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Hey, hope youre having a good day. I really hope you dont ignore this ask but... I think you and your anons are too harsh to harry. If he and louis did broke up he's probably going through a difficult time and SIKE! I bet harry bought the cologne louis uses and he sprays it around his house and throws around some givenchy jumpers and adidas shoes so when jeff drops by he goes "Sorry! Louis is so messy!" Jeff just nods sadly... He and glenne ran into Louis and Luke at a restaurant just last week.


Ashton Irwin- Princess

Request: can you make a smut about Ashton being dominant and fucking you in front of the bathroom mirror’s sink?

Hope you like it!

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I knew what I was doing, and I know that I’m going to be punished for it. I think I’d be okay with that because Ashton’s punishments are always pleasurable. We were sitting at a restaurant with Luke and his girlfriend across from us. Luke was telling us a story about an incident that happened on stage, but I wasn’t really listening. I had my hand on Ashton’s thigh and I slowly inched closer to his member. He didn’t seem to notice what I was doing, but soon he will.

“So then I saw him drink water from his water bottle and then he ran over to me and I knew what he was going to do. He’s done it before, so I ran. Which caused me to fall.” Luke said and we all started to laugh.

Taylor, Luke’s girlfriend, spoke up, “And then he claimed it didn’t hurt but there was a huge bruise on his shin.”

I laughed and shook my head in disbelief. These boys are all idiots. I looked up at Ashton to see him laughing. His eyes were scrunched closed and his dimples were showing. Then I reached my hand over and placed it on top of his semi hard on. He stopped laughing and he looked down at the table. He glared over at me and I just smiled at him innocently. He shook his head and then looked back up and Luke and Taylor. I didn’t move my hand as I talked to Taylor. I rubbed my hand up and down every once in a while causing Ashton to flinch or his leg would twitch. I smirked to myself, loving the affect I had on him. Ten more minutes had passed and our food finally arrived. I then removed my hand from Ashton’s bulge. I forked some of my pasta into my mouth before I switched my fork into my other hand. I then placed my right hand back on his bulge and he almost choked on his chicken. I smirked and took another bite of the delicious food. Luke gave us a questioning look and I just shrugged as if I didn’t know what his problem was. I most certainly knew what his problem was and soon, it’s going to become my problem too.

All too soon, the night came to an end. We paid the bill and we started to get up from the booth. I hugged Luke and Taylor quickly before they exited the restaurant. Before I could start to walk towards the exit, Ashton grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom. I stumbled into the men’s room and Ashton turned around and locked the door. He then turned around and faced me and I gave him an innocent look, “What’s wrong, Ash?”

He pointed a finger at me, “Don’t give me that innocent shit Y/N, you know exactly what’s wrong.” He stepped closer to me, “Do you think what you did was okay?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

He glared at me and pushed me against the wall, “You’re such a tease.”

“What are you going to do about it?” I asked him.

He shook his head and then smashed his lips against mine. I could feel his stubble against my face as our lips moved in sync. He pushed my arms above my head, deepening the kiss my pushing his tongue into my mouth. I moaned against his lips as our tongue fought for dominance, which he won quickly. He removed his lips from mine and they started attacking my neck. I reached down and started to rub him through his pants only to feel him rock hard because the events that occurred throughout dinner. He groaned into the skin on my neck as I continued to rub him. His hips bucked up into my palm and I smirked to myself. He freed my hands and I immediately pushed him back. I dropped down to my knees and unbuckled his belt and threw it on the ground. I quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down his legs along with his boxers. He hissed at the cold air that rushed through his now bare legs and his member sprung up. He was dripping with pre-cum and I smirked up at him, pleased with my work.

I slowly dragged a finger up his shaft and I could have sworn I heard him growl under his breath.

“Stop. Teasing.” He said through gritted teeth.

I stuck my tongue out and let his top rest on it. I bobbed my head a few times before closing my lips around him, taking him in fully. I looked up at him through and saw his head fall back against the wall as he scrunched his face in pleasure. I reached up and pumped what wouldn’t fit in my mouth and used my other hand to massage his balls.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He groaned and pressed his hand to the back of my head.

I swirled my tongue around and took him deeper into my mouth. He almost hit the back of my throat, but I didn’t let that happen. I removed my mouth from him and pumped him harder.

“Shit, just like that. Fuck, like that.” His voice got deeper.

I put him back in my mouth until his tip hit the back of my throat. He moaned out a few profanities and I felt him twitch in my mouth. So I pulled back and stood up just in time to see his eyes flutter open. He grabbed my waist and picked me up and say me down on the sink. He reached behind me and unzipped my dress which was quickly thrown onto the floor. I was left in my bra and panties which didn’t last very long. My bra was ripped from my body along with my panties so I was left completely naked. I removed the rest of Ashton’s clothing and I admired his muscular chest. His hand traveled to the bottom of my back where his pushed me forward so I was sitting on the edge of the sink. He pushed my legs apart. And then, without warning, he pushed himself into me. My head fell forward onto his shoulder and I moaned out. I gripped onto his biceps as he thrust in and out of me. I started to fall off the sink, but he caught me.

He pulled out of me and turned me around so we were both facing the mirror, “Bend forward, princess.”

I bent down and rested my hands on the sink and he aligned himself up with my entrance. He slowly pushed himself into me and I opened my mouth and let my head drop. No matter how many times we have sex, I never get used to the size of him. His hands gripped tight onto my waist as he slid out of me and back in again. He slammed harder back into me and I yelped in pleasure. He repeated his actions, his tip rubbing against my g-spot.

“Fuck, Ash.”

“I love it when you call me that.”

“Just like that, Ash.” I moaned and help tighter onto the sink.

I felt his hand leave my waist and he reached down and started rubbing circles on my clit. I cried out and fell forward a bit. He used his other hand to cover my mouth and I heard small whimpers escape from his lips.

“Look in the mirror. Watch me fuck you.” He demanded.

I looked up into the mirror and saw our bodies moving together. My God, it was such a turn on. I could see him leaving me and entering me again and again and again. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge until I finally came undone. I screamed out into Ashton’s hand and almost fell over, but he uncovered my mouth and held me up. A few thrusts later, he spilled his load into me, riding out our highs. Finally, he pulled out of me and I sat down on the floor to catch my breath. Ashton reached his hand down to me and I took it and he helped me up with I was finally breathing normal again. I put my dress on with no bra or panties because Ashton ripped them, not that I’m complaining. Ashton put his clothes on and he exited the bathroom hand in hand. Thankfully, no one heard us and we were able to leave the restaurant without a second glance.

Where Luke would take the signs on a date/what you would do
  • Aries: To a petting zoo, you, him + cute animals, you'd both giggle as a baby goat tried to eat his shirt
  • Taurus: The pool, Luke would be blushing over you in a swimsuit at first, but splashing water into his face usually helps
  • Gemini: A fancy restaurant, Luke would show up in a shirt and tie and inevitably spill something on his face but he adores your face in candlelight
  • Cancer: A hotel room, you'd simply be together with room service food and champagne, dancing in the room together and singing as loud as you wanted
  • Leo: The zoo, Luke loved imitating the Lion's roaring with you and making faces at the animals while eating ice cream
  • Virgo: A gallery, you'd walk around looking at the art, but he would be looking at you
  • Libra: Your place, you would cook a romantic dinner together then spend the night together
  • Scorpio: To a concert, mostly just to watch you let go and dance to the music, he'd let you up onto his shoulders
  • Sagittarius: A romantic walk through the countryside, he'd give you a piggyback and you'd end up laughing on the floor
  • Capricorn: His house, he'd order in and sit watching cheesy films all night, so he could watch you smile
  • Aquarius: The movies, specifically a horror film so Luke could hold your hand (but inevitably get more frightened)
  • Pisces: A pier/beach, eating candyfloss and getting sticky faces so he could kiss the sugar off of your nose

“Come on, baby.” Luke whispered into your ear, his lips brushing against your ear, making you smile softly in your half asleep state. “Where we’goin?” You asked sleepily, lifting your head from his shoulder and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. You looked around at the people surrounding the round table as you stretched. You had Ash and Bryana, Cal, Michael, Luke’s brothers, and one of your best friends from college. As you were grinning sleepily at Michael you felt Luke press a soft kiss to your temple. “I’m taking you home.” Luke mumbled against your skin, making you shiver and laugh lightly. You pouted and turned to look at Luke with furrowed eyebrows. You looked into his shining blue eyes and almost lost your train of thought. “But, babe. Everyone’s still here.” You complained, gesturing to the others surrounding the table you had been sat at for the past few hours at your favorite restaurant.

Luke chuckled and grabbed your hand, standing and pulling you out of your seat. “Babe, you just fell asleep on my shoulder for 20 minutes. I think you’re a bit tired.” You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “I was not sleeping. I was resting my eyes.” You pointed out, hoping he’d buy it. Luke simply shook his head, his eyes alight with amusement. “Dude, there’s drool on my shirt.” Luke said, pointing at the wet spot on his nice black button down. You simply huffed and groaned, knowing Luke won this round. The fact that you drooled on Luke didn’t even affect you. You had been together long enough that that kind of stuff didn’t matter anymore.

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luke coming into the restaurant you work in and always flirting with you when you wait on him and then before he leaves he makes sure to draw you a dumb cartoon on his napkin, until one day he gets an act of bravery to leave his number on the back and you find it as you clean up his table and as you’re reading it he comes back in because he left his jacket and you hold the napkin up for him and he blushes and scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, but you just giggle and give him your number, winking and telling him to call you sometime to which he stutters out an “of course” before he grabs his jacket and trips over his own shoes on his way out the door *sigh*