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HELLO FELLOW SHIPPERS DO YOU HAVE A MINUTE TO SPARE FOR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS TROPE? (Actually, technically, it’s friend-of-friends to lovers back to friends to lovers? Maybe?)

I’VE GOT A DOOZE FOR YA. It’s a channel 4-turned Netflix series called Lovesick, but it used to be called Scrotal Recall, which was, imho, a far more memorable title, though I don’t think it conveyed the sentiment of the show.

So basically,

This is Dylan (Johnny Flynn). He has chlamydia. 

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It’s not great. 

So now he has to go around and meet with every girl he’s slept with, to tell them to get tested too. He takes this as kind of a personal challenge, a way to look back at the relationships he’s had and what went wrong (each episode is named after one girl and plays half in present day and half in flashbacks to the relationship).

As it turns out, what often goes wrong in Dylan’s relationships has to do with his best friend, Evie (the fucking fabulous Antonia Thomas, who was in Misfits). 

These two are def in love with each other, but cannot get their shit together to be in the right place at the same time. It’s a great ship, because thanks to flashbacks, and these dummies’ inability to get on the same page, there is ALWAYS UNREQUITED PINING.

Also in the crew? Dylan and Evie’s other best friend, Luke (Daniels Ings), who is basically British Barney Stinson, in the best way. Dude seems like a cad, but really is just a super loyal softie who wants to be loved. Plus, he’s pretty hot.

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Anyway, WATCH THIS SHOW. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s sweet and funny and angsty and heartsick all at the same time. The supporting cast is a delight as well. WATCH.

Luke Glendening #3

Requested by Anon: could you do another Luke Glendening one about how you guys come back from a fancy party and he couldnt stop looking at you and keep his hands off you when you get home. love your stories ((((:

*Thank you so so much! I hope you enjoy this one. Have a great day! :)*

Word count: 885

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The hand kneading the small of your back made opening the front door harder than usual.

You slapped his hand away and glared at him, “stop.”

Luke gave you a wide grin before pushing you inside the house, “I can’t help it,” he said, hurrying you by replacing his hand on your back, “I can’t stop.”

You took his hand in yours, pulling him in, “Are you addicted to my skin now?” you joked, “your hand is freezing and it’s sending goose bumps all over my body,” you leveled him with a look, “don’t think I didn’t see you watching me earlier.”

Luke gave you a smoldering look, “I told you not to wear that dress.”

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Nerdy Luke Smut

Okay so this is smut incase you didn’t read the title. I am doing the rest of the boys too so yea I guess this is a preference-


School Outfit for the day-

There was always this boy who caught your eye he was in all your classes and he had straight A’s in every subject this boys name was Luke Hemmings-

You were in English class and you weren’t particularly bad at English but when it came to Shakespeare’s Macbeth you were confused more than anything you have ever been confused about in English.

You sat at the front of the room but in the same row as Luke, Luke sat at the back of the classroom scribbling notes down in his book, pushing his square glasses up his nose.

You sighed looking up at the clock

“5 minutes left” you whispered to yourself as you chewed your pen lid, you wrote your final notes in your book

***The Bell Rang***

“Y/n can you come over here” The teacher said and everyone looked at you walking up to the teachers desk

“Uh hi, Miss” you smiled weakly, why would she call you up here, you were sure you hadn’t done anything wrong in English

“Class dismissed” Miss Herron said to the rest of the class, you watched as everyone pushed and shoved to get out the classroom, leaving Luke at the back of the room on his own

“So I can see your not to doing to well at Macbeth” Miss Herron explained

“Uh yea, It’s kinda confusing” You reply sheepishly

“Luke can you come over here” She said gesturing Luke over to her desk as well

“Y-yea Miss, whats up” Luke looked around the room

“Would you be able to tutor Y/n on this subject?" 

"Uh-uh I can” Luke nodded to the teacher

“Thanks-Luke-Miss” you smile as you sling your bag round your shoulder.

“Luke?” you tap him on the shoulder

“Uh-Y/n, yea?” Luke said pressing his books to his chest

“Where are we gonna do the uh-tutor thingy” You ask

“I guess my place is fine and we can probably focus better because my parents or brothers aren’t gonna be in” Luke explains

“Right uh-where do you live?” You giggle at Luke’s awkwardness 

“Uh here, my number” Luke said, pulling a slip of paper out of his pocket then scribbling a few numbers down

“Text me the details” You smile opening the classroom door and walking into the hallway, Luke quickly rushed down the hallway until he heard someone shout something

“Nerd boy, trying to escape being pummelled!”

You turned to see who was shouting, it was Jack the Schools meathead asshole, Luke stopped in his tracks at the sound of Jack’s voice

“Please leave me alone, I gotta go home and-” Jack started approaching Luke at a quicker pace, Jack walked past me causing a gust of wind to fly past you as well

Luke seemed to be shaking in worry or something, you watched Luke’s bottom lip tremble, Luke didn’t even run away.

Jack reached Luke and swung at Luke hitting his lip

“Hey, Get the f**k off him Jack!” You shout running over to Luke and Jack

“Why f***ing should I?” Jack shoved Luke to the floor, Luke pressed his hand to his lip as it poured with blood

“Because I said so you fat bastard!” You yelled

“Fine but I’ll f***ing kill him tomorrow

"Yea course you will” You said sarcastically

“Luke are you okay?” you say softly as you hold your hand out so Luke could get up

“T-an-s” Luke winced, not being able to pronounce his words properly as he took you hand and you lifted him up

“Luke maybe you shouldn’t tutor me till your lips better” you spoke sympathetically

“N-o, h-ne-st I’ll be fi-e” Luke tried his best to say

“Luke you can’t even talk” you whisper

Luke nodded

“I guess you’ll be tutoring me at my house, I’m not letting Jack get you on your way home” You smile and Luke just nods, you opened the door for Luke and yourself as you both walk off the school grounds and turn to the right. You and Luke didn’t speak until you got to the front of you house

“Uh am I all-o-ed in” Luke said as a tear came to his eye

“yea you better come in, I could help you with that lip” you say taking Luke’s hand in yours which caused him to jump slightly, You unlocked the door and walked in with Luke

“Uh go to the kitchen its just through that door there” You point at the door opposite to the front door

Luke nods as he clearly couldn’t even talk properly, Luke walks through the door.

You go into the bathroom getting the little first aid kit your Mum had in a cupboard, you walk into the kitchen

“Hi” you smile as you undo the bag and get a cotton ball out of it and going over to the sink, wetting it with cold water

“So Luke this might sting” You say softly, standing on your tiptoes to reach the giants lip, you dab the cotton ball on his lips, soaking up the blood

“Shit, Jack really did hurt your lip” You frown

“Hmhm” Luke hummed

“Just keep the cotton ball pressed to it” you smile

“Alright” Luke said perfectly

“Im sure it doesn’t help that you’ve got that lip ring” you giggle

“Yea I’m pretty sure that caused most of the injury” Luke agreed

“I guess we’re gonna have to wait until we can study” You sigh sitting on the couch

“What are we gonna do till then” Luke said sitting next to you on the couch


"Whats up Y/n?" 

"Did I ever say how cute it is that your nerdy” You say just trying to break the silence but you weren’t lying

“Cute, you think I’m cute? Luke blushes

"Yea” you felt a blush rise to your cheeks also

“But I just had to let you stand up for me because Jack hurt my lip” Luke frowns

“Yea but still cute” you smile

“Y/n I know my lips bleeding and everything but can I kiss you? Luke said in a flash of confidence

"Really?” you smile

“Yes or no?” Luke asked

“Yes” you say with no hesitation

Luke leaned forward letting the cotton ball drop from his lip onto his lap, You leaned towards Luke as well and your lips went together, Luke started to get interested as he basically pushed you down onto the couch, you wrapped your arms round his neck

“Luke” you moan as you bit at him bottom lip on the opposite side that Jack burst

You pulled away and played with the hem of Luke’s shirt

“This needs to come off” you smirk

“But-are you sure” Luke raised an eyebrow

“More sure than ever” You smile

You pulled the hem of Luke’s shirt upwards, Luke helped you get it off and he threw it onto the coffee table

“Why’d you hide so much?” You giggle at Luke’s glasses drooping down on the edge of his nose, you traced the dint of abs on his stomach

“No one wants to know a nerd” Luke frowned

“I want to know more about this nerd” You spoke, sitting up slightly, your hand still tracing his abs

“You-mean-I-You-se-x” Luke stuttered

“Yea Luke, if your okay with it” you say

“Y/n I-I’m a virgin” Luke said sheepishly

“Well if it makes you feel better I am too” You explain

“So neither us know what we’re doing” Luke laughed

“Nope” you add to the laughs

“Well, I know the basics” Luke smirks

“Just go with what feels right” you add to what Luke just said

Luke leans down and kisses you, you ran your tongue along Luke’s injured lips, Luke clearly didn’t know how to respond to your action

“Open” you simply mumble against Luke’s lips, so Luke did just that

Luke’s tongue darted into your mouth drawing his initials on the top of your mouth ‘L.R.H’

Luke reached behind you and unclasped your bra and he pulled it away from your chest and threw it across the room

“Your turn, This off” Luke smiled pulling your ‘Nirvana’ shirt over your head and discarded that onto the ground as well

“I-Urm” Luke mumbled

“Your allowed to touch Luke” You smiled as Luke’s hands went straight to your boobs, massaging them slowly but sweetly

“Y/n!” Luke shouted as he attached your lips together again

You unbuckled Luke jeans still enthralled in the kiss, Luke kicked the pants that were now around his ankles on the floor and Luke did the same to your jeans pulling them off and throwing them away from the couch.

You were both left your just your lower half underwear.

“Y/n your so f***ing beautiful” Luke smirked eyeing your body up and down, you gasped as you’d never heard Luke swear before, ever.

“Luke you hide so much, I bet all the girls would want you if you didn’t hide all of this” you breath against Luke’s neck as you take his Glasses off and reach over to the table and place them down carefully for him

“Thanks” Luke smiled kissing you

“Okay so do you by any chance have a condom?” You frowned

“I-I might, I never thought I’d need one” Luke laughed digging in his schoolbag, Luke retrieved a sliver packet from his bag

Luke was skittish about pulling his boxers down so you did it for him

“Luke your f***ing massive” You exclaim

“I-What?” Luke said surprisingly

Luke took a gulp and pulled your underwear down and rolled the condom on his dick

“Okay so like what now?” Luke smiled

“I you urm” You stuttered

“I think I know” Luke continued to smile

Luke held your hips down and inched in side you so he was careful not to hurt you

“Luke, Ah f**k” you moaned as he entered you

“I know it hurts Y/n, It’ll be fine in a minuet Luke said caressing his thumb on your cheek

"Okay, move” You winced

Luke started to thrust in and out of you

“Y/n your so tight!” Luke shouted

“Ah f**k!” you screamed, you dug your nails into his back

“Y/n, oh my f***ing god!” Luke shouted in reply as he pulled out of you
Luke rammed straight back inside you, causing a low groan to escape your throats.
“I’m so close” I choked out
“y/n, I love you- shit” Luke called as he released into the condom and pulled out of you.

“Oh my god, that was…” you breathed

“Amazing?” Luke suggested

“Yea, Luke you aren’t that bad for a first time” you smiled

“Your not either” Luke smiled pulling the condom off and throwing it into the bin

“Can we do this again sometime?” Luke said, sitting up

“I’d love too” you agree

“Be my girlfriend?” Luke asked

“Of course” you agree once again

“Oh Luke your lips bleeding again” you frown, slipping your clothes back on and going to get the first aid kit with a damp cotton ball

“We didn’t study” Luke said as you handed him the cotton ball and he held it to his lip

“Yea but this was better” you giggle

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