luke the koala

  • *when out in the woods*
  • Luke: *meets kangaroo*
  • Luke: well gday fellow kanggarew aussie
  • Luke: dyou put on sunscreen? Cuz skin cancer sucks dewd
  • Luke: *meets koala*
  • Luke: *looks closely*
  • Luke: hey there cute feller
  • Luke: why your hair blue
  • Luke: ... ...
  • Luke: hoe dont do it
  • Michael: *jumps out of koala costume* suck this dick luke
  • Luke: oh my god

I’ve finally discovered how to make a rebloggable masterlist!! 

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Daddy Luke making sure little girl Hemmings has every stuffed animal, doll or plush toy of any kind she could ever possibly want to cuddle with, making sure she’s absolutely comfortable. But her favourite thing to cuddle with, keeping her safe from any nightmares or monsters is her daddy, and she always finds her way to him when she’s tired, clinging to Luke like a koala until she drifts off to sleep.

koala luke (fluffy)

It was the night of the Aria Awards in Australia, but the show had ended hours ago. The after party was in full swing at a down town club, and since Five Seconds of Summer had received their first award, they planned on celebrating the right way. As soon as they had arrived, the four boys immediately beelined to the bar to order up drinks. Luke had a tight hold on your hand as he pulled you behind him, only to stand behind you and snake his arms around your waist as you waited for your drinks. After a few hours of dancing, drinking and socializing with people the boys had looked up to for years, you knew it was time to get Luke home. He was a giggling mess, his hair was beyond wrecked from it’s usually impeccable quiff, and he was seriously buzzed. 

Luke stood obediently beside you while you waited outside and called cab. He had his head bowed, watching your intertwined hands swing back and forth. He began wondering away as you gave your location to the cab company, only to remember your hands were in fact interlocked, and stumbled back into your side in a fit of giggles. After hanging up, you watched him in amusement as he tried to conceal his laughter behind his hand. “Luke, you are so drunk.” You chuckled. 

“’m not,” He protests weakly, his laughter dissipating. “I’m just really, really happy, and you’re so pretty." 

"Thanks,” You say flatly as his hands clumsily tangle into your hair, pulling your mouth up to his own. A wet, misaimed kiss was pressed to your upper lip, and Luke falls back laughing again. 

When the cab finally arrives, Luke’s eyelids are drooping and he stumbles into the car. You follow behind him, and as soon as your seated and the door is shut, his head falls into your lap. You give the driver the hotel name, and Luke pokes your belly button continuously. You rake your fingers through his hair soothingly, just hoping he won’t get sick in the cab. 




“Yes, Luke?”

“Are we… do you think we’ll win?” He questions with his eyes closed, but his eyebrows drawn together seriously. You frown in confusion, pausing your soothing movements as you try to think. 

“Win what?" 

"The Aria,” He yawns, nuzzling his head back into your palm, urging you to continue. Luke begins giggling. “Wait. We already won, didn’t we?" 

"Yes, Luke. You guys won, and that’s why you’re so drunk." 

When you get home, Luke drapes himself over your shoulder as you stumble to the bedroom. When you release him to dig through his drawers to find something more comfortable to sleep in, you feel his arms wrap around your torso as he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. ”’m not sleepy,“ He murmurs. "I don’t wanna go to bed yet." 

"You have to, babe. You need to sleep off this alcohol,” You say softly. Luke whines, and one of his legs curls around both of yours. “Luke,” You laugh quietly. “I’m gonna fall if you-” and suddenly his other leg lifts lifts up in attempt to fully koala you, and you tumble to the ground. But that doesn’t faze him; Luke shifts until you’re beside him, resting comfortably in the crook of his arm, and tangles his legs between your own. His arm winds tightly around your waist. 

“I don’t have to go to bed, and you don’t have to leave,” He says quietly, his eyelids fluttering shut. You can’t help but smile fondly, splaying your hand across the expanse of his chest as his breathing slows. “Not.. even.. sleepy." 

"Alright, koala boy,” You whisper, kissing the base of his neck. “Sleep well. I’ll be here when you wake up, promise.”