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Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried take legal action over leaked photos
Lawyers get involved after Intimate photos of Seyfried with a former beau and Watson trying on clothes were leaked.

Lawyers for actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are coming for the people who leaked private photos of the Hollywood stars.

A representative for Watson confirmed that photos circulating online Wednesday were authentic and had been stolen.

“Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen. They are not nude photographs,” Watson’s publicist, Luke Windsor, told USA TODAY in a statement. “Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”

In Seyfried’s case, the actress was photographed in intimate situations with a former boyfriend and the photos were leaked to the website Celebrity Jihad, which traffics in nude celebrity photos, both real and Photoshopped. In a letter obtained by TMZ Thursday, her attorneys threatened legal action against the site unless they were removed immediately and demanded that the site preserve evidence of the photos and any correspondence pertaining to their use or distribution.

Until this is prosecuted as the sex crime that it is, women will continue to be victimized by disgusting predators. 

anonymous asked:

I would like to know your opinion about this, because it is something that I have noticed but I have never commented. I've noticed that Emma does not have many friends, (or maybe, yes, and I'm wrong) is always with Sophie, Amy and Derek, and even Luke, his publicist would also be his friend, but nothing more, She has a very small group of friends, no friends in Oxford (Sophie and Amy are from Oxford too?) no college, do you think Emma has problems with relationships? To establish friendships?

I have noticed the exact opposite XD Also, we haven’t had a picture of her with Sophie probably since around 2013 so saying she’s always with this group of people is probably a bit exaggerating ;) We very rarely have candid pictures of Emma anymore so it’s hard to say who she’s hanging out with but she always seemed very surrounded to me by lots of different friends.

Hiddleswift - That sinking feeling.

It’s one of those phone calls you really don’t ever want to receive. One of those times your heart plummets in your chest and your legs give way underneath you. Those heart-wrenching words no human wants to hear.

“Don’t panic but…” The voice said on the other end of the phone, making Taylor tense up immediately.

It was Luke, Tom’s publicist, calling from Germany where they were shooting parts of “Avengers: Infinity Wars part 2”. It was late morning there, meaning it was early in the morning in Nashville, where Taylor currently was.

“…Tom got himself in a bit of a mess early this morning during one of the stunts… basically he is in hospital.” Luke said, sighing slightly, having never wanted to make these types of calls to Tom’s family or significant other.

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