luke in a tutu

5sos as dads

luke: *answers door in a pink tutu with a tiara on his head and a little pink purse with lipstick peeking out* “we’re playing princesses, what the fuck do you want?”

ashton: *you swear* “DON’T SWEAR, THE BABY!” “ash, the baby hasn’t freaking developed ears inside of me yet”

michael: “um, where the fuck is the kid?” “what do you mean where’s the kid?!” “we were playing hide and seek and I lost the fucking kid!”

calum: “calum, she’s watched monster’s inc. with you four times this month” “she likes it” “no, YOU like it, she just likes the popcorn” “well, she is my daughter…”

Anyone Can Be A Dad

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daddy!luke makes me feel so many emotions like he’d be soooo adorable with kids so i just had to write this i hope you enjoy x

Though Luke would disagree, I swear I’m the lucky one. I’ve had my fair share of awful exes, including Jessie, the father of my daughter Ali. After the first few months, he never really treated me right, but when I told him I was pregnant he couldn’t handle it. He threw away the two years we shared, all because he “wasn’t ready to be a dad”. So I had to raise Ali on my own. But a year later, I went on a blind date with Luke because my friend Lindsay and her boyfriend Michael said Luke and I would hit it off as soon as we met. And going on a date with a complete stranger ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. He was super sweet, we got along really well, and best of all he loved the fact that I had Ali, because he really wanted kids of his own.

Fast forward about four years, we were now as close as ever. Ali loves Luke and even though she still has visitation with her actual dad, she has called Luke Dad since she was two. And still to this day, every time she calls him that he gets the biggest grin on his face. And he can’t wait until our three-month-old Mason can talk so he can call him Dad too. Luke knows how to give Ali enough attention so that she’s not jealous of her brother, and when I’m breastfeeding or Mason and I need some rest, he’s quick to suggest Ali play dress up or tea party with him. He even wears a tiara and tutu because when they play, he’s Princess Luke and she’s Queen Ali. He tried to call her Princess Ali once and she sassily corrected him. They spend a lot of time together, so you could definitely say she’s a Daddy’s girl.

We were sat on the couch, Ali in between Luke and I and Mason starting to dose off on my chest as I patted his back. We were watching Bubble Guppies because Ali adores that show, and the episode that was on was one we had seen at least a hundred times. Luke and Ali would sing along to the songs when they came on, which was honestly too cute. Though he won’t ever admit it, I know he likes the show almost as much as she does. I looked down and Mason and saw that he had finally fallen asleep, so I gently got up from the couch, careful not to wake him.

“I’m going to go lay him down,” I told Luke. He nodded, too engrossed by the tv to give me a proper reply. I shook my head.

Shortly after laying Mason down and going back to the living room the show had ended.

“Ooh, Daddy can we go play on the swings? You said we could later and I think it’s later now.” Ali asked.

Luke pretended to check his watch. “Hmm, actually we have about ten more minutes until later.”

“But Daaaddy, I wanna go nowww.” Ali whined, holding Luke’s wrist and trying to pull him up off the couch.

“Now Ali, you know whining’s not allowed.” He lightly scolded.

Ali sighed, “Can we please go swing now?” She gave him puppy dog eyes, which always worked on him and she knew that well.

“Okay, we’ll go swing.” He smiled.

“Yay!” Ali said, running towards the back door and pulling Luke behind her.

I got up to get a drink, when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number. Curious to know who it was, I answered.


“(Y/n), it’s Allen, Jessie’s friend.”

“Um, okay? What do you want?” I asked, confused as to why he was calling me. Jessie and I rarely spoke, and if we did it was strictly about Ali. Much less one of his friends I barely even knew.

“You need to tell your douche of a boyfriend to get his shit together.” Allen said.

“Excuse me?” I raised my voice. “First of all, he’s my fiancé and second why the hell would you say that?”

I heard the back door slide open and I turned to see Luke entering the house. He saw the pissed off look on my fave and knew something was up.

“He needs to stop acting like he’s Ali’s father when he isn’t. Why would you let her call him Dad? That’s not right, (Y/n) and you know it.” Allen spoke up.

I scoffed, “Please. Like I’m going to tell Ali to stop calling Luke Dad. She was the one that wanted to call him that, we didn’t force her to do it! Plus, she sees Luke everyday, and only sees Jessie a few days a month. So technically, Luke is her father.”

“Who is that?” Luke whispered.

“Jessie’s friend, Allen.” I rolled my eyes.

Luke held out his hand and I gave him the phone. He put it on speaker as I walked towards the back door to keep an eye on Ali.

“Hey, mate, mind telling me why you’re disrespecting my fiancé?” Luke said.

“Because I knew it would get back to you.” Allen laughed.

“Well listen here, I don’t know why you and Jessie have nothing better to do than sit around and talk shit about me, but you need to get a hobby because it needs to stop.” He demanded.

Allen laughed more. “Ooh, Mister Hollywood thinks he can treat people however he pleases just because he’s in some shitty band. You listen here, you don’t want to mess with me, pal.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “This isn’t about you or me, this is about Ali. I may not be her biological father, but I’m still a better father than Jessie will ever be. Anyone can be a dad, but not everyone can be a father. Hell, he proves that statement true everyday. I’ve sacrificed tons and do whatever it takes to be the best father I can be, things he’s never done for her. So I don’t deserve either of you guys’ shit. I might not have been there since the very beginning, but neither has he. But I’ll damn sure be the one to help raise her until she’s an adult. Now, go tell your mate that he needs to stop being a coward and fight his own battles, not make his punk ass friends do his bidding.”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds before Allen spoke again. “Whatever man, you have no idea who you’re dealing with. Jessie will be pissed when he hears about this.”

“I hope he is,” Luke chuckled. “That would mean he knows I’m right. Goodbye, Allen.”

He hung up my phone and gave it back to me. I looked at him in amazement, which caused a confused look to appear on his face.

“What’s up?” He asked me as I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re the best,” I told him.

“Well, thanks. I was just doing my job.” He shrugged.

I smiled up at him. “And you do it well. I’m so lucky I have you. You’re an amazing father to our kids. I couldn’t ask any more of you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.”

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me.” He cooed as he hugged me. “I love you guys more than anything. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you. You gave me two beautiful children and I am so thankful for the three of you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re going to make me cry.” I admitted, pulling away enough to look at him.

“Don’t do that, then I’ll cry. And then Ali will be super confused and think we’re insane.” He joked.

I laughed at him. “She probably already does.”

Luke placed his hand on my cheek. “I love you so much, (Y/n).”

“I love you too, Luke.” I said and he leaned down and kissed me.

“Ew, gross!” We heard Ali say, turning towards her to see her sticking her tongue out at us in disgust.

“Ali, sweetie, it’s not gross.” Luke told her. “It means your Mum and I love each other a lot.”

Ali shook her head. “Nope, it means you’re both icky.”

We both started laughing, then heard a familiar cry coming from down the hall.

“I guess Mason’s up.” I announced.

“Let me get him,” Luke offered. “ I need some father-son time.”

I obliged and he headed down the hall. I sat on the couch, Ali sliding the back door shut and joining me.

“Mommy, why do you love Daddy enough to kiss him?” Ali asked curiously.

I smiled at her. “Because he loves us very much and would do anything for us.”

Her eyes got wide with excitement. “Like fight monsters?”

“Yep, he’d fight all the monsters in world for us. He actually just fought one while you were outside.” I explained.

Just then, Luke came back into the living room, carrying a very “talkative” Mason.

“Daddy, Mommy said you fought a monster when I was outside. Is that true?” Ali asked.

Luke looked at me, giving me a look as if to say he appreciated my joke.

“I did actually,” Luke played along, sitting on the couch. “He thought he could take me, but he was no match for King Luke.”

“Princess Luke!” Ali corrected, earning a loud laugh from me.

Luke looked at me sheepishly, then said, “Right, I meant Princess Luke.”

thanks for reading i hope you liked it! i might turn this into a series but i’m not sure, if you want me to then make sure to request it as well as any other ideas you might have requests are always open x

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it’s so easy to picture luke as a dad. someone would come over one day in the middle of him spending time with his little girl so they’d knock on the door and he’d call time out to answer it and when the door opened all they’d see would be luke in a pink tutu with a tiara resting on his head and a tiny little pink purse with mummy’s lipstick peeking out and before they could even ask what was going on he’d bluntly say, “we’re playing princesses, what the fuck do you want?”

Luke would let his little girl paint his nails and dress him in tutus- they would have a chest full of costumes for them both, a tutu to match each of his little angels’ and even a tiara that’ll fit on his much larger head. And he would be unashamed to sit at her little table in his tutu and tiara drinking imaginary tea, but his favorite would be when she wants to play spa and paint his finger and toe nails (always a matching shade of sparkly purple or pink). He’d love her little giggles and the smile that would stretch across her lips when she was done- beaming with pride because she only got it on his skin a little (which was a big improvement from the last time when his finger tips just looked like one giant nail). He would wear the nail polish with pride whenever he was home- his nails rarely going unpainted for longer than a couple of days. She would make sure to give him a fresh coat before he leaves for tour, whispering in a small voice that he can’t let any other girls paint his nails while he’s gone so once he leaves he’d do everything he can to keep the nail polish from chipping, but eventually the color would start flaking away and with each little fleck of pink his heart would ache a little more- the disappearing color only serving as a reminder that both of his favorite girls are half way across the world.

single daddy!luke running around his apartment trying to get his little girl ready for her dance recital and shes all dressed up in her tutu and ballet slippers but luke just can’t figure out how to get her hair in a nice bun for the life of him all he can manage to pull off is one like the ones he’s seen ashton do but nothing good enough for his little girls very first dance recital and so he gives up and calls you in a panic because he just cant get it and he doesnt know what to do and he shouldve paid more attention when his mom showed him how to do it that one time and you just tell him to calm down and that youre on your way and when you get there luke watches in amazement as you do his little girls hair because how is this so easy for you? it took him 6 tries and he still couldnt get it? and you fix little hemmos hair up real nice “just like the ballerinas on tv” she’d whisper to herself as she admired it in the mirror and luke just kind of looks at you becasue what would he do without you and “hey so could come if you want? to her recital? i mean like…with me….?”

Single Dad (Ashton Irwin)

He rubbed his eyes as his eyes tried to accustom to the light in the room. The bed continued to rock slightly as the tiny human carried on jumping up and down on it repeatedly. “daddy come on get up, get up” Daisy shrieked as Ashton sat up in bed, rubbing his head slightly. He watched as his little girl jumped up and down in front of him. “okay okay I’m up” he laughed slightly as he pulled himself from the bed, Daisy continuing to jump. “DADDY WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD” she screamed as he stood in front of her, laughing at the little girl in front of him.

Over four years ago Ashton’s girlfriend fell pregnant after a few too many drinks and a split condom. It was all too much for her to handle, so a few days after Daisy was born she fled leaving Ashton with a new born baby. At first he was scared and he didn’t know what he was going to do, but when he looked down into her beautiful hazel eyes, he knew that looking after her was all he wanted to do. Everything he ever did was for her, to look after her.

He watched his baby girl jump about like a crazed maniac and he couldn’t help but let out a laugh. The band were on tour in America and today they had a day off so the boys all agreed that taking Daisy out to Disney world was their main priority. All of the boys treated Daisy as if she were there own, each of them would die before they let anything happen to her. All any of them wanted was the best for her. So whatever Daisy wanted Daisy got, and Daisy wanted Disney World.

Ashton laughed as he watched the little girl climb of the hotel bed and make her way around the room, searching for what clothes she wished to wear. “daddy help me, what do I wear to Disney world?” again Ashton laughed as he shook his head slightly, making his way to her suitcase and pulling out a plain white summer dress, “here you go baby” he smiled as she reached out her tiny hands to grab the small dress from him. “thank you daddy” she smiled as she ran to the bathroom to change herself. Ashton was so proud of how grown up his little girl was. She had always been more advanced than other children and Ashton was glad she could already help to look after herself. After a while she came running out in her little dress. Ashton had changed into jeans and a band shirt and was just tying his long curls into a bun as his little girl came bounding towards him with her brush and a bobble in her hand. He smiled as he took them from her as she ran to sit on the bed, him standing behind her. He stood braiding her hair as she told him all about what she would do at Disney world. After her hair was done the two began slipping their shoes on when she had a sudden thought. “I need to make sure uncle Calum is awake” she cried as she ran to the hotel room door. Before Ashton could even think about stopping her, she was out the door and down the hall running for Calum’s room. Ashton quickly grabbed his leather jacket, phone and room key before running after the little girl, the door slamming behind him.

Once he made it to Calum’s room he found little Daisy sat on the end of Calum’s bed, her little feet dangling off the side and long dirty blonde hair hanging in her braid down her back. She was ordering Calum around just like she had done with her dad. “Uncle Calum hurry up, we’re going to Disney world don’t you know” both Ashton and Calum let out a laugh at her words, wondering how such a tiny little human could have so much more sass than the sass master himself Calum Hood. “you’re just a sassy little girl aren’t you” Calum laughed and Daisy giggled at him as he started to tickle her sides. “Cally stop it” she laughed, out of breath as he finally stopped tickling her. “Come on you too, we’re meeting Luke and Mike in the lobby” Ashton smiled at his daughter getting on so well with his best friend. He felt so lucky that he had such supportive friends. When Ashton first found out he was going to be a dad, he was surprised to find out that his friends were more than willing to support him and his little girl as the best uncles they could be.

The three made their way out of Calum’s hotel room and towards the elevator. Daisy running in front of the two, mumbling something about making Luke play princess dress up when they get there. Once they were all in the elevator, Daisy still hadn’t stopped bouncing around, going on and on about how great today was going to be. The elevator doors opened once they reached the lobby and revealed Michael and Luke stood at the front entrance waiting for the others. Daisy ran straight for her uncles, making the last minute decision to greet Luke first. “uncle Luke, uncle Luke” she shrieked as she grabbed a hold of the tall boys leg, hugging him tightly, “hey little girl” he replied. A slight frown appeared on the girls face at Luke’s words, “I’m not little, I’m a big girl ” She protested throwing her arms up in the air. “oh sorry princess” Luke smiled lifting the small girl into his arms, “you are a big girl, it’s uncle Mike that’s the little girl” Luke smiled as Daisy began gigging up at him. “hey, I’m a big girl too” Michael smirked as he took the little girl from Luke’s arms and began tickling her sides “you’re silly uncle Mikey” she smiled after he stopped his tickling. He smiled down at her before kissing her forehead lightly.

The five of them took the 2 hour drive to the Disney world park. After they’d parked and paid for tickets they made their way through the entrance into the park. Little Daisy’s face lit up when she looked around the huge amusement park, her eyes going wide at how excited she was. Ashton smiled to himself as he watched his little girl jump up and down and drag Luke across the park so they could get a picture with Elsa. He was so happy that he was given such an incredible, beautiful little girl as his daughter.

Ashton met Daisy’s mother when they were 14, he knew she was special from the moment he saw her. They fell in love and for a long time they were happier than Ashton ever thought he could be with a girl. But of course it didn’t last. When they were 17, she fell pregnant. She decided she couldn’t be a mother, she was too young to be responsible for another person. She signed over full custody of Daisy to Ashton right before she left. Ashton loved her for so long but now he knew he hated her. He hated her for running just when things got scary. He hated her for leaving Daisy without a mother. But most importantly, he hated her for making him love her.

They spent the day walking around the park, going on rides, taking pictures with Disney characters and buying Daisy so much candy floss she nearly threw up on Michael. Daisy made Luke dress up in a pink tutu and a tiara for all of their pictures with the Disney princess. And Luke wouldn’t tell the other boys this but, he kinda liked the tutu and plus it made his little niece happy.

When the park was closing and it was time to leave, Daisy was almost completely flat out. Ashton carried her out of the park and she fell asleep on his shoulder. She clung to him tightly when he tried to put her in her car seat so he just held her on his lap instead. The car ride was pretty quiet on the way back, Michael and Calum had also fallen asleep and Luke was driving, so Ashton was fully focused on his little girl. She had his eyes but her mothers hair. She looked so much like the girl he used to love it hurt him, but she was just as beautiful as her mother. Ashton loved his little girl to pieces and he would die before he let anything happen to her. Sometimes he thought there was something missing from his life and he always thought it was Daisy’s mother. He would think that until he looked around at his little family and he would realise that he had all he could ever want right in front of him.

When they got back to the hotel, Daisy was still fast asleep on Ashton’s shoulder. They all left the car and got back through the hotel doors. Ashton said his goodbyes to the boys before carrying his little bundle upstairs to their room. He changed her into her pyjamas knowing it wouldn’t wake her up. He knew that girl could sleep through a nuclear explosion if she wanted to. He laid her down in the bed next to his before kissing her forehead lightly. “you’ll always have me baby, and I’m not going anywhere” he smiled “I love you” he whispered before moving from her bed quickly changing into just his sweats before climbing into his own bed. “night Daddy” he heard a small tired voice coming from the other bed, “night princess”

The next morning Ashton woke to find Daisy sat on her bed watching TV. He was still fascinated by the fact that his four year old daughter knew how to turn a TV on better than he did. “morning sweetie” he smiled as walked over to his daughter, kissing her forehead, “morning Daddy” she smiled looking up at her father. “hey, you wanna order pancakes from room service for breakfast” he asked ruffling her hair, “please daddy” she smiled excitedly, “can Lukey, Mikey and Cal come to?” she asked, “of course, ill go get them” he smiled, “you just wait her and don’t leave the room okay?” “yes daddy” “good girl” he smiled before making his way to the room door. He had just put on his hoodie when there was a knock at the door. Assuming it was one of the boys he opened the door straight away. “hey you guys know you don’t have to k…” his words got stuck in his throat as he stared at the person in front of him. His heart began to race and he felt like his throat was closing up. He began to feel dizzy as he stared at the girl in front of him. Never did he expect to face her again. “hey Ashton” she smiled like nothing had even fucking happened. All of the good and bad feelings he felt for her came rushing back as he stared into the eys of his daughters mother.

car selfies are the best selfies

A/N: This sucks but I feel bad for not writing anything this week so here’s a really bad, really short, little blurb. 

Abigail Hemmings was Luke’s mini me. She had the same eyes, the same wavy, blonde hair, and the same laugh. And when she bit off half a cheerio and stuck it in between her lips, she looked like his much smaller, much cuter twin. 

She was the light of his life and he’d do anything to make her happy. 

“Daddy,” the four year old whined. “You have to put my hair in a bun!”

“Abby, daddy didn’t bring anything to tie up your hair with,” he said, biting his lip nervously. 

Luke hated disappointing his daughter but how was he supposed to know that her hair had to be in a bun. No one had mentioned that to him when he signed Abby up for dance class last week.   

Abby jumped off her father’s lap. She fixed the skirt of her tutu before pouting at Luke. “But daddy! I can’t be a ballerina without a bun!” 

“Abs, it’s the first day I’m sure they’ll understand,” he sighed. “Besides, you have the tutu and the pretty shoes. You’re already are a ballerina bug.” 

“Not without a bun!” she pressed on, tugging at the blonde tendrils hanging just past her shoulders. 

Luke could see the tears welling in her eyes. “Don’t cry, bug.” 

Luke tried to calm her down but Abby wasn’t having any of it. She even refused to sit on Luke’s lap which only made him more upset than he already was. He didn’t know what to do. There wasn’t enough time to drive back home and get a spare hair tie and clearly, Abby wasn’t going to go into class without her hair done properly. 

Luke was racking his brain for solutions to the problem when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up, eyes landing on your outstretched hand that held a hair tie. 

“I kind of overheard you talking and figured you might need this,” you smiled. 

Luke grabbed the hair tie from your hand, before standing up and moving to where Abby sat on the floor. Abby squealed when she saw the item in her dad’s hand. She stood up, leaning on her tip toes so Luke could put up her hair. 

Luke used his fingers to comb through her hair – having forgotten the brush at home too. Trying his best, he gathered the strands of hair at the nape of her neck and pulled them through the hair tie. Luke was a pro at pony tails but buns, well he had no idea what he was doing. 

“Daddy that’s a pony tail,” Abby pouted, pulling the hair tie out. 

“Need some help?” you asked. 

“Can you put my hair in a ballerina bun?” Abby asked. 

You smiled, instructing to her bend her head forward. Luke watched as you gathered all the hair, holding it firmly in your hand before Abby lifted her head. Carefully, you twirled her hair at the crown of her head before securing it with the hair tie. 

“Abs what do you say?” 

“Thank you!” she said, hugging you before running off into class. 

Sighing, Luke walked over to the large two-way mirror that looked into the dance studio. He smiled as he watched Abby imitate the dance instructor’s moves. 

“You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?” you smirked.

“No idea.” 

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special thanks to my potater gemthots™: You people are going to be the death of me. From the start I knew this bunch would be a wild ride right when my father asked me on the eve of christmas eve, “Who is the one who curses excessively?” Nevertheless all of you are wonderful peeps and I’m so happy that we’ve been able to talk this past couple weeks. Thanks to you guys I can curse in different languages without any one knowing. You bunch of people are wonderful human beans that hold a special place in my heart. From potater gemthots to getting wet and wild to now sed™ you guys never cease to amuse my lonely self. Love you jes, g unit, michelle, chris, vera, kell, blair, sop, and lauren!

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Luke playing dress up with your little girl when she’s 4 or 5 and you have go out and buy a tutu and tiara just for daddy so when she has one of her famous tea parties he can dress accordingly and he would sit on one of her little mini chairs at the kid table and ask for two lumps of sugar, please and have the best conversations with her favorite stuffed dog and teddy bear. And by the time she’s 7 or 8 Luke has a whole collection of tutus and tiaras to match your little girl’s and she even convinces her little brothers to join, putting one of her old tuts on them and filling the seats at her little tea table with all of her favorite boys in her life and really the only reason the younger boys go along with it is because daddy dresses up too and they think he’s pretty cool.

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In honor of hitting my first thousand followers I want to give a shout out to all my favorite blogs and mutuals! You all rock, and I love you soooo much! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I feel like I forgot lots and if I forgot you I still love you so so so much! Thanks for 1K! Lots of love, kenzie.

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