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But I’ve finally managed to pull myself together and be productive, so tomorrow I’m going to post Chapter 9 of Crossing Knives. All 5500 words of it.

Here are the links to all the chapters I’ve posted so far (in case I still have readers and they want to rememeber what all this was about). Chapter 9 is currently with my my lovely beta reader @hiddlesnlondon, who has the patience of a saint, and in less than 24 hours I’ll post it here and on Ao3.

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Crossing Knives 

Tom Hiddleston is the brilliant executive chef of Band of Brothers, a London restaurant with a Michelin star. He also has a reputation for being arrogant, cocky and difficult, and his constant tantrums are making the business suffer.

Hallie Harrison is a former home cook, known for her big and innovative flavours, who has just won Masterchef US. Her triumph has brought her some fame, a bit of money, and the publication of her own cookbook. After a short perfecting course at a prestigious culinary school, she feels ready to go back to her home country and play in the big leagues.

Luke Windsor is a restaurateur who is tired of constantly looking for new sous-chefs because his business partner (and, nevertheless, friend) Tom keeps making them quit. In a desperate move to save his restaurant, Luke offers Hallie a job as a sous-chef… and maybe also a chance to meet the man of her dreams in the least likely of places: the kitchen of Band of Brothers.

Flashback drabble: Dom Pérignon

Chapter 1: Amuse Bouche, California Style

Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining

Chapter 3: Hangover Breakfast

Chapter 4: Craft Ale and a Touch of Ginger

Chapter 5: Champagne Tarts, Sweet and Sour

Chapter 6: Earl Grey Tea and Swiss Meringue

Chapter 7: A First Date and an Italian Feast

Chapter 8: Posher than a White Truffle Sandwich

Chapter 9 (coming soon TOMORROW)


so i decided to contribute something to this fandom because of the lack of fics :) enjoy ^^


“We don’t talk anymore, we don’t anymore, we don’t talk anymore like we used to.” Simon huffed quietly as he strummed his guitar. He sat by the bay window of his new room, his new home. It was still too much to take in.

Raphael had ushered him into his new life relatively quickly, setting aside a room and a tiny fridge with blood bottles for him. He’d even prepared training sessions for him so that he could get used to his newfound speed and senses.

For that he’d been grateful. He intended to thank Raphael by replacing his jacket. At the very least, he knew how much the leader liked his jackets.

But all those thoughts and activities could do nothing to console him. He was still hanging off by a thread from his old life. He thought of his sister and something wet slid down his cheek. When he reached up to wipe away the tear he was surprised to see blood instead and immediately recoiled at the sight. Right, he would never cry the same again.

But at that moment he didn’t care. He just sat there, letting the inevitable set in as he whispered out song lyrics and loosely strummed his guitar.

Raphael was storming down the hallways looking for Simon. Idiota, he had forgotten about practice again. The fledgling was going to be the death of him. And he was already dead.

‘When I get my hands on him, I swear I’m going to -’ his train of thought was cut off as a soft sound, a mixture of what sounded like singing and crying, reached Raphael’s ears. He walked toward the source of it and found himself outside Simon’s room.

He sighed.

Still missing the mortal life, he was. Raphael could understand. He’d been in that position many times over. And it’d taken so much effort not to do something regretful back when he was younger.

Being immortal had its drawbacks. Raphael had already begun to calcify before the whole situation with the Shadowhunters and Valentine’s blasted daughter came about. He was starting to succumb to the inevitability of ‘forever’.

And then everything changed when that adorable dork showed up. He’d never admit it, but he was grateful that the boy was around. It had given him a distraction of sorts. Or rather, someone worth looking at because no matter how hard he tried to deny it, he was slowly falling for Simon Lewis.

Raphael hesitated, all anger dissipating, before knocking his knuckles on the wooden door.

The singing stopped abruptly.

“Simon? Can I come in?” He asked. No response. He took that as a yes and walked straight in to see the figure of Simon curled up by the bay window with his guitar on his lap and red lines streaking his face.

As much as he didn’t want to show his affection, or make his infatuation known, Raphael couldn’t help himself as he walked into the adjourning bathroom, rinsed a wash towel under the tap and returned, waking up to Simon and taking by boy’s face lightly by the chin.

He starting cleaning up the blood streaks gently, the red coming away in dashes as Simon looked up at him, eyes still brimming red.

“C'mon, no more crying.” Raphael whispered quietly, the moment he was done.

“I know how hard it is. I’ve been there but trust me, it will get better. Have a little faith. That was what pulled me through.” He said and Simon resisted a sniffle.

“Why are you being so nice to me all of sudden? When we first met, you hated my guts. When I was mundane, you wanted nothing to do with me. And then here I am, a newborn vampire and you’re coddling me like some child. What is this?” Simon blurted out before he could stop himself.

Raphael tensed up and his anger began to bubble beneath the surface. Dios, why did he have to like this blasted fool?

“We are a clan. We all care for each other. But if you’re so against my help, then I won’t ever bother you again.” He replied tersely, feeling slightly offended. Stupid sonofab-

“Wait, no I didn’t mean it like that. I appreciate it. Really. Please, stay.” Simon said hurriedly, grabbing Raphael by the wrist. Raphael eyed the hand on his wrist. If he still had a heartbeat, his pulse would have quickened at the touch. Simon made to retract his hand when Raphael twisted his wrist around to hold him in place.

“Okay.” He replied.

And so he stayed.


When Simon trained previously, he’d always seemed distracted. As if there was something else on his mind, or somewhere else he’d rather be and that pissed Raphael off. He couldn’t get the fledgling to stay put and listen and often ended up venting his frustration out on the poor lad himself during mock-fights.

But after Raphael had stayed with Simon, he’d changed.

Raphael had simply held his hand and sat across from the lad at the bay window, his boot-clad feet kicked up as he silently watch the world go by outside, often stealing glances at the boy across from him. They stayed like that until night fell and they left to hunt.

Training sessions after that seemed to go smoother. Simon focused perfectly and he was slowly learning to gain control over his new abilities, slowly gaining the upper hand in most training exercises and pinning Raphael under him. He had to admit, it felt good to finally be able to hone all his new gifts. Raphael had rarely said much on his improvement but had let a small smile slip once or twice and that was indication enough of how well he was doing.

One time, when Simon pinned Raphael to the ground with a loud thump, he’d let out a sharp hiss and scrunched up his eyes as a hand shot up to the back of his head.

“Joder! Hijo de puta!” (direct translation : f***! sonofabitch!) Raphael growled out and Simon had been around for long enough to understand that he was being cussed at.

“Shit, Raphael? Are you okay? Oh go- ugh, I’m sorry, are you hurt?” Simon rushed out in a flurry of phrases. He began to get off of the elder vampire when suddenly he found himself pinned to the hardwood floor with a yelp and a grinning Raphael, fangs out, sitting on top of him.

“You forgot the first rule, don’t show any sign of weakness.” Raphael taunted and Simon would have blushed had he still been human.

“Hey, you were the one that toyed with my feelings.” He tutted like a child and huffed to which Raphael froze slightly.

They had a brief staring contest before realising what an awkward position they were in and Raphael scrambled to get off the younger lad, quickly straightening out his jacket as he did.

“Er, training’s over for today, you can go.” He said and left the room in a flash, leaving a very bewildered and confused Simon behind to wonder what the hell had happened.


Simon left the hotel with his ears ringing from a whole load of nagging from their one and only Raphael. For Chrissakes, he was just going down to see Luke at the restaurant. No big deal. But remembering how Raphael reacted the last time to him being simply shoved by one of the wolves, he decided to just assure the leader of his safety and return before the sun was up.

Which didn’t really happen.

Since he kind of got caught up in a whole situation with helping Luke get his job back, being the fake ‘Demonic Murderer’ and getting shot a least twenty times, not that it hurt but it had been a strange experience.

By the time he left the station it was inching towards morning and he’d broken into a sprint to get back to the hotel before the sunlight touched him. The moment he walked into the hotel, the sound of Spanish cussing reached his ears.

“Raphael calm down, he’ll be fine he’s not some child.” Simon faintly heard Lily’s voice.

“Idiota! I’m going to look for him myself!” Raphael’s voice was louder that time.

“You’re gonna get yourself burnt.” A third, calm voice replied. “And Simon’s back already.”

“WHAT?!” Lily and Raphael chimed.

“…Hey guys?” Simon stepped out into the main hall with a small sheepish wave, unsure of what to do.

“Are you okay? Why are a you covered in bullet holes? Who did this to you? I swear I’m going to-”

“Raph, I’m fine, just some favour for Luke, I’m still here not dead see?” Simon cut him off, gesturing to his still standing form.

The emotions that flickered through Raphael’s eyes whirred by terrifyingly fast and Simon was worried that he was having a mental breakdown. Instead, the leader spun on his heel and stormed off without another word or backward glance.

“What’s gotten into him?” Simon asked and Elliot, the owner of the last voice, chuckled.

“Boy are you oblivious.” He snickered, clapping his hand on Simon’s shoulder before walking off. Lily offered a bemused smile before following suite leaving him wondering why had Raphael acted in such a way.

He looked down sadly at the bag in his hand. It looked like he was going to have to give it to him personally.


Even though vampires didn’t sleep, Raphael felt exhausted as he lay down on his bed, something he hadn’t felt in a while.

Stupid Lewis, making him feel this way.

It was completely illegal for him to be so dorky and yet so adorable at the same time.

He groaned into his duvet.

“Idiota…” He mumbled under his breath, he’d been using that word very frequently ever since Simon came.

Suddenly, there was a knock.

“Raph? You in there? Can we talk?”


“Go away Simon, I’m not in the mood.” Raphael replied, not wanting to have to face the very problem he had been trying to deal with.

“Alright, I’m coming in.”

“What do you not understand about -”

“I bought you a new jacket.”


“I said, I bought you a new jacket. I had to help Luke with some stuff and I picked up a jacket before I went over.”

Raphael sat up and stared dumbly at Simon.

“You, bought me, a jacket? Why?” He asked, suspicious.

“Because I’ve already ruined two of yours. And I felt bad. And itssortofathankyouforbeingreallywelcomingandhelpful.” Simon mumbled and Raphael could barely catch the last part of what he had said as he watched the nervous brunette run a hand though his hair.

“What’s it look like?” Trying to stall, he decided to see how Simon would react. The lad seemed slightly shocked, a little deflated before he covered it back up with a nervous grin.

“It’s leather, a few embroidery details. Thought you might like this.” Simon said sheepishly. Raphael felt something bloom in his chest despite the absence of a heartbeat. He got up and walked over to take a closer look at the jacket. Simon was right, the red embroidery was really quite appealing.

He stole a glance at Simon from under lashes and decided, screw it.

Maybe it was the way the lad was so nervous and he wanted to take away some of that tenseness, or maybe it was just him seeing red and going a little crazy, but he leaned right in and captured the fledgling’s lips in his.

At first nothing happened and Raphael was starting to deeply regret his existence as tens of thousands of profanities started running through his head when Simon heaved in a breath he didn’t really need and leaned into the kiss.

The jacket fell to the floor, forgotten amidst the innocent, intimate moment.

When Raphael pulled away, Simon still had his eyes closed and he blinked them a couple of times before looking Raphael dead in the eye.

“So that’s why you were acting to strange.” He smiled softly, like a child who’d discovered a secret.

“Idiota…” Raphael couldn’t help but chuckle, not with venom but rather affection this time and he wrapped Simon up in a hug. It lacked warmth and everything that a human hug had but it felt right. And at that moment, that was all that really mattered.



You’re A Famous Youtuber And You See Him For The First Time

Masterlist | Request 


Being invited to the KCAS is exciting enough but being nominated for an award is mind-blowingly awesome. At least, that’s what it feels like.

As you’re sitting nervously in your seat with sweaty palms and nervous breathing you suddenly realise. You’ve got it all.

To your right are your fellow youtubers but to your left are a string of four empty seats. Whoever’s gonna sit there better hurry up and get here, you think to yourself

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Luke Hemmings One Shot - Risky Romance

(photo not mine)

Category - One Shot

Smut or Fluff? - Fluff

Requested? - Nahhhh

Pairing(s) - Luke Hemmings/Reader

Word Count -2,259

Summary - Luke being with a WOC during a very racist time period in America.

Author’s Additional Comments - This one shot is a POC one shot, since those are very, very rare. There’s offensive terms in here (offensive to the black community) so if you get easily offended, I advise you to not read this. Before anyone asks, yes, I’m black, so don’t come to my askbox calling me racist because I will literally laugh at you. This one shot doesn’t really have like, a story to it, so don’t expect it to be all dramatic or whatever, because its not. Its just a normal one shot. Okay, well, enjoy!♥

She woke up at the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. When did she even fall asleep? She can’t remember. All she can remember is relaxing at the simple sound of Luke’s heartbeat and his voice as her head was rested on his chest, and then going unconscious. He was going on about something that happened during school and it was interesting, but she was exhausted. From having to stand up on the bus rides so the white people could sit down, to having her books knocked out of her arms multiple times, to getting “accidentally” shoved into lockers, to getting chased to her house by some white kids throwing rocks and pebbles at her, all she could think about was how good sleep sounded to her and slowly drifted off, his voice fading into nothing.

She could never describe the feeling she had when she was with Luke. Whenever she thought about him, its like they weren’t even just thoughts. They were cravings. Saying she loved being with him would be a large understatement. This definitely wasn’t one-sided either. Luke felt the same away and he’d even argue that he felt it more. Those little arguments would turn into soft kisses which would quickly turn into make out sessions which would eventually turn into cuddles.

When they were together, to say they felt like the only two on earth wouldn’t be enough to describe the feeling. In fact, they felt like they were anywhere but on earth. No, this planet was too toxic for them. Not the planet itself–the planet was beautiful–it was the people inside the planet. They seem to have a problem with diversity and letting others be who they are and love who they want. There will never be an answer as to why, not a good one anyway.

Unfortunately, Luke’s parents were just like those people. They were just as racist as the next white family. And the next, and the next, and so on. If they knew their son was in love with a black girl, hell would rise and Y/N might even get killed out of hatred. Interracial relationships were very socially unacceptable.

When Y/N heard the front door open, her heart began to race. She sat up quickly and the sudden movement caused Luke to awaken as well.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Luke asked urgently, seeing as his girlfriend was rushing to put her shoes and her sweater back on.

Before she could answer, Luke had noticed the muffled voices coming from the living room and then put two and two together, then let out a gasp. He quickly turned his head to the clock hanging on his wall, muttering a ‘fucking hell’ at the time. They had fallen asleep and let the time pass rapidly.

Just as Y/N was making her way to the window, they heard heavy footsteps coming toward the room. Y/N would never make it out of the window in time; it was too rusty and would take almost a minute to get it opened wide enough for her to fit through. Luke panicked and motioned toward his small closet, knowing it was too small for anyone to properly fit in, but it would have to do. She rushed to in and squeezed inside, closing the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and his father’s voice spoke.

“How was school?” Andrew asked his son.

That was always the way he greeted Luke when he got home. Never a 'hi’ or 'hello’, just a 'how was school’. And Luke always gave the same answer.

“Fine.” He replied while at the same time, trying to slow down his heart beat.

“Good, good.” Andrew nodded. He invited himself in and shut the door, taking a seat on Luke’s bed. “You know, Jack’s coming back from college to visit next week. Your mother and I were thinking that we could go out to a nice, fancy restaurant for dinner to catch up. Wanna pick the place?”

Luke picked the first restaurant that came to his mind, wanting his dad to get out so Y/N could come out of that cramped closet. He can only imagine how uncomfortable she must be.

“What about Chandra’s?” He rushed out.

Andrew’s facial expression turned hard. “That nigger restaurant? Not a chance in hell. We don’t wanna take your older brother to a restaurant filled with those disgusting porch monkeys.”

“I hear the food’s really good though! Michael and Ashton went there last week. They said–”

“Doesn’t matter what they said, I don’t like those twats anyway! We’re not going!” Andrew snapped.

Luke sighed. He’ll never understand why people are like this. All humans are equal, why are most so discriminated against?

“I’ll pick the damn restaurant.” His father grumbled before getting up and storming out of the room., slamming the door behind him.

Luke waited a few seconds before coming toward the closet and opening the door. Y/N nearly fell out, but Luke caught her in his arms before she could fall too far.

“Get a bigger closet.” She joked.

“Get a smaller dress.” Luke chuckled, referring to her poodle skirt.

They shared a short laugh and then it went silent. Luke knew Y/N had heard everything his father said about her people, he could tell by her hurt facial expression. Without a word he pulled her in for a hug, holding her tightly yet comfortably.

“You know I love you, right?” He mumbled to her, slightly rocking them side-to-side.

“Yeah. I love you too. I just wish things were different.” She spoke in a whisper.

“I know, I do too. I promise you, things are gonna get better.”

“Promise is a big word, Luke.”

Luke pulled away from the hug and placed his palms on her cheeks, looking into her eyes.

“I know. Things are gonna change.” He spoke softly.

She wanted to believe him, she really did. But the way things are right now, how bad things are, she didn’t think change was coming any time soon. Nevertheless, she nodded her head anyway. A small smile spread on Luke’s lips and he leaned in to peck her lips gently.

“I should go now before they come back up.” She said, then headed to the window.

“See you tomorrow then.” Luke called after her, making sure to not be too loud for his parents to hear.

She sent a smile back at him and then began to lift the window up, hopping out and running away from his house until she was a safe distance away. Then, she started on the 3-block walk home.


The next day at school was just like any normal school day. Racist slurs getting shouted at Y/N and her friend, paper balls getting thrown at them, etc. Luke saw everything that happened to her and he damn near hated himself for being too scared to stop it. His friends, Michael and Ashton, were non-racists as well, which was why Luke’s parents (especially Andrew) hated them so much. Luke was careful with who he chose as his friends. He would never befriend a racist, or anyone who discriminated against anyone. That caused him to only have two friends. Well three, if you count his older brother, Jack.

There was another guy, Calum, who was in his English class. He’s tried speaking to Calum on multiple occasions, but the boy was very quiet and refused to talk to any white people. It was understandable too. Calum was also discriminated against and he wasn’t even black. He had brown skin though, and that was unacceptable to the white community. He was Y/N’s best and only friend, they were closer than two peas in a pod.

As Y/N was walking through the halls with Calum, going on about her time with Luke yesterday (a relationship that Calum didn’t like either, but not for racist reasons. He didn’t want his girl getting hurt by him.), a white boy walked past them and knocked both her and Calum’s books out of their hands. They both rolled their eyes and was about to bend down to pick up their books, but a voice not to far away spoke up. Y/N and Calum froze, they knew that voice without even looking up.

“Excuse you, Richard!” Luke called out.

Luke had enough. He hated seeing his girlfriend being so mistreated and he hated himself for never speaking up about it. But now, as of this moment, he refused to see anything happen to her and not say anything about it. He didn’t wanna be weak anymore. He was done.

Y/N turned to look at him and saw that Ashton and Michael’s eyes were as wide as hers.

The boy, Richard, turned around to Luke. “What?” He asked, clueless as to why he was getting called out by Luke.

“Pick those up.” Luke demanded, walking closer to him.

Richard turned his head to look at Y/N and Calum, who were both frozen in place with their eyes wide and their mouths dropped. He scoffed.

“I don’t have to do shit for those banjo-lipped monkeys.” He chuckled, making a small crowd of people laugh as well.

But Luke wasn’t amused. In fact, that comment only made him angrier.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Luke seethed through clenched teeth.

Richard’s laughter died down to nervous laughter when he saw the less-than-impressed facial expression Luke had, which was understandable. Luke towered over Richard by at least 4 inches, and he was definitely broader than him by a long shot.

“What’s up with you, man?” Richard asked him, a bit of fear taking place in his eyes.

“Pick. Those. Up.” Luke repeated himself from earlier, balling up his fists.

The tension in the hallway was thick, so thick you could literally feel it. The crowd was quiet and watching intensely, Y/N and Calum still haven’t moved, and Ashton and Michael had to be the most surprised of all. No one had ever seen this side of Luke before. No one even thought he possessed a mean side.

Richard sighed and looked around at the crowd watching them, deciding which was the smarter decision. Should he fight Luke? Would it be worth it? Probably not. Luke could take him any day. In fact, Luke could easily wipe the floor with him. He sighed again, deeper this time, and ran a hand through his dirty-blonde hair. He walked over to Y/N and Calum, bent down, and picked their books up for them, handing the items to them. A few people in the crowd gasped and others began whispering and murmuring to each other.

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“Th-Thank you…” Y/N said quietly.

“Thanks.” Calum mumbled, still in complete shock.

Richard gave a small nod and turned back around, walking through the crowd of people who were shaking their heads at him. All attention turned back to Luke.

“Anyone else have a problem with these two?!” He yelled, referring to Y/N and Calum.

The crowd was quiet. No one spoke up, no one wanted to be humiliated like Richard.

“Still think he’s racist?” Y/N quietly whispered to Calum.

“Fine, you win.” He whispered back.

Luke looked over to Y/N and gave her a smile, and she shyly gave him one back. He went back over to Ashton and Michael and got his books from his locker, then walked off to his next class. After he was out of sight, the crowd turned to Calum and Y/N, making Y/N’s anxiety levels rise. Her hands started shaking and her breathing became a bit heavier. Calum noticed this and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the crowd and walking off to their next class.


“Luke, you’re gonna get me and Calum jumped if you pull stuff like that.” Y/N scolded him as she was pacing back and forth in his room.

“What was I supposed to do? Keep letting you get treated like that?!” Luke argued back, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Yes! That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do! Like, you’ve been doing!”

Luke groaned, rolling his eyes. Y/N stopped pacing and took a deep breath. Then, she walked over to Luke and knelt down in front of him so that she could look into his eyes. She placed her hand on his thigh and rubbed it softly as she spoke.

“Look. I appreciate the thought and I know your heart was in the right place, but you can’t just do stuff like that, Luke. You could get both of us hurt. Just leave it alone, alright?”

“I can’t, baby. I’ve seen you cry too many times over those bullies at school and I’m sick of not doing anything about it.” He placed his palms on her cheeks again. “Now, no one will mess with you or Calum ever again.”

Y/N shook her head.

“It doesn’t work like that. Things might even get worse now.” She felt a lump forming in her throat as she spoke. “The world is dark, Luke. It doesn’t matter what you say to those people with strong bigot opinions, nothing will change the way they feel about people like me and Calum. Its just the way it is.”

“Things can change.” Luke said, about to continue, but he saw the doubtful facial expresson Y/N held and decided against saying what he was going to say next. “But lets not worry about these things right now, okay? C'mere. Stand up.”

She stood up and he placed his hands on her hips, pulling her closer to him. He pulled her onto his lap and began peppering soft kisses along her neck and her collarbones. She ran her fingers through his hair and sighed in contentment.

“Lets just forget the outside world right now.” Luke mumbled against her beautiful dark skin, placing another kiss on it. “Right now, its just us.”

All the Time - Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: sub!Luke anyone? (; sorry I needed to get this off my chest or my mind lol

Luke swallows hard as he watches me crawl upwards to him, only wearing my underwear and his shirt. His shirt that he loves on me.
I give him a small smirk before I straddle his Calvin Klein underwear covered crotch.
He groans once I do so.
The sensation between my legs, that Luke ignited at the restaurant, burns.
I rest my hands on his toned abs, which are prominent due to his tenseness.
“W-what are you gonna do?” He whispers, his voice cracking.
“Oh baby,” I say, shaking my head a little as I begin to rock side to side on him. “You’re just gonna have to wait and see.”
Luke breathes in shakily and I lean in and kiss his abs. Then the other. And another.
As I do so, I move my crotch up and down against his, slowly.
He hands pull on the handcuffs that are on his wrists and attached on the bed post. My breath hitches when I feel his little friend grow under me.
“Baby, I didn’t like it when you teased me back there. Especially when we were with your friends.” I admit sweetly while biting my lip after moving back up to face him again, still moving against his now hardening dick.
We were eating at Ralph’s Diner with the boys. I wore an appropriate skirt and blouse but it evidently turned Luke on. So he decided to tease me with his delicate fingers under the damn table.
I was an absolute mess and I felt completely embarrassed. Plus, he didn’t even finish me off all because it was time to go. He didn’t have the balls to take me to the bathroom either. And didn’t do shit in the car either!
The minute we got home, I demanded him to go upstairs and to lay on the bed, in just only his boxers.
And Luke listened, but he didn’t know what was coming for him.
The minute I put the handcuffs on him, his cockiness disappeared.
He still doesn’t know what’s on the agenda for tonight.
“In fact, it was hell for me.” I say with a frown, sliding my hands up and down on his chest.
I push myself down harder on his cock and he groans and handcuffs jiggle a little.
“I’m s-sorry, babe. Why don’t you let me loose and I’ll-”
“Shhh.” I whisper as I run my index finger across his lips and he closes his mouth.
I roll my hips quicker, creating an immense friction between us, and then Luke’s hands find my hips.
He arches his back before squeezing his eyes shut.
“(Y/N)…oh God (Y/N).” He gasps in pleasure.
His hardness rubs against my wet sex and I whimper.
I start to move slowly and gently, teasing.
He moans loudly, squirming under me and I know he’s about to come undone.
“(Y/N), baby. Don’t…don’t stop.” Luke pants out.
But I do stop.
I get off of his throbbing crotch and he pulls on the cuffs.
“Why’d y-you do that?” He whines with a sad expression.
I smirk as lay my back at the end of the bed, making sure he see’s what I do next.
“Luke, I’m really…tingly.” I whisper as my hand snakes down my stomach and towards my throbbing center.
His eyes widen and he groans.
He knows what I mean. He usually takes all the “tingles” away.
He absolutely hates it when I take them away myself.
“Baby, let me g-go.” He begs, his voice breaking. “Let me go so I can help you. God, just let me t-touch you.”
I shake my head and whimper out once my hand is dangerously close to my sex.
I place my hands at the bottom of my shirt and pull it up above my head.
Luke moans while I throw the shirt somewhere in the room.
I begin to massage my boobs gently and he pulls at the cuffs again.
I move my hand down to my center and place my fingers underneath my underwear.
I arch back once my middle finger slides down my slit. I bring it back up to my clit and start to rub it gently, whimpering while doing so.
“Don’t you dare (Y/N).” He growls.
I don’t pay attention to him. I keep rubbing, getting more fired up.
Then I slide my middle finger inside me, a loud moan escaping my lips.
“Stop it.” Luke whines as I thrust my finger in and out. “Stop it now. Let me do that.”
I close my eyes as ecstasy takes over me and everything becomes a blur.
I thrust slowly but roughly, like Luke would do.
“Oh God, Luke.” I whimper out, adding another finger.
I hear him squirm around as he groans.
I start to breathe heavily as I pick up the pace a little.
I arch my back and moan, hearing Luke mumble “I’m sorry” over and over again.
“L-Luke.” I whisper breathlessly, my thumb beginning to stimulate my clit more.
“Just wait until you let me loose baby girl.” He says and I can hear the smirk in his voice.
There’s my cocky Luke I’ve been looking for.
I moan loudly and release all over my fingers.
I pant really hard and look over to Luke.
“Did that feel good, sweetheart?” He asks sweetly.
I nod my head before crawling back onto him.
I straddle him again, his hard dick making me throb again.
“It w-was…the best I ever had.” I whisper, catching my breath.
His eyes went darker and his breathing increases.
“Excuse me?” He asks slowly.
I smirk and lean down to kiss his neck.
He moans once I leave a hickey under his ear then I trail my lips over his ear.
“What I’m saying is baby, my fingers can do better than yours.” I whisper sexily into his ear.
My fingers will never compare to his, I just want him to get even more angrier.
Luke groans and bucks his hips up at me.
“Release me, now, damn it.” He demanded, his wrists becoming red.
I shake my head.
“Not just yet Luke.” I say as my thumbs slide under the waistband of his Calvin Klein’s and then I pull down slowly. “I’m not done yet.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” He cries and his member pops out of his underwear. “Why are you taking f-forever?”
“Oh baby,” I say sweetly before kissing the tip of his cock. “I got all the time in the world.”
“But (Y/N), I need you fucking now. Please just…just let me loose.”
I bite my lip and then I give in.
I crawl over him and unlock his one hand and then the other.
Without further ado, I’m taken back when Luke pushes me back against the bed.
He hovers over me while his elbows rest beside the sides of my head as he kisses my hungrily.
He grinds himself against my throbbing center.
“I’m so sorry (Y/N).” He whimpers as he kisses down my chin and onto my neck.
“Luke…” I moan, gripping his back with my fingers as he teased me with his hard on.
“Oh baby girl,” He whispers breathlessly against my neck. “Let me make it up to you. God, just…just let me take care of you.”
His words excite me and I answer him by moving my hips up against his crotch.
He whimpers into my neck, unable to help himself.
He’s about to bust.
He pulls his boxers down quickly and then my panties in a blink.
“I couldn’t h-handle it anymore. I’m sorry.” Luke admits before pushing himself into me.
I breathe in as I take all of him in and then kiss his lips, pressing my palms against his cheeks.
“It’s okay, baby.” I whisper against his lips and he begins to move.
He moans as he thrusts in and out of me.
I close my eyes and whimper internally.
His movements are powerful yet wonderful.
He takes his sexual frustrations out on me but he does it sweetly and gently. And mostly, lovingly.
He intertwines both of your fingers together and then raises my arms above my head, still holding onto my hands.
I gasp once he hits the right spot as he kisses my collarbones, creating love bites every now and then.
“I love you, my handsome boy.” I whisper before Luke kisses my lips.
I hum in pleasure as he picks up the pace a little.
“I- shit.” He moves away from my lips and shakes his head silently before resting it in the crook of my neck.
He pants as his thrusts become weak.
“I-I can’t.” He whimpers into my neck.
“Let go, baby.” I whisper into his ear.
With one more hit, he releases with a loud moan and I then follow after him as well. Our orgasms hit us both, hard.
We breathe heavily together.
He kisses my lips sweetly before looking me into the eyes.
“And I love you, my beautiful girl.” Luke whispers, resting his forehead against mine.

Preference #5 :: The Other Boys Think You're Attractive

“Why’d you tell her to change that dress?” Ashton complained, causing Michael to shoot him a look. “Because of guys like you,” “Hey, I’d tell her to take the dress off, too. Maybe just not for the same reasons.” Calum said and Ashton laughed. “How did you even manage to get her?” Luke asked. “Shut up,” Michael said, although he was grinning. “Oh man, that dress is just as hot,” Calum said as you came down the stairs in a form-fitting dress. “Yeah, well she’s mine, okay?” Michael growled. “Don’t tell that to us. Tell that to every other guy in the club that’ll be eying her up tonight.”

“(Y/n), this is Ashton, Luke, and Michael. Guys, (y/n).” Simultaneously their jaws dropped. “This is her? Are you sure mate?” Michael asked. “She’s so…fit.” His eyes went wide as he quickly looked you up and down. You felt yourself blush as the other boys followed the suit. “Hey,” you snapped your fingers. “Eyes up here!” “Oh, gladly.” Ashton said, meeting your gaze. “Would you stop eyeing her like she’s food?” Calum scowled. “C’mon mate, food isn’t that attractive.” The other boys nodded in agreement while Calum tucked you into his chest. “Mine,” he said, kissing your forehead.

You frowned at your reflection, adjusting your bathing suit yet again. Giving up, you threw a tank top and shorts on and decided to jump in when the boys weren’t looking. “Hey,” Ashton smiled when you came down to the pool. You smiled back, taking a seat on a pool chair. “Well? Aren’t you coming in?” He asked, and you sighed, knowing that sooner or later they’d see you anyways, and sooner was probably better. It would give them time to forget. You took off your shorts and tank top and felt all eyes on you. “What?” You blushed. “Do you know how hot you look right now?” Luke asked. You weren’t quite sure what to do, but Ashton got out of the pool and stepped in front of you. “Hey! Nothing to see here! Stop staring at my girlfriend!”

“You know what, if you don’t ask her out, I will.” Calum said from beside Luke. They had seen you from a little ways away at a restaurant, and Luke had immediately taken a liking to you. Luke blushed as he looked back over at you. “She’s so gorgeous,” he sighed. “I know, that’s why I’m gonna ask her out,” Calum told him, getting out of his seat. “Wait!” Luke shouted, causing you to turn around as well. He turned a bright red but walked over to you nonetheless. “H-hi.” He stuttered. You smiled shyly at him. “My friends and I just thought you were really pretty… And I was just coming over to see if maybe I could have the honor of taking you on a date…”

Paparazzi's (Luke)


Anonymous said: “Could you do a Luke imagine where you get swarmed by papparazi and you kinda freak out but he protects you and its real fluffy and cute? Thank you!”

sure! hope you like it :)x


“Are you finished?”

“Yep.” You say and smile at you boyfriend who’s sitting opposite to you. “Shall we leave?”

“Yes, I’ll just get the check. Hold on a second…”

Luke had asked you out on a date to ‘celebrate’ your eight-month anniversary, to a beautiful but very expensive restaurant in the town. The band is on tour currently, so Luke had you flown out to Paris just so you could spend your anniversary together. 

Luke pays for the food like he had insisted only ten minutes earlier. It was way too expensive considering the amount of food that actually was left on the plate after you removed all the inedible decorations.

“You ready to go?” He asks, tucking his wallet back into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Yes, you had actually convinced him to wear a suit for the occasion since you knew beforehand that the restaurant was very fancy and required something more suitable than skinny jeans and a dark t-shirt. Even though you are ‘punk rock’, as Luke had put it, you can’t just act however you want or wear whatever you want. 

“Yes, let’s go.” 

You get out of your seats and you make sure to grab your purse and jacket before you leave with Luke. 

“So I was thinking that maybe we could-” As soon as you and Luke rounds the corner of the restaurant to get to where your car is parked, Luke is cut off by a bright flash right in his face, followed by about a million more. “What the- what is going on?” He says, shielding his face with his arm.

At least a dozen people with cameras are completely surrounding you, making it impossible for you to get through. They must have seen you enter the restaurant or something, and then waited outside here for you to come out. What a freaking life

“Luke! Look this way please!”

“Mr. Hemmings, what did you eat?

“Is it true that you went home with Camila Cabello from fifth harmony after the award show last weekend?”

Questions are thrown at Luke from every way possible, but he stubbornly ignores them all. 

“Who is your friend?”

“Is it your girlfriend?”

“Is it your groupie?”

“Do you really think it is appropriate to take a groupie out to an expensive, high-class restaurant?”

Luke stops for a brief second and you can see how he tries his best not to get affected by their questions, hands and jaw clenched together tightly. You grab his hand in yours and squeezes it reassuringly. You have been with Luke long enough to know not to care about other people’s opinion on your relationship, especially not paparazzi’s who would do almost anything to get a good story line, even if it meant crossing the line of what is respectable more than once. 

He gives you a quick smile and squeezes your hand back and you can already see him relax a bit. He starts trying to make a way through the constant flashing cameras, pulling you along by the hand. 

You’ve never been the social type, who loves talking to new people and make friends, no, rather the opposite. You’ve also never really liked being around a lot of people at the same time which is why being swarmed by paparazzi’s isn’t the best things either. 

People are pushing closer to you, yelling things at you and directing cameras right in your face. You are also wearing very high heels that make it harder for you to keep up with Luke’s pace and you can slowly but surely feel him slip out of your grip. 

“Luke! Wait!” You yell over the crowd but your words are muffled when someone suddenly bumps into you and you nearly fall to the ground. You can hear your heart pounding in your head and your hands are turning clammy when you try to get back on your feet. You can’t feel or see Luke anymore and it is making you anxious to say the least. You look frantically around you to see if you recognize someone tall and blonde, but you are way too short to see anything. 

“Dude! What the hell are you doing? Back off my girlfriend!” You suddenly hear Luke saying angrily at the man you assumed was the one who almost made you fall straight on your arse. Luke pushes his way toward you and quickly grabs your hand again, helping you regain your balance. 

“Are you okay? I am so sorry.” He says with worry in his voice and eyes, pulling your closer to his body. 

“It’s fine. I’m okay.” You reassure him, you’re just glad tbe back with him, even though he probably wasn’t further than six feet away from you the short time you were parted. 

He quickly kisses your head before he wraps his arm around your shoulders, holding you pressed against him this time, as close as possible, while you try to get away from the paparazzi’s and their cameras. 

After a lot of pushing and angry words, you finally get free. Stupidly enough you didn’t think it would be necessary to have a security man with you, since it would be so late and the restaurant was so fancy that you didn’t think paparazzi’s were allowed there, but you were wrong and you wish nowt that you had had someone there with you to guide you through the small crowd. 

As soon as you’re sure the paparazzi’s aren’t following you and are out of ear and see range, Luke stops and wraps his arms around you, burying his face in your hair. 

“God, I am so sorry about that. I had no idea they would be there, and I know you hate it when there are a lot of people and-”

“Shh, I said it’s fine, Luke. It was nothing major, and they weren’t even that many.” You say, resting your head against his jacket clad chest, hugging back.

“I’m sorry they called you a groupie…” He says quietly after a moment, pulling away to look you in the eyes.

“It’s okay. I know I’m not a groupie to you, so I don’t care what they say.” You smile up at him and lean in to peck his lips.

“Good.” He smiles back. “Love you, my smart, beautiful girlfriend.”

“Love you too,” you say, “…bread stick.” You add with a laugh and pull away. 

Luke groans and rolls his eyes, but with a small smile playing on his lips, “why does everyone call me that? I’m not a bread stick!”

You skip toward the car, turning around to face you boyfriend with a huge grin, you say, “Sorry, noodle…” You tease, laughing when you see him suddenly running toward you with an evil smile on his face. “No!” You shriek. “Luke!”

You sprint to the car and when he reaches you he easily throws your over his shoulder. “What are you doing, you crazy man! Let me down!” You laugh, kicking with your legs and hitting his back with your hands.

“Nope!” He says while laughing, spinning around in a circle.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Let me down.” 

After a few more horrid seconds he finally let’s you down. As soon as you feet touch solid ground you lose your balance because you are so dizzy, but Luke quickly catches you before you get the chance to fall, again. He laugh at you with sparkles in his eyes as he pulls you in to him an hold you tight. 

“You are such an idiot, Luke Hemmings, do you know that?” You say and look up at him, shaking you head. 

He leans in and captures your lips, “I love you too.” He smirks against your mouth before he once again shuts you up with a kiss before you get the chance to answer.


Honeymoon Mini Series: Luke

Luke wanted to spoil you rotten after the effort you had put into the wedding so he chose to take you to the exquisite Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. A perfect honeymoon destination; with mornings spent basking in the sun by the pool and evenings dining in expensive restaurants. Luke would have surprises planned every day to thank you for your hard work and the fact that you’d actually married him, the most notable being a lavish diamond necklace. The weeks you spent there assured the fact that you were both head over heels in love with each other.

Michael - Ashton - Calum

anonymous asked:

47 luke

(#47: “No one needs to know.”)

Summary: Luke begs you to go on a double date with his brother (Jack) and his brother’s girlfriend (Celeste). 

A/N: In no way, shape, or form am I trying to offend anyone/the Hemmings family by using Jack & Celeste as characters. This is simply fiction :-)

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AU: You’re a waitress at a local restaurant and Luke flirts with you

being a regular at the restaurant luke is a waiter at and he grows a bit of a crush on you so his coworkers make sure he waits on you every time and he always gets flustered but makes sure your order is perfect and your experience is amazing and he does really well until the end of the night when he drops your check bc he wrote his number on it and he’s nervous and he gets really flustered