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HELLO FELLOW SHIPPERS DO YOU HAVE A MINUTE TO SPARE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS TROPE? (Actually, technically, it’s friend-of-friends to lovers back to friends to lovers? Maybe?)

I’VE GOT A DOOZE FOR YA. It’s a channel 4-turned Netflix series called Lovesick, but it used to be called Scrotal Recall, which was, imho, a far more memorable title, though I don’t think it conveyed the sentiment of the show.

So basically,

This is Dylan (Johnny Flynn). He has chlamydia. 

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It’s not great. 

So now he has to go around and meet with every girl he’s slept with, to tell them to get tested too. He takes this as kind of a personal challenge, a way to look back at the relationships he’s had and what went wrong (each episode is named after one girl and plays half in present day and half in flashbacks to the relationship).

As it turns out, what often goes wrong in Dylan’s relationships has to do with his best friend, Evie (the fucking fabulous Antonia Thomas, who was in Misfits). 

These two are def in love with each other, but cannot get their shit together to be in the right place at the same time. It’s a great ship, because thanks to flashbacks, and these dummies’ inability to get on the same page, there is ALWAYS UNREQUITED PINING.

Also in the crew? Dylan and Evie’s other best friend, Luke (Daniels Ings), who is basically British Barney Stinson, in the best way. Dude seems like a cad, but really is just a super loyal softie who wants to be loved. Plus, he’s pretty hot.

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Anyway, WATCH THIS SHOW. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s sweet and funny and angsty and heartsick all at the same time. The supporting cast is a delight as well. WATCH.

Luke Glendening #3

Requested by Anon: could you do another Luke Glendening one about how you guys come back from a fancy party and he couldnt stop looking at you and keep his hands off you when you get home. love your stories ((((:

*Thank you so so much! I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great day! :)*

Word count: 885

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The hand kneading the small of your back made opening the front door harder than usual.

You slapped his hand away and glared at him, “stop.”

Luke gave you a wide grin before pushing you inside the house, “I can’t help it,” he said, hurrying you by replacing his hand on your back, “I can’t stop.”

You took his hand in yours, pulling him in, “Are you addicted to my skin now?” you joked, “your hand is freezing and it’s sending goose bumps all over my body,” you leveled him with a look, “don’t think I didn’t see you watching me earlier.”

Luke gave you a smoldering look, “I told you not to wear that dress.”

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Its only you Part 2 [Luke Hemmings]

Anonymous asked: what about something smutty about being really good friends with Luke and he has a really nice gf and stuff but you two have like a huge sexual tension between each other and one day you were chilling with the guys and end up having a pretty erotic time with him ;) thanks bby, btw I love your writing so much!!!

I got a few requests to do a part 2 :) so… here!

Word count: 1956
Rated: R
Warnings: Language, smut

Summary: So basically, I decided that Luke was going to try to break up with Cindy, but it’s really hard because he doesn’t wanna hurt her feelings. But eventually he does and You and Lukey are together.

Part 1 right here bbies.                              


“Actually, Cindy, I have to talk to you…” Luke said awkwardly. You quirked a brow at him, placing a hand on your hip. “What is it?” She batted her lashes and Luke gulped.

“I uh… You want a ride home?” He asked shakily. “Yeah sure.” She smiled. He looked at you and gave you an apologetic look. You shook your head and a small smile tugged on your lips as you raked a hand through your hair.

He left you in the room by yourself, leaving you yet again for her.



The next morning you woke up in the guest bed you and Luke had sex in and you didn’t care the sheets weren’t washed.

You’d let yourself into Mikes room and stole a black muscle style shirt with Green Day decorated over the front.

You sat up and yawned before stumbling out of bed and into the kitchen. You poured yourself coffee with French vanilla milk. “Good mornin’.” Luke cooed as he wrapped his arms around you from behind and nuzzled his face to the crook of your shoulder and neck. You smiled as you sipped on your coffee and spun around to face him and his hold on your waist tightened. “Sleep well?” He questioned. “I was exhausted.” You whined. “Really?” His expression was smug— like he’d finished something he worked hard on and was going to brag about it for a while.

“Yes really.”

He leaned in to kiss you but the thought of him still being Cindy’s boyfriend made you pull away. “We can’t, Luke.” You mumbled. He furrowed his eyebrows and scoffed, “We can have sex but you can’t give me a simple kiss?”

“Yep. It’s just… I can’t explain it, Luke. I can’t kiss you without thinking about Cindy and what we did last night was not supposed to happen that way. Luke, you cheated on your girlfriend with me. And I can’t but feel like a toy as long as you have her. Last night I guess I assumed you were going to break-up with her.” You mumbled as you took another long sip. “But you know you’re not.” Luke said softly. You could only shrug, not knowing what else to say. He sighed as you broke away from his grasp and walked back into the room you slept in the night before with Luke trailing behind you. You slipped on your jeans and pulled Michael’s shirt over your head, not caring whether or not Luke was staring.

“I don’t know how to break up with her.” He huffed in defeat. “I can’t help you there, Luke. I’m not asking you to choose between me and her. I couldn’t do that. But I refuse to be someone you fuck behind your girlfriends back.”

“We’re not fucking.” Luke said in disgust. “Whatever you wanna call it.” You growled under your breath as you spun around to face him. He was sitting on the corner of the bed with his head in his hands.

“Y/n I want to be with you. I really do.”


“But Cindy…”                                            

“Exactly. Luke, I can’t do this. I can’t be a quick fuck. I care about you with or without sexual tension and I want to be able to know that you only see me.”

“Dammit, Y/n! I’m trying to tell you that all I see is you! I’m not confused.”

“Luke I don’t think you are seeing the gravity of the situation. You had sex with me while your girlfriend was asleep in the next room! We shouldn’t’ve done it! It was wrong and it was a weak moment. I shouldn’t be the one feeling bad but I do. She at least deserves for you to tell her, if not that then a break up. You still clearly have feelings for her or it wouldn’t be so hard!”

He didn’t say anything he know you were right. “I should go.”

“No. Don’t. I just… I need time… To think.”

“Luke, I’ve already made my choice. I’m just waiting for yours. I’ll wait for you. But not forever.”

it has been two weeks since you’ve last talked to Luke. You ignored his 116 texts and his 42 voicemails and denied when any of the boys asked you to come over.

It was 8:00 pm and you were cuddled in Luke’s Blink shirt and some shorts on the couch with Netflix rolling when a constant knock had you getting up and walking over to it.

“What do you want, Luke?”

“I want you.”

His answer made you surprised and slightly puzzled. “What?”

“I said I want you. You’re all I’ve been able to think about. I don’t like Cindy, but I love you. I guess me being with Cindy was just to fill the void of not having you as mine. I broke up with her yesterday.”

“You… You what?”

“I said I broke up with her.”

“No, before that.”

He cupped your face with his hands and smashed his lips against yours. “I love you so fucking much. It literally hurts.”

You didn’t hesitate to kiss back and your hands gripped the fabric at his hips in tight fists. His tongue protruded your lips, leading into a heated open-mouthed kiss.

He hoisted you up so your legs could wrap around his waist. He carried you to your room and sat down on the edge of your bed. You forced him on his back and started un-doing the buttons of his sleek black flannel shirt. You peeled it off of his shoulders, him pulling you shirt over your head in the process.

“I love you, Y/n.” He mumbled against your lips.

You pulled away and caressed his jawline with one hand and used your other to play with his soft hair, “I love you too.”

He connected your lips together and flipped you over so he lay between your legs. He peppered kisses along your jaw and between the valley of your breasts. Breathy sighs left your swollen lips and the further Luke got to the hem of your shorts the faster your breath quickened. “You’re so beautiful princess.” He cooed, his warm breath hitting your stomach.

He hooked his index fingers over the waistband of your shorts and pulled them down to your knees with your underwear. He kissed both of your hips lightly and smirked when you shuddered.

He spread your legs open and kissed the inside of your thigh teasingly. “Luke do something.” You bucked your hips up.

“Patience baby girl. I want to show you what you said was wrong. That we’re not fucking. That this means something to the both of us.” He explained. He gently blew on your slit and you gasped at the sensation of cool air. You bucked your hips impatiently again and Luke moved his hands to your hips to hold you down.

After what seemed like ages, he finally attached his lips to your clit. “Oh, Luke.” You whimpered. Your hands tugged at his hair, urging him further. His lip ring was cold.

He used a hand and slipped a finger in your entrance. “Fuck.”

He slowly started pumping, making eye contact with you. He inserted another finger and curled them up, grazing your g-spot. “Luke!”

“You like it baby-girl?”

You nodded and bit your lip. “I can’t hear you.”


He quickened the pace of his fingers and sucked harder on your clit. A strangled moan left you lips and you gripped the bed sheets hard. “Oh my god.” You could feel the knot in the pit of your stomach start forming and a loud yelp left erupted from your lips when he nipped at your clit. “Holy shit!”

You bucked your hips into his mouth, wanting more than what he was giving you. “L-Luke I’m gonna cum.”

“Not yet baby.” He instructed, now using his tongue to massage what his lips didn’t. “Bu…t.”

“Do not cum.” He demanded. He quickened his pace again. “L-Luke I’m go-ing… t-to. I ca…n’t hold it a-any long-er.”

He exited his fingers and looked up at you. His eyes were clouded with lust and he climbed on top of you again, connecting our lips and allowing me to taste myself on his tongue.

I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off his waist, followed by his boxers. “You’re dripping baby-girl.” He smirked in your ear before taking the lobe between his teeth. He positioned his knee at between your legs and started grinding, creating a friction that had your chest pressing against his. “C’mon Luke enough foreplay. I want you. I need you.”

“As you wish, princess.” He smirked and positioned himself at your entrance, slowly filling you up as much as possible.

“Fuck Luke.” You moaned and gripped the hairs at the nape of his neck. “Shit.” He cursed under his breath once he started moving. It was slow; sensual. His hips rolled into yours perfectly and it was fulfilling. Your nails raked down his back, leaving red lines that would surely be burning tomorrow. “You feel amazing.” He groaned into your ear. You moaned loudly in response, boosting his level of confidence.

Suddenly, his pace picked up and he was slamming into you, making the headboard smack into the wall several times. “Faster, Luke.” You whimpered, meeting his hips half way. He did as told and sped up his pace, resulting in him hitting your g-spot yet again. “Baby you’re so tight.” He slammed into you again to prove his point, causing you to scream out in pleasure. You were still close form your last under-stimulated orgasm.

“Luke, c-can I cum now?” You stuttered. His pace grew erotic and his breath grew heavier. “Fuck not yet baby girl. I’m almost there.” He whispered in return. You rolled your hips up to increase the friction. He hissed in pleasure and reached a hand between your bodies to press a thumb to your clit. “Luke I don’t think I can hold it any longer.”

“Cum for me.” He commanded. He stopped his steady movements to slam into you at full force, sending you over the edge. Your orgasm crashed through your body in what seemed like waves.

Your walls clenched around him, making him groan loudly and cum after you, pulling out quickly and coaxing your tummy in his warm, thick seed.

“Holy shit.” He panted. He reached for a towel that lay on your floor and you could see how badly you’d scraped his back. He wiped your stomach before throwing it back on the floor. He dropped beside you and pulled you into his chest, kissing your forehead and clutching you tighter against him.

“I love you, Y/n. I always have.”

You strained your neck to kiss his lips passionately before resting your head on his chest.

It was quiet and you could feel your exhaustion catch up to you but just before you could lose consciousness, in a hushed whisper Luke spoke,

“It’s only you.”

5SOS Preference #11: Jealous - Nick Jonas

Ashton: […] I wish you didn't have to post it all. I wish you’d save a little bit just for me […]

It’s not like he didn’t like what you did because he did. He loved the fact that you helped people get into shape. His support would be endless, constantly whispering in your ear in the most intimate moments in the bedroom “you’re such an inspiration baby.” One day he was randomly scrolling through twitter when he saw your latest update ‘headed to the gym! will be posting the video shortly <33’

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He didn’t mind the picture, in fact, he was used to it but what he wasn’t used to was the disgusting comments men made. 'Damn baby, i’d love to spread your legs open and dig my head down there’. It wasn’t until later on when you came home that he blew up. “You have to stop posting those pictures and those fucking videos (Y/N).” “Excuse me?” “You heard me. I’m tired of these guys jacking off to your pictures! You’re MY girlfriend!" The fact that you started smiling and giggling didn’t make him feel better. Little drips of water began to slip out of his eyes realizing that you weren’t taking this seriously. How could the love of his life not understand that he was in pain. His head hung low not wanting her to let him see. A pair of petite arms wrapped around his torso, he let his head fall onto her shoulder as he sobbed. "baby-" she began, "I don’t want those guys. I hate those guys. Those guys are pigs. I love you baby. I promise you that i want you and only you." His sobs slowed down as he took in her words. "Promise?” “Here’s my promise." A look of confusion spread across his face as she smirked and began sliding his shirt off.. (…)

Calum(Your POV): […] I don’t like the way he’s looking at you, I’m starting to think you want him too […]

"MY FUCKING BEST FRIEND?! YOU COULD HAVE ANYONE BUT YOU CHOSE TO FUCK WITH HIM?! You think i don’t notice all the time you sneak out to see him?! That i don’t notice the little winks between you two?!" Calum screamed out while holding onto his hair practically ripping it out. "Calum baby please calm down! It’s not what you think it is!" I desperately tried to make him understand. The studio door clicked open and suddenly there was a crash near the drum kit, a bleeding Luke on the floor and an angry Calum smashing his fist into his face. I screamed in horror looking at what happened before my very eyes. "CALUM THOMAS HOOD GET OFF OF HIM!" I acted without thinking and slammed Calum off of Luke giving him a chance to scramble to his feet and limp to the corner furthest from Calum. "What the fuck (Y/N)!? Of course you’re defending him, you two are fucking behind my back!” “Fucking hell Calum! HE’S DATING MY BEST FRIEND NICOLE AND HE WANTS TO PROPOSE TO HER! I WAS HELPING HIM PICK OUT A FUCKING ENGAGEMENT RING YOU PIECE OF JEALOUS SHIT!" The look of regret slammed my boyfriend like a ton of bricks, tears filling his eyes as he realized that he turned into a monster over something that wasn’t what he thought it was. I noticed his lips trembling as he made his way over to Luke, pulling him into a tight hug and repeating 'i’m sorry' over and over again. Luke was stunned to say the least he hugged him back and said, "i’m not the one you need to apologize to." I hadn’t noticed that i was crying until Calum wiped the wetness off of my cheeks with his thumbs. His lips were over mine slowly and softly while his hands trailed down from my cheeks to my shoulders to my hands, and finally rested on my lower back. "Don’t do that ever again Calum. I got so scared baby.” “No more. I promise.”

Michael(His POV): […] You’re too fucking beautiful and everybody wants a taste. That’s why, I still get jealous. […]

“Baby have you seen my other heel?" (Y/N) asked walking around with one heel in hand. The red dress she was wearing hugged her body beautiful, i’d fuck her right now if we weren’t going to Luke’s birthday party in 5 minutes. "Underneath the bed babe." I smirked as she got down giving me a full view of her ass, she scoffed as she realized that i lied. "Damn it Mikey i don’t have time for your horny jokes! I need my other heel! I chuckled and pressed my lips against hers softly. "It’s in my car babe, remember last time?” “Oh…yeah. Well then lets just get going!”

We made our way into the club that we exclusively made private for Luke. I stiffened up as i saw guys eyeing my girlfriend up and down. Lots of them licking their lips, others getting hard on’s right there and other mouthing damn or fuck. Who are these fucking pricks? The night continued on and so did the stares. After a few drinks the alcohol began to sit in, (Y/N) was hugging Luke wishing him a happy birthday and then i lost it. Some creep had made his way over to MY fucking girlfriend and tried to kiss her. I could of sworn i turned into Flash because i was by her side slamming my fist into his nose in less then a second. “Don’t fucking touch MY girlfriend!" Her small hand pulled mine away from the creep who now held his nose. I could feel the blood pumping in my ears, my eyes turned to her as i saw her face with worry and freight. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was just the way the dress looked on her and the way she was looking at me. My hands made its way down her body onto her ass and soon enough her legs were wrapped around my waist with her back against the wall.

Luke(Your POV): […] You’re too fucking beautiful and everybody wants your sex. […]


I drove with tears in my eyes going to pick up my boyfriend from the police station. He was right, i shouldn’t have gone to that party. The receptionist looked at me asking, "name?" The phrase nervously stuttered out of my lips, "I-I’m picking up m-my bo-oyfriend Lu-uke Hemmi-ings” “Luke Hemmings… right. He’s finishing up the interview. Take a seat." Even though i was there for about 5 minutes it seemed like i was there for a full hour until I saw him step out of (what i assumed to be) the interrogation room. The policeman and Luke walked over to me. I didn’t care about respecting the policeman all i wanted was my boyfriend. My lips roughly pressed against his as his hands roamed my body and mine tangled in his hair. The policeman coughed to catch our attention, "Ma’m, I only need one statement from you.” “Yes sir but please, i need my boyfriend. I can’t be alone.” “Why don’t you briefly explain what happened right now, that way you wont have to be locked down in the interrogation room." I took in a shaky breath as i began explaining, "Luke told me that I shouldn’t have been partying with the kids from downtown. There had been rumors of a huge pervert abducting young girls but i didn’t believe them. I went to the party anyway and Luke chased after me, he followed me to the party. Around 1 or 1:30 AM this grown man came into the party-" tears began filling my eyes. Luke must’ve noticed because he whispered into my ear "Its ok baby. I love you, i’m here. It’s ok." I continued explain the events that occurred a couple hours ago. ”- he took an interest in me and began stalking me for a while. The party was almost over but out of the blue, his arm wrapped around my neck and he started whispering dirty things into my ear, explain things, DIRTY things that he wanted to do to me. He wanted sex basically. Luke noticed and grabbed a bottle of champagne and smashed it against his neck. I was shaken up and i assume that must’ve ticked off Luke because he didn’t stop there. He began beating up the man to a pulp and… that's where you guys came in.“ The rest of the night in the police station is a blur. All i can remember is going to Luke’s house and wearing his clothes to bed while his arms wrapped around my body, his lips moving against mine slowly and mumbling "i love you (y/n)” “you’re beautiful” “you’re mine (y/n) and i’ll never let anyone hurt you”.


Hey y'all! About time i posted something right? lol idk im not really inspired to write but i decided to try either way. PLEASE give me some feedback, i half-assed this but i wanna know if it was ok.

Lettme know if you have any requests, i’m out of ideas :(

Love you all!

Love, Leni xX