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Staying the Night: Part 3 (L.H.)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Summary: You find yourself falling deeper for Luke, completely mesmerized by him. You’re now done with exams, which inevitably means that it’s officially summer vacation! You question what will happen to you and Luke once you leave campus and go home.

Luke + Y/N (Y/N’s POV)

Word count: 1,960

His hand was cold on the back of your neck, still wet from the pouring rain. You both stood soaking wet in the hallway, your clothes sticking together as you embraced one another. He managed to sneak in another kiss before pulling his keys out of his pocket and opening the front door to his suite. A warm burst of air flew by you as you stepped in through the door.

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5SOS. Fall Back On

This is dedicated to @imlastamericangirl who indulges in my Luke dad feels and tells me cute scenarios often. I wanted this to be longer and be more nostalgia based, but the story had a mind of it’s own in which way it wanted to go. It’s just short and sweet. A little fluff. I hope you all enjoy.

“Soup, Pen.” Tapping his index finger around the rim of her Styrofoam bowl, still full to the brim of warm vegetable soup, Luke pushed his six year. Her eyes were puffy slits, exhausted from all the crying she had done, and her bottom lip quivered as she shook her head. Once again, Penelope was on the verge of tears. It had to be the third time in the last couple hours, her skin growing scaly and red underneath her eyes from the way she poured out waterfall after waterfall. “It’s what’s going to make you feel better.” He reminded her again, sighing once the words were out. Coaxing kids into eating, Luke had learned, was never easy. Coaxing kids into eating when they were sick was a horse of a different color entirely.

Glassy eyes and a noisy runny nose, Penelope looked up from the small wooden table she was perched at across from her dad, with red veins in charge of her tired pupils that were now more fading gray than they were bright and blue like the beach water she absolutely loved. The petite pads of her fingers were rolling invisible putty across the table’s surface, doing anything she could to avoid actually eating anything at all, but especially the steaming hot veggie soup her dad was trying to force on her.

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protector // werewolf l.h. pt.5

Pairing: werewolf! Luke+ Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
8tracks playlist 
(A/N): here’s part five for the highly requested werewolf Luke fic, hope you guys enjoy! x

   He held the archaic paper tightly in his hands as if his depended on it. Icy blue eyes scanned the intricate sketch on the brown paper as he took long strides down the stairs. He ran his fingers through his flawless blonde locks.

“Dad?” His deep, raspy voice called out into the vast house in search of his parents.

“Over here in the kitchen!” His dad called out, a smile on his face.

“I found this in the attic,” Luke cut straight to the point, placing the paper in front of his father. “I found her.”

His father widened his eyes, taking a close look at the sketch of a boy turning into a wolf with white fur. He read the familiar words that seemed to be etched in his mind.

“There shall be an alpha whom will be the first of many. First to have pure alabaster skin and coat. First to acquaintance with a female human.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Luke barked, pacing the kitchen floor trying to control his temper.

“I didn’t think you’d find her at this young age,” Andrew answered. “Luke, being the alpha of the pack is already putting a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. I didn’t want to burden you with anything else.”

“I can handle it, Dad! This ancient legend is about me! Do you know how important this is?” Luke interrupted, facing his father. Ruthless fury was evident in his tone. “Besides, you marked Mum when she was seventeen!”

Andrew sighed, rubbing his forehead out of frustration. It was no use arguing against his stubborn son.

“Make this girl your mate by the full moon.”

“That’s at the end of the month!” Luke raised his eyebrows, not believing the conversation he was having. “It’s not possibly enough time.”  

“Then make time.”


She opened her tired brown eyes to come in sight of her dull familiar room. She had somehow changed into her pajamas, the light coming from the window indicating that she had slept through the entire day. A string of curse words tumbled out of her mouth as she trudged into the kitchen to meet her mother who was currently making dinner.

Images of what happened to the night prior rushed into her mind, making her head spin again. She didn’t know how to react, what was she supposed to do? Tell the whole world that the guy she found attractive was a werewolf who could eat someone alive?

“Mom?” She mumbled, rubbing her eyes. Her head was pounding and the headache didn’t seem to lessen.

“Hey sweetheart,” her mom greeted. “How are you feeling, Y/N?”

“Fine.” She lied, waling to get a glass of water from the fridge. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you… and I thought you needed a day off from school.” Her mom flashed a forced smile. Y/N ignored the strange behavior of her mother.

“How did I get back home?”

“A boy drove you in his car. He had blonde hair and one of those trashy pieces of metal in his mouth. Luke or something?”

“It’s not trashy,” Y/N defended him.

“What exactly happened last night?”

“Uhm I was walking through the for-forest when I didn’t feel well.” Y/N lied through her teeth, fidgeting with the ends of her hair. “And then-“

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were going into that forest with a boy?” Her mom prodded, putting her hand on her hip.

“Because you’re never home!” Y/N yelled, clenching her fists. “Ever since we moved to this damn town, nothing’s been right!”

She couldn’t hold it in anymore, her mother had managed to make her break. She slammed her door shut, to hear screaming from the other side. Y/N heard her yell something along the lines of “I’m leaving, don’t wait for me.”

Y/N sighed, silenting thanking that she was alone to herself so no one could hear her holding back her choked sobs. All she wanted to do is move back and forget all of this happened.


He knew that he shouldn’t be in front of the familiar house. Biting down on his black lip ring, he anxiously rang the door bell waiting to be let in. After no response, the grip on the bouquet of flowers he had bought for her got tighter. Taking a deep breath, he rang the bell again.

The door opened to reveal a surprised girl with sheer confusion evident in her brown eyes.

“Hi,” Luke awkwardly smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth. “I got you these.”

“Thanks,” Y/N blushed taking the roses from the blonde. “C'mon.” She led him inside the house, Luke trailing behind her.

“You must be wondering why I’m here.” he ran his fingers through his blonde locks as he watched Y/N set the flowers against her desk.

“Sort of…” she trailed off, stiffly standing against the wooden desk. Luke noticed how her eyes were slightly puffy and red, like she had been crying before he came.

“I came to talk about what happened yesterday,” he sat down on the pink rug that was in front of the desk. “It shouldn’t have happened. It’s all my fault and I’ll leave you alone from now on.”

Y/N stayed silent as she bent down to sit next to the blonde. Icy sapphire eyes looked down to see her intertwine their fingers together. His calloused, warm palm contrasted against her small hand.

“Luke,” she started, taking a deep breath. “The fact that you showed me y-your wolf form was fucking great.”

Luke gave her a small smile, his heart beating rapidly against his rib cage.

“I’m honored because you trusted me enough to shift in front of me. And please don’t say that you’ll leave me alone again. Ever.” Y/N warned, quickly glancing at the blonde. “I don’t know how I’ll survive school without you.”

Luke bit his lip, debating what to tell her. He messed with the fringes of his ripped black skinny jeans before opening his mouth.

“Did you think it was bad ass?” Luke smirked, making her cheeks warm up and turn pink. “I mean you have to admit- being able to turn into a wolf is pretty hot.”

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Good Luck Charm

@mrshemmings26 requested something where luke is a professional footballer so i wrote this! i’m from the us where soccer isn’t really a big thing so i hope things are pretty accurate feel free to correct me if i’m way off base on something

You liked to consider yourself Luke’s personal cheerleader. You stopped short of the pompoms and short skirt like the cheerleaders when you were in high school, but you came to each and every game, standing in the stadium’s private box and cheering him on from the sidelines. You knew other people found football boring and would prefer to be at home binge watching something on Netflix, but you loved it. Being in the stadium with the screaming fans decked out in jerseys and face paint, watching the players run across the emerald green field, the excitement in the air when the score grew close. And best of all Luke. The jersey bearing his name stretched across his broad shoulders, his long legs working overtime as he ran across the field, the focused look on his face as he played. Yes football Luke was your favorite Luke.

His team was currently playing in Euro 2016 –quite well if you did say so yourself-and you couldn’t be prouder. You’d been sure to attend every game and each time you were amazed by Luke’s skills (as well as how amazing he looks even drenched in sweat). A particularly suspenseful match had just concluded (the teams had been tied going into the final minutes when Luke had scored, putting Germany ahead) and you were heading to the spot that you and Luke had designated for meeting before you left the stadium to-ahem-celebrate.

You were usually the first one there, Luke had to head to the locker room to change and hear the coach’s remarks on the same before he could leave, so you were surprised to find him waiting for you. He was still sweaty and wearing his uniform, obviously he hadn’t even been to the locker room yet. You took a few moments to revel in his appearance: his blond hair plastered to his forehead, the white shirt clinging to his frame. When you reached him, he took a hold of your arm and started walking before you could even get a syllable out, leaving you no choice but to follow. “I’ve got some people I want you to meet.” He said, giving you a heart-stopping smile. Even after all the time you’d spent together he still had that effect on you.

You knew immediately where he was going with this. “Luke I don’t know if this is a good time.” You said, planting your feet firmly on the ground and refusing to move. You knew you were acting like a petulant toddler, but you didn’t care. Luke had been saying that he wanted you to meet his teammates for what seemed like forever, but you were hesitant. Luke was as sweet as spun sugar, but you’d heard enough stories about douchey sports stars to be wary.

Luke stopped in his tracks when he heard the hesitation in your voice. He turned around to look at you and seeing you biting your lip nervously, pulled you closer to him. “I’ve told you a million times, my teammates are nice guys.” His tone was reassuring, not exasperated. When he saw that you were still nervous, he rested one of large hands on your cheek, staring directly into your eyes. “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. It’s just football is such a big part of my life and so are you. I wanna be able to bring them together as much as possible.” You felt your resolve crumbling under his sweet words.

“Okay,” You agreed.

Luke’s face lit up and seeing his smile you felt the last of your worries ebb away. “Thank you.” He bent and pressed a quick kiss to your lips, the simple gesture filling you with a rush of affection for him. “If anyone messes with you, they’ll have me to deal with.” He said, in his best attempted to sound tough, making you giggle. Luke could look pretty intimidating, with his frame well over six feet, but you knew he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

He took your arm again, tugging you toward the locker room. When you came to a plain wooden door, Luke rapped on the door three times, paused, and knocked twice more. “It’s our signal.” He explained. “It means we’re bringing a girl back here so everyone needs to be decent.”

Before you had time to fret about the fact that he had used the word “girl” instead of “girlfriend” and ponder whether that implied relatives or hookups, a boy with white-blond hair opened the door. “There you are!” He said to Luke. “We were all wondering where you were-” He stopped when he noticed you standing next to Luke, a smile spreading across his face. “Is this the good luck charm you’ve been telling us about?”

Luke smiled. “Yeah. Y/N, this is Michael, Michael Y/N.”

As you smiled and shook hands with Luke’s teammate, you stored the good luck charm comment in your mind, thinking that you would have to remember to ask Luke about it later. Luke took your hand and led you deeper into the locker room, chatting with Michael about the game while simultaneously shooting you as reassuring look. You squeezed his hand, silently telling him that you were fine. You surveyed your surroundings. For as long as you and Luke had been together, you had never been inside his team’s locker room. You’d expected it to be a lot more glamorous, but really it looked like any other gym locker room you’d even been in, just slightly larger, the entire area teeming with fit men. It was the type of thing you dreamed about before you met Luke.

You were introduced to man after man and if you were honest their names all kind of ran together after a while. You heard the good luck charm remark three more times, and shook so many hands you began to feel like a schmoozing politician. They were all incredibly nice, and you realized that you’d been worried for nothing. Eventually Luke pressed a kiss to your hand. “Do you want to wait for me outside babe? I’ll shower and get changed and we can go.”

You nodded, all too happy to escape the intense gazes and smelly locker room. It turned out that a locker room that belonged to professional footballers didn’t smell any better than the one in your local Planet Fitness. “It was nice to meet everyone.” You said. You were met with a chorus of  “bye”s and “nice meeting you”s.

“Bye good luck charm!” A voice that you thought belonged to Michael called as you slipped out the door. You headed back to the designated meeting spot and about twenty minutes later Luke joined you. “Now was that so bad?” He asked, lacing his fingers with yours and heading toward the stadium’s exit.

You shook your head. “No. Everyone was really nice.”

“What’d I tell you?” He said.

You decided it was finally time to ask the question that had been in the back of your mind since you’d entered the locker room. “Why were they all saying stuff about me being a good luck charm?”

Luke’s cheeks flushed red and he stuttered a bit before answering. “After we first got together I started playing a lot better. They all noticed and I explained that it was because of you. Then we started winning more, Michael started calling you that and it stuck.” He shrugged, obviously embarrassed. “If you don’t like it I can tell them to knock it off.”

You pressed a kiss to his still flushed cheek. “No, no it’s cute. I don’t mind.” You reassured him. “I just hope I don’t let you down.”

Luke shook his head. “Never.”

“So are you ready to celebrate now?” You asked, giving him a suggestive look.

Luke’s eyes lit up. Instead of responding, he scooped you up bridal style, carrying you out of the stadium and into the bright, sunny day.

Birthday Boy (LRH) SMUT

You had been planning this day for ages, staying up late on the phone with Liz making sure dinner plans were set, constantly texting Michael to make sure he would be at the surprise party for Luke. Honestly, when you finally got a break, your head felt like it was about to explode. You had never gone so far out of your way to make anyone’s birthday this special, but Luke, Luke was most definitely different.

When July 16th finally rolled around, you felt like you were going to be sick. Nausea hit you like a freight train because you were scared nothing would go like planned.

“Luke, are you almost ready?” You called down the hall to him, whilst you tried to push the earring into your ear. The dinner date with his family was in an hour and you knew that if he couldn’t get his hair just right, you two wouldn’t leave the house. “Lucas,” you called again, this time sliding on your black heels. You marched down the hallway and knocked harshly on the door, “We have to meet your parents in an hour, I hope you are getting ready.” You called through the wooden door.

Luke opened the door in one swift movement and you felt a smile take place on your red lips, “You look… You look very handsome Luke.” You muttered, as you tried to regain your breath. Your almost 4 year boyfriend stood in the cramped bathroom with a black tux and a smile plastered onto his face. “I’m ready.” He said, stepping out into the hallway and looking at himself in the full length mirror at the end of the hall.

“You look gorgeous babe,” you heard Luke whisper as his hand groped at your ass. You turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, “And you look absolutely stunning.” The smile on his face got bigger as you smiled at him. You turned around and applied the last bit of makeup to your face, giving yourself a job well done because of how great you looked.

You and Luke walked hand in hand towards the restaurant, Liz and Andy already standing at the entrance. Liz was the first to approach you, “You look amazing Y/N, thank you for suggesting this.” You gave Liz the biggest smile you could manage and hugged her. Once inside, you met Jack and Ben, plus Celeste. They sat at a table near the back, smiles upon their faces. After greeting Luke’s family, you took your seat next to Luke, smiling brightly.

The food was fantastic, and the desert was even better but you had other things on your mind. The next step was about to take place, “Can I be excused?” You politely asked as you got up slowly from the table and walked into the restroom. You pulled your phone out from your purse, dialing Calum’s number, -he had promised to help get the surprise party ready for Luke while you were at the restaurant. “Hello?” Calum answered, his voice barely audible over the loud music in the background. “Cal, is everything ready?” You asked, hoping he had followed through with his promise. “Yeah, yeah! It’s all set!” He hollered through the phone over the music. You smiled to yourself and hung up the phone.

You returned quietly to the table where Ben and Luke were talking about something manly. You looked at Liz and gave her a smile. “I’m sorry to cut this so short but I just got a call from my mum, and she wants to see Luke for his birthday.” You said, knowing Liz would believe you because your mum was so fond of the Hemmings family. Liz nodded her head and stood up, gesturing for her son to come to her. He obliged, giving his mum a hug and kiss on the cheek before turning to the rest of the family. “Thanks for tonight,” you heard his gruff voice say. Without another word, you and Luke walked out to the car.

You climbed into the driver’s seat, taking Luke by surprise. He slid into the passenger seat, eyes showing all kinds of confused. “Just trust me,” you said and started the car. You drove to your house, knowing Luke would think he was coming to see your mum. You both got out of the car and you hurried up the steps, making sure to be the first one inside. You unlocked the door to the house and stepped inside. “Mum?” You hollered, giving the code word for Calum to start the party. Luke wandered behind you, looking around for your mother.

Calum signaled the DJ and loud music blasted from outside. You grabbed your boyfriend’s hand and tugged him outside into your backyard. You looked at him and gave him the best smile, “Happy Birthday Lukey!” His face lit up with happiness and a beautiful white smile. Calum, Ashton, Michael and others jumped up from behind trees, tables and anything else. Luke immediately wrapped you in a hug and kissed your cheek, “I love you baby. Thank you so much.” Little did he know, this was only step two. Step three was gunna take place soon.

You trashed your black heels in the living room, and walked around barefoot. Drinks were being served and the music was too good not to dance too. Everything was going good so far, you had done well. Luke talked to the boys, and danced to the music best he could, his face lit up with excitement.

After a couple rounds of drinks, you made your way over to Luke and the boys. The boys seemed as buzzed as you, making you feel comfortable. Luke wrapped his long arms around you and began kissing down your neck. A smirk began creeping onto your face. Step three was taking place.

You dragged him to where people were dancing and wrapped your arms around his neck. His eyes were dark with lust and passion, and it made your skin crawl with goosebumps. Your red lips found his and you tasted the alcohol from his earlier drinks. Getting as close to Luke as possible, you could feel the slight bump in his tight pants against you. You knew then that it was time to go.

You looked over at Calum, who knew what that look meant. He nodded and reached for the key behind him. Calum was babysitting the house while your mum was out of town because he was your neighbor and also your best friend. You smiled at him and grabbed Luke’s hand, pulling him through the house and into the car.

You let him drive, planning your first move. Eyeing his suffocating erection, you knew what you had to do. You gently grazed your fingertips across the top of his erection, causing Luke to catch his breath. He trained his eyes on the road, but that didn’t stop you. Your hand began massaging his hard member through his pants. Luke threw his head back, eyes still glued to the road. You smiled up at him and began gently unbuttoning the black pants on his legs. Sliding them down his legs, you smiled when his erection sprang free and hit his stomach.

You took his member in your hand and gently swiping your thumb across the slit, collecting the pre-cum. As you heard him make a noise in the back of his throat, you took this as an invitation. You began sliding your hand up and down his member, going faster every time he made a noise.

When you felt he had had enough teasing, you took the tip in your mouth, sliding your tongue across it, swallowing what he let out. Your red lips sucked on his member, causing him to gasp for breath. You took all of him into your mouth until you felt the tip hitting the back of your throat and your nose was touching his inner thigh. You began bobbing your head, swirling your tongue around his member and smiling when profanities and your name spilled from his lips. You flattened your tongue and made an effort to lick up the vein that ran around him. That pushed him overboard. He gripped at your hair and tensed up. You positioned yourself so his hot sex could slide down your throat. One last lick up the slit and he was done. It rolled down your throat and you gladly swallowed it, tasting everything he had to offer.

You look up at him and gave him the best smile, wiping away the extra cum that had landed on your chin. He pulled his pants up and hurried inside, you right on his heels. Once inside, his lips found yours, his body pushing you up against the wall. His hands travelled down your sides and spread your thighs, indicating for you to jump. You did as he commanded, wanting him so badly to take you right then and there. As he climbed the stairs to your shared bedroom, you worked on his neck. Leaving bite marks and hickeys down the sides of his neck, you heard him let out a low moan.

He laid you down on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt. Even though this wasn’t your first time seeing him shirtless, he still caused you to blush and send warmth down to your already wet heat. He crawled on top of you, his baby blue eyes looking straight into yours, asking for permission. You smiled and kissed him, your tongue colliding with his. The dress that you wore was a simple black dress, a zipper keeping it on your body. Luke’s hand reached around and easily unzipped the dress, sliding it down your body and throwing it to the floor where his shirt lay.

Luke’s eyes grazed over you, noticing that you didn’t have a bra on, and that the lacy underwear that you wore barely covered your ass. A smirk was placed on his face. He began kissing down your stomach, leaving chills wherever he touched. He finally made it to the place where you needed him most. He looked up at you and then slid the black underwear down your legs, throwing them to the pile of clothes forming in the floor. He nipped and sucked on your inner thighs, making you a little more anxious with every touch. He slid his forefinger down your folds, making you catch your breath. Before you knew it, Luke had entered two fingers inside you, pumping in and out, causing you to arch your back in pleasure. His tongue worked on your clit, running over the bundle of nerves. His fingers kept working, sending pleasure straight through you. When his cold lip ring touched you, you felt the knot in your stomach begin.

Luke sucked on your clit, and added another digit into you, making you moan his name. Your fingers snaked into his hair, tugging at it. The knot in your stomach grew with every thrust, every touch of his mouth. “Luke….I’m-i’m gunna cum.” You breathed, right as you let go. Luke lapped up everything and crawled back up your body. His lips found yours, allowing you to taste yourself. You smiled with pleasure and wound your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

You reached between the two of you and slid down his pants and boxers, adding them to the growing pile. He reached over into the dresser next to your head and pulled out a condom, ripping the package and rolling it quickly onto his length. You laid back on your back, smiling when you felt his lips connect to your skin on your neck. You threw your head back, feeling him suck on your sweet spot.

Luke lined himself up with your entrance, and then gently slid into you. You felt yourself adjust to him, even though you had been with him for so long, you still weren’t use to the size of his dick. Slowly, Luke began thrusting in and out of you, letting his hips slap yours. You wrapped your legs around and waist and felt his quicken the pace. Every thrust, Luke found your g-spot, making you throw your head back and moan his name.

As he got faster, the both of you moaned and said each other’s name. Soon, you were biting on his shoulder, trying to keep from screaming out. “I’m… Close baby.” Luke whispered into your ear, nibbling softly on your earlobe. His thrust got sloppier, and you nodded your head, “me..too.” You let go first and then felt Luke let go into the condom.

You both laid there, cuddled into each other. You kissed his sweaty forehead and whispered, “Happy Birthday Baby,” into his ear. He kissed you with so much love and compassion that you felt yourself almost melt into him. “I love you,” he said, and you smiled up at him and said, “I love you, too Birthday Boy.”

A/N: A post for my little Lukey who is turning 19!! Feedback is appreciated, requests are open!