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Help me out here, who do you think experienced the most suicidal ideation, desert Ben, Vader pre-ANH, or Vader post-ESB?

Oh, dude LOL it’s a tough call but I’ll have to say pre-ANH Vader.

Desert Ben and post-ESB Vader at least had a sense of purpose involving something positive (Luke). Despite all their suffering, trauma and depression they had some hope left.

Desert Ben was driven by duty. He was suffering but he put his mission above himself. As much as he wanted to give up, he couldn’t because he needed to protect Luke and guide him to save the Galaxy. He probably saw in Luke a change to right some wrongs of his past. To succeed where he had failed with Anakin. and Obi-wan, being a man who wants to be good more than anything, would put saving Luke and galaxy above his own feelings and interests. Besides, I have feeling suicide would be something the Jedi would see as the ultimate selfish act. So even considering suicide would be a big NOPE for Obi-wan. Bury it all up and keep on going, that’s the Jedi way.

Post-ESB Vader was rejected by his son but he didn’t give up. He still had a little hope left for Luke. It was twisted sense of family and love but it was more than anything he had in long time.

Pre-ANH Vader was a mess. This Vader has nothing. Nothing to go back and nothing to look forward to. He had nothing positive in his life. Everything that drove involved negative emotions and situations. Pre-AHN Vader, especially in the first few years after ROTS, was at his most self-destructive phase. He hate everything, everyone and himself above all else. Post-ESB Vader at least knew there was something good left of him in the world.

Old Ben and post-ESB!Vader also had some sense of self-preservation. Pre-ANH Vader gave zero fucks about himself.

Neighbour - Luke Part 3

This the final part, I promise it’s happy.. Thank you SO much to everyone who requested it and said such lovely things about my writing! Now, I should probably get back to actually writing requests, if you’ve requested something then I’m really sorry for the wait, but I’m doing them now! 😁😁


Part 1 Part 2

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“What? Yeah, of course I am” you wish your voice didn’t sound so defensive, “why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’ve just been staring into space all day, you’ve barely said a word” she shrugs, as you wander slowly to your next lesson. It was your English class, the only class you shared with him, so the worry that had been growing throughout the day was now at its peak.

“I’m fine, I just didn’t sleep well” you lie. All day you’d been on edge. You didn’t want to see him and so far, you hadn’t. His words kept repeating themselves in your mind. “I want to be with you” - it was all you’d ever wanted to hear from him, whether you would have admitted that to yourself or not. The fantasy in your mind hadn’t matched reality, you knew what he’d meant by the words, and they didn’t have the romantic sentiment that you’d hoped for.

You freeze momentarily as the person you’d been hoping to avoid all day suddenly comes into view. The fact he isn’t alone makes your heart sink. He’s surrounded by his friends, as usual, but that wasn’t the reason for your now churning stomach. He was sat on a bench in the courtyard, Lily perched on his lap, her arms draped around his neck. His hands are gripping her hips as he looks up and sees you only a few yards away. His eyes widen and he scrambles to push the girl off his lap. It’s too late though, you’ve already walked away, knowing you couldn’t handle seeing anything more. You don’t know why it had bothered you so much. You knew this was going to happen. It wasn’t as if Luke had ever displayed an interest in monogamy, he said he wanted you and when you’d said no, he’d looked elsewhere. This is how he treated every girl, why would you be any different? You didn’t know that if only you’d have walked around the corner three seconds later, you would have seen that the hands firmly on Lily’s body were only there to push her off his own.


“Can I sit here?” You heard his voice from beside you. Looking up, you see his eyes on Y/F/N, his hand gesturing to the seat beside you.

“I…erm…” Y/F/N’s confused face looks to you.

“Please?” He gives her his famous grin and you groan, knowing that she’s now putty in his hands.

“O-okay” she moves to the table next to yours, as Luke sits down beside you. You hope she can read your thoughts, as you mentally scold her for not being able to resist his stupid charm.

“Hey” his voice is quiet.

“Hi” you reply, doodling on the side of your notebook, refusing to look at him.

“That wasn’t what it looked like” he whispers, “you walked past at the wrong time, I was trying to push her off me.”

“It is honestly nothing to do with me” you look up at him, hoping your eyes don’t give away how hurt you feel.


“Aren’t you worried what people will say about you sitting next to me?” You interrupt him, “you could always say you’re trying to copy my homework, I suppose. People would believe that. Have you figured out what you’re going to do about the Shakespeare paper yet?” You think that if you keep him talking about English until the lesson begins, then the topic of you won’t be mentioned again.

“Say I left it at home? Say the dog ate it? Which sounds more believable?” He chews his lip.

“You don’t have a dog”

“Good point,” his smile fades as he realises your face hasn’t softened at all, “please, can we talk about last…”

“Right, class!” The teacher’s arrival interrupts whatever he was going to say. You’ve never been more grateful for a lesson to start. The teacher didn’t bat an eyelid when Luke apologised profusely about his missing homework, promising he’d hand it in tomorrow morning. See? He could literally charm anyone. For the rest of the lesson, you’d kept your focus on the teacher entirely. Despite feeling Luke’s eyes on your face, you’d stared straight ahead at the board at the front of the classroom. As soon as the lunch bell rang, you’d grabbed your bag and shot out of the room, not wanting him to try talking to you again.


“Luke? Have you heard a single word any of us have said?” Calum’s voice brings him back from his thoughts. His thoughts about you, as they usually were.

“Yeah, party? Friday, right?” He nods, glancing back to you again. You’re sat at the opposite end of the cafeteria, your focus on the food in front of you and not on the boy in the opposite corner of the room. His eyes, however, kept finding their way back to you. His lack of subtlety didn’t go unnoticed. It never did though, it was just that Luke didn’t realise it.

“You could be dating the hottest girl in school, yet you spend most of your time staring longingly at a geek, who the social hierarchy says you shouldn’t even know exists.” Calum chuckles.

“What?” Luke’s eyes shoot to his best friend’s face.

“You’re not very subtle, Luke.” He looks towards your table, “you should move quickly though, she’s leaving.” Luke turns and sees you standing up to walk out.

“You knew?” He asks Calum.

“The only people who don’t know are you and her” Michael scoffs.

“You should be with her if you want to be. She’s nice. Does she like dogs?” He raises an eyebrow.


“Then I trust her” Calum nods.

“Right, so I kept me and her a secret for no reason?” He shakes his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, pretty much, bro” Michael nods.

“Go get your woman!” Cal shouts, giggling. Luke turns, shaking his head, and walks up to your table. You look up as you see him near, your eyes confused.

“I meant it when I said I wanted to be with you, I don’t want you, us, to be a secret” he says, and before you can open your mouth to question what the hell he was doing, his mouth was on yours. He was kissing you, in front of the entire cafeteria.

“What? What are you doing?” You pull away, but his hand on the back of your neck keeps your face close to his.

“I want you to be my girlfriend” he murmurs, kissing you again softly, “will you?”

“But…I…what?” Your eyes are wide.

“I want..wait” he pulls away from you and looks around the large room, almost every face is on the two of you.


“EVERYONE, I’M ASKING Y/N TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND!!” His voice is unbelievably loud, even in the large canteen. You hand shoots up and clamps over his mouth. This looked more romantic and less embarrassing in rom-coms.

“Oh, my god, what the hell are you doing?!” You’ve never felt more embarrassed. Although your heart beat does speed up as you process what he’s just done.

“I told you I didn’t want this to be a secret” he mumbles against your hand, “can you move your hand so I can kiss you again?” It takes you a second to realise what he’s said.

“I was just making sure you weren’t going to shout anything else,” you glance around at people’s shocked faces, your friends look confused, you don’t blame them, “everyone is staring at us.”

“Good” he grins, “then everyone knows I’m yours” he bows his head to kiss you, “well, that is if you answer my question.”

“What question?” You were too shocked by what was happening to pay full attention to his words.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He places soft kisses along your jawline, entirely unfazed by the fact you’re stood in front of the majority of the school.

“Luke, people can see us” you pull away, and attempt to drag him out of the too quiet cafeteria.

“Answer my question” he pulls you back to him.

“You actually want to be with me? Like, properly?” You whisper, shuffling your feet.

“I want you to be my girlfriend. I want you to tell people I’m your boyfriend. I want to go on dates with you, and do nothing with you. I want to annoy you and make you laugh when you’re mad, I want to make you happy, I just…I want everything with you” His eyes are staring into yours.

“I’ll tell people you’re my loser boyfriend” you mutter, not knowing how to react to the most romantic thing you’d ever heard. And it came from Luke Hemmings.

“So that’s a yes?” He grins.

“It’s a yes” you laugh at the expression on his face.

“MY GIRLFRIEND!” He loudly informs the school, pointing to you unnecessarily.

“Oh my god, we need to leave” you finally drag him from the room. You’re not entirely certain, but you’re fairly sure you hear a voice that sounds very much like Michael’s shouting “about time”.