luke hemmos penguin

  • Me: *sings 5sos all day in class*
  • Person: if you don't sto-
  • Person: seriously, I'm finding it hard-
  • Person: Okay, if you don't-
  • Person: jesus, when you're gonna-
  • Person: DUDE, stop, this ain't a-
  • Person: ugh, you're so-
  • Person: seriously, I'm so sick of-

He’s such a beautiful boy😍☺️🤗

  • Friend: who's 5sos?
  • Family: NO!
  • Neighbours: NO!
  • Dog: NO!
  • Me: Shut the fuck up
  • Sit the fuck down
  • Cause it is a story time mother fucker

Hot😍 Part 3

Luke being a dad for the first time would include:

• him being around the baby all. The. Time

• him singing to her

• he would probably have a daddy’s girl, yeah

• him bragging about her to the boys

• asking Michael to be her godfather

• being on his knees while holding her for the first months

• “I don’t want to scare her with the height”

• managing to take a picture of her at the exact moment she first smiles

• only going back for touring after she’s six months old

• being so sad for losing little moments with her

• skyping every night while on tour

• spoiling her as fuck

• I mean, probably all the boys would spoil her anyway

• singing to her

• bringing her on stage and showing her to fans

• talking about her in interviews

• being so happy when the baby and Y/N come to tour with him

• having that stupid grin when Y/N can’t stop the baby from crying and have to ask him for help while he’s with the boys. And in the instantly he takes the baby, she stops crying.

• teaching her to play guitar

• him and the boys taking her to a zoo

• “we have to go, it’s not safe for her here. I’m serious! Look at that goat, she looks evil”

• just being very protective all the time

• being a great father and having that acknowledge when the baby’s first word is “5sos”

Happy Birthday Baby Hemmo…

He isn’t that much of a baby anymore and it kills me inside. If I had my choice I prevent Luke from aging at all because all he does is level up and I have even passed Level 1… 😂
Just within the past few months Luke has grown tremendously; not only physically, his talent has only increased.

I’ve always loved Luke’s voice, it’s honestly beautiful and I just want him to hold me in his arms as he sings to me.😭 But when I heard those damn vocals from the 5ONTHEWALL video I cried. I was in shock by all his riffs and vibrato but then he sang Lego House; that’s when I lost it… 😭😭💕 I listened to that audio over and over then watched when he covered it and I was speechless. I spend hours on end watching concert clips just to hear his note changes, vibrato, tremendous crescendos and beautiful voice in general which is truly breathtaking..

I can’t really express my love for Luke in words, I just can’t. My mom always gets mad because he is really all I ever talk about because he, Ash, Mikey and Cal are truly my only source of happiness. Luke always causes a smile to stretch across my lips as I breathlessly speak about him then carrying on to make my awkward fangirl face. I’m incredibly lucky that I was able to stumble upon 5SOS and be able to take interest in this sexy boy that changed my life.

Luke has changed my perspective on so many things; he’s made me love penguins, every time I see something penguin related he’s instantly on my mind, he’s made me have a major attraction to lip rings and perfect blonde boys about a foot taller than myself with dazzling baby blues.. 😍 I’d also like to point out that I’m extremely envious of his legs, his brows and his hair because he’s always on point..

Considering it all, my favorite thing about Luke has to be his dorkiness. He has this awkward little stance but then he pulls out a little leg kick; at this point he might as well kick me in the face.. But when he laughs, has that full toothed smile then does the clapping, it literally puts butterflies in my stomach. His happiness simply makes me elated. I love the dumb little things about him; how he wears sunglasses around his neck, “grown up shoes”, flannel and flip-flops, how he has this strange obsession for penguins and his little hand gestures.. But then he does his little dances that make me melt and his smirk that makes me want to slap it off his face. I’ll never forget that Keek where did the eyebrow thing either. There isn’t anything that Luke does that I don’t appreciate, just his existence and smile is enough to make it worth it for me.

I can only wait to see what the next few years bring him because I am wrapped around this boy’s finger for the long run.. I’m in too deep to go back and only far for you more and more everyday..

I just wanted to wish the best to my breadstick, my noodle (who’s gone all Daddy in the past few months so these names are highly inappropriate and an understatement) who has accomplished so much within his time on Earth. I can’t believe he’s nineteen but it’s only because I don’t want to (yet he honestly could pass for sexy guy in his mid twenties).

Happy Birthday Sweetie, thank you for helping me through it all and making me want to stay.. 💖 I love you with all of my heart; you are my pride and joy and I constantly brag about you, droning on and on just to get a simple point across; so much that I begin to blather. You once said, “Find something you love and don’t let anybody take it away,” and I found someone instead; you.. You complete me Luke Hemmings and I thank God for you everyday. Love you and hope you had an truly unforgettable day, you deserve the world.

I am a huge fan of Luke’s hair here. It is like halfway between his “emo fringe” stage and his “gravity defying quiff” stage. AND I LOVE IT

But imagine daddy!luke running back to the parking lot to pick up baby hemmos favourite stuffed penguin that their daddy gave them the day you guys had arrived to go on tour with him. Since then the little penguin had not left little hemmos sight until one day they dropped it in the parking lot of the venue, starting to kick up a major tantrum crying for their stuffed animal and wanting their daddy to go get it even though everyone was in a massive rush. And Luke being the super dad he is, and not being able to see his baby cry, sprints back to find the missing penguin and return it to his little one making them giggle and wanting daddy’s cuddles because he’s the best

Luke drama makes me pissed.
  • Okay, I honestly don't know where to start just now. But if you can't handle the real hard truth then you better stop reading.
  • Okay, I promised myself that I wouldn't ever get involved in all of this Luke and Arzaylea drama, but here I am today, writing this text post which honestly, I'm quite pissed that I am having to say this.
  • First off, stop with the fucking Luke shade and hate. Like honestly, we have no idea how old those pictures are. They could be before he met A, A could've sent them out, HIM AND A WERE NEVER CONFIRMED.
  • Second of all, stop calling him a fucking cheater. Like honest to fucking God. Nothing in those photos say/prove/show that he's cheating. All that person is doing is holding his God damn face, I do it to my close guy friends all of the time it doesn't mean any thing at all.
  • And just to remind you guys it wasn't no more than a couple of hours ago youse were throwing shade at Arzaylea and calling her shit.
  • Why all of a sudden start throwing shade to someone who is meant to be one of your idols, someone you look up to and are meant to protect. Bare in mind this is still the exact same Luke Hemmings who dedicated songs to us, the 5sosFAMILY!!! Because we help him and the guys every single day. Need I remind you of Where ever you are and Jet Black Heart? Literally, Jet Black Heart came out nine hours ago. Luke tries to do everything in his power to make sure we feel loved and appreciated and now in the time when he probably needs us the most some of you have the disrespect to call him a liar and a cheater.
  • You guys probably have no idea how much he's probably going through right now. It's a week before Christmas, he's NINETEEN and thousands of miles away from his family, doing what he loves for us, to make us happy. He never gets a minute alone to himself and it's really annoying me because you guys are acting towards him like he's not our Luke.
  • The Luke who helps us each and every day, the Luke who started the YouTube channel, the Luke who helps write amazing songs and gives his absolute everything into performing. At the end of the day, stop treating him like he's still not that guy and like he's a jerk, because he's not and he's still a kid. He's still the same guy who loves us and we're meant to love him.