisters friend, Ashton his name was, and he made you feel so gooey and everything you should feel when a boy compliments you and gives you hugs that linger for too long. But it wasn’t the same as what Luke gave you, and although you played happy families for your sister you knew that it wasn’t anything more that some harmless flirting in your eyes. You saw that Kim had uploaded some pictures of you two, Calum liking one of them. You wondered if Luke had seen them, he must have, he was never not with Calum and he surely would have shown Luke. You knew that Kim had also taken your phone and uploaded a picture, but you didn’t have time to check it before you had to leave otherwise you would make it home way too late to get a decent nights sleep. You checked the sat nav again, smiling seeing you weren’t far from home now.

It was 1 am when you got home, and you were ready to jump into bed. Although when you got home you saw a young boy sat on your stairs outside your flat, and it was only when you got close that he finally lifted his head to show you his bloodshot eyes. You stopped, your heart dropping for a minute, wondering what had happened for him to be sat at your door waiting for you.

You finally stepped passed him, unlocking your door and leaving it open long enough for him to step inside. You threw your bag to the sofa and turned around waiting for him to talk. You hadn’t prepared your speech yet, telling him that you were sorry and that you just wanted him back in your life, friend or not, but you couldn’t get anything out as he began talking.

“Hear me out Laura, okay just don’t interrupt.” He ran a hand through his hair, a sign you had noticed meant he was nervous, and suddenly you calmed knowing he had prepared his little speech and that this meant a lot to him. “I liked you. No shit-I still do. I like you. And I was scared and I did shitty things that made you think that without telling you, and I know I said before that I didn’t lead you on, that’s because I didn’t mean too, I truly like you and I wanted to make a move on you I was just scared. That first night we shared a bed was the best night i’ve ever had, even if I had to sleep with a boner for most of the night! I’ve never got on with a girl so well before Laura, and somehow you’ve made me a happier person by just being around me. I spoke to my mum on the phone and she asked who ‘she’ was” he laughed, air quoting she before talking again “because she can tell that a womans come into my life, and she can tell that shes good for me, just through a phone conversation! And I was gonna tell you Lau, I was going too and then the boys said some shit and you left before I could explain myself.” He paused for a minute, making sure he was calm before he began again. “and then that day, when we argued it-it broke my heart. After we fell out I thought that I could just move on, but the truth is I cant, cause your all I think about! And then today I really messed up, I completely lost it, ive trashed my room completely, wanna know why? all because I saw these pictures of you and this guy, and my chest actually hurt Laura, it hurt seeing you in another mans arms!” He stepped closer now, wanting your full attention “because the truth is, you belong in mine.”

And that was when your heart swelled, because Luke was finally being honest, and that was all you really needed before you took that last step and fell into his arms, feeling his grip on you. You felt safe and you finally knew that this was what love felt like. You didn’t ever want to let go, you wanted to be in this moment forever, and then Luke pulled himself away from you slightly taking your chin gently between his finger and thumb whispering “can I please kiss you now?” causing a large smile to consume your face quickly disappearing and you lent up and gave the boy what he asked for.

It was gentle and it was sweet, and it was everything you needed to ignite the fireworks inside of you, confirming that you had made the right decision. Through all the heartbreak and the tears you knew it was worth it to finally be in this moment with him, not worrying about anything else because everything you ever needed was stood right in front of you. You pulled away finally, slowly, not really wanting it to end, savouring every touch so you never forgot the first kiss that started your relationship, before giving in to temptation and not being able to resist leaning back in to leave one last peck on his lips. You pulled away smilling, knowing that whenever Luke was around it will all you will be able to do from now on.

You lent back slightly pulling your right wrist from around his waist, holding your pinky finger up in front of his face. “Friends?” And then Luke laughed. Linking his finger into yours, leaning down and pecking your lips gently, pulling away only to leave your foreheads touching.

“Just friends should sleep in other beds, and just friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do.” He whispered, smiling ever so gently before finally saying “Just friends will never love you like I do.”


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