luke i am your mother

Luke- Telling his Parents and The Boys you are Pregnant

request- Will you write an imagine where Luke and y/n is having a baby but they haven’t told anyone yet and they have like a family dinner with all the parents and the boys and his mum brings up children and they kind if confess that they’re pregnant, and they are only like 20? :)

word count- 1000+


you were currently in Sydney for one of your boyfriends shows. all of their families had come out to see them so they were extra nervous before the show started. you were backstage with your boyfriend Luke as the boys started getting dressed. 

“we need to tell them soon..i think some of them are getting suspicious” you told him. you had found out a few weeks ago that you were pregnant and even though you both are only 20 and it was not planned…you couldn’t help but be excited to start your family. 

“you aren’t really showing…why do you think they are suspicious?” your boyfriend asked you as he looked around the room making sure no one could hear your quiet conversation.

“i never drink anymore..and i was sick a lot recently..i dont know i just keep getting a feeling from Ashton that he knows..its weird” you explained

“we will tell them soon..we just need to tell my parents first probably” he told you as he pulled on his shirt. you agreed and dropped the subject so he could finish getting ready. you had all ready told your parents..your mom seemed to know you were pregnant before you knew. they were upset at first but now they have accepted it.

you stayed backstage during the show and watched the section that all of the boys parents were in. you had fun watching them sing and dance. once the show was over and the boys changed again you all headed out to have a nice dinner. 

after you ordered everyone started talking about different things and Luke took the opportunity to talk to you.

“do you think tonight is a good time..i mean the boys and my parents are here” Luke whispered to you. 

“do you think your parents would rather hear the news in private? …do you think they will take the news good or bad?” you asked him

“my mom is always talking about us having kids in the future…so i like to think she will be okay with it”

“well its your parents…if you find a time tonight that seems right..then do it” you told him

“are you sure?” he asked. you nodded your head and leaned in to give him a quick kiss.

“break it up love birds” you heard calum joke and you just smiled a little embarrassed that you had been caught… even if they had seen you kissing Luke for the past few years. 

the meal went on and your face was starting to hurt from smiling and laughing so much. the conversations between the boys and their parents were funny. soon the conversation switched to something else and everyone started talking about how Calum’s sister had just had a baby. 

the moms were all talking about how cute the baby was until Luke’s mom started talking about you and Luke having one of your own. you were young but had been together a long time so it wasn’t an uncomfortable subject. 

“i cant wait till Luke and y/n get married and start having little ones” she said looking down at the two of you. 

“they would have very cute kids" Calums mom added. 

"i know… i get so excited thinking about it” when she said that Luke looked over at you and you knew he was about to tell your little secret

“Actually mom" Luke said which cough everyone’s attention and silenced them

"you might not have to wait much longer” Luke confessed as everyone starred at the two of you confused at first

“wait…is y/n pregnant?” Michael blurted out quickly 

“Luke…is she?" Luke’s mother had a hard time telling how she felt so far. every ones eyes were on you two as Luke looked at you again while answering

"yeah…she is” he told them. you heard people say things like ‘congratulations’..’ since when’…’how far’..’it a boy or a girl?’ and a ‘i knew it’ from ashton 

“i know i should  be upset..and i will give you a nice long talk about safe sex later…but I’m honestly so excited” his mom said jumping out of her seat with her husband following to come and home hug you both. 

after getting hugs from more people you set back down and ate dessert. soon after the other parents left but Luke’s stayed behind because of the recent news. now that it was just the boys and his parents the questions started coming in. 

“so how far along are you again?” his dad asked. 

“just 10 weeks” Luke told loved that Luke knew the answer

“when did you guys find out?” his mom now asked

“5 weeks ago maybe” he told them and you just nodded your head

“you waited more then a month to tell us?” his mom said seeming offended

“well…we weren’t sure how to tell you..we thought you might be upset” you confessed

“I’m pretty sure everyone at this tables knows you guys are going to be together forever" calum said

"believe it or not i agree” Liz added “i would have liked it to happen after a wedding..but a unplanned baby is just as special as a planned one” she told you making you both smile. 

as the talk went on the boys started making jokes.

“well i guess we all know you guys like to have sex now” Michael said making everyone but you two laugh the sex jokes went on for a while before Luke stood up and took your hand for you to stand with him. 

“the last 20 minuets have been fun..but I’m going to take this beautiful girl who is pregnant with my baby…and go have amazing sex” he said making your mouth drop open. the boys started laughing..even Luke’s dad. you hit his chest lightly with your small purse. 

“Luke! don’t say that in front of me…i am still your mother” she said shaking her head at the words that just came out of her sons mouth. 

“love you mom" Luke said before walking hand in hand with you out of the restaurant with a smile on his face the whole time…these last few weeks had been some of the happiest he had ever had. 

part two to this blurb 

Luke couldn’t really remember the last time he’d fought with you, truly fought, especially an argument where he’d ended up yelling.

He hated yelling at you.

He sat in the car for a long time without starting it, trying to decide who to place the blame on and whether he should call you. He ended up dialing a different number, though, one that he called a bit more than he cared to admit.


Luke sighed deeply. “Mum.”

Liz sighed dramatically, mocking him because she would try anything and everything to lighten his mood. “Luke,” she said in a low, exaggerated impression of her son’s voice.

Her attempt at humor didn’t gain a real response, just a tiny grunt from the other end of the line. “Okay, Luke,” she said, “spill. What’s wrong?

And he told her. He just talked, his voice growing louder and more shaky until he was yelling into the phone and on the verge of tears.

“I just …” he sniffed, leaning forward until his forehead was resting against the cool leather of the steering wheel. Rain pounded on the roof above his head, and he wondered distantly if you were listening to it too. “I just don’t know what to do, and I–I’m so scared … what if I messed up so bad this time that she doesn’t forgive me?”

Liz took a deep breath, then said, “Luke, I am your mother. And I am very sympathetic to your situation–I wouldn’t have just listened to you fall apart for ten minutes if I wasn’t–but you are being a class A, world champion drama queen.”

Luke’s jaw dropped. “Seriously?!” he exclaimed. “My girlfriend flips on me, and there’s yelling and fighting and leaving, and I call my mum, thinking, ‘hey, maybe she’ll have some wise advice to give me!’ but she calls me a drama queen!”

What you just said proves my point exactly. Sweetie, you’re overthinking this. In the universe of fights between couples, this was really small. Microscopic, even. You’ll look back on this a month from now and wonder why you called me in the first place. Y/N is a great person, and so are you. There are gonna be disagreements. That’s in the description of a relationship! But you can move past this, I know you can. So … you march back into that apartment, say sorry like a man, and put it behind you. Understand?”

Luke felt his anger fade away as fast as it had washed over him, and he felt himself relax. He sat up, sniffing again and nodding once, to himself. A nod for confidence. “Yeah,” he said. “Thanks. And sorry.”

Don’t apologize,” said Liz. “This is what I’m here for. I love you, Luke.”

“Love you too,” he said quietly, and then ended the call. With another deep breath, he pulled up the hood of his jacket and stepped into the rain, jogging to keep himself mostly dry.

It had been almost two hours since the fight. Luke chuckled softly to himself; he vividly remembered screaming at you to not wait up, and here he was, back home before the sun had even gone down.

He raised a hand to knock, remembered that it was his apartment, grabbed the doorknob, and hesitated. What would set you off?

You’re overthinking this, Luke, he told himself, and opened the door.

You weren’t in the bedroom, where he’d last seen you; instead, you were on the couch, nestled in a blanket, the TV set to some reality show that neither of you actually watched. He knew your habits well enough to know that it was just background noise. When you were upset, staring at a meaningless screen was better than nothing.

You looked up when the door closed behind him, but didn’t say anything.

Luke licked his lips nervously. Then he cleared his throat. Then he shuffled his feet for a while, realized he was still wearing shoes, and took them off hesitantly.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted loudly, eyes wide.

You smiled weakly and shook your head, partially unraveling your blanket cocoon to pat the spot beside you on the couch. “You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” you said, “but thanks for not being a douche about it.”

Luke shrugged off his jacket and sat down next to you, pulling his long legs up and underneath himself.

It was silent for a moment. “Luke?” you said.


“I’m sorry too.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” he said, “but thanks for not being mean about it.”

You shifted positions so your head was lying on his shoulder, and he automatically wrapped an arm around you.

You listened to the rain fall outside, but this time, it was a peaceful sound, and you let it lull you both to sleep.


Luke, I am your mother father gentleman.

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Impressing the Kid (pt.2)

It’s been a year and a half since (Y/N) and Dylan started dating and they’ve been living together for about 8 months.

“(Y/N), can I have some cereal?” Luke asked.

“Of course sweetheart.” She smiled.

She poured Luke a bowl of cereal and went to get him some milk. 

“Dad, there’s something in the bowl!” Luke said.

Dylan ran over from the living room and started picking through Luke’s bowl.

“Oh my God.” Dylan gasped.

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For my school’s senior prank today (the 4th of May) they had a full on, mass lightsaber battle in the middle of the area where everyone passes by before the staff broke it up because it “got violent”, and was “like a mosh pit with lightsabers” (in the words of one of the professors) but not before I witnessed a girl yell “LUKE I AM YOUR MOTHER” and then saw a blonde boy go running out the door followed in pursuit by a girl in full makeup and dress with a double sided red lightsaber and I think that was the best senior prank that that damn school has ever pulled in the history of it’s being open