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“You alright.”

no one asked you to become Atlas
no one looked at you and thought:

“yes, this one, this one deserves to be cursed
cursed to hold the world on their aching shoulder
deserves to scream as the weight crushes them
deserves to have no one hear them cry
this one, this one, deserves to be forgotten”

no one else but you 
you were the one who chose to take on the burdens of a broken world
you were the one who decided to carrying the darkness 
the one who believes they do not matter
so they might as well try to hold up the universe

darling, why?
why of all the olden Gods would you chose Atlas?

was it because you understand that each person is a entire world
that by saving one person you’ve proved that you can save the universe
darling, it doesn’t work like that

The Defenders really need to acknowledge the Avengers more, but in a way that’s like “We have really got to take care of this ourselves”:

Jessica: “How about we just tell the Avengers that someone’s planning to destroy New York?”

Everyone: “No!”

Luke: “The last time the Hulk came through Harlem, three city blocks needed to be fixed, there were fires–people died!”

Misty: “If one piece of Stark weaponry finds its way into the wrong hands, we could be looking at a whole new class of criminal.”

Colleen: “Their fans would all crowd the streets and make things more dangerous.”

Matt: “Tony Stark’s already funding hurricane relief, so we really shouldn’t force him to pay more money for his own reparations.”

Danny: “Wait, these guys are real?”

friend: “what OTPs do you like?”
me: Love* and…

Mer and Derek

Callie and Arizona

Lexie and Mark

Alex and Jo

Henry and Teddy

Cristina and Owen

Ben and Miranda

Izzie and Denny

Jackson and April

Sheldon and Amy

Bernadette and Howard

Leonard and Penny

Oliver and Felicity

Barry and Caitlin

House and Cameron

Chandler and Monica

Ross and Rachel

Phoebe and Mike

Joey and Food

Nick and Adalind

Monroe and Rosalee

Regina and Robin

Emma and Killian

Snow and David

Brennan and Booth 

Angela and Hodgins

Nick and Jess

Cece and Schmidt

Luke and Lorelai

Sookie and Jackson

Austin and Ally

Toby and Spencer

Caleb and Hanna

Aria and Ezra

among others

your body is a map of scars
they show you’ve survived 

the world has burned you alive
it’s feasted on you sobbing screams

the universe hasn’t defeated you yet
pain and terror can’t snuff out your light

how is it that after all this darkness
you can still bring yourself to try?

the stars that tried to break you
they don’t realize that strength is your middle name

the devils that tried to turn you 
they don’t realize that kindness runs through your veins

My Ships

The Doomed:

1. Zuko x Katara aka Zutara!!! ( Zutara 5eva)

2. Romanogers

3. Bonnie x Damon aka Bamon

4. Jackson x Aria aka Jaria (Ezra and Aria’s relationship was just… * deep sigh*)

5. Jane x Michael aka JanMich (I’ve never been so conflicted- Michael was a great character and I liked him… But with his death rose the opportunity for my OTP to vanquish)

The Potentials:

1. Claire x Matt/Daredevil aka ClaireDevil

2. Jessica x Luke aka JewelPower (couldn’t find a ship name for Jessica and Luke so I made one up)

3. Jane x Rafael aka JanRaf (same for Jane and Rafael, what are you doing fandom verse? Where are all my ship names? CONSPIRACY!)

4. Klaus x Hayley aka Klayley

5. Jon x Danearys aka Jonaerys (don’t you just hate GoT for making you ship incest? You’ll like at least they’re bot bro and sis… In my defense I’ve been shipping them since season 1)

(6. Steve x Natasha aka Romanogers *unfailing hope and optimism for OTP*)

The Hated:

1. Damon x Elena aka Delena/Stefan x Elena aka Stelena (honestly she should’ve ended up alone)

2. Natasha x Bruce aka Bructasha (*eternal projectile vomiting* … both great characters tho)

3. Steve x Sharon aka Captain 13 (they did a special screening at my school, everyone booed when they kissed…. Couldn’t find a ship name for then either, wonder why, everyone loved this pairing in the movie *cyber sarcasm melts the minds of people in this fandom* this hatred only applies to them in the movie)

4. Matt x Karen (they don’t deserve a ship name, she’s great as a reporter *whispers ‘and with the Punisher*)

For The Win:

1. Emma x Hook aka Captain Swan

2. Hannah x Caleb aka Haleb (ugh Spaleb)

3. Aiden x Sally (us version)

4. Gwen x Arthur (totally spaced and forgot both their names and thought they were Geneviere and Arnold… I should go to sleep, i spelled 'totally’ like 'tollaty’ and couldn’t tell if i was right/wrong)

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IN ALL HONESTY, sometimes I do like it when my OTP isn’t canon because it just makes it more thrilling and there’s this feeling of camaraderie that hey, this couple isn’t real but we all think that they are and nobody can stop us.