Happier. // pt. 2

a/n: hello my lovely babies! here’s part two!! i hope you enjoy! :)

It’s been over a year since she last saw him. Over a year since she realised how much it hurt her to see him with somebody else. She tried her best to not think about him. She moved out of her old apartment and into a brand new one. She went on a few dates, got invited to a few parties, met a couple of new people. She wanted to get over him, she wanted to start new. She’s been good, or so she thought. But her world came crashing down when her best friend Michael told her about Calum’s upcoming wedding. She didn’t believe him at first, she didn’t want to but she had to once she saw the wedding pictures Calum posted on his Facebook. It completely broke her. Why couldn’t she just move on? Calum seemed so happy, why couldn’t she feel that way? He had promised her that she’d eventually find her happiness, did he lie? How could she ever love someone as much as him? Her head was full of questions and it wasn’t until she drank a whole bottle wine all on her own, that she decided to call him.


His voice was deep and raspy. She immediately knew she had woken him up.


Her voice was nothing but a whisper.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay? It’s four a.m. Why are you up?”

She could feel her eyes getting teary. The thought of his wife cuddled up next to him made her unbelievably sad.

“I miss you.”

He could tell she was about to cry, her voice was shaky. He quickly sat up, carefully getting out of bed. He was just about to close the bedroom door behind him as he heard his wife whisper his name.

“I’ll be right back baby, go back to sleep.”

He shut the door and quickly walked into the bathroom.

“Are you drunk?”

She bit her lip as her body slid down against her bathroom door, her butt colliding with the cold floor.

“Was that her? Did she wake up?”

“This is not about her. Answer my question. Are you drunk, (Y/N)?”

She sighed, hugging her knees tightly.

“I am.”


He was pacing around the room, fingers tugging on his bottom lip.

“Because I’m sad.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, her lips catching it.

“Why are you sad?”

“Because you’re no longer mine.”


She took a deep breath, resting her chin on her knee.

“I’m sad because no matter where I am or who I’m with, everything’s reminding me of you. I’m sad because not even an empty bottle can convince me that I’m getting better. I’m sad because you left me and are now married to the love of your life. I knew one day you’d fall for someone new but I never thought it’d hurt me that much. I’m sad because I’m so so empty without you. You’re the one for me, Calum, and I don’t think I’ll be okay without you.”

She was sobbing. So was he. He knew she loved him and he knew she was hurting, Michael told him, but he didn’t think it was that bad. He felt guilty. Guilty because, yes he did still love her, but he didn’t love her enough to try again, to fix this. Hell he just got married. She was his past. His back slid down his bathroom door, his knees pulled to his chest.

“I’m so sorry. I never meant to break you. I’m sorry.”

His voice cracked, tears rolling down his red, puffy cheeks. Her eyes closed, a sigh pushed past her lips.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m not the one for you but I had to get this off my chest. I wish I could just let it go but I was so much happier with you.”

He took a deep breath, his eyes closing as he spoke.

“I can promise you one thing. I promise you that one day you’ll be head over heels in love with this guy who’ll make you forget about all the pain you’re going through right now. He’ll make you forget about me and every other guy who ever hurt you. He’ll make you realise that every single heartbreak was worth it because in the end you’ve got him. He’ll be your happily ever after. I promise you’ll be okay. It just takes time.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, love. I promise. Do you promise me you’ll stay safe?”

She was chewing on her bottom lip, eyes still teary and her cheeks were read and tear stained. She was a mess. An unlovable mess, she thought.

“I promise.”

Her voice was barely a whisper, but enough to make him smile. He felt some weight being lifted off his shoulders. She was too precious, he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

“I love you. And I’m sorry I woke you up.”

“Don’t apologise, I’m glad you let your pain out. I love you too.”

A smile found it’s way onto her lips.

“Go sleep. The world will be fine again tomorrow.”

“Good night, Cal.”

“Good night, (Y/N).”

As soon as their call ended, Calum and (Y/N) both let out a big sigh, resting their heads against their bathroom doors, both hoping that one day, they’ll be over each other.


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