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Hey could you write a blurb based on the video that Mitchy posted in his story of Luke? Like we're on the way home and Luke notices his iPhone isn't there and then like we drive back from where we came from and he finds it in a garbage can and then I make fun of it and then he just punishes me for making fun of that. I'm sorry if it's not understandable and if you can't do that now it's ok too.:)

+cont. or without the punishment and just cute fluff. Do what you feel more comfortable to write.☺️

girl, i can do both aha x 

so i m a g i n e just driving in the large black crossover, away from the party you all were hanging out at. You all had more plans for the night, so you all called night at that party. But as soon as you all were somewhat far, Luke starts patting himself down for his phone. 

“Shit dude, I don’t have my phone,” Luke announced, having you look worrisome with the boy in the back seat. You check around the back with him while Mitchy and the others look around in the seats in front of yours. But his phone was nowhere to be found in the vehicle. 

“Mate, do we have to turn around?” Calum groaned from the front, having you drop your forehead in your hand in pure defeat when Luke replies ‘yes.’ So Mitchy turns the car around, having you notice a mischievous smirk playing at the corner of his lips as he did so. Returning to the area, you left the car with Luke and Mitchy, only to hear Mitchy begin to laugh really loud. 

“Oh my fuck, Mitchy, where is it?” Luke huffed, clinking his brown cowboy boots on the road as Mitchy began filming the recyclables trash can. You cupped your mouth, concealing your laughter as Luke tried playing off his vexation with laughter. 

“Hey Luke, where’s your phone?” Mitchy teases, having Luke completely in disbelief as he grabs his phone from inside the blue container. Luke presents his phone to the recording phone as he begins walking back. You quickly scram back into the car, awaiting the two to go back inside. 

You hear an ‘I hate you’ before Mitchy and Luke return to the car. 

“Where the fuck was it?” Ashton began, twisting his torso to look back at Luke. 

“He put it in the fucking trash,” Luke exclaimed, chuckling as he wipes the phone on his skinny jeans. Ashton brings his hand to his hair and ruffles the blonde locks in amusement, seeing as Luke was being playfully frustrated. Luke swatted him away before putting the phone safely in his pocket. 

“Luke, don’t be so mad!” Mitchy hummed as he pulled the car away from the curb and back to where you guys were headed. 

“Fuck off,” Luke said through laughter, having everyone else laugh in the car. You smiled at Luke, amused at his fake laughter. You then bring your hand up to pinch his chin between your fingers. He faces you, his laughter slowly dissolving as everyone returned to their conversations. His ocean blue eyes stared at you, though it was difficult to see the blue as the car was dim. You snickered at him, giving him a grin in amusement. 

“Why you so mad, baby?” You teased, puckering your lips to give him several air kisses. He just stared at you, rolling his eyes as you giggled. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.” You laughed some more, having Luke quickly take your face between his hands.

“Thank it’s funny, do you?” Luke hummed, his voice much quieter than before. You found yourself going stern, staring into him with awe as his face became just as serious. “Do you, baby girl?” 

“Just a tad…” You whispered, having Luke’s rouge lips slightly part. He brings his tongue out and swipes them both, making them shiny and moist. His thumb brushes both cheeks, making you curious of his intentions. But then he brought his face close, guiding his lips towards your ear until you could feel his hot breath. 

“Don’t make a sound,” Luke said quietly, having you nod in confusion but firmly. Luke then lowered his thumbs to the underside of your chin and tilted your head up. Without warning, Luke latches his lips on your neck, having you take your lips into your mouth to bite them down with your teeth. You could feel his pearly whites gently gnaw at your neck, his hot breath and cool tongue bringing contradictory pleasure to it. 

“Luke,” you emit in a whisper, your hands subconsciously being brought up to weave your fingers through his blonde locks. His tongue grazes along to different spots of your neck, feeling him suck and tug at the splotches of flesh he selects. It became hard to contain your noises, but you did keep them at very quiet breaths. Nobody suspected a thing, seeing as they were far too engaged in their talk about the party to be asked. 

“Don’t make fun of me,” Luke spoke lowly to your neck, peppering soft kisses all over before pulling away. He tugs your face over to his and plants a kiss on your lips before planting a kiss on both of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your forehead. “Okay, loser?” 

“Yeah, yeah,” you said quietly, bringing your hand up to wipe away Luke’s trail of saliva left attempting to dry on your neck. “Gosh, you’re so gross. Your hands were in the trash and now I have your slobber all over.” 

“You love me really,” Luke teases, stealing you into an embrace as you rolled your eyes. 

“Uh huh,” you hummed sarcastically, feeling as he began cradling you lovingly. 

luke blurbs :)) 

Why does this remind me of like Daddy Luke’s nine year old daughter inviting her best friend who she had a crush on (who also happens to be Daddy Ashton’s son) over and her taking him into her room and showing him the guitar that her dad bought her, but he would pick it up and start to play her the few notes that Uncle Luke had taught him a long time ago on the big guitar but she would find it so romantic and sweet and she would kiss him afterward and he would blush and kiss her back on the cheek and whisper into her ear “don’t tell my dad” and she would whisper back “as long as you won’t tell mine” like omg why do I ship Luke’s non existent 9 year old daughter and Ashton’s 9 year old non existent son together like what

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Could you do a Luke blurb where he finds out you have a security blanket you can't sleep without. I think it would be really cute. Thank you so much. I love you blog so much and your writing is amazing 😁😁😁

Thank you so much that really means a lot bc I just started writing and I was nervous about how they would turn out! 

I hope you like it!

You had been at Luke’s house all day for a movie marathon and before you knew it, it was midnight.

“I have to get home.” You exclaim as you jumped out of Luke’s arms and off the couch.

“Babe its late just stay here.” Luke whined reaching his arms out for you to sit back down with him. You had never stayed the night at Luke’s before because you were too embarrassed to tell him about your blanket. Your grandma made it for you when you were a baby and you’ve slept with it every night since.

“Luke I don’t have clothes, or a toothbrush, or anything here,” you say as you head to the door. You grab the handle and pull it open to see that it is pouring rain.

“(Y/N) there is no way I’m letting you drive home in this storm.” Luke says sternly as he pushes the door shut.

“Luke I’ll be fine I’ll call you when I get home.” You replied. You reached for the door handle again but Luke grabbed your hands and pulled you over to sit on the couch.

“Talk to me, why can’t you stay here tonight?” Luke questioned with a worried tone in his voice.

“I have this blanket…” You start to explain, “My grandma made it for me and I can’t sleep without it, I know it’s dumb but I need it Luke.” You say shyly.

“(Y/N), it’s not dumb, I understand and I wish I could do something but I can’t let you drive home in this weather, it’s not safe and I wouldn’t forgive myself if something happened to you.”  Luke said as he pulled you into a warm embrace. You relaxed a bit accepting the fact that you would have to try and get some sleep without your blanket tonight. You laid down on the couch with Luke and he rubbed your back soothingly. You must have dozed off because you woke up on the couch and Luke was gone.

“Luke?” You called as you got off the couch and made your way to the bedroom. You looked at the empty bed curious as to where he was. Suddenly you hear the front door open and you walk back into the living room. You saw Luke soaking wet, shivering and holding something wrapped in a small plastic bag.

“Luke are you crazy where were you?” You asked as you walked over to him.   

“I had to get this.” Luke opens the plastic bag to reveal your blanket. “You said you needed it so I-“You cut him off with a kiss and wrapped your arms around his wet body.

“Thank you Luke, I love you.” You mumble into his chest

“I love you too baby girl.” Luke responded before kissing the top of your head. 

  • r*ylos: antis have no life! it's just a ship! we aren't hurting anyone by shipping kylo and rey! you all need to get a life! sweetie. (:
  • also r*ylos: but john boyega looks like a monkey and he doesn't deserve rey because it would be too vanilla.
  • also r*ylos: finnrey would be boring. finn needs to end up with poe. not because we actually care about those characters and their possible romance, but because shut up and kylie renner.
  • also r*ylos: i can't believe daisy posted a cute finnrey fanart for john's birthday! let's write on it, complain, and make fun of john.
  • also r*ylos: lol, our ship triggers your abuse? so...?
  • also r*ylos: rey needs to make sure our murderous, genocidal cupcake prince becomes good in the end. she needs to fix him.
  • also r*ylos: it's not kyle's fault that he killed his own father. he is obviously just confused.
  • also r*ylos: i can't believe daisy posted a cute finnrey fanart for may the fourth! let's write on it, complain, and make fun of john.
  • also r*ylos: actually it would be okay if rey is luke's daughter because i will still ship ~~~BEN~~~~♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ and rey together. in some third world countries and obscure religions, incest is fine!
  • also r*ylos: luke doesn't need an offspring because rey and ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣~~~~~BEN~~~~♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ will get together and the skywalker legacy will continue.
  • also r*ylos: why do you hate our ship so much????

Lashton enjoying (?) a horror movie together, after carving some pumpkins. I feel like Ashton’s not so interested in the movie, what do you think?

The way Calum comforts Luke and Michael comforts Calum is just so cute. It is like they know when their mates are nervous and do something to remind them ‘hey it’s just us pretend we are back in Ash’s garage’

Tickle Fights
  • ashton: you lied on the bed casually scrolling through your phone as ashton walked through the door, his eyes looked a bit exhausted as he walked over to you. "hey babe," you smiled at him before looking back at your phone again. "hey, love," he said back, sounding tired as he casually draped an arm over your stomach, making you giggle out. "what was that?" he laughed. "oh, my god, that tickled! i don't even know why," you said. he smiled wide as his eyes beamed at you. "really?" he asked, scratching at your stomach gently, making you squirm and giggle. "ashton, p-please," you laughed out, pushing his hands away, "my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!" he chuckled as he heard the happiness in your voice, and he continued tickling your stomach until your hands landed on him, tickling him back. "no, y/n, fuck!" he laughed out as he struggled to keep going. "i can't do this!" he chuckled, giving up as his hands left you and you straddled his hips, still tickling him. you laughed to yourself as you heard his joyous giggles, and you stopped once you thought he'd had enough. "oh, you suck," he chuckled. "yeah, i know," you laughed backed, leaning down and kissing his lips as he smiled at you.
  • calum: you leaned back against the counter as you drank a glass of water, and calum passed by you to grab a glass for himself after smiling at you. "how'd you sleep?" he asked. "very well, hood," you smiled back. he laughed as his hand rested on your side and slowly slid across your hip, making you jump with a small laugh. calum looked at you with a small smirk. "you okay?" he laughed. "you tickled me," you said with a smile as you finished your water. "seriously?" calum asked. "i didn't know you were ticklish there," he said with a sly smile, tracing a finger along that spot. "calum, stop," you laughed, gently pushing his hand away, "that fucking tickles." "yeah, I know," he laughed, "it's cute." calum's hand suddenly landed on your sides as his fingers fluttered around your body, causing you to squirm in his arms as you couldn't stop laughing. "calum!" you laughed out, barely able to hold still. he smiled as he listened to your little giggles, his eyes scrunching as your hands landed on his chest. "you know i know your armpits are ticklish," you threatened. he smirked again and lifted his arm up as his armpit hair showed under his muscle tank. "go for it, babe," he smiled. "oh, you're so gross," you laughed as he pecked you on the lips afterwards with a smile.
  • luke: you and luke were snuggled up on the couch with a blanket draped along your shoulders as his large frame seemed to envelope yours. he reached over for the remote control on the couch, but ended up brushing over your sock-clad feet instead, making you jump into him slightly and let out a small giggle. "oh, my god, are you ticklish?" luke asked, sounding more excited than he should have been. "what? no," you said with a faked straight face, "not at all." he smirked at you and tickled you again, causing you to laugh uncontrollably this time, causing him to laugh along with you. "why have you never told me? this is so cute!" luke snickered. "because i hate being tickled, that's why." "but babe, you're so cute when you're being tickled!" you rolled your eyes and cuddled into his chest as he tickled you again, making you jump once more. "luke! i swear to god, i know where you're ticklish and i will torture you if you don't stop." he smiled a smug grin. "bring it, babe," he smirked, and you took your chance as you straddled him on the couch quickly and began tickling his stomach, letting that adorable laugh leave hips lips. "no, y/n, please stop! i lied, i can't do it!" he giggled out, causing you to laugh along with him. "i told you!" you said back to him before his hands grabbed your hips and he pulled you down to kiss you softly.
  • michael: michael was ready for bed as he drowned himself in the bed sheets, and he kept waiting for you to hurry up so he could finally cuddle you like he always did. "baby, hurry up! it's fucking cold," he shouted. you laughed to yourself as you walked into the bedroom in your pajamas and slippers. "michael, you're covered in, like, four blankets." "yeah," he said back, "but you're warmer than any blanket i have," he pouted at you. you smiled and slid into the bed, and his hand brushed over your inner thigh gently, a laugh leaving your lips as he pulled you closer to him. "what was that?" he smirked with a small chuckle. "you tickled me, you asshole," you said, pushing him away playfully. "oh, did i?" he smiled slyly as he pulled you back. "i had no idea you were even ticklish there." his hand kept gliding over the skin on your thigh, making an array of giggles quietly leave your lips as you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of tickling you. "you want to laugh and i know it," he smirked, tickling you more until you couldn't help but laugh out loud. somehow you got your hands on him as well, tickling him back around his sides, making him laugh so hard that he couldn't even keep up with tickling you. you stopped once he nearly begged you to end it, and you smiled at him. "i win at everything," you smirked. "yeah, okay, loser," he chuckled back as he pulled you closer and kissed the top of your head.

Oh god…. Ofc I saw that moment before but, truly, I didn’t see how close they were!
Lukey just turned not to the right side for the first time, so, that’s why he was so close to Ash’s face, his cheek and lips, oh gosh. It hurts. It’s quite so cute and it’s so real.
You do love him, Luke, that you’d even turned first to his side. And one more foot, you’d kiss him, whoa! :) aww

Preference #83: You're self conscious about your body
  • Michael: Your eyes scanned the computer screen in front of you, pictures of girls with the perfect bodies staring right back at you. You couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if you looked like that, what people would think of you, or even how people would treat you. You sighed and stared down at your own stomach, poking at it. "Babe..." You heard a voice from behind you as you quickly shut your laptop. "Why are you looking at those pictures again?" "Because I wish I looked like them..." You admitted quietly, trying not to cry. Michael engulfed you in his arms and smiled down at you, poking your stomach. "I don't care about that. You're beautiful and you make me happy. I would take you over any of those girls any day. You're healthy and your body is perfect the way it is. Alright?" You nodded your head and cuddled into his chest, smiling the rest of the night.
  • Ashton: "(Y/N), you've been in the bathroom for half an hour, what's wrong?" You heard Ashton's voice from the other side of the door. You quickly wiped your tears and opened the door, revealing Ashton with a worried look on his face. He looked down at you and frowned once he saw your pants. "They don't fit. I'm too fat to wear them." You started to cry once again and he grabbed onto you, stroking your hair. "You're not fat, please don't say that. You're beautiful. I love you and everything about you." He made you look into his eyes and he wiped your tears. "You are an amazing girl and you shouldn't let a pair of jeans ruin your day. You're beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise."
  • Calum: "I look disgusting." You frowned as you walked out in the bikini you had just bought. You hated wearing bikinis because it showed literally everything. Calum looked over at you and frowned back at you. "You look amazing." "You're just saying that because you're obligated to." You looked at yourself once more in the mirror and groaned, throwing a shirt over top of your body. "No, I'm saying it because you truly do look amazing. You have curves and I love that you do. It makes you adorable and beautiful and I don't know why you can't see that." "But-" "No ifs, ands, or buts, you're beautiful, babe. Always will be."
  • Luke: "If I looked like her you would love me more!" You yelled at Luke and he tugged at his hair, shaking his head. "No, I wouldn't love you more. I love you the way you are now. I fell for you for you, not because of your outer appearance." You turned to him and glared. "So, you do think I'm fat?" "NO!" He groaned and got up and began to walk towards you. "You're beautiful inside and out. You have cute chubby little cheeks and you have an amazing body, regardless of what you think. I love you and will even if you gain or lose weight because my feelings for you aren't because of your weight."
  • A/N: Idk if this is good or not, but yeah. I know how it feels to be self conscious because well we have been there. I used to stare at myself in the mirror and basically pick out every part of me that I hated, but that doesn't help or fix anything. I have just come to terms with my body and learned to accept it. I don't think that weight should be a factor for beauty. If you're a bigger girl, good for you. If you're a thinner girl, good for you, too! Your weight shouldn't define who you are, or even define if you are beautiful or not. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and weight shouldn't be a factor if you are beautiful or not. I know how hard it is sometimes, but honestly it is so much better learning to love your body rather than hating it every day. ANd if you are unhappy with it, do something about it! Eat healthy, workout, maybe go on a diet? Who knows, but if you aren't happy with how your body is then it's up to you to make yourself happy. I feel like I am babbling now, but that's all I really have to say. I love you all and again if you're ever feeling down on yourself send me an ask and we can talk there or if you want my imessage just ask for it (off anon I don't wan't it out there) and we can talk. :)
5sos babysitting kids (psa dont let this happen. ever.)
  • luke: i love little kids they're so cute OH GOD OKAY I CAN'T CONTROL THEM NEVERMIND
  • calum: hi little girl do you want to eat food with me
  • mikey: this baby cant even hold a wii controller *whispers* what a pussy
  • ashton: you have a very hot mom
  • calum: so when these kids get naked people think its 'cute' but when i get naked im told to 'put my clothes on before i get arrested' and 'nudity isnt allowed here'?!
  • mikey: it smells calum did you fart
  • luke: oh my god the baby pooped oh my god what do i do
  • ashton: hey, can you hook me up with your mom? what're you doing why are you running away why does this always happen
  • calum: the baby wont stop crying oh my god what do we do
  • mikey: ashton usually stops crying if we let him watch porn
  • luke: NO
  • ashton: this sucks i hate kids im never having sex again
Preference #355: I Can't Resist Your Voice.


Request: It’s so cute when guys talk in baby voices and so hard to resist. Can you do a pref or blurb where the boy(s) tries to get you to do what they want by acting like a child because they know you can’t resist? Thanks!

A/N: Note I put my own spin on this request.

“Y/N can you get me a drink pwease?” Luke asked in a baby voice. “Get in yourself” you replied “pwease, pretty pretty pwease” he pleaded. You rolled your eyes “fine” you said not being able to say no to his cute baby voice. You never could resist the baby voice and all the guys knew it, and definitely took advantage of the situation. You went into the kitchen and poured Luke a drink before returning to the living room and giving him his drink “here you go” you said passing him his drink “thankies” he said with a huge grin on his face. “Y/N can you make me a sandwich?” Michael asked “me too” Calum added. “I don’t work at subway get it yourself, idiots” you replied. “Pwease Y/N were hungry go make us a sammywhich pwease” Michael put on the baby voice and pouted. “Yeah pwease” Calum said with his sweet little puppy dog eyes. Damnit these guys were good. You sighed and went back into the kitchen and made Calum and Michael a sandwich before returning to the living room. They both thanked you before they tucked into their food. “Y/N can you make me a cup of tea pwease, it always tastes better when you make it” Ashton whined like a small child. You immediately got up and went and made him a cup of tea. There was no point trying to fight them anymore, you were a sucker for the baby voice and you were never going to win in these situations.


Thanks god. Or… Penguin, you? :)
With feelings like ‘omfg Luke fucking really loves Ashton from 2012 for sure!!!!’ I’m gonna for a sleep.
My fucking gosh.
Can I die?
Lushton. You’re so cute, Lukey =D Lushton… Lol, huh. God. were you the first who’d connected your and Ash names together, huh? :)
And then, these words, which I’ve already seen ofc, ‘words can’t express my love for Ashton.
It’s so wonderful. I can’t.

[I’m not gonna for a sleep. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna make a coffin, tho. I need it bc I’m so close to die. But first I’m going to write these…]

Ashton. Dammit, eventually notice, pls, Luke, huh??? Don’t tell us you’re straight af, dork. Just go to him, cuddle him, kiss him, touch him, love him, be with him! I said! C’mon, Irwin! Don’t lose such boy! If you do, you’ll be unhappy forever bc…you’ll be without him.

You’re perfect with Luke, so don’t care about society, fans, straight af ppl, homophobes, stuff. Just love. And be happy, k? I beg you, guys, be together.

Just remember love is not one of the… I assume love is the biggest feeling on the Earth. So fight. Fight and stuggle till the end.

And, Luke, yes, it’s hard to wait (especially if you’ve been waiting from 2012, god) but give him one more time, he’ll get he needs you.


holy fucking shit
I saw that yesterday. And I thought when that’d been.
Well, today I’ve woken up and…noticed that photo at updater’s Instagram. And there was a date, 13th of Dec. Okay. That means… Whoa! They were there yesterday :)
Wondering, if there was only Lashton together?? I mean they’re sitting at the table (or not…)… So maybe there were other boys too…
Do I give a fuck?……. Lol.
Look how Ash stares at Luke. Heh :) and that’s just cute they’re together there (at least at that photo)… Babies *-*
I’m happy right now :) even tho there were other guys, really. Here I can see only Lashton. So, pfff. They’re together, that what matters.
Lashton date Lashton date llalalalaa :)))