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First Time for Everything

So I combined three prompts into one, making this story consist of Virgin!Lashton and Luke’s first time being fingered and fucked and having an extremely overwhelming orgasm.

Warnings: Smut, virginity, first!time, fingering, riding, mild language

The first time they decided to go all the way, Luke had felt his skin go red as Ashton had quickly pushed him inside of his own bedroom. They had just gotten back from their seventh date together, at a park near Luke’s house.

Luke always got too nervous to go anywhere than 10 miles away from where he lived because he thought that he and Ashton would get lost if they went any further. Of course, this took away any chances of Ashton bringing him anywhere fancy, but he still managed to make Luke feel very special wherever they did end up going.

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I have seen some people say that Luke bites his lip/lip ring when he’s nervous. At first I agreed, but I kept noticing it. And maybe he used to bite his lip when he was nervous, but it has become a habit that he does without even noticing it. Like when some one bounces their leg when they sit. But hey, I’m not complaining.

 I REGRET NOTHING (Not my gifs)

The Tattoo Artist (Smut)

Luke Hemmings Imagine

Requested: no
Smut: Yes
Word count: 3K+

Hey guys, this is my first time writing smut, sorry if its not very good.
Let me know what you think, good or bad. 

To say I was scared would be an understatement. People had told me stories about what could go wrong… But yet here I stood outside the tattoo shop with my best friend. I had always wanted one ever since I was little. I had been so fascinated by them, the way that they are permanently etched onto the skin like a painting on a canvas. People get them with meanings behind it or they get them for no reason at all. Me, well I want one because there was a meaning behind it. I desperately wanted one; I was of legal age seeing as I had turned 18 yesterday, but I stood here frozen… Was I actually going to do this? 
“Oh god y/n are we going in or not? It’s bloody freezing out here” I looked over at y/f/n and nodded, reaching for the door. “It’s now or never, right?” I whispered as I opened to door. 
Inside it was a little dark; there were sketches of tattoo drawings all over the walls. Both small and big sketches, from plain black to a range of colours. A few older men sat in the seats across from the front desk. They were covered in tattoo and if am honest they looked quite intimidating. Y/f/n and I made our way over to the desk, behind sat a young attractive boy. He had bronzed skin, dark, soft, fluffy hair with a blond streak at the front and when he looked up, I noticed how dark his brown eye are. He was extremely attractive, and he had a range of tattoo scattered around his arms. 
“Can I help you with something miss?” 
“Umm… Yeah, I have an appointment for a tattoo, I… um yeah” I don’t know why I sounded so nervous, I guess it because I am a little,
“What’s your name sweetheart?” He asked pulling out an appointment book,
“I’m y/n, y/l/n. My appointment is for 6pm” his eyes scanned down the page until he came across my name, pointing his fingertip at it,
“Here you are, y/n, y/l/n 6pm, Friday. Well y/n I’m Calum, and I need to do this because you look… Well young, but have you got ID? You need to be 18 to get a tattoo.” I nodded pulling out my passport to show him. “It says here it was your 18th birthday yesterday?” He raised his eyebrow in a questioning manor. “Yeah, that’s kind of the reason I’m getting one today, seeing as now I’m old enough.”
“Well happy birthday. Okay everything seems to be legit” he said inspecting my passport. “Take a seat beside that door over there with the number 2 on it, and Luke should be with you in a minute.” 
“Who’s Luke?” Y/f/n piped in, Calum turned to her and said 
“He’s going to be the artist that does your friends tattoo. He’s one of the best tattoo artists in the city.” Calum then turned to me, “do worry you’re in safe hands, he did the majority of my tattoos” his sincere voice made me feel a little less nervous.
Y/f/n and I took the seats we were told, the waiting seemed like it lasted a life time. My legs keep bouncing up and down and I started biting my nails. “Would you quit that, you’re acting like you’re going in for major surgery. It’s just a small tattoo it’s not the end of the world.” Just as I was about to reply I heard my name being called. I looked up to see the most breath taking person I’ve ever seen. He was extremely tall like over 6ft and had his blond hair in a perfect quiff, and his blue eyes looked like an endless ocean. God I have to stop staring at him. I raised my hand slightly, “I’m y/n” he looked at me and smiled “okay y/n, if you’d like to follow me” I stood up a little too quickly. “Do you want me to come with you?” Y/f/n asked. “No, it’s okay, I’ll be okay.” She smirked before sitting back down and picking up a magazine.
I followed Luke into the room, as I walked in there I was a bit taken back, it looked completely different from the waiting room at the front. This room was painted a clean white, with colourful canvas evenly place around the walls. Over at the wall furthest from the door, I could see all of Luke’s equipment. This made me really nervous again. “So y/n, if you take a seat on the chair we can go over your tattoo idea before we get started” I looked over biting my lip and taking a deep breath. I sat down and I could almost hear my heart beating. “Okay, so what is it that you would like tattooed? and do you know where you want it?” Luke questioned sitting down on the small chair beside me. I handed him a piece of paper with the small tattoo I wanted “I want this on my hip, if that… umm if that’s okay?” I looked at him and seen him smirking. “That’s perfectly fine sweetheart, and there is no need to be nervous okay? I promise you that I’m going to take care of you. I’ve never once messed up a tattoo. You can trust me okay?” he reached out and put his hand on top of my shaking one. For some reason I felt safe with Luke, and when his hand touched mine any nervous feelings I had about this went away. “Thank you Luke.” He laughed a little, “don’t thank me yet I haven’t done anything.” He got up and went across the room to get his little table with all of the equipment for this tattoo. He started cleaning things and putting on gloves. Luke came over and sat down again, “could you… um could you.” He stuttered out, blushing slightly. “What is it?” I asked. “Well you want this on your hip, right?” I nodded; “yeah?” he started blushing again. “I need you to… well I need you to lift up your shirt… to umm just under your ribs.” This time it was my turn to blush. “Oh, yeah, sure” I said lifting up my shirt to below my ribs.
“I need you to lay down straight; I’m going to sketch this out first, just to see what it would look like.” I lay down straight and I felt Luke put something cold on my skin and I gasped a little. “I’m just cleaning the skin, we don’t want any infections.” I nodded, and closed my eyes. I could feel Luke’s hand drawing the tattoo on my skin and I could feel his other hand on my lower abdomen, and I’m not going to lie It felt good. His touch was doing stuff to me and I wanted more.

He had finished the sketch and showed me, “now are you sure this is what you want?” he asked one last time. “I’m sure.” He reached for the tattoo gun and said “lay back straight and try not to move, it’ll feel weird at the start maybe a little stinging but it won’t hurt, and if it does become too sore I need you to tell me. I don’t want you to be in pain.” He looked at me with care in his eyes. “I will I promise” and with that I lay back and closed my eyes, then he began the tattoo. I will admit it did sting but I tried not to focus on that, instead I began to focus on where Luke had placed his hand again. Only this time it was a little lower on my abdomen. I opened my eyes to observe him. He was so focus on what he was doing that this was my perfect opportunity to check him out. His skin was lightly tanned and he had a few tattoos scattered over his body. He was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a black vans singlet giving me a good view of his body. He had a lip ring and his left eyebrow pierced. Luke has to be the hottest boy I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t help but imagine what his body would look like on top of me, or below me. My body started to feel hot with all these images in my head and I could feel myself getting a little wet. Just as I was getting lost in my own dirty mind Luke had taken his hand away. I looked up at him “your all done, do you want to see?” “Yeah” he helped me up out of the chair and towards the full length mirror. I looked in the mirror admiring the work of Luke’s perfectly skilled hand. “Luke, thank you.” I smiled at him through the mirror. “Hold one two seconds until I put this cover over it with some cream.”
I’m still standing as he kneels down and puts the cover over it while he holds one of my hips to keep me in place. I couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan as I picture inappropriate things. I quickly cover my mouth with my hands hoping to God that he didn’t hear that, but I’m not that lucky. Luke started to chuckle, he smirked and looked up at me with his big blue eyes “Did you just moan?” this time my hands covered my whole face and not just my mouth, trying to hide me from any further embarrassment. I can’t believe that actually just happened. I just want the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Luke stood up and took my hands away from my face. “That was really hot” he whispered. I swear at this point my face is as red as a tomato. Luke moved closer leaving only a little gap between us, “I think you’re really hot” he stated before closing the gap. His lips land on mine and my mind went blank. His lips were so soft; I kissed him back only seconds after. One of his hands went to the back of my neck pulling me closer, if even possible, and deepening the kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, battling for dominance with my tongue and winning. This kiss was filled with so must lust and desire that I didn’t want to pull away, it was sending sparks through my veins and making me ache with need, however I reluctantly pulled away to breathe. “Wow” we both said in unison. “That was pretty intense” I said still trying to catch my breath. He licked his lips and looked down at me, his eyes clouded over with lust. He lean in once again but this time I brought my lips to meet his. This kiss was different it was more passionate than before, his tongue explored my mouth with much more need. My hands went to the back of his neck, gently tugging on the scruffs of hair this earning a groan from the back of Luke’s throat. I wanted more… no I needed more and I’m sure he did to as his hands slipped down my sides and to my bum giving It a rough squeeze and bringing our crotches closer together. I can feel the desire growing and at this point I’m sure my panties are soaked. Luke starts moving forward backing me up until the backs of my legs touch the chair I was previously in. “Jump” Luke growled against my lips. I jumped up and rapped my legs around his waist, he then leaned over and place my on the chair with him on top of me and in between my legs. Our crotches rubbing together; the friction alone would have been enough to send me over the edge. I could feel Luke’s cock stiffen in his tight skinny jeans. He began to kiss down the side of my neck until he found my sweet spot. I let out a loud moan and pressed my body closer to his. I could feel him smirk against my neck. He began sucking and nibbling the skin making sure to leave a mark. “Luke, Please” I whimpered, “Please what? Tell me what you want princess.” “I want you Luke, God I need you Luke.” I moaned out sounding a little desperate but at this point I couldn’t care. “Tell me where you need me y/n” he growled in my ear sending shivers down my spine. “Fuck Luke please, I need your cock buried deep inside of me, please I’m so wet for you.” I couldn’t handle this waiting anymore so I pulled my shirt of over my head. Luke’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, he couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts. “Fuck you look so fucking perfect. I could cum in my pants just looking at you.” I moaned at his words. Luke reached down to pull his own shirt off, when he did I couldn’t help but admire the tattoos scattered across his chest, he really was perfection. I was snapped out of my daydream when I felt his hands slide behind me to unclasp my bra, once off his hands went straight to them, massaging and squeezing then, causing small whimpers to fall from my mouth. There was a whole new sensation altogether when his mouth latched on to my right nipple, sucking and licking then moving on to the left breast. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, all this teasing was driving me insane. I reached down to unbuckle Luke’s belt hoping he would get the idea that I didn’t want any more foreplay, I needed him and I needed him now. Getting the idea he ripped open his jeans and pushed them down his legs before throwing them with the rest of our clothes, he then pulled my jeans off my legs and came back up to kiss me joining our bodies back together. This kiss was much sloppier, with a lot more tongue. I felt Luke’s hand at the waist band of my panties, slipping inside,with his fingers rubbing across my clit causing my hips to buck forward seeking more attention. His fingers slipped down in between my folds and down to my entrance. “Fuck princess you’re so wet for me.” With that he pushed a finger inside of me, it felt good but I needed more. “Luke, oh fuck, I need more” I moaned out. He pushed another finger into me creating more pleasure, his fingers sped up hitting all the right spots, I could feel the burning sensation in my stomach, and I was nearly pushed over the edge until Luke pulled his fingers out of me. He put his fingers to his lips and suck on them, sucking all my juices off them, “Fuck you taste so good baby” I pouted at him, I was so close and was annoyed that I couldn’t have my release. “I’m sorry baby but I want you to cum around my cock.” He then ripped off my panties leaving me completely naked beneath him. I pushed his boxers down and gasped when I saw his cock. He was so big and thick; there was pre cum leaking out from his red inflamed head. I reached down and grabbed him. I could feel him pulsing in my hand. He pulled my hand away from him, “Trust me as much as I want that, and I believe me I do, it’s just I won’t last too long if you do, I just need to feel your tight pussy around me.” I leaned up to kiss again. The tip of his cock teased my entrance before pushing in slightly. The more he pushed in the more I could feel myself stretching around him, when he was all the way in he gave me a few moments to adjust to his size. “Oh my god Luke you’re so big” he began slowing moving in and out picking up speed. I grabbed onto his biceps as he started pounding into me. The chair we were in was squeaking with how hard he was going. His cock was hitting my G-spot repeatedly causing moan upon moan to fall from my mouth. “Y/N I’m not going to last much longer, are you close?” “Oh Luke, I’m so close, Oh god don’t stop.” He brought his thumb down to my clit and rubbed circles on it. The burning sensation from before return and the knot started to build; Luke leaned down and started sucking on my neck. This sent me over the edge, my pussy pulsed around his cock and everything went black, my body started shaking and I let out a straggled moan. Just when I was coming down from my high Luke hit his, his thrusts became sloppy as he came, emptying himself deep inside of me, mixing our juices together. He stopped and pulled out; when he did he fell on top of me breathing heavily. “Fuck that was the best sex of my life.” He laughed out. “Same goes for me. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.” “Glad I could be of assistances.” We were quiet for a moment just catching our breath when a knock came to the door and Calum’s voice rang through the room. “Luke, mate we’re closing up now, have you finished the tattoo?” Luke quickly jumped up getting dressed and handing me my clothes, “yeah mate, we’re done…. I mean I’m done, I mean… yeah.” Once dressed stood up nearly falling over when Luke caught me. “Are you okay?” he asked “Yeah, I’m fine, just a little sore.” Luke smirked at me then his face paled, “damn I didn’t use a condom and I like came buckets inside of you.” Luke said beginning to panic. “It’s all good Luke I’m on the pill.” With this he seemed relieved. “Hey, I really don’t want this to be a onetime thing, do you may be want to go out with me sometime? I mean only if you want to.” I wrote down my number and gave it to him, and then standing on my tiptoes I kissed him one last time “I would definitely love that.” I smiled to myself as I walked out of the room. I have to say coming to get a tattoo today was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time.

I hate you - Luke Hemmings [smut] (part 2)

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you please write a part two on that I hate you Luke hemmings imaginee”

(part one)

Word Count - 847

The next morning you wake up to an empty bed and a horrendous headache. It takes a while for the memory of the night before to come back to you but as you see your clothes strewn across the room it becomes easy to make assumptions. You gather your things and leave the house trying to avoid anyone as you do so. You expect that Luke did much the same earlier that morning, even though you’d just fucked he’s still an asshole.

You can’t help but spend the rest of the day thinking about him though, no matter what you do he’s always the one thing you end up coming back to. Eventually you end up sitting in a silent room just reminiscing about what you can remember of the night before. All of a sudden there’s a knocking at the door which cuts off your daydreaming. When you open the door you see a flustered and nervous looking Luke stood on the door step.

“I’m sorry,” he says before pushing forward and pressing his lips to yours.

As much as you want to stop him you can’t because feeling Luke’s lips against yours sends a wave of butterflies into your stomach.

“I shouldn’t have left you this morning, that was a dick move,” he breaks the kiss and rests his forehead against yours.

“No, it’s fine, sh…” you says snaking an arm around his neck and moving to kiss him again until he pulls away.

“No, it’s really not fine, this is messed up, I hate you but, I really don’t,” he steps away from you, flailing his arms around manically.

“What do you mean?” you ask placing a hand on his forearm to try and calm him.

He tenses at your feather light touch, “I don’t know, I thought I hated you, but last night, fuck, I didn’t know sex could feel like that”

You gulp, “Like what?”

“Like it wasn’t just a casual fuck, like it meant something,” his face is now inches from yours.

“I- I don’t know what to say,” you mutter while his hot breath flows over your face.

“Just say you felt it too,” he says his hands cupping your face.

Thinking about it, there was something there, something that wasn’t there any other time before.

“I guess it was… better,” you smirk. “Now kiss me you asshole”

He smiles and presses his lips to yours once more, backing you against the wall. Your hands snake to the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging lightly to entice out a moan.

You smirk at his reaction, “I knew you liked it rough you dick”

“Oh, you’re no better you bitch, just wait till we’re done,” he connects his lips with your neck meaning that you moan this time. He tugs at your shirt lightly before muttering, “Jump”

You follow his orders and wrap your legs around his waist as you have done one time before. He grabs your thighs and carries you to the sofa pulling his shirt off once your lying on your back and then removing all the clothes from your lower half as he reconnects your lips.

“You’re not getting all the control this time,” you say.

“What’re you gonna do about it?” he sneers.

You grab him by the shoulders and flip him over forcefully before climbing on top of him and straddling his waist. You kiss his neck and grind your crotch against his turning him into a groaning mess beneath you. He pulls your shirt over your head and you watch as the thrill spreads through his face when he realizes that you’ve not been wearing a bra. His hands find your chest and yours find the belt loops of his jeans and tugging them down his legs. You kiss down his chest and hear his breaths become short and ragged when he feels you getting dangerously close to his crotch. Instead you decide to pull yourself back up and kiss just below his ear.

“Screw you,” he chuckles taking matters into his own hands, literally, as he discards his boxers and pumps his length a few times.

“No you don’t,” you pull his hands away. “That’s my job”

“You’re gorgeous but your a complete jackass,” he breathes.

You pull your bottom lip between your teeth and give him one last seductive wink before lowering yourself down onto his length. It boosts your ego when his head rocks back in pleasure and you arch your back.

You bounce on top of him and with a throaty groan, he says, “[Y/N], holy shit”

“Does Lukey like that?” you whisper.

Something about you calling him ‘Lukey’ strikes a chord with him and with one last groan he lets go beneath you. A few more lazy thrusts and you’re moaning his name as he helps you ride out your high.

When you’ve regained your breath and you’re lying in each other’s arms Luke says, “A dinner date would be an anticlimax after that”

You turn to him, “I hate you”

He pecks your lips, “Ditto”


Masterlist // Request


ive gotten a few requests to do another ship specific fic rec. Soooo… Cake, an appropriate name for a ship so sweet. Everything about them is sweet (and delicious) and wonderful. It was my obvious second choice for a rec list, as there are so many well-written, lengthy fics about them out there. which made it a bit harder to keep the list small but, eh, it could be without further ado… my top 10 cake fic pics!

  1. Got to Get Out by EmmybazyCalum and Luke have been friends all their lives. Calum starts getting more and more opportunities to get out of town, so he takes them. Something is telling him he needs to leave town every time he settles. Luke is there through it all. Or, Calum is always leaving and Luke always seems to be waiting.
  2. Just Connected by EmmybazyCalum is shocked- well, mildly bemused- when Luke Hemmings is one of the sound guys on their first headlining arena tour. Michael hated Luke in school and Ashton is constantly bouncing about. Maybe Luke’s secret will affect the band, maybe Calum will have writer’s block, and maybe they will get through the tour in one piece. Or, what might’ve been if if Michael and Luke had never become friends in school.
  3. build on me, build on me by mockturtletale. “Does that make you like me less?” Luke asks, because he might as well at this point, he’s in it up to his neck as is. Calum laughs, a genuinely amused little braying thing that spreads through Luke and soothes his nerves, stills the roll of his stomach. “You kidding? That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a life partner, Hemmings. You’re officially the fore runner, even though you being thirteen point three feet tall is terribly emasculating for me. You’ll have to spend a lot of time on your knees, but I think we could make it work.”
  4. Heartache in the Director’s Chair by EmmybazyCalum wants to make it as an actor. His world gets turned upside down when Ashton Irwin, the executive producer, casts him to play the lead in a movie with the famous actor, Michael Clifford directed by Hollywoods golden boy director, Luke Hemmings. Luke Hemmings’ reputation of being cool, calm, and collected precedes him, so why is he treating Calum so oddly? Or; Luke is smitten by Calum and Calum is oblivious. They make a movie.
  5. All We Seem To Do Is Talk About Sex by mccolferLuke is weird and kind of a total failure and his neighbor has an extravagant sex life.
  6. I Know You Well by alseeptodayLuke had a feeling that he would like to be fingered but he was always too afraid to try. Calum helps him find out. He sometimes got this same feeling when he was jerking off and close to coming like he needed something there. It was something that freaked him out a lot when he was like fourteen. He’d stopped caring in recent years but he’d still never given in to that urge. Until now.
  7. all on his mouth like liquor by mashton. For bestkeptsecret_biggestmistake. everyone talks about doing body shots off of calum but i don’t think anyone’s written about it so i wrote about the boys doing it oops. i didn’t edit this very much before posting it so i’m sorry if there are any huge errors.
  8. hello there, the angel from my nightmare by c_librettoThe thing about Calum is, Luke notices, is that he’s something like a supernova against the blur of the people in the background, standing out with his big smile and his even bigger presence. Niall’s a lot like that, too - the two of them occupy a space and make the room seem larger with just them standing and talking and being their shameless, impulsive, even sometimes borderline crude selves. They laugh aloud, possibly aware of their power over the entire room, their ability to make all eyes snap into their direction with just one word uttered. It soon occurs to Luke why Ashton had said that Calum was “a little bit out of his league”.
  9. came in with the rain by fannyannCalum’s never liked the idea of soulmates. He covered up his mark the minute he could, thinking, out of sight, out of mind. But meeting Luke in a record store on a rainy day changes everything. The way Luke nervously brushes his thumb across the small C at the crook of his hand and the faint blush that creeps up over his cheeks when Calum introduces himself makes Calum feel warm inside, like maybe Luke could be the one that L on his hand stands for. or: a soulmate au.
  10. ground zero by rorycroftLuke and Calum have been best friends their whole lives, but Calum wants more.
New Family Part 4 - Requested (Michael - Luke)

I coupled two requests together for this one:

Hi!! can you write an imagine where you’re best friends with michael and he knows you love halsey to death and surprises you with meeting her.

And a couple of you asked for a next part of New family.

Read the other parts of New Family first if you haven’t: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

“Is Michael coming?”, he dries off the last cup.

“If he can get his ass out of his couch, yes”, you laugh. You put away the plates and look back at him. “What is the face Luke?”

“Nothing”, he says trying to avoid the real reason.

“Come on bro, I know you”

“It’s really nothing”, he shrugs putting down the cup.

“Luke”, you place your hand on his shoulder. “You don’t need to be scared. Yeah Michael and I are friends, but that doesn’t mean he’s not your bestie anymore”, you smile sweet hoping he will see that you’re genuine.

“Thanks”, he smiles to you. “But are you sure you’re just friends?”

“Yes Luke”, you feel your cheeks heat up, but don’t want him seeing it. So you take him in your arms and give him a hug. “Okay enough”, he pushes you away from the hug that has taken longer than you expected. “And how did you even know I was thinking that?” he raises his eyebrow.

“That’s because I know you brother”, you smirk and Luke rolls his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at your loving sister!”

“You do that all the time”

“That’s cause you deserve it, I have been nothing but nice to you”, you pout. He rolls his eyes again. “Lukas!”

“Oeeeh what are you going to do”, he smirks.

“You do know I’m lifting 5 kilo’s now right”, you put your hand on your hip.

“Each arm?” he looks impressed.

“Together”, you admit softly, looking down.

“Keep going to the gym”, Luke laughs.

“You’re such a jerk”, you push him against his chest.

“That hurts so much!” he laughs even harder than before. You glare at him. “Oh come on, smile for me”, he teases.

“No”, you take the cup from the counter and put it away.

“If that’s your way to punish me, keep it up kid. Finally some peace around here”, he smirks again.

“Who would that be?” you ask rhetorically when the bell rings. “Could that be my best friend?” you walk out of the kitchen, Luke following. “So, you’re ex best friend?”  you say, your eyes locked on Luke’s while you open the door.

“You’re such a bitch”

“Wow, the love in this house. Hi babe”, Michael gives you kiss on your cheek. “Hey dude”

“Hey man. Sure you want to waste your time on her”, Luke nods his head in your direction.

“God one of those days I see”, Michael laughs.

“Luke started it. We were getting along great. I was being nice and sweet to him and he ruined it”

“I don’t get that your parents left you two alone, it’s asking for a disaster”, Michael judges his arm against yours. “They trust you guys why too much”, he laughs.

“And they trust that Ben and Jack take responsibility too”, you look from Michael to Luke.

“And how is that going?” Michael chuckles already having a premonition.

“Haven’t seen Ben since they left and Jack is always with Celeste. So it’s just Lukey and me”, you shrug and Luke nods agreeing until it fully permeated what you said.

“Don’t call me Lukey”, you roll your eyes. “See, you roll your eyes all the time!” he points to you.

“Okay, you your way. Mike come. We’re going to my room”, you grab Michael and make him follow you.

“Have fun with the bitch, Michael”, he yells behind you.

“Have fun alone butthole!” you yell back.

“Never boring this family”, Michael laughs. You shake your head and push him into your room. “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Don’t know. If Luke’s home, annoy the hell out of him”, you chuckle.

“It’s Christmas time, give the lad a break”

“He isn’t giving me a break”, he gives you a look and you know exactly what he wants to say. “Yeah I know. He loves me, but this is his way to show it to me”

“Exactly”, Michael laughs.

“Enough about Luke”, your eyes land on the present that is resting on your desk. “Are we exchanging presents now?” you ask with childish enthusiasm.

“Yes, yes, yes! Me first!” he jumps on your bed, bouncing with excitement.

“Okay, it’s nothing much, but I hope you like it”, you take the packet from your desk and give it to Michael. He rips off the paper and opens the box. “What do you think?” he carefully take out the snapback, looks at it from all angles and places it next to him. He does the same with the next one and the one after. “So? Do you like them?” you got him three different snapbacks hoping he would love them all.

“Is this a subtitle way of you telling me you like me in snapbacks?” he winks.

“Yeah, you look hot in them”, you smirk making Michael gloat. “But I know you like to wear them”

“I do. Thank you, I love them”, he opens his arms. You let yourself fall into them and he pulls you on him. He hugs you tight, rolling over the bed. “Now you, sit up”, you listen and he sits close to you. “I’m going to show you something”, he takes out his phone and holds it before you. “Ready?” you nod and he presses play on a film.

“Hey (Y/N), it’s Halsey!” you feel your mouth slowly open and your jaw drops. You want to look at Michael, but you can’t take your eyes of the screen. “So my princes Michael told me you’re a big fan of mine and that’s tight. You must be a special girl cause Michael asked me to do this video for you. Or he’s being the best friend ever, but we both know he’s not that special”, she winks to the camera laughing. “I don’t want to drag this too long. It’s always nice to hear that people like my music. Hope you’ll keep enjoying my music. I can’t wait to meet you, you seem like a dope girl. See you tomorrow, bye!” she gives a final wave to the camera and the screen goes black. It takes you a couple of blinks before it seems that you’re back in the reality. You look to Michael.

“That was Halsey! That was fucking Halsey! Talking to me!”

“I know”, Michael laughs.

“Wait. What did she mean with see you tomorrow?”

“She’s doing a show tomorrow”

“But that’s a couple of hours away”

“Yeah. I was thinking we could make a road trip, see her show and then hang out with her afterwards for a bit”, he smiles to you.

“Are you for real?” you grab him by his arms.

“Yes”, he laughs. “Is that okay?”

“It’s more than okay! It’s amazing! It’s perfect! This is seriously the best present ever!” you crash your chest onto his, wrapping your arms round his neck. You feel him closing his arms round your waist.

“I try”, he shrugs laughing.

You losing the hug until you’re facing him. “I could seriously kiss you right now”, you smile.

“Why don’t you?” Michael smirks.


You're A Work Of Art (Part 4)

Part 4

Summary: “Good girl” Y/N falls for frat boy Luke Hemmings. 

Rating: Mature- slight smut 

This is just fucking perfect. Just what I need. To encounter this asshole again.

Now my dress was stained, and I was now cold.

“Yeah, like it was my fault. Instead of checking out blondie you should have watched where you were going.” I scoffed, while rolling my eyes at him.

I swear to god I have never seen someone’s facial expression change so quickly. Luke’s eyes widened as he looked down to find me standing right in front of him with an annoyed look on my face.

“Holy shit" he muttered while looking me up and down. Was he checking me out? “Asshole” I muttered before turning away and to go find a bathroom to try and make the stain on my dress less obvious. 

 "Wait, Y/N" I heard from behind me. My god, will he ever stop tormenting me?

 "Go away Luke.“ I called over my shoulder, while turning into an empty hall. I looked throughout the hall and eventually found the bathroom. I walked in and then closed the door behind my self. 

 Finally, some peace and quiet. I know I said l needed all that loudness and the alcohol, but I’m starting to think it was a bad idea. I grabbed a hand towel that was tucked into the shelves and started trying to dry up the stain. About three minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

 "It’s occupied!” I called to whoever was on the other side of the door and turning back to my stain. I heard the door handle being twisted and the I saw the door open. “Do you not understand what ‘occupied’ means Luke? ” I asked in annoyance. “What if I was like naked or something?”

 "That would be a sight to see" he replied while smirking and walking into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes before asking “What do you want, anyway. Haven’t you tormented me enough today?” I said while turning around and leaning on the counter to face him. “Nah, I don’t think I’ve done enough damage yet.” he replied causing me to scoff and turn back to trying to the stain.


 "You know Princess, you tend to call me that a lot. Not that I’m not flattered by it, which I so am, I would like a more appreciative name.” He said walking up behind me. 

 I stopped what I was doing and turned around again. “Really? I think asshole really suits you. And don’t call me princess. ” I replied smiling but you could tell it was out of annoyance. I looked up to find him staring down at me again, biting his lip. God, did he look so hot right now. Like I said. I admit to him being attractive but his attitude is horrible.

 "Nah, I like calling you princess. It annoys you which gives me joy. So princess, can I ask why you are out so late tonight. Don’t you have a test you need to study for? Or an ex boyfriend to get over? “ he asked, laughing, while taking the toilet lid and closing it so he could sit down. 

 "My name is not princess, and I don’t care for studying. Especially not when I’m trying to get over and lying, cheating ex boyfriend. So if you don’t mind, I would like to drink my night away. Take someone home with me to forget that I was cheated on. And I would like if you would leave me the Fuck alone because frankly every time you’re around I end up crying over something that’s completely ridiculous. ” I replied while throwing the towel down and walking out of the bathroom into the, still empty, hall.

 I felt tears sting my eyes again. Fucking hell. This is torture. Fuck it.

 I’m just going to go home and deal with break ups like any other girl would. Ice cream and sad romance movies. I wiped my tears away and started walking out to the rest of the party. After one more drink. I was going to go home.

  One more drink, quickly escalated to 2, then 3, then so on and so on. I was on my 5th cup of Rum and Coke. My second shot of Patrone.

 Needless to say, I was fucked up. I was enjoying it though. I forgot everything. I forgot about Luke, and Calum. Everything went away. I was numb. 

 I had eventually found some random guy who I found hot and started dancing with him because, why the hell not? Eventually, I got tired of dancing with him and left to get another drink. I stumbled into the kitchen and saw someone familiar. 

“Luke!” I slurred, laughing while walking up to him. He looked down at my drunken state and slightly laughed. “Oh my god Luke, I haven’t seen you since you were telling me that I was basically and goody-two-shoes who needs to get over her ex! God that was so fun” I laughed while walking to the counter to make another drink.

 "You’re fucking hammered. How much have you had to drink tonight?“ he asked. “I don’t know. It was like,” and with I started counting on my fingers how much I had. Eventually I held up 6 fingers. 

 "I’ve had this much!“I said while showing him my fingers. “Yeah you’re done for the night.” he said taking the bottle away from my hands. He was looking out for me? This was New.

 "I’m just trying to have fun, and not be a goody-two-shoes! And show you t-that I am not hung up on Calum anymore” I replied, reaching for the bottle again. 

 "No, you seriously are done. Okay? No more.“ he replied sternly. This caused me to laugh. “Whooaa, Luke Hemmings, when did you become my father?” I giggled. “I’m not your father. I’d just prefer to make sure you don’t die from alcohol poisoning. ” He replied. 

 "Oh my gosh, I love this song! “ I squealed, totally ignoring what he had said. "Dance with me!” I asked while looking at him. “Uhm, how about no.” he replied while taking and sip of his beer. “What? Why?” I whined . “I don’t dance.” he replied subtly.

 "Fine. I’ll just dance by myself. “ I called over my shoulder while walking into the dining room. I heard Luke sigh and then I heard him follow. "Why are you in the dining room?” he asked. “ To dance.” I replied giggling while stepping up onto a dining room chair and onto the dining table. 

 "Y/N, what the hell are you doing. You’re gonna fall off” Luke said. “Well, then you’re just gonna have to catch me when I do. ” I winked down at him and started dancing to the music. I had no idea where this confidence came from, or why I was sharing the confidence with him. I guess being drunk does stupid shit to me.

 Luke’s mouth dropped and his eyes widened as he watched me dance. My dancing, you can say, was not very kid friendly. More like stripper without a pole status.

 My dancing went on and had attracted a crowd. Around 20 guys were standing around the table watching me dance now. I scanned the crowd and spotted 

Luke still in the same spot watching me, like I had hypnotized him. 

 The song was almost over so I made my grand finale. I dropped to the table and started bouncing up and down on my knees, and then grinding in the air, causing the guys to go fucking crazy. (Yes I just incorporated Halsey’s grinding sue me) 

 The song ended and all the guys applauded and wolf whistled at me. Some throwing money at me like I was a hired stripper. Some chanting that they wanted more.

 I saw Luke push his way to the front of the crowd. I smiled when I saw him. “Luke! ” I called still smiling. 

 I tried stepping onto the chair to get off the table, but that ended with me completely missing the chair and falling. Or, almost falling. “You caught me..” I smiled while looking up at his blue eyes.

 He set me down onto the ground and smiled at me. “Where did you learn to do that?” he asked me. “I don’t know.” I replied. I looked around and saw that the crowd had now left and it was just us two. 

 "Well, whatever it fucking was. It was hot.“ he said while looking down at me biting his lip again. I giggled while looking down sheepishly. Why am I letting this happen to my self? I shouldn’t be like this with Luke. 

 ” You’re so mysterious and hard to understand. You’re always full of amazing surprises. You’re beautiful in every way possible and in your own ways. You’re like a work of art” he said while using two fingers under my chin to get me to look up at him. 

 My heart clenched at the words he said. My stomach erupted with millions of butterflies. I looked into his eyes, and I just knew things were gonna start getting fucked up. 

 "Kiss me.“I said while looking at him. Not even realizing what I had said.

 "You don’t have to tell me twice..” he replied while leaning in and feverishly attaching our lips together. 

 This was wrong. All of it. I shouldn’t be like this with Luke. It was wrong of me. To be with the person who has tormented you for so long. The person who has made you feel like complete crap.I knew his reputation. And I knew this wouldn’t end well. It was wrong, but God damn did it feel right.

. I felt Luke release my lips and he starting peppering my jaw and neck with kisses. He kissed a certain spot right before the end of my neck and I let out a shaky breath. I could feel him smirk against my neck before his tongue slightly grazed the skin causing me to let out a slight moan.

 "Found it.“ he said while going back to the base of my neck and sucking on my sweet spot. I was in slight ecstasy before I realized that this was all happening publicly and people could walk in at any moment.

 I gently pushed him away, his face worried before I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down. I leaned up and whispered in his ear, “We should probably go somewhere a little more private.” and pulled away to see him smirking down at me. God, what the fuck am I doing?


Movie date with Luke blurb

in honor of: blurb night! theme: Movies

So you and Luke would be starting out. You two have been going out for let’s say, a week and a half? So basically it’s still fresh. The two of you testing out the waters. You both like each other for sure but no one’s really made a clear move. Luke’s been keeping a comfortable space bc he’s doesn’t want to scare you off if he gets too close which leaves you thinking “does he not like me?” so you guys get to the movies and he pays for your ticket. Luke pays for everything because he’s a gentleman and just great. Ok. So you guys get popcorn and he tries to break the tension and is like “I bet I can catch it in my mouth” and you’re like “I bet you can’t” and so Luke smirks and throws a popcorn in the air only for it to bounce off his nose and fall on the ground. You burst out laughing so Luke goes “Ok your turn. I’ll throw it.” and you’re like “okay fine” but little did you know luke had like five popcorn in his hand so you get into position thinking it was just one and luke throws it at your face cracks up hysterically. “You threw a bunch! that’s not fair” “Yeah and you couldn’t even catch one!” he’d laugh. So you’d grab some popcorn and throw it at him bc you’re a bunch of kids then walk away quickly before the attendants caught you bc there’s a ton of popcorn on the floor.

The lights would dim and the movie would start. You’d spend a lot of the time thinking “damn when is this kid going to make a movie?” and Luke would be thinking “god why am i so nervous” because he really likes you and he doesn’t want to screw it up. Your arms would share the armrest. Really cute scenes would play (idk it could be a chick flick or a guy with his dog, whichever) and you’d just take a leap of faith so you slowly rest your head on his shoulder. And since he’s so god damn tall, he’s sink a little lower so it’s more comfortable for you and so your head could fit perfectly in the crook of his neck. Then you’d suddenly feel him slip his fingers between yours and you knowing you made the right move. You couldn’t see it but Luke would be so incredibly happy and smiling as the movie played on. You couldn’t even focus because you were just so in love with how your hand fit to nicely into his and you just hugged and cuddled the rest of the movie. He’d never let go of your hand, even as you walked out of the cinema.

and finally, he’d take you home. He’d walk to your door and tell you he had a lot of fun. “thanks for letting me take you out again,” he’d say. the two of you would linger at your front door. you’d be thinking “KISS ME” while he’s thinking “do it man DO IT” and so he’d step closer and you’d step closer. Everything’s quiet and tension builds and he’d lower his head and you’d tilt yours. You see him in in so you close your eyes then finally. you feel his lips fall lightly onto yours, the icy feeling of his lip ring against your lip. Luke would then pull you into him for a tighter kiss before slowly pulling away. the two of you just giggling afterwards.

“Would you like to go out for breakfast tomorrow?” he’d ask with a huge smile on his face and still holding your hand.

i hope this didn’t suck too terribly 

5SOS Preference : Cute Things Your Baby Does

Ashton: “What is she doing?” Calum’s girlfriend asked you as you bounced your ten month old daughter, Naomi, on your lap. “Huh?” you asked and looked down to catch a glimpse of whatever it was your little girl was doing and then you looked up to see Calum across from her blowing her kisses and she blew them back to him. “Awww, Ashton, look at Naomi, blowing her uncle Calum some kisses back.” Ashton laughed. “Look out Calum, keep it up she’s gonna want you to take her home with you.”

Luke: “How is Declan handling the new puppy with him only being a couple months?” Liz asked and you smiled. “He loves the puppy and the puppy loves him, come, i’ll prove it to you.” The two of you got up and she followed you to your son’s nursery where your son laid in his crib fast asleep and the new puppy you guys had gotten laid next to him, softly snoring in sync with the newborn baby. “They’re the best of friends.” You explained and Liz smiled. “That is so cute!”

Calum: “Watch what she does when we put on your guys’ music.” you instruct Luke, Michael and Ashton and they all sit back and wait as you turn on some 5 Seconds of Summer and little Violet perked up immediately and began to dance her little butt off. Everyone was laughing and she just giggled along and bounced around. “Dances like her mother.” Calum says and you grin. “I’m so proud to say that that fact is 100% true.” Calum shook his head. “My two girls are crazy, but i love them.”

Michael: “It’s so weird when we ask Jasper where anything is, he immediately bops his nose and says ‘nose’ and we’re just like no Jasper and we laugh but yeah.” you tell the other boys and their significant others. “Really?” Ashton asked and you told him one second, you’d show him. You got Jasper and brought him back to where everyone one. “Jasper, where’s daddy?” Michael was right next to you but Jasper once again bopped his nose and laughed. “Nose.” You look at Ashton. “See? I told you.” “It’s cute though.” you hear and smile at your baby boy. “Yeah, it is.”

can't look at you (in the same light); calum

“Why is your room so messy?” Calum slurs as he bumps into a pile of clothes on the way to your bed.

“Why’s your dick so weird?” you ask with a touch of annoyance. Its the third time this week that you’ve been stuck babysitting a drunk Cal, which wouldn’t have been too bad, usually. But the clubs he’s been hunting down these days are farther away and the jealous pangs clenching at your gut when you have to pull him off yet another pretty girl are getting stronger and-

“How would you know,” he says, waggling his eyebrows. His hands are strong against your waist and the effect is you toppling onto his chest. His bare chest, more specifically, due to a stupid strip-tease he’d done for an old lady in the parking lot. “Have you taken peeks when I’ve not been looking?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about the snapchat leak,” you reply, trying to look like you’re not about to die from his skin against your thin shirt. He bites his plump bottom lip. It pillows around his teeth.

“Oh. Yeah, that was a thing.”

“An international crisis, more like.” Calum smiles in reply, eyes crinkling around the edges. His nose nuzzles into your neck. “Jesus, you really are a menace, you know that?”

“Yup,” he kips before tugging you into his arms completely. He dots a kiss at your temple and it hurts as much as it is gentle, because its a platonic thing and this is what he always does. Plays nice boyfriend when he’s drunk and immature friend when he’s sober and you’ve been bouncing between both for too long.

“You flirt with everyone,” you say more to yourself than to him. “‘Specially when you’re drunk. Luke could be here right now and you’d probably give him a lap dance.“

"Is Luke coming?” Calum asks. “Don’t let Luke come, please. I don’t want him here.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Why?”

He sighs and it smells like you’ve just  smashed open an entire beer keg. “Because you pay more attention to him when he’s around. And I want it more than he does.”

You poke his cheek to do something other than think about his alcohol-influenced words. “Bullshit,” you say.

He doesn’t hear it, though. Somehow, he’s already passed out.


“MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD,” you shout into the horn you found leaning against the closet. He grumbles something incoherent. You take in a deep breath, preparing to yell again, when his eyes flash open, realizing you’ve somehow gotten into his house.

“What the fuck?” It’s a mixture of grogginess and confusion and fear that makes his voice crack. And puberty, probably. (Most likely puberty.)

You set down the horn and sit down next to his lying figure. Then, as he gets his voice together, you pick up a stray pillow and hit him on his colorful head.

“What the actual fuck?” he says with more strength than the last time.

“You were supposed to take care of Calum yesterday!”

He groans and shoves his head under the covers. “Don’t care. It’s not twelve yet, I’m not awake.”

You roll your eyes and tug at the blankets.

“I’m in the nude, you know,” he says, swatting at your hand.

“Lies. You only sleep naked when there’s a pizza box in your sheets.” He frowns.

“How’d you even get in here?”

“Called Luke. Odd choice putting your spare key in that plastic mushroom, by the way.”

“That bastard.” Michael rubs his eyes with the back of his wrist. “Anyway, I dunno why you’re complaining. You like him, so what’s the big deal?”

“I-” you stare at him with your lips parted. “How’d you. What?”

He shrugs. “Anyone paying attention could tell.”

You puff out your cheeks. “Well, he said something weird last night.”

“Yeah, and the sky’s blue.”

“No, like. Weird for Calum. He…” You fidget with the hem of your jeans. “He said that I pay attention to Luke more than him. And that he wants my attention more.”

Michael stretches as he replies, his pale arms in the air, “Well, yeah. Because he likes you too.”

“Now is not the time to fuck with me, Clifford.”

“No. Now is not the time to wake me up to have a girl talk about something obvious.” He yawns, like the sass spilling out of his mouth is normal. It is, but.

You don’t even know anymore.

“He doesn’t like me,” you say quietly.

“Of course he does, babe, I’ve got two eyes.”

“But has he told you?”

“No. Doesn’t need to. Probably thinks I’ll push you two together in the middle of a grocery aisle or summat, which I’ve been planning on doing anyway, but whatever. He’s that fucking heart eyes emoji whenever the two of you are texting.”

“He’s the heart eyes emoji in general.”

“Then he’s the animal version when it’s with you, I don’t know how these metaphors work. But anyway. Are you gonna cuddle or what?”

You throw your hands in the air. “We’re not done talking about this!”

“Look! Calum’s right behind you!”

You turn swifter than you’d care to admit. When you see you’ve been duped, you turn around to a “sleeping” Michael. And when you hit him with the pillow this time, all he does is pull you into him. You let him, because he’s soft and warm and Michael, and no one has the power to say no to such a creature.

Your phone buzzes after who knows how long (time moves oddly when you’re in such a comfortable state). It’s..

can i come overr? later x -cal

are you gonna be drunk again? you reply.

The text comes almost instantly. drunk on lovee. idk possibly. so can i ?

It’s almost infuriating how you don’t even think of saying no.

A/N: First and last 5sos writing of 2014 for me. Feels brilliant to write an imagine again, I love it <3 Keep an eye out for Part 2 next year, yeah? Stay safe and much love xx

I’m sure this is, whatever, a sign of what an awful person I am but eh

leupagus: …goddammit
now I want a Pretty Woman AU

wobblycompetencies: What is stripper AU not enough for you

leupagus: Look I’m just saying

Luke Skywalker, the besieged corporate attorney in Los Angeles for a merger deal

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4/4 Preference: He Takes His Family to See You Perform


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requests are open // masterlist


“When will the opening act end?” Liz asked, “I want to see (Y/N)’s band!”

Luke smiled at his mother’s comment. He and his whole family- Mom, dad, and brothers- had all come to support you on your first world tour. Luke was on tour with you, since you and Luke suffered from the long distance, and your bandmates didn’t mind. Because you were performing in Sydney, and Luke’s family wanted to see you perform, Luke had made sure five seats in the club section were reserved for him and his family.

“What does (Y/N) play again?” Jack asked. He was interested in seeing the girl Luke talked about over the phone constantly.

“She’s the lead singer,” Luke replied, smiling. He loved to hear you sing, which caused him to do some crazy things at home. You hated to sing in front of one person, so Luke found himself sneaking into the bathroom to hear you singing in the shower.

“Thank you Sydney!” Your opening band said as they exited the stage. There was a quick clean up and prep for your band, where the microphones were set up and everything was cleaned up.

Finally, your drummer came out on stage, and then your bassist and guitarists.

“Where is she?” Liz asked.

“She’ll be out soon,” Luke answered waiting patiently. The other members started to play their first song, and you came onstage and began singing. You bounced around on stage, singing into your microphone and getting the crowd pumped. You and Luke made eye contact, and you smiled, happy to see your Lukey in the crowd. His family was with him, smiling and cheering as you belted out the notes of the chorus.

After the song ended, you greeted the crowd.

“Hello Sydney!” You exclaimed, “How are we tonight?” The crowd cheered in response. You gave a little introduction, and you played a few more songs. The crowd was extremely happy to see you, and when it came time to end the show, the fans were buzzing with happiness from their experience.

Backstage, Luke and his family came up to you.

“You’re amazing!” Liz exclaimed as they all came down the hallway. You went over to hug Luke, who planted a kiss on your forehead.

“Thank you,” You blushed, happy that Luke’s mother was impressed.

“You killed it out there,” Luke smiled. His brothers and father nodded in agreement.

“I’m impressed,” Jack added, “I thought Luke was exaggerating when he said you sang like an angel.” You blushed and Luke laughed. He knew his family was impressed by his favorite little girl.


Harry wouldn’t stop bouncing as he and his family walked into the arena. He was excited to see his brother’s girlfriend perform with her band. He had heard their songs before, and he knew all the words. He wanted to impress Ashton by being a better fan than him.

Ashton smiled down at his brother. “Are you excited, bud?”

Harry nodded. “I sure am. What does she play again?”

“She’s the drummer,” Ashton smiled.

“Of course you’re dating a drummer!” Lauren exclaimed, “I bet she’s better than you.”

Ashton laughed. “She is.”

After getting seated in a vip section of the arena, Ashton and his family were excited to see you perform. You had been practicing hard, and you finally had your chance to blow everyone away. Ashton was confident in you.

“There she is!” Lauren yelled.

Ashton’s heart raced as you walked out onstage, sitting down at your drumset. He knew you were about to amaze everyone in the arena.

The minute your sticks hit the drums, everyone in the crowd went crazy. Your bandmates came out and began singing and playing their guitars, and everyone in the arena was dancing and singing. Harry was singing his heart out, which Ashton and Lauren found hilarious.

“I’m a bigger fan than you!” Harry exclaimed, laughing.

“No way!” Ashton replied.

Backstage, Ashton and his family greeted you. Ashton gave you a quick kiss and wrapped his arm around you.

“So Ashton and I were talking,” Harry said, “And we’ve been fighting over who’s a bigger fan. Just so you know, it’s definitely me.”

“Really?” Ashton laughed again.

“No way,” Lauren added, “I’m the bigger fan. I think she’s a better drummer than Ash.”

“Hey!” Ashton exclaimed, laughing. He knew it was true.


“Where is she?” Karen asked after watching you perform. She and Michael went out to watch your first show of your first tour, and Karen was extremely excited to congratulate you on your singing. She was amazed at how talented you were.

“(Y/N)!” Michael exclaimed when he saw you come off stage. You were smiling like a child on Christmas, excited to see Michael and happy on the outcome of your first show.

“You were amazing,” Karen smiled as you hugged Michael. He pulled your legs up and held you in his arms, you legs wrapped around his waist.

“You killed it!” Michael cheered, “I’m so proud of you.” You blushed from the compliments, and a photographer came by.

“Can I get a picture of you two?” He asked. You and Michael nodded, and he ended up kissing your cheek as he snapped the photo.

“That was cute,” Karen smiled.

“Mom,” Michael whined, “I’m not cute.”

“Oh, yes you are,” You added. Karen nodded as you agreed with her.


“There she is! Look, it’s (Y/N)!” Mali exclaimed, pointing and jumping. She was one of your biggest fans, and she had always wanted to see you perform live. When she found out her baby brother was dating you, she demanded that Calum take her to one of your concerts. She was fangirling as you sang your hit songs and danced around onstage with your bandmates. “Calum, she’s even better in person. You’re so lucky!”

“I know,” Calum replied, smiling, “She’s one of the most talented people I know.”

Backstage, Mali could barely contain her excitement.

“Where is she? Is it weird if I hug her?” She asked.

“Mali, calm down,” Calum laughed, “She’ll be out soon, and I don’t think it’s weird if you hug her.” Calum and Mali waited a little longer, and when they spotted you, you ran down the hall to Calum.

“Hey!” Calum smiled, kissing you as he hugged you, “You were amazing tonight!”

“Thanks,” You smiled, “And you must be Mali. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Mali’s heart melted as you hugged her. She mouthed at Calum “She knows who I am!”

After, you, Calum, and Mali all went and hung out with your bandmates on the bus. You sat in Calum’s lap as he played with your hair, and Mali talked with all of you as she tried to contain her excitement. Calum had told you that Mali was excited to meet you and your band, and you wanted to make sure she had the best experience possible.

After, when Mali and Calum had to go home, you and Calum stood outside alone. It was your last night together for three months, and you didn’t want to leave each other. You had a great night out the night before, but leaving for tour killed.

“I’m gonna miss you,” Calum whispered into your ear after kissing up your jaw.

“I’m gonna miss you too,” You replied, holding Calum close to you.

anonymous asked:

4/4 reaction to you taking charge then dirty talking whilst riding him PLEASE

oh man this is my dream

ashton: ashton would be against it at first because he seems to me like the type to always want to be in control but after a while he’d relax and i think he’d really enjoy it. he’d like seeing you being the dominate one and seeing how good you’d be at riding him and he’d be laying down, gripping your hips lightly and looking up at you with a look of amazement and adoration because you’re doing so well.

calum: calum would absolutely love it and the whole time he’d be trying to grab you and flip you two over and take charge so you’d have to tie him up or handcuff him to keep him from throwing off your game but he’d still do everything in his power to mess you up like the cheeky bastard he is

luke: little doe eye luke would be really flustered the whole time and his cheeks would go red and he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands so he’d rest them on your hips while you bounced up and down on him until you guided his hands to your breasts. after that he’d massage them with absolutely no confidence and come really fast because he’s so overwhelmed and he’d be really embarrassed about it so you’d kiss him forehead and tell him he did really well and he’d feel a little better.

michael: michael lives for this shit man he’d definitely say things to try and provoke you and get you to take over, but it wouldn’t take much because who doesn’t want to ride that boy? you’d end up flipping the both of you over and cuffing him to the bed because he’s being so annoying and he’d lean his head back and smirk because that’s what he wanted all along and you’re playing right into his little plan but you couldn’t care less because it feels so good to finally be the one with all the power and he would just love how you took your time teasing him before fucking him senseless

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