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the rogue one squad built a rebellion on hope, and when they couldn’t carry that hope anymore because their chances were spent, luke, leia, and han brought it to the finish line. luke didn’t “get all the glory;” he had that greatness thrust upon him in the cruelest way possible: he lost his two parental figures, and he lost obi-wan (another paternal figure) in a short span of time. but he never gave up. he easily could have, but he knew that he’d fall down a hole he’d never be able to crawl out of. he never hardened; he was never resentful of his sensitivity, even though many predicted it would be his “undoing.” he turned it into a strength instead, and i think that’s a really beautiful way to write a character. the rogue one squad would be proud of him.

Unrelatedly, I’m a bit ????? about the convention that Luke is SUPER TINY.

Mark Hamill is 5′9″. That’s certainly not tall, but except for stormtroopers it’s not really short, either. He’s the same height as Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, and only an inch shorter than Diego Luna, Ewan MacGregor, and Ian McDiarmid.

Of course, we mostly see him around tall men (Harrison Ford is 6′1″, Billy Dee Williams is 6′, David Prowse is 6′5″ w/o the suit), so between that and the coming of age narrative, it’s understandable that he seems small and boyish. But he’s not tiny! Really!

We were almost something beautiful.
—  6 word story #1
Truth or Dare (Luke Hemmings)

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the 5sos boys and Luke gets dared to eat you out. He’s a little embarrassed at first doing it in front of the other boys as he hasn’t done it much before, and the boys tell him what to do…kinda.


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A/N: Hey guys I just logged on today to see that I had 301 followers so this is great timing because this can be a celebration smut!! Thank you guys so much and I hope you like it :)

“Well that was a great ending.” You laughed, having just finished a round of movies with your brother and his band. The last, (your request), Magic Mike, had made them all uncomfortable, but admittedly left you slightly turned on.

“No more movies.” Your brother, Oliver, groaned.

“Alright, what should we do then?” Ashton asked.

“Truth or dare!” Michael said excitedly.

“We should be getting home.” Your brother said, knowing where truth or dare with these boys would go. Last time he saw you flash Calum, which was not enjoyable for either of you.

“I want to stay.” You pouted. If your brother wasn’t here you could get away with most things.

“Fine. Be back by 12. I’ll see you boys later, don’t rape her. And I swear to God if I see one bruise on her tomorrow,”

Oliver was cut off my Michael. “Even a hickey?”

“One. Single. Bruise.” Oliver glared at Michael before leaving.

“Well this’ll be fun.” Calum grinned, Luke visibly gulping.

“Y/N.” You turned to face Michael. “Truth or dare.”

“Dare.” You said confidently.

“Take off your shirt.”

“You’re so predictable Clifford.” You said, poking your tounge out at him before lifting your shirt over your head.

“Nice rack Kirby.” Michael said quietly.

“Bigger than your dick.” You heard Luke mumble beside you, causing you to chuckle.

“Ashton.” You turned to him. “Truth or dare?”


“Aw you’re so boring. Who out of my friends would you fuck?” You say him blush, everyone knew he had a crush on Halley.

“Um-ah Halley?” He raised his voice at the end, making it seem like a question.

It continued like this for a while, we all took shots, Calum was shirtless and Luke was sitting in his boxers. Michael had taken body shots off of Ashton, and we knew that Ashton wanted to kiss, fuck, and marry Halley. Oh and that he had a daddy kink (but who didn’t know that?).

“Y/N.” Calum turned to you. “Truth or dare?”


“You sure?” He laughed.

“Alright.” You said, deciding to risk it.

“Bad idea.” Calum chuckled. “Take off your underwear.”

You sighed. You were wearing a skirt, so you stood up, shimming out of your underwear, holding them up for the boys to see. You sat back down on the couch, feeling Luke squirm beside you. You discreetly glanced over, seeing that he was turned on by your dare.

“Luke.” Michael said. Luke turned to him, looking like he was caught doing (well thinking of) something that he shouldn’t have been. “Truth or dare?”

You saw Luke gulp. “Um truth.”

“Don’t be a pussy Hemmings.” You laughed.

“Fine.” Luke sat up taller. “Dare.” He looked proud of himself until Michael said what his dare was to be.

“Eat out Y/N.” This got everyone’s attention.

“And this is okay with me because…?” You asked.

“That movie turned you on and we all know you’ve got a thing for Hemmings.” Michael said. Both of those you couldn’t deny.

“Here?” Luke squeaked out.

“Sure.” Michael smirked. Luke gulped, turning to you.

“Um- guys.” He whined. “I haven’t, um, I haven’t really done this before.” You could see a blush creeping onto his cheeks, and you couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the poor boy.

Pulling him closer to you, you whispered in his ear, “I’ll help you.” He looked at you and you nodded, biting your lip.

“Sit on the floor Hemmings!” Michael said.

“Shutup Clifford.” Luke retorted, making everyone laugh (except Michael, that is.).

Luke took a deep breath, bringing his hands up your legs. “I don’t know what to do.” Luke said sheepishly.

“Don’t worry.” You smiled at Luke. “Do whatever feels right.” He smiled gratefully back at you.

“Do what’s in the pornos.” You heard Calum tell Luke, making you groan and throw your head back against the couch. This wasn’t helping. All of a sudden you jerked up, feeling the cool touch of Luke’s fingers along your inner thigh.

“Is that right?” Luke asked. You nodded, encouraging him. You watched him bite his lip as he pushed your legs apart, putting you on display for all of the boys. You hear a few groans and a whimper leave their mouths.

Luke ran his hands up your thighs again, his hands getting closer and closer to your centre every time.

“Touch me Luke.” You whimpered, seeing him grin. You feel his fingers run across your folds, making you groan. He rubbed circles on your clit, causing you to throw your head back.

“Get to the eating Hemmings stop making her wait for it!” You heard Michael say, with what? A moan. That’s right. You looked up to see Michael’s dick out, him slowly stroking it. You saw Ashton palming himself through his jeans and the top of Calum’s dick peeking out of his boxers, which he was rubbing slightly.

Luke blushed, moving his face to your clit. He gently blew on it, causing you to shudder. Luke then kissed your clit, making you squirm due to the contrast of his warm lips and lip piercing.

“Am I doing well?” He mumbled against you. You could feel the smirk, he knew full well he was.

“Amazing.” You breathed out, a moan leaving your lips as he caught you off guard, making little figure-eights with his tounge on your clit.

“You fucking liar.” You said, fisting Luke’s hair. “You lied about not doing this before.”

Luke took his mouth off of you, causing you to whine. He moved up to your ear, replacing his mouth with his fingers.

“I know innocence turns you on.” He whispered, causing you to suppress a moan. “I know how turned on you get when a guy puts on a show for you.” Luke nibbled on your ear, one finger plunging into you, causing you to hold onto him and to cry out in pleasure. “I know dirty talk turns you on, I know how to make you feel good baby.” He kissed your cheek.

You turned your head to him. “How?” You asked.

Luke smirked, adding another finger, making you grip his arm even tighter. “You sleep talk when you’re drunk.” Luke kissed down your neck, nibbling until you cried out in pleasure. You felt him smirk, adding another finger.

“Luke I need your mouth.” You begged.

Luke pulled away from you, that stupid smirk of his still on his face. He added his mouth to the pleasure his fingers were giving you, flicking out his tounge and spelling his name on your clit. You groaned, feeling him speed up his actions.

“Luke.” You groaned, feeling yourself about to come undone any second now. He nibbled on your clit, causing you to cry out and come undone at his fingertips.

Luke brought his face to yours, grinning. You wiped your cum off of his face and then kissed him.

“Ew lovely shit.” You heard Calum say, making you laugh. Luke moved away from you so that he wasn’t blocking your viewpoint anymore. What was before you was a sight to see. Both Michael & Calum’s stomachs were covered in cum, and Ashton’s pants had a wet patch on the front. You turned to Luke.

“You didn’t get off though?” You said.

“Don’t worry I can get myself off thinking about that pretty pussy of yours.” He grinned at you.

“Who knew Hemmings was so confident?” Michael said.

“Oh come on Michael we all know you want to blow him.” Ashton said, making you all laugh.

One time at school some idiot kept came up to talk to me and my best friend, and he heard us talking about 5SOS and he said he liked them and he asked my favorite and i said mikey and he was like “hes my least favorite hes so ugly and cant even play guitar” and my best friend very quietly said “you shouldnt have said that” and thats the story of when i chased someone out of the room by running after them screaming every good thing about michael clifford i could think of