luke kitty

cuddling with big spoon michael while he’s rubbing your stomach because it’s that time of the month, and he’d sense you shifting uncomfortably, mainly under the assumption that he’ll tease you because you don’t have a flat stomach, so he’d whisper in your ear, “don’t worry kitten, we can have soft tummies together” and he’d just grab your hand and guide it to his own stomach, letting you feel it, and the realization that you’re not the only one with a bit of a chubby tummy dispels the ongoing insecurity you had for so long



I shouldn't have had that last slice of pizza before bed

My dream was wierd af dude. Like it had:
•Walt Longmire
•Doc McStuffins and her brother
•Jason Aldean
•Luke Bryan
•I could shrink to three inches tall
•Hello Kitty
•Longmire wanted to use me as bait for someone
•there was a beaver and a red fox
•^ and he was wearing like a thing that pacha wears in the emperors new groove but Castiels could switch between monkeys and bananas to snowflakes and a winter theme.