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He says that he’s the property of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a resident of these parts, and it’s a private message for him.

can we just stop

Guys. I’m so sick of this. I’m so entirely sick of this.

What’s the point of a fandom if we’re going to try and control the lives of the people we’re fans of? 
I started thinking about this way back when 5sos changed their band logo. Everyone was hysterical, as if 5sos was their band, and some even ended up leaving the fandom. Dan changed his username from danisnotonfire to Daniel Howell and he received death threats and chaos, and people claiming “change gives them anxiety”. Harry Styles is receiving hate for making songs about sex. Sex. As if he’s not 23. As if he has no right to sleep with anyone. As if his life is our choice.

Then you go and ask yourself, how come we never get noticed? How come they don’t keep their Twitter messages open for anyone? How come we’re treated like we don’t deserve the attention?

You ask yourself these questions, puzzled as if the answer isn’t in the palm of your hand, as if it’s not simple.

Face the fucking truth. You are alive. Your whole “I don’t have a life” is a lie you’re telling yourself and you need to cut that shit out. You are alive. You have a life. You have a path, whether you believe it’s laid out before you or you have to build it yourself. You have a path. You have a timeline, and so do your idols.

Stop wasting the time from your timeline trying to get attention from someone else’s. Because guess what? While you’re doing that you won’t notice that guy/girl in class looking at you saying “He/she’s the best beautiful person I know.”. You won’t notice how the sky gets lighter in the day than it does at night. You won’t notice how someone actually loves you. You won’t notice how you are fucking alive, and so is Michael Clifford, and so is Daniel Howell, and so is Harry Styles, and while they are loving their life, you are sitting in your seat, on your couch, maybe even on your toilet, trying to shape their life and make it the way you want, when in reality you have the ability to do that with yourself.

You just don’t realize it.

I would say “get a life” but guess what? You already have one. Fuck off of theirs and be that nice member of a fandom. That’s how you get noticed.

luke is the kind of guy who takes you out to dinner to propose to you but he opens the fucking box upside down and it falls to the ground and he has to crawl around in a fancy restaurant to find some ring while you sit there like ???????

Chev, 23

“I’m wearing a jacket I thrifted and the first pair of jeans from my collection. These are my favorite pants because they made me who I am today. What inspires my style is me being free and starting trends. Fashion wise people like Gilda Ambrosio & Luka Sabbat inspire me because they are free and swag so effortlessly. I like all clothes, and neoprene fabrics. Like a Lacoste cardigan, a white T shirt and some dope Levis is fire to me. Style wise Marc Jacobs & Alexander McQueen got it. There just themselves and the clothes stand out and you automatically know like “ Boom thats McQueen” or whoever.”

Mar 17, 2017 ∙ Lower East Side