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Let Me {Luke}

I began to grow nervous as I grew closer to his classroom. What had I done? I always behaved in his class always did my work with a few minutes to spare.

Then I stopped in front of the door, the old wooden door. I could see him through the window grading our recent test papers, he’s one of the only teachers who grades everything on time.

We called it off it was wrong, we shouldn’t have done it but yet here I am, standing at his door.

I let out a small sigh before knocking the door twice and walking in.

“Ah Y/N.” He greeted a smile on his face looking up from his test papers,

“Mr. Hemmings.” I responded as he motioned to the chair in front of his desk,

I sat down in the chair and smoothed out my skirt then directing all my attention back to him, which wasn’t really to hard he is very good looking.

“You seam distracted lately do you want to tell me anything?” He asked as he leaned more towards me in anticipation,

I gulped back the lump in my throat I shouldn’t be this nervous but ever since our last encounter alone I’m sure I have every right to be.

“You look very pretty today.” He complimented looking me up and down in my seat and that’s when I lost it,

I grabbed his face in my hands and pressed his lips to mine.

It finished just as abruptly as it started.

I pulled away wide eyed and stood up.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry I - this is wrong that’s why we stopped it.” I told him running my fingers gently through my hair turning away from him in embarrassment,

I heard another chair squeak behind me and then my body was turned around. His hands lay gently on my waist as he began moving me backwards until I felt the hard wood of the table against my back.

“I didn’t want to.” He admitted looking at me deeply,

“I want you Y/N, every part of you even if I have to quit my job to do it.” He added causing my eyebrows to fly up in shock,

“Don’t do that I’m not worth it.” I told him shaking my head frantically,

He brought one hand up to my cheek stoping my actions as he let out a short breathy laugh.

“You are to me.”

Then he kissed me, I couldn’t help but kiss back no matter how wrong it is I kissed back. I needed him almost as much as he needed me.

He pulled away causing a whimper to escape my throat.

He smiled before walking to his door and locking it pulling down the blind on it.

I got the message and started to close the blinds on the windows.

I turned around to see him standing close to me and that’s when my lust for him took over.

Walking up to him I kissed him with all my might, as he did the same. I didn’t care that the kiss was sloppy or rushed I missed him.

He placed his hands on my thighs and pulled them up around his torso and he began to stalk towards his desk and place me down softly.

My hands instantly went to the buttons of his dress shirt as I began to unbutton it quickly, him doing the same to my blouse.

I pulled the shirt off his shoulders before he did the same to me, our fingers were dancing along each other’s skin trying to take in as much of each other as we could.

His lips strayed from mine as they made a path to my neck, sucking and biting on the soft skin making moan after moan escape my lips. He lay soft kisses on the bruised skin as he began to pull down my skirt, I lifted myself up to help him out.

The material fell softly to the floor and before I could tell what was happening his hand was in my panties rubbing soft circles on my clit, I fisted my hands in his hair as another moan slipped past my mouth only to be captured by his.

“Luke.” I whined as I grew closer and closer to my high,

He must’ve been able to tell because he drew his fingers back.

I whined again but this time at the loss of him, he sent me an innocent smile that nearly made me cum right then and there.

I trailed my fingers from his hair and down his chest all the way to his trousers before popping the button open and trying to push them down his legs.

Once I had gotten both his trousers and boxers off, accidentally, I carefully wrapped my fingers around him and began pumping at a steady pace as his eyes closed and soft sighs escaped his lips.

His hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from him.

“Don’t, let me take care of you.” He growled in my ear crouching down between my legs and pulling my panties down,

I moaned softly at the sight of him, staring at me. He leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to my heat as I moaned once again only this time I brought my hand to his hair edging him on.

He finally got the hint and drew a long line between my folds as I but my lip to hold any loud sounds to escape. He began to lap his tongue over my clit pressing down slightly to tease me.

He pulled his head back and looked up at me his chin glistening with my juices.

“You taste so sweet baby girl.” He cooed dragging one of his fingers between my folds as I began to pant,

“Luke…” I sighed in pleasure,

“What do you want baby girl? Huh? My fingers, my mouth or me?” He asked as he slowly pushed one finger into me rendering me speechless,

“You, please oh god.” I moaned out as he pulled his fingers out of me and brought himself to his feet,

He brought his head closer to me before he turned and whispered in my ear, “Are you still on the pill princess?”

I nodded eagerly as a soft chuckle escaped his lips.

He opened my legs wider and pulled me closer to him, lining himself up with me. My eyes locked with his for a few seconds before he thrusted slowly into me giving me enough to time to adjust to his size before he began to pull himself out again with a pant escaping his lips.

“Oh Mr. Hemmings.”

“Fuck that’s so hot.”

Sweat now began to listen on his forehead as he repeated the same pattern thrusting in and out of me at a rhythmic pace.

“Fuck, ah Luke oh yes.”

Moans slipped past my lips before being silenced by his, he began to subtly speed up and I could tell by the way his body was reacting he was close and he was selfless so he wanted me to cum first.

“God Y/N you feel so good.” He groaned into my neck biting down on the skin softly,

He brought his fingers to my clit drawing sloppy figure eights to help me cum quickly. My breath hitched in my throat as he still managed to go faster, his fingers and his thrusts.

His hips met mine as he hit a whole new angle, I knew he had once again found my g-spot. He kept hitting that spot and I could tell my orgasm was coming really quick.

“Ah Luke I’m gonna-” I couldn’t finish my sentence as I came around him setting off as well as I felt him shoot his load into me,

“Fuck Y/N.” He groaned pulling out of me with a smile on his face,

“I missed that.” He chuckled kissing me deeply as his hands explored my waist,

“Will you cum one more time for me?” He asked against my lips as I nodded eagerly,

He pulled himself out and pulled out a few tissues to clean up with as he collected our clothes. He placed my neatly folded clothes on his desk next to me, while he stood fully dressed.

He crouched down between me and began to kitten lick at my clit rapidly, I was still sensitive so I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Luke I’m not gonna last much longer.” I panted while he just picked up the pace,

I felt the familiar knot form in the pit of my stomach, and before I knew it I was releasing all over Luke’s face.

He licked up my juices before standing back up in front of me and placing a kiss on my lips allowing me to taste myself.

“I’m never calling this off again.” I laughed pushing him softly away from me before dressing myself,

“This is our little secret.” Mr. Hemmings told me planting soft kisses on my neck,

“Same time tomorrow?” I asked tilting my neck to allow him more access,

“Don’t be late or I’ll have to punish you.” He warned squeezing my hips softly,

“Is that a threat?” I laughed,

“Oh baby girl, that’s a promise.”


He’s such a beautiful boy😍☺️🤗

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i love low quality luke (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧