luke was wrong...again

it’s friday :-) pt 2

p: luke
request: several.  like 15 
warning: none, language if u squint
a/n: u can read pt 1 here!! this probably makes more sense if u do! + credit where credit is due, @itlukey you basically wrote this entire thing lol so thank u :-) 

He fucked up.  He fucked up royally. 

Luke had lost count of the Fridays that had gone by since he last saw you.  He knew he had made a mistake by letting you go. 

No one else would listen to him talk about the unimportant things in his life.  No one else would let him text them every Friday at exactly the same time practically begging them to come over for sex.  No one else would love him the way you did. 

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5SOS Preference #22: Secret
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke." I breathe out while my throat is being attacked by smooth lips. Luke moves his crotch back and forth against my sensitive area and I pull at his hair. It's feels so right, yet so wrong. "Luke." I say again, pressing my hands against his hands. His lips move away from me. "What?" He asks while looking down at me. I shake my head. "I can't do this." I admit as I begin to play with his hair with my fingers. "It's not like we haven't done this before, (Y/N)." Luke chuckles before kissing me but I stop him by putting my finger on his lips. "Don't." I whisper. "What's wrong?" He asks, getting frustrated. "I can't do this anymore," I say while gesturing at him and then me. He gives me a confused look. "I don't want to hook up anymore, Luke. I'm tired of being friends with benefits, I guess." He sighs before laying next to me. "But I want to be with you." Luke whispers while staring at the ceiling. "In or out of the bedroom?" I ask, almost yelling. But he lays there in silence. I sigh before closing my eyes. "All I'm saying is...I've had enough of being your secret, Luke."
  • Michael Clifford: "You fucking asshole!" I shout while throwing a book at Michael. He ducks away from it. "How could you?! Am I running out of what you want, huh?!" I yell at him and he has the nerve to walk towards me. "Baby, listen-" He starts. "Don't you fucking 'baby' me, Michael. I'm not your 'baby' anymore." I spat at him. "Let me explain, please." He implores gently. "Michael what I found already explained enough. What I gave you must've not been what you needed." I say before starting to rub my temples. "(Y/N), I was so lonely and-" "So you decided to fuck another gal while I was busy?! Are you serious right now?!" I interrupt him with a sarcastic laugh. He sighs before looking at the ground. "You have balls for doing that, Clifford. Big ones." I continue. "(Y/N) I-" "How long has this been going on? Awhile?" I ask, not caring if I was being a bitch. Michael bites his lip before nodding his head slowly. I snort and shake my head. "Wow. That's some secret you kept, Mike." I chuckle sarcastically before walking to the door.
  • Calum Hood: "This is crazy." I whisper out loud with a smile while staring out the limos window and watching the beautiful scenery roll by. "We're crazy, baby." Calum says beside me. I turn to him and am taken back when a pair of lips contact mine. "Mmmm I love you." He mumbles against my lips. "I love you too." I whisper back, kissing his lips. He pulls away and smiles at me as he takes my hand. "I can't believe we just did that." Calum says, rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. "I have a feeling our parents will be pissed." I admit as he kisses my knuckles. "No they won't." He says. I nod my head while staring at our hands. "I know mine will." I say quietly. Calum kisses my cheek. "They'll be happy for us, (Y/N)." He states. "I know they will," I say with a sigh. "But don't you think our family will be a little mad that they didn't get to witness us getting married?" Calum chuckled. "Babe, we eloped. We didn't murder anyone." He says. "Yeah but still." I mumble. "Just relax and smile, Mrs. Hood." He whispers with a smile before kissing my lips. "I'm trying to. I just never thought getting married in secret would make me feel so guilty."
  • Ashton Irwin: "What are you doing here?!" I shout in a whisper as Ashton climbs through my bedroom window. "What? I can't see my best friend?" He asks with a smile before hugging me. "You're insane." I say with a laugh after I wrapped my arms around him. "I missed you (Y/N)." Ashton whispers before I pull away. "I missed you too, Ash. You've been gone for half of the month." I say with a giggle. I head towards my bed and he joins me. "How's life?" I ask as I lay down and he does the same. Ashton sighs. "Really hectic but awesome. You?" He asks me, giving my hand a smack. I instantly smile. "I met someone." I whisper. "Oh, yeah?" He asks and I nod. "We're just texting right now though." I admit. "Does he treat you nice?" Ashton asks and I nod. "He's amazing, Ash. He really is." I say. "I have to meet him in order to believe that." He mutters. "What is up with you not liking the boys I like?" I ask, almost in anger. "'Cause I know how boys are, (Y/N). I know what they do." I roll my eyes. "You haven't even met him. Why are you acting like an ass?" "It's because I like you, damn it!" Ashton shouts. I open my mouth a little. "Open your eyes, darling. It's been going on for years." He says. "I-I had a feeling but...but why did you have to keep it a secret from me?" I ask before taking his hand in mine.

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48# BSM: You're older and he's upset

Calum: (his age 15)

You had just come home from your work and went straight up for your room. Your boss had been very hard on you so you just wanted to take a shower and shower away all the problems. As you arrived into your room (you had your own bathroom) you started undressing right away, not even noticing Calum on your bed. “Um, can you please put your shirt on again?” Calum asked hesitantly and you screeched loudly, getting horrified by his voice. “Calum!” You burst out and held the shirt infront of your body. “What do you need?” You asked and he shrugged. “Talk.” He frowned and sighed loudly. “Everything alright?” You pouted and put your shirt on again. You sat down beside him and he put his head on your shoulder. “I failed my music test.” He whispered and you let a quiet ‘oh’ slip your lips. “I’m so untalented, how do I get a F on my music test?” He ranted and you heard him whimper quietly. “Hey, look Calum. When I was fifteen I failed a English test. I actually doubted my eyes, because I thought you surely couldn’t fail a language that you’re speaking, but it’s fully possible, okay? You’ll just have to study and ask your teacher if you can re-do the test.” You smiled and put your head on top of Calum’s. “Will you help me study?” He asked and you giggled. “Of course I will.”

Michael: (his age 9)

“Y/N?” Michael’s usually loud voice was very quiet as he knocked on your door carefully and opened it slowly as if asking for permission. “Mmhm?” You asked, laying on your bed studying for an upcoming maths test. You didn’t turn around to watch Michael enter your room so you didn’t see the slow tears rushing down his cheeks. “Y/N?” He asked again this time quieter and you groaned, annoyed that he didn’t just confront you with the problem. “What-” You started out, pretty harshly but cut yourself off when you saw the tears. “What’s wrong?” You quickly got off your bed and hugged him closely. “I had a nightmare about that big monster in the water.” He croaked out and you couldn’t help but smile a little to yourself. “Aw, look, there’s no water monster, I promise. Those things doesn’t exist.” You said and pulled away from him a bit. “They’re fake.” You explained and he nodded, calming down a bit. “Can I- can I please sleep here?” He muttered and you nodded. “Yeah sure, let me just clean this mess.” You smiled and kissed his forehead. “You’re a great sister, I love you.” Michael murmured and stood next to you. “I love you too Mike.”

Luke: (his age 13)

“What’s wrong little one?” You asked as you were on the phone with your younger brother. “How do you know something’s wrong?” He sniffled and you felt your heart break. “Aw, come on Luke, what’s wrong?” You tried again, this time calmer and somehow nicer. A long sigh and a quick whimper was heard from the other line and you felt sad again. You hated when your brother was upset. “It’s nothing, I’m just being dumb.” He muttered and a little sigh was heard. “Tell me.” You ordered, this time seriously needing to know what was wrong. “Basically this friend just ditched me at the music store and now I’m all alone outside and I don’t have a ride home or anything.” He sighed and sniffled again. “I’ll come pick you up! I’ll be right there, alright?” “Thanks.” Luke said with a little light in his voice. “Oh and Luke, you can call me about anything, I won’t think you’re dumb or crazy or anything. I’m your sister and I’m here for you.”

Ashton: (his age 17)

“Y/N?” Ashton asked loudly as he barged into your room. “What’s up mini?” You replied and continued to scroll through twitter on your phone. “Don’t call me that.” He complained and the bed sunk down beside you. “Mini’s a cute nickname, get used to it.” You replied sassily and he sighed. “Alright, alright, sorry Ash.” You muttered and put away the phone and looked at him. “I need to talk to you.” He muttered and sunk down even further in your bed. “Go on.” You smiled and he looked down with a frown and you raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you gonna wait to tell me until after my funeral or are you going to tell me now?” You asked impatiently. “Sorry.” He muttered. “It’s just that I feel so alone, like nobody really cares about me.” He sighed and your eyes widened at your brothers words. “Ashton that is not true. So many people care about you, okay? Hell, you even got half the female population screaming for you. You’ve got more people caring about you than most of us, okay?” You explained and held your younger brothers hand loosely. “I love you so much Mini, don’t forget that.” You said and smiled at him. He made a face. “Don’t call me that!” A small smile was playing on his lips though. “What about Skunk-punk then?” You teased and finally your brother laughed.

What's wrong with you? Pt2 (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Hey unicorns! Part 1

The next week Luke was a little bit more calm but he still wasn’t the same old Luke. He still was not talking much, he still wasn’t eating good enough and he still was spending all his free time laying on his bunk.

One day the boys would play on Toronto so it was a busy day. At the morning they went to a interview and after the lunch they had a mini free time before soundchek.

In the free time after lunch the boys and you were all together just running around and making jokes, well Luke was just laying on his chair watching to the others having fun.

‘So Y/N how was your first kiss?’ Calum asked and raised an eyebrow while a evil smirk was appearing on his face. 'Excuse Me?’ you put an unbelievable expression. 'Oh c'mon we all want to know!! We have been best friends since elementary school and we don’t know how was your first kiss!’ Ashton said smiling and you sighed. 'I’m not going to tell you assholes. You’re such a curious old lady’ you spoke and rolled your eyes.

There was no way you would tell them how you kissed for first time to your best friend, which was Luke. Both Luke and you agree to never tell anybody how and with who had been their own first kiss.
'Whatever you say, coward’ you heard Michael and looked at his smile.

'Let’s better talk of Luke’s first kiss then…’ You spoke as you watched him get a little nervous. 'That’s not gonna happen’ Luke immediately changed his humor and his face turned in a don’t-even-look-at-me one. 'Hey now you mention it, I don’t remember Luke telling me how was his first kiss…’ Ashton said. 'Because I never told you. And I never will.’ Luke spoke dryly 'Actually I never told anybody’. Boys began to tease on Luke and you knew nothing good would get out of that. But when you were going to interpose it was too late and the boys were all arguing.

'Ok ok it’s enough! We can talk of something else. We don’t have to fight’ you tried to light up the situation but then all got worse. 'Shut the fuck up. This is all your fault. You started this stupid conversation!’ Luke shouted you and Michael said something but you were too angry to pay attention. 'No it’s not! I didn’t start the subject, idiot’ you answered and he walked towards you as Michael repeated something again but Luke spoke over him 'Yes you did! You always ruin everything. You’re always in the way. I don’t even know why the hell are you in OUR tour! You’re not in the band and you don’t work in the team neither! You’re just a obstacle m-’ 'I SAID ENOUGH! Go away and watch your lenguage idiot! Nothing it’s her fault. Stop talking bullshit asshole! Go get yourself back together Luke!’ Michael shouted angrily with his face red.

Luke looked at you and turned around walking to the bus as he was swearing in low voice. You and the boys continued talking calmly but soon after that you went to the bus because you wanted to talk with Luke.

You went inside of the bus and you found Luke on the kitchen resting against the counter with his arms crossed and a thoughtful expression on his face. When he saw you he let out a sigh ‘What do you want? You can’t stop bothering me?’ his voice was deep and rough ‘I came to talk ok?’ ‘No, it’s not ok. I don’t wan to talk to you. Leave me alone! Go back home and stop being so annoying, God!’ he cried hysterically. ‘What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? You changed, you’re not the same, what happened? Let me h-’ ‘I don’t want your fucking help, ok? I don’t want anyones help. Can everybody stop being such a overprotective bitches? It bothers, really’ you ignored what he said and just tried again ‘Luke I’m asking again, what’s wrong? What’s happenning? Why are you treating so bad to everyones? We didn’t do anything to you’ he sighed, he was frustrated now ‘Why this why that, God! SHUT UP! STOP! Go away! We don’t want you here, why don’t you get it? Go home! I’m tired of pretending I like you’ that hurts, it really really hurts… ‘Fine, sorry, ok? I didn’t know I was so awful.’ You went to lock yourself on the bathroom and tried to calm yourself down, because your breaths were heavy and your chest was in pain, as you heard more voices on the bus.

When you went out of the toilet a minutes later the boys had gone to the stage, so you took your chance and your suitcase and began to take your clothes to put them on the suitcase. You couldn’t take it anymore and tears began to roll down your cheeks. You took your phone and texted to a friend you had there on Canada.

[From: Me To: Canadian boy] Hey boy! I know it’s been a while since we talked but I’m in Canada and I was wondering if I could spend some days in your house?

When you finished packing you received an answer from your friend.

[From: Canadian boy To: Me] Hey girl! You had forgotten me! And it would be a pleasure having you here lady. Where are you? Do you want me picking you up?

[From: Me To: Candian boy] I’m in the Rogers Centre and yes please =/

Storming Out

requested: kinda

this is just literally shit and im sorry it’s short and I had writer blocks but I had to finish it somehow so here it is, I hope you like it :) also, do you mind checking out my fanfic here

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“Y/N.” You felt all your sense in its wake when you heard your fiancé trailed off. You looked up at him to see him raising an eyebrow across the table, he definitely knew why you were so tense at the moment. Being the reckless person you were, you just lost your engagement ring somewhere. And knowing Ashton, he wouldn’t go easy on you if he found out about this. “Why aren’t you wearing the ring?” He asked making you freeze in your spot. At this point, you were hesitated whether to tell him the truth or not. Ashton was so attentive of the gifts you gave to each other, and this time you lost the most important gift he ever gave to you, you just weren’t ready to see him go berserk. “I, uh, I took it off when I showered.” You lied, trying to sound as convincing as possible. And even though you knew it was a risky thing to lie to him, you only had the intention to lie until you could find the ring. “You never took it off when you showered.” He pointed out, you tensing in your seat again. “Did you lose it?” He asked and this was the dead end situation. If you were to find other lies to tell, then it would only make everything worse, so you finally nodded, and you could tell how upset he was just by seeing his gestures. “Have you tried to find it?” He asked, his voice sounding rather numb. “Yeah, I have.” You answered silently. “Don’t worry, I just forgot where I put it, I’ll find it I promise.” You said, trying to sound as convincing as possible, but you yourself weren’t sure if you were even about to find it. “You tell me not to worry? God Y/N, could you get any clumsier? You lost the engagement ring and now you just lied to me. Where is our relationship going?” Ashton shouted, getting up from the chair as you held your head high, hoping that you could hold yourself together as well. “I just forgot okay?” You said, wanting to just get this over with because you already ran out of words while he probably still had a thousand more to say. “Maybe you forgot it in one of your boy friends’ house.” He said emphasizing the ‘boy’ as you snapped your head toward his direction. First, he questioned your seriousness and now he questioned your loyalty. That wasn’t even necessary. “Excuse me?” You raised your voice as he shrugged. “Well you lost the engagement ring and then you seem to take it so easily like you’re not even serious. Are those not the signs of cheating?” “You don’t even trust me in the first place and you questioned my effort in this relationship? That is stupid!” You yelled. Soon enough there were curse and harsh words being shouted to each other. “Get out of my house!” Ashton finally blurted out, and without even thinking twice, you stormed out of the house, leaving him registering what he’d just said.


Your whole life almost flashed in front of you. Tears were now staining your cheeks as you rewind the accident that almost ended your life. An eighteen wheeler almost hit you when you drove home from the mall, and you indeed swerved, but you couldn’t help but cry because 1) you ended up slamming your steer and slipping into a shallow ravine, 2) that was the most terrifying thing you’d ever experienced, 3) you might be okay but your boyfriend’s sister, Mali, was not. She was sent to the emergency room while you were only unconscious for a few minutes with some bruises here and there. “What happened?” A breathless voice came from the hall alongside some rushed footsteps and you looked up to see your boyfriend, Calum, ran to you. You stood up and he gave you a light hug. “Are you okay?” He asked, observing you from head to toe, you nodded answering his question. The two of you sat down, the same adrenaline ran through your body as you told him the whole story. He remained silent after you ended your story, and despite his calm look, you knew that he was dead worried and there were probably a thousand thoughts running on his mind. He had always been a good brother and you knew that he loved his sister more than anything, so if something like this happened, you knew that he would go all sad and hollow. “Is she okay though?” He asked when you finished. “Yeah, the doctor said she would be okay.” You answered, hoping that those words could calm both you and him. Calum slumped in his seat, both of you remained silent; the kind of terrifying silent where gloom floating around in the air. And it was totally understandable, it was 10pm, both of you were exhausted, worried and confused. “You’re such a reckless driver Y/N.” He mumbled as he rubbed his face in a frustrating way. “I’m not reckless you know that, I just lost control.” “Losing your control that you endangered both of your lives?” Calum snapped which made you shake your head. You thought he would take this accident well, but you guessed you were wrong. “At least both of us are fine. I’m even grateful that Mali isn’t in a coma.” You reasoned, him letting out a deep sound of chuckle. “Still, you could’ve killed both you and my sister.” You blinked your eyes, trying to hold back the tears. “So you’re blaming me for all of this.” You chuckled as sarcastic as he sounded before. Calum glared at you with a raised eyebrow, his expression was unreadable which made everything worse than it already. “You could’ve killed my sister,” he said calmly, and the words felt like a knife stabbing your heart. “So yeah, I definitely blame you.” He looked away from you, and there was nothing else you wanted to do but cry. It was already felt like he just stomped on your already broken heart. “Fuck you.” You stood up, running out of the hospital and ignoring your still aching body alongside with Calum’s confused parents at the entrance door.


You pulled in the driveway, your breath was heavy due to the anger built up inside you. Your husband was supposed to pick your daughter up from kindergarten today, and later when you got off work, you received a call from one of her teachers that Thalia was still waiting for a ride home. “Come on, baby.” You smiled, unbuckling her seatbelt before she ran into the house. If he had any appointment, you would be fine to pick Thalia up. But you remembered well that he said he was free today, so you were eager to see what his reasons would be. When you got into the house, Thalia was already huddled beside her father. And despite your angry feeling toward Michael, you couldn’t help but smile seeing how the two of them share so much resemblances. “I forgot to pick her up.” Michael said when he saw you in the doorway. “Honey, why don’t you finish your drawing upstairs?” You said softly as Thalia nodded and ran upstairs, Michael wearing his wary face. “I’m aware of it.” You said, going straight to the kitchen and taking a drink from the fridge. “Sorry.” He said, leaning in the kitchen doorframe. It was actually no big deal to pick her up from school, but today was an exhausting day for you and you wished you could straight up go to home. “How could you forget to pick her up?” You said, slamming the glass on the table as Michael’s eyes went wide. “I was just too caught up playing video games and it was suddenly already 5pm.” He said calmly as if he was just forgetting to take the trash out. “You forgot your daughter because of video games?” You said in disbelief, knowing that you should’ve predicted things like this. “Come on Y/N, it’s not a big deal, why do you seem so upset about picking her up?” He started to raise his voice and you thought you were the one to get mad here. “I’m not upset about it, I’m upset that you forgot your daughter!” You yelled at him as he rolled his eyes, his fists were now balled in his sides. “So what? You’re not going to pick her up when I’m on tour?” He gritted through his teeth as you rubbed your forehead, wanting to rip your hair out. “You’re so frustrating!” You screamed out to which he replied, “And you sound like a spoiled shitty wife on televisions.” Michael bit his lips as soon as he just realized what he’d just said. Before he even had the chance to justify what he did, you were already out, going somewhere.


Weekend with Luke’s family sounded so cool until now. The two of you weren’t in the best terms but Luke insisted to have a lunch together with his family. There were fights and silent treatments since a few days ago. And you thought being around his family would make you two at least act like there was nothing happened. Instead Luke was being a jerk and throwing shades here and there while giving you a total silent treatment. “I mean, what kind of girlfriend who gets pissed of when you’re trying to be nice to her, right?” He joked while barbecuing some meat in the backyard with his brothers. And at first his brothers didn’t notice that he was actually shading you until he went for a few more jokes. “And what kind of girlfriend who wouldn’t even go for drinks with you when she’s perfectly fine.” He laughed while his older brother, Jack, chimed in. “That is so lame.” “Shut up.” You finally spat, silencing everyone there, while Luke just rolled his eyes. Since then, everyone remained silent and you realized that the tension between you and Luke had affected everyone in the house. “Did anything happen to you and Luke?” Liz would ask, worried that your relationship was going nowhere. Of course she would act like that, you and Luke were entering your fourth year together, and everyone was hoping that you two would take this to the next level. “No, we’re fine.” You faked a smile but it seemed like she knew what was wrong. “Did Luke do something wrong?” She asked again and you shook your head, you held the urge to tell her the truth that it was just you. “If you say so.” Liz gave you a smile and squeezed your shoulder before she left you. “Why would you do that?” You gritted through your teeth when you two were alone in the kitchen. He didn’t take his attention away from the drinks he was preparing. “Luke, talk to me.” You demanded and he finally opened his mouth. “Do what?” He asked, playing dumb. “Making me look bad in front of your family.” You answered, and you knew that you probably deserved what you just received; him shading you. It was true that you were being the jerk one since a few days ago, and you weren’t being like that for no reason, because it was all the emotions building up inside you and making you feel ten times worse than getting a period. Everyone would think you were being unreasonable for getting mad at Luke, but it was just the fear and anxiety that held you back from saying the truth, which might save your relationship at the moment. “Why? I’m just speaking the truth.” He said, his voice was quite inaudible after a long moment of silence. “Well you can’t do that!” You almost screamed, tears were already pooled in your eyes. “Oh can’t I? Y/N, all you’ve been doing for the past few days is being a pain in the ass and shitty girlfriend!” He yelled, making everyone in the house checking the kitchen to make sure everything was okay. With you not liking making scenes and the emotions pushing you over the edge, you excused yourself politely before storming out of the house, leaving everyone confused and dumbfounded.

Luke Imagine for yourbaemandy

Y/BF/N- your boyfriend’s name

Based off of “Just Saying”

You unlocked your phone for what seemed like the millionth time, and you saw that he was running half an hour late. Your boyfriend that is. You had planned this date for a week now, and he promised he would come on time. But, like always, he didn’t. You sighed, drumming your finger nails against the table before you finally gave up on him and left the restaurant.

Why did he almost always do this? Was work really holding him back? Well, scratch that, you thought. He could barely handle his job and in your four month span of dating him he had already gotten laid off twice.

You continued walking until you saw someone awfully familiar across the street. You saw it was your boyfriend. What was he doing here? Your heart leaped for just a moment, a glimmer of hope now in your soul. Maybe he was actually gonna come to the restaurant? Maybe he was actually running late this time?

It wasn’t until you saw him smiling and a girl suddenly appeared beside him. You felt your stomach drop and if your heart was in your hands it would’ve just cracked in half. He was laughing, smiling with this gorgeous girl, as he had his arm wrapped tightly around her waist and before you knew it he was kissing her. You felt your eyes beginning to water before you ran, to the only place where you knew comfort might await.


“Y/N?” Luke asked as you wiped the tears off your cheeks, before croaking out “Hi Luke…” Luke was your longtime best friend, and your rock. That, and your ex-crush. “Y/N why are you crying?” he asked straight out and you shook your head pushing past him and going into the living room and sitting down on the familiar couch. The house had the distinct smell of lemon cleaner, mingled with the smell cologne.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” Luke asked again and you felt a lump in your throat, as the tears started streaming down your face as you succumbed to sobbing, before Luke pulled you into his chest, rubbing circles in your back. “Did Y/BF/N ditch you again?” he asked and you pulled away, before you said “Yeah, but even worse…he’s been cheating on me Luke! This entire time! He’s been fucking cheating on me!”

You burst into tears again before Luke said “Shh…shh…that asshole never deserved you, you know that right Y/N?” You wiped the tears again as Luke then said “Listen, I’m gonna get some ice cream from the freezer yeah? Will that help at all?” You nodded as Luke grinned before going into the kitchen.

Truth was, you had always wanted Luke. Why you had settled for Y/BF/N were reasons unknown…partially it was to make Luke jealous, and the other part in the attempts to get over him in the first place. But now….the old feelings were reignited in your heart, and this time around, you couldn’t deny that Luke was WAY better then the douche you had dated.

Luke came back, the ice cream in his hand before he handed it to you along with one spoon. “I figured you needed it more than I do.” he said chuckling as you smile again, as you begin to dig in. “You know, I always wanted to say how much a jerk he was.” Luke said and you looked at him. “Well then why didn’t you?” “Well I figured it would be a dick of me to say that about your boyfriend….and also I knew you wouldn’t listen to me since you were into him.” Luke said shrugging.

“I wasn’t that into him to be absolutely honest….” you said aloud, and you immediately regretted what you said. “So then why were you with him in the first place?” Luke asked and you bit your lip looking at him. “It was because I liked you.” you whispered and Luke freezes. “Wh-what?” You blush and you then say “It’s late, I should go-” You’re suddenly cut off by Luke’s lips and you’re taken aback by his forwardness but at the same time you’re glad he’s kissing you.

He pulls away after a minute and he then says “God I have waited a long time to do that.” “Well was it worth the wait?” you ask cheekily. “Every second of it.” Luke says before kissing you again.

preference (#6) // you break up


You rush into the restaurant, sliding into the booth in the back as Luke had previously instructed you to do. You flash him a smile as you tried to regain composure, taking deep and steady breaths.

“I came here as fast as I could, what did you want to talk about?” You ask, placing your hand above Luke’s.

You were instantly perturbed at how quickly Luke pulled away from your touch. You stare at him, trying to send him a questioning look yet he only kept avoiding your gaze.

“Luke what’s wrong?” You ask again, worry lacing your tone.

“Y/N, I don’t know how to say this to be honest but I just-“

Your own mind had cut Luke off midsentence while he talked. It was almost as if there was a passage way that was blocking his words, either that or you simply didn’t want to hear the rest. It was all too obvious anyway, though what you couldn’t comprehend was why.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Your voice began to quiver, your hands were trembling. You were on the brink of tears but you were blinking them back.

“I want to break up.” He repeated, his words much more clearer.

You attempted to find any sign of agony in Luke’s eyes but to your dismay, you found none. He looked so.. numb. He looked completely dazed, as if it wasn’t phasing him as much as it did to you.

“But why?” You wanted to ask question after question but this one was what stood above all the rest.

“I just don’t feel the same about us anymore. The past few days I’ve been trying to reassure myself about my feelings but it’s not there anymore, Y/N. I can’t feel it anymore. I’m sorry.”

You wanted to scream at Luke, but the terrible ache in your heart was towering above your anger. You were more hurt than angry. You knew there was no point in fighting about anything anymore since the battle was clearly over. He had won.

“If that’s what you want then..” Your voice was barely above a whisper. Just one decibel lower and your words wouldn’t even be audible.

“I just want you to know that I really did love you. But people change and I can’t keep lying to you, or myself. I-It was never something you did.”

You pressed your lips together as you nodded. You never uttered a single word back and you never looked back at Luke. You continued to walk out of the restaurant with tears still streaming down your face and questions still flooding your mind.


You stared at Michael who was sat across the room with his arms wrapped around his legs. He was gazing out of the window, opposed to you who watched his every move.

It was another fight. It never occurred to you why your fights have occurred much more often. The only thing you did know was how much it scared you because of its pose as a threat to your relationship with Michael.

You began to walk towards him, sitting beside him.

“Michael..” You started, your tone completely shushed.

He finally turned to you, his lips pressed together and his eyebrows raised.

“I’m sorry.” You finally pushed out, swallowing the huge lump in your throat. Another thing that bothered you was how much pride was ruining the two of you. Every single fight, it was almost as if it was forbidden to apologize to each other. You found it hard to apologize and so did he. It was completely unhealthy but you two eventually got accustomed to it.

For five minutes,  silence filled the air. Michael was trying to make up an answer and you were waiting for it. You didn’t rush him, you didn’t do anything. You just waited.

“I don’t get it, Y/N,” He finally said. “I don’t get what we’re doing. I don’t get why we keep fighting over useless things.”

You were about to chip in, you were about to nod in agreement but the next set of words that rolled off his tongue left your mouth dry which disabled you from saying anything at all.

“I just think it would be better if we broke up. We can’t even make things work anymore, we can’t put back the pieces every time we fight. It’s getting too tiring.”

You couldn’t bring yourself to utter anything back, you just remained speechless as you sat there with tears rolling down your cheeks. Michael reached up to swipe away the tears with his thumb but you pushed his hand away.

“You see what I mean? Y/N, it’s not working out. We’re making each other miserable.”

His words hit you like a ton of bricks. You began to ask yourself if your relationship with him was all that bad, to the extent that it was making him miserable. You were certain that ‘miserable’ didn’t exactly describe how your relationship felt but obviously for him that was what it felt like and you weren’t about to neglect him with misery any longer.

“Fine.” You said back, your tone much more harsh than intended.

“I’m sorry…” Michael whispered, wrapping his arms around you.

Once he pulled away you flashed him an awfully pained smile and you ran out of the apartment, discontent in your heart.


You stared at the clock for what seemed like the billionth time, trying not to let your anger get the best of you. In your position though, it seemed completely acceptable to do so.

Three hours. You waited in your seat for three hours, watching people come and go, watching couples enjoy their dinner which was supposed to be what you were doing. You continued to sit there, a meal that you were forced to enjoy just so that the situation would look a little more appealing. Though for the thirty minute mark, you had enough. You paid for the bill and you quickly made your way back to your apartment where you were finally free to scream into a throw pillow to voice out your anger for Ashton.

As if on cue, the door swung open, revealing your boyfriend who was clearly drunk and reeked of alcohol and women’s perfume.

“Where the hell were you?!” You shrieked out, furrowing your eyebrows together.

To add to your anger, Ashton only laughed at you, prodding a finger to your face. “You look funny.” He pointed out, pertaining to the stains of mascara that dried up on your cheeks.

You rolled your eyes in annoyance, aware that trying to talk to Ashton would be hopeless as he would only point out things that would irk you even more.

You guided him towards the bed, unbuttoning his shirt for the comfort of his slumber. You had no idea why you even helped him but it was something you couldn’t resist anyway.

“Hey, y-you’re doing the same thing that girl did,” He laughed once more.  “What was her name? Kennedy? Kendra?”

He continued to list out names and you felt tears instantly rush down your cheeks. You stopped from unbuttoning his shirt and you ran out of the room, locking yourself in the bathroom. Being stood up was one thing but having girls take off his shirt was another. You continued to cry throughout the night and soon enough you came to the decision to leave Ashton. It didn’t matter to you if it seemed uncalled for because all that you could think about was how much shit you had already put up with and how done you were with it.

You began to pack up your things, messily throwing your clothes into a large tote bag. Daylight began to dawn upon you and you quickened your pace, hoping to not get noticed by Ashton.

“Y/N? Why are you packing?” Ashton immediately snapped into panic mode as he ran towards you, pulling your clothes out of your bag.

“Ashton stop!” You yelled at him, putting your clothes back into place.

“Don’t do this!” He yelled back, motioning to your bags.

“I have every fucking right to do this, Ashton! We’re over!” As soon as the words escaped from your lips, Ashton stopped from taking your belongings out of the bag. He just stood there, completely frozen.

You took this as the chance to finally walk out. You grabbed your bags and began to make your way out of the apartment.

“Y/N, no!” He yelled out, pulling at your wrist. Ashton looked like he was on the brink of tears and soon enough he began to cry.

“Ashton, let me go!”

“No! Why are you doing this?!”

“Oh wait let me think about that! Cause clearly you seem to forget every single thing you do! One, you stood me up. Two, you came home shit-faced drunk and three, fucking Kendra gave you such a good time, right?” You smile bitterly at him as his eyes widened.

“I’m sorry! Babe, please don’t do this! Don’t leave me!” He pleaded but you continued to walk out of the door anyway, leaving Ashton and all of his lies behind.


You tapped your foot on the floor impatiently, waiting for Calum to pick up. It was the tenth time you called and you were so close to giving up on trying to contact him.

Ever since he left for tour you were always faced with the dreaded time difference which neglected you from talking to your boyfriend. When you did get the chance to call him on an appropriate time, he would always be busy. You tried so hard to understand his situation but lately, every excuse he came up with was getting on your last nerves.

On the fifth ring, he finally picked up but to your surprise, it didn’t seem to be Calum at all.

“What?” The feminine voice snapped, leading you on to raging even more.

“Excuse me but who’s this?” You snapped back, feeling your eyebrows knit together in confusion. Everything was leading up to one thing only but you were refusing to believe it.

“I believe that’s none of your business, now what do you want?”

You were digging your nails into the palm of your hands, you were biting at your tongue just to prevent yourself from cursing the life out of her.

“Where’s Calum?” You asked, taking in deep breaths.

“Oh he’s still asleep.” A laugh escaped from her lips and finally the anger was replaced with hurt. You were holding back your tears but it didn’t seem to work.

“Right.” You said all too quickly, hanging up the phone.

You chucked the white device across the room, watching as it landed harshly onto your bed. You began to slide down on the wall, shoving your face into your hands.

There was no point in denying what the call meant, it was quite obvious anyway. But the unbearable pain was still there. You felt so betrayed. You had put all your trust into him when he left for the your yet he only belittled your trust and chose to be unfaithful.

You began to hear your phone ring. You tried to hold back from answering but you still did it anyway.

“Babe-“ He started but you immediately cut him off with a ridiculed laugh.

“What? Let me guess, it wasn’t what I thought it was? Or did I get everything wrong? Wait, you’re sorry? Enlighten me Calum, go. It’s nothing I’ve never heard before, anyway.”

Calum remained completely quiet and you felt a tugging pain in your heart. But you knew better than to break down. You kept your head high.

“That’s what I thought. You know, I was so stupid for actually thinking I could trust you. But it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re over, Calum.” 

“Y/N-“ He tried to call out but you quickly hung up. Your phone began to ring again and again but this time you chose to ignore it.

You finally released the hot tears that you held back as you cried into your palms, wondering what went wrong and what you did to led him into doing it.


part two (x)

Babysitting Your Cousins (Luke Hemmings)

Hello :) if u feel like it at some point can u do a Luke imagine where you’re visiting cousins or something idk but you’re super self conscious cause you’re really bad with kids? Thanks :) your writing is so amazing btw~ daisythegreat 

You are too kind!! Thank you so much :) I hope you guys enjoy!

Master List


“Babe what’s the matter?” Luke asked as he walked into your bedroom. “Nothing, just getting ready.” You muttered, kind of dreading babysitting your little cousins. “You totally look like your getting ready.” Luke said, kicking your foot as you continued to lie on the ground. Luke joined you soon after, laying next to you. “What’s wrong?” Luke asked again, this time laying on his side so he was watching you. “My cousins love you more then they love me.” You finally admitted. “They do not! Your cousins love you.” Luke defended. “When my aunt told them I was watching you, they requested that you came with me.” You rubbed your face trying to rub off the emotions. “God, I suck being with kids so much that my own family doesn’t want to be with me.” You muttered. Luke wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your head. “They do love you and they want to be around you. They probably only like me for the fame.” Luke tried joking, it only got a small chuckle from you. “They aren’t really old enough to care about fame Luke.” “What I’m saying, is that I’m new, of course they’ll want to see me. But after I’m a regular they will be back to not caring who I am. Plus, Mark only likes me because I’m the closest guy to his age, which is a very far gap.” This made you laugh, Luke’s breathe fanning over your neck adding a little bit more of a tickle. “You know Lucy loves you, she always asks to play dolls with her.” Luke continued. “No, she asks you then asks me.” You interrupted. “I bet that’s because she wanted to be like Mark and spend time with me. Just watch and see what happens today, okay?” Luke asked, kissing your temple again in reassurance. “Okay.” 

“Luke!!!” Your little cousins shouted as you two walked through the door. Luke gladly accepted their attack on his legs, ruffling their hair in the process. You smiled and made your way to the kitchen where you aunt was. “Hi Auntie!” You said, forcing a small smile to come on your face. Already they were giving him more attention. “Hey sweetie, I see they found Luke.” Your aunt nodded her head to where Luke was trying to walk with both of them on his legs without falling. “Yeah, they always seem to do so.” You replied. “Luke I have a cool game to show you!” Mark exclaimed, already dragging Luke to the basement. Lucy started following but then looked up at you with a little twinkle in her eye. “(Y/N), can you play dolly with me?” She asked, almost melting your heart. “Of course sweetie, I’ll meet you in your room?” You replied, your heart soaring at the idea that maybe you were good at this. “I’ll leave you guys to it then.” Your aunt said, kissing her daughter on the cheek before walking out. “Alright, lets go play with your dolls!” You said excitedly. 

After a few hours, and a surprise switch-a-roo with Luke where you played with Mark’s new game with him while Luke and Lucy played dress-up/dolls, it was time to put them to bed. “(Y/N).” Luke whined softly from the bathroom. You turned the light off in Marks room and made your way to Luke. “What is it-” You cut off by your silent laughter as you saw Luke. He was covered in bright pink eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. “It’s not funny get this off of me.” Luke continued to whine at your reaction. “Oh my gosh, how did you let it get this bad?” You asked, pulling out the make-up remover and sitting on the counter. “I thought she knew what she was doing.” “You thought a four year old knew how to put on make-up properly?” You asked, glancing at him as you started getting the make-up off. “Shut it.” You guys sat in a comfortable silence as you got the make-up off. “You are so great with kids, I’m jealous.” You said as you finished up getting the eyeshadow off. “You are great with kids! Lucy wouldn’t stop talking about you.” Luke held onto your hips and moved himself closer. “She wouldn’t or you wouldn’t?” You teased a bit. “That doesn’t matter, but we talked nothing but good things about you. They love you (Y/N)” Luke kissed you softly before pulling you off the counter. “Luke? (Y/N)?” You heard Lucy ask out. You walked into the hallway to see Lucy standing there with bed head already and looking scared. “Can you sleep with me?” Lucy asked when she spotted you. “Of course sweetie.” “Can I join to?” Mark asked, peaking out of his room. “Yeah bud, let’s go make a little fort in the front room shall we? That way we can all lay down.” Luke suggested, already guiding Mark downstairs while you carried Lucy down stairs. You guys made a small ‘fort’, or just a make shift bed with a blanket over us. Mark and Lucy situated themselves between Luke and I and watched a movie till they were both passed out. Lucy was cuddled up into your side, while Mark was just sprawled. “I told you so.” Luke whispered when he saw Lucy cuddled up to you. “Shut up.” You laughed quietly. You guys brought the kids back into their rooms and had just finished cleaning up when your aunt and uncle returned. On the drive back you couldn’t get the smile off your face. “I told you they love you, you just have to trust yourself.” Luke placed his hand on your knee, smiling at how happy you looked. “Thank you Luke, for believing me.”