You’re lying on the couch and Luke comes home from a long day at the studio.  All he wants to do it be with you, so he walks over and collapses in your lap.  You turn the television off and wrap your arms around Luke, automatically making him feel better. You two lie there for hours, not saying a word because you didn’t have to. Just being there together was enough all on its own. 

Hey kittens, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy. Soo here is a sloppy little Luke imagine I wrote at 2 a.m. xx

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I love your writing and was wondering if you could write something where y/n is plus size and she sleeps over at Mikey's one night and he gives her one of his shirts for her to sleep in but it doesn't fit her and so Mikey starts buying shirts a size or two bigger so she'll fit them thanks xx

Hey Anon, tbh I was a little skeptical about writing this request because I am not plus size, but this is pretty cute and I hope in a way that when I write this it will be a little up lifting and make someones day. :)


Size never mattered to Michael, and that is why you loved him 110%. You were confident with your body, loving your shape and the clothes that hugged you perfectly. You especially got dressed up with your small date at his apartment.

It was a rare date night in which Michael finally got out of his busy schedule to meet up and have dinner with you. By dinner that meant ordering pizza to the apartment and you showed up with a stack of movies the who of you could run through. By the time you finished watching Iron Man 2 the time on the clock reached 1 in the morning. Your eyes widened and you stood up knowing that no buses were running at this time as well as the subway. Before you could call up a cab Michael reached for your hand and smiled reassuringly, “you could totally sleep over if you wanted to.” He said simply and you gave him a reassuring yet nervous nod.

You sat on his bed while he was getting ready, he walked back and forth between the room and his bathroom brushing his teeth and freshening up. A part of you wish you never dressed up due to the fact that it was pretty uncomfortable to sleep in. Michael slowed his walk with a brush in his mouth, “you’re not really going to sleep in that are you?” He said trying to sound audible with the toothpaste bubbles in his mouth.

You took a moment to look at yourself, jeans, a cute top made from chiffon, and accessories to pull the outfit together, “uhm….” You mumbled and gave him a sheepish smile.

Michael smiled and went to the bathroom to gargle before coming back, reaching into his drawers, and placing a spare shirt and pajama pants on your lap, “change into these, I’ll be back.” He says before kissing your cheek and heading back to the bathroom. You held up the shirt and looked at it worryingly and placing it on top of you and looking at a mirror knowing that it wasn’t going to fit well. You took a deep breath and decided to just wear it given the choice of comfy pajamas or awkwardly sleeping in chiffon and jeans.

The shirt felt slightly tight but you were able to fit it over your head and pull it down to cover your stomach. You looked in the mirror slightly unsure, turning from angle to angle and critiquing if it could work. Michael exited the bathroom and took a good look at you. He didn’t say anything and just observed with a blank expression before reaching for you and kissing the side of your head and walking towards the bed.

You couldn’t read what he was thinking, did it look bad? Was it weird? A part of you thought about bringing your own pajamas on dates that ended like this. You felt nervous laying beside him but you felt him shift on the bed, put his arm around you and mumbled that you were still beautiful.

Michael got busy again and was seen wearing baggier clothes. Some shirts he wore were 2 sizes too big. Posts on Twitter and Tumblr raised a lot of question marks, wondering if it was a new fashion trend just like the DIY muscle tanks, the shirts with holes, and jorts. When you and Michael had time to meet up you felt nervous to question his fashion choices about getting shirts that weren’t his size and you tried hard not to think that it was because a misunderstanding from that one sleep over.

As much as possible you tried to avoid those night stay dates, even when Michael invited you over and hinted that he wanted you to stay longer, you would cut it short every single time to not make it an inconvenience.

One night there really was no exception, Michael had trapped you to watch all the Star Wars movies in one sitting, and you knew how that was going to go down. It was already 2 in the morning when episode V finished and you could feel your mind slipping in and out of sleep. You tried to insist that you had to get home but he nudged you to his room and told you to get ready for bed.

He retreated to the bathroom and you stared at the open drawer with all of his shirts and nervously grabbed a random one from the pile and unfolded it. The shirt fell to your mid knees just slightly and you held it in front of the mirror to look at yourself. The shirt was going to fit you perfectly and you stared at the closed bathroom door wondering why Michael would go through all the trouble to do this.

You changed out of your date clothes and pulled the shirt over your head and let it fall to your mid thigh and felt comfortable again. Michael left the bathroom and took a moment before nodding and giving you a smile, “better?” he asked.

“Much better.” You said smiling and awkwardly sit on his bed, “why did you do all of this?” You wondered.

“You mean all the plus sized shirts? It’s really not a problem (Y/N).” He said and sat next to you.

“You really didn’t have to.” You said while a smile started to slowly grow on your face.

“I wanted to.” He said before kissing your forehead lovingly, “besides, you look really cute in my shirts and you looked pretty uncomfortable last time, I wanted to do this because you’re my girl.” He said and held you into a hug, “besides, if it’s like this then you’ll be staying over more often right?” He said with a cheeky grin.

You rolled your eyes and kissed his cheek and snuggling into his hug. You now loved Michael 120% more.

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’m in college and I’m going through the phases of “I have to do all my homework right now or else I’m gonna fail” and “meh college can I just stay in my dorm and not interact?” I’ve been doing just fine and I like most of my classes (one of them I just get to watch movies ;))

Anyway, even though I do have work to do I still have my requests open, even if I don’t do it right away I still plan to do some. Thank you anon for this request, it was amazing.  :D

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#5- Imagine: Being at the table getting snacks when Harry comes from behind you. “So, when will you finally let me take you out on a date?” He asked. “Ha never. You know Liam isn’t gonna let that happen.” You say (you being Liams sister) “Anddd what if I change his mind?” You giggle. “highly unlikely.” He smirks then takes a grape from your plate and throws it in his mouth. “We’ll see.” (Gif above)

fall!5sos blurb (luke hemmings)

so it is the first day of september and fall and you and luke are in the front garden of the little cottage you both own together raking up all the leaves that fell from the huge oak tree. you have been raking and raking and raking for hours and there is now a massive pile in the middle of the lawn. luke has just finished re-reading the entire diary of a wimpy kid series with you last night so, like rodrick, believes that the better way to do this task is to simply have multiple of garbage bags with little amounts of leaves in them-to make it seem like there was more. you disagree and continue to re-rake the leaves that he was constantly jumping in. even though it is still early in the day, luke is a little giggly and over-enthusiastic about this task but, being the lazy ass he is, does not help much and suggests that you both go out to the local diner together immediately-because food is definitely more important than raking leaves. you refuse, determine to get to get this task done however, luke will not accept ‘no’ for an answer and rushes towards you, throws you over his shoulder and into the pile of leaves that YOU.HAVE.JUST.RAKED. and he hovers over you, tickling you in your weak spots until you eventually say yes and he smiles reeeaaalllyyy wide with his blue eyes shining and you see how happy he is and allow him to piggy back you to the car and aww i want a luke :(

word count: 263 (wtf @myself)

acoustcmichael suburbanbluesmichael

Don't Forget Me Again (Luke Hemmings Imagine) - Part 1

It’s been a year since Luke has spoken to me, and 2 years since he’s seen me. If he saw me again I’m sure he’d be surprised. I’m no longer the girl with low-hanging trousers, baggy shirts, trainers and messy hair. I’ve changed, and maybe even for the better. Now my hair is always neat and stylish, I’ve opened myself to wear what everyone else would consider more fashionable. Skirts, dresses, heels, sandals, boots, makeup, jewellery, the whole lot. I have to admit, looking back at my old-self and comparing it to the new me I feel a bit more self-confident. I loved the way I looked before, I still love it but dressing like this has changed the way people perceive me. I used to be seen as the tomboy who was super friendly and was always found with the boys, now I’m still that super friendly girl but people have labelled me as ‘popular’ and ‘queen bee of the year’. It’s my first year in college and I already have this title. Over the summer holidays I had worked on myself. A lot of attention came my way on the first day of college, both male and female. I was friends with all these people earlier, but they never took much notice. One change can affect everything else, and I finally understood that. It’s been months into school, and everything involving Luke had drifted away. He never seemed to cross my mind anymore.

“(Y/N), I was wondering if after classes you wanna go get coffee or something?” Oliver shyly asks. “I can’t today, I would but I’m going out with the girls tonight.” I apologetically smile. “Oh, it’s cool.” He mumbles, clearly feeling a bit down I turned down his offer. “Hey, I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind if you and the lads tagged along.” I invite. “Are you sure?” “I mean, the ones that girls are cool with. Our usual group.” I smile. “Yeah, thank you. I’ll see you tonight.” Walking away forgetting that he doesn’t even know what we’re doing makes me laugh, Oliver’s a sweet guy and maybe he’s my chance at having a relationship. “Oliver!” I call after. Turning around, he stops. “You don’t know the plans.” I giggle as he walks back to me, embarrassed by his forgetfulness. “Eager one.” “Well, when it’s a girl like you who wouldn’t be.” “Thank you.” I smile before giving him the details for tonight. “You have Lauren’s number just ask her for mine and she’ll give you it.” “I will, see ya later babe- (Y/N). Fuck.” He mumbles. “It’s okay,. I’ll see you later, got to get to class.” I smile. “I’ve got a free period, I’ll see you later. Bye.” He smiles, the two of us making our ways to our destinations.

On my way to the next class I’m stopped by Evan, one of Luke’s old friends, it wasn’t long till Evan and I quickly became friends after Luke left. “Hey princess, who was that?” He interrogates. The two of us walking down the hallway to the same class together, sitting next to one another, implying I must tell him now unless I want to be interrogated for the full lesson. “That’s Oliver, he’s a friend.” I smile. “Like a date?” “Kind of, we’re going out as a group tonight.” “So you’re over Luke?” He quietly questions. I hadn’t thought about that or about him. Was I over Luke or had I just forgotten him? Honestly, what’s the difference? “Who knows and who cares? I’m allowed to do whatever I want, with whoever I want.” I smile. “Yeah, power to bullshit.” He jokes fist pumping the hair. “Ha ha, aren’t you funny?” Sarcasm dripping off every word. “You still care about him, and you may not know it but you do.” He half smiles. “Moving on, plans for the upcoming holidays?” I quickly divert the conversation, avoiding to talk about my feelings for Luke that could most likely still be present.


“(Y/N) please just wear the LBD. Your ass and tits look great in the dress.” My best friend Lauren whines. “I agree, wear something special, you never wear that dress anyways.” Bryana, my other best friend, agrees. “Why though? I want to wear the red one.” I whine. “You wore that on my birthday.” Lauren argues. “And don’t even pull out the blue one that you wore on mine.” Bryana inputs, destroying the idea of backup dress. “I don’t want to wear the other ones, they’re either long or casual.” “Then wear the black one!” They both exclaim. “Ugh, fine.” I groan, agreeing to wear it. Stripping myself of my tank top and skinny jeans, I throw them into a corner. “Look at how sexy she is.” Lauren groans as if she’s jealous. “Says you, Mrs. Photogenic.” I joke. “(Y/N), your body is perfect shush.” They compliment, I’m not the skinniest but I’m fine with that. I have no shame in my body, I look great in most things I wear. Slipping the tight dress on, I adjust into the dress and I realise the girls were right. I do look great in it. “Didn’t we tell you?” Bryana laughs. “You did, and thank you for that.” I smile before turning to the mirror and beginning on my make up and hair.


“You look great!” Oliver compliments over the blaring music. “Thank you, you look good yourself.” I grin taking a sip of my drink. “Wanna go dance?” He offers. “Sure, everyone else is.” I accept as we join the rest of our group on the dance floor. Just in that moment, my favourite song comes on and I feel a surge of energy run through me. I loved this song first time I heard it, and never have I not danced to it. “(Y/N) it’s your song!” One of my friends cheers. Dancing wildly to the song, Oliver grabs hold of my hips and presses his body against mine. Moving our bodies together to the song, I feel myself get a little dizzy and stumbling forward, he stops me from falling over. “Woah there, few too many.” He smiles. “Maybe I should sit.” I suggest. “Maybe I should join you.” He grins. Moving over to the bar, we sit in the stools as he orders a water for me. “Thank you. I’m a lightweight, I’m so sorry.” I hiccup. “Don’t worry, it’s cute.” “How’s it cute?” “You make anything cute.” “You’re so sweet.” I slur. “I know you’re drunk but can I take this opportunity to kiss you?” “I’m not drunk, I’m very tipsy. But yes you can.” I respond, cupping his face and leaning in. Kissing him hard, I pull away resting my hand again his cheek.

Hours go by, Oliver and I have flirted non-stop and we’ve shared a couple kisses since our first. The booze wearing off slightly each time as I drink more and more water, as well as laying off the alcohol. Him and I have a lot of the same interests which is great, maybe him and I could start something once we get to know each other even better. “It’s 10. I need to go home, I have a speech to do tomorrow.” He sighs. “It’s okay, you’ll do great. You always do.” I assure. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiles giving me a quick kiss before walking away. “Bye.” I smile. I don’t have feelings for him, but I must admit I’m deeply infatuated by him. He’s an attractive guy emotionally and physically, I want to like him but I’m being held back.

“Hey watch where you’re going?” I grumble as a guy almost my height barges into me, clearly in a rush. “Sorry man.” He quickly apologises. “It’s cool, no worries.” I shake it off. “Not been here in a long time.” Calum sighs. “I know, pretty awesome to be back.” Michael inputs. “I’m gonna go get a drink.” I inform making my way to the bar. The boys making their own ways to wherever they want, interacting with various people. Catching a glimpse of a really gorgeous girl, I make my way over to her. “Hey.” I smile.

“Luke…” I say under my breath. “So you’re a fan?” He cockily smiles, his hand trailing up and down my thigh. 'Fan’? Who does this bastard think he is, and who does he think I am. Pushing his hand away from me, I stand up and try move away from him but he doesn’t hesitate to stop me. “Babe, where you going?” He smirks pulling me nearer him, our chests pressed against one another. “Do you even fucking remember me?” I scoff. “Have we already…” Taking time to realise what he’s implying, I’m shocked by his response. “No, we haven’t fucked.” Staring into my eyes, long and hard, his jaw slightly dropping. “Fuck, (Y/N)…” He mutters. “Oh now you know me? What gave it away?” I hiss. “Your eyes, I didn’t recognise you, seriously. You’ve changed so much.” He lets go of me, and looks me up and down. “You’re…” I raise my eyebrow and fold my arms over my chest waiting for his answer. “Hotter than before.” He smiles. “Like I said 'things change’.” “So how have-” “2 years without seeing me, 1 year without talking to me?” Implying I want answers, how dare he show up out of nowhere and not even recognise the person who’s been there for him since they were kids. “(Y/N), I’m sorry. But a lot has happened, things have changed a lot and I’ve not had time with tour and all this.” “There’s a thing called a phone, social media, reaching out, putting effort.” I exclaim. “You’ve changed all social media, and I lost all my contacts.” “Your family still talks to me.” “Oh… I never considered that.” “No shit.” “Let me make it up to you, let me take you out for a coffee or something.” He apologetically. “Go fuck yourself.” I spit before walking to the dance floor, grabbing Bryana and Lauren to leave with me. “(Y/N) what the hell, I just met someone.” “I was having fun!” “Luke’s back.” I blurt out, tears beginning to stream down my face. They look at each other as if they had predicted this would happen. The two of them taking me into their arms and comforting me. He’s back. After all this time, he’s finally back.

Merman (Luke Hemmings)

A/N:This is such a weird request.. but lets do it! lol :’)

You and your best friend needed a break from the world, what’s better to do that? The beach about an hour and a half away from your home, meaning late night rides home. You both went down to the pier for lunch, then for a walk across the beach side. A loud ringing sound came from your best friend’s front pocket of her jeans.

“I’ll be back.” she smiled, scrunching up her nose before walking away. You dragged your bare feet across the sand as you continued walking. The sight of dark grey and black rocks slowly moved forward as you got closer. A figure of a boy sitting on a rock facing the horizon became prominent.

You thought to yourself, wondering if you should say hello, or just keep walking. The sea slashed against the rocks. “Hi.” You yelled, hoping he’d heard you so you didn’t make a huge fool of yourself. “Hey.” the boy turned around, his hair glowing in the setting sun.

“What ya doing up there?” “Thinking.” he replied. You stood up on one rock, before climbing to another to sit beside him. “Don’t look.” he moved, sighing deeply. You wondered if you offended him someway or did something wrong.

“Sorry.” “No, no. I shouldn’t have snapped. I just don’t want you to see this.” he turned around, this time you saw his full facial features that were illuminated by the light. “What don’t you want me to see?” “This.” he lifted the bottom half of his body up onto the rock in clear sight.

A tail, a mermaid tale. This boy you had just met was a merman. It was like something straight out of a book or movie. “I’m Luke by the way. I’m a merman.” he glanced up at you, his eyes searching for a reaction.

You just started at it for a second. Its scales shined.

“That’s so cool!” You squealed, jumped up and looking closer. “Glad you think it’s cool.” he laughed, his hand running down his tail.

After minutes of talking you heard your friend searching for you, yelling your name. “I’ve gotta go. It was awesome to meet a merman.” you joked, turning away. “Hey, I would love to see you again. Maybe you could find some time to come meet me again. I’m always here, watching the sunset.”



~Paige xo

I am finally here, it has taken me over 3 years of my life to get to where I am and I couldn’t be more grateful. The VMAs.  
I was just so fortunate enough that the people who set up the seating chart had sat me next to Justin Bieber! It was my first VMA show and I was put next to one of the most famous singers at this moment, like what is life?  
“Hey! Y/n, Justin! Can I get a picture of you two?” The show photographer stood in front of us and asked, I smiled and looked over to my right at Justin waiting for his approval,
“Yeah bro sure!” Justin replied to the photographer, put his arm around my shoulder and pulling me close in for the photo.
Now was the time that they were presenting “Artist to watch Award” which I was nominated for and Justin was presenting it.
“And the winner is…” Justin said as he was opening the letter,  sat there with my eyes squeezed shut and my fingers crossed,
“Y/n Y/l/n!!!!” He announces into the mic, it took a while for me to comprehend what was going on, but once I did I just out of my seat and walked as fast as I could to the stage. I walked up the stair that led me to Justin holding my award, I went up to Justin and hugged him whilst he congratulated me and handed me over my award.
After the speech Justin and I went backstage where there was heaps of paparazzi for different magazines wanting a picture of us together..(including my first award ever!). I felt my phone buzz in my pocket after a while and I reached in to pull it out and see who texted me.

Luke: Having fun with Justin?
Y/n: Luke what do you mean?
Luke: Why the fuck are yous taking pictures together like you’re a couple or whatever.
Y/n: Luke..the photographers just wanted a picture of us..that’s all..
Luke: What about the ones backstage where you both are hugging and laughing with each other? The paps didn’t want those photos as well did they?
Y/n: Luke! We were just being friendly towards one another! he was congratulating me because I won the award! Which you obviously don’t care about because the only thing you seem to care about is the fact that Justin was talking to me!
Luke: Babe..
Y/n: No! fucking save it Luke, I’m going off to enjoy the rest of my night.
It has been an hour since the VMAs were over and I had heard nothing from Luke so I decided to give him a call.
“Hello?” Luke answered the phone sounding confused,
“Hey” I replied bluntly,
“Babe…I’m so sorry for being a jealous asshole, its just so hard being away from you on tour and seeing those photos of you and Justin just made me wish it was me sitting next to you…I just miss you so much..” Luke explained to me over the phone,
“Its fine Luke I understand..I miss you too, Just 1 and a half more weeks and I can see you again..” I said smiling into the phone,
“Yeah for sure…Congratulations by the way Y/n..I’m so proud of you babe” Luke said lovingly into the phone,
“Thank you Lukey that means a lot, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come” I replied proudly.
Me and Luke just ended up talking for the rest of the night before falling asleep with the phones stuck to the side of our heads and most likely wasting all of our credit.

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Can you an imagine where y/n has an asthma attack and Luke is confused and scared? Something along the lines of that? P.S. Luv your blog!!!🌺

i bet when you would start coughing luke would get really scared at first. he’d sit you down wherever you were, and start blubbering if you were okay. his mind would panic when you couldn’t stop. you’d point at your throat as you wheezed coughed and he’d finally get the signal that you were having asthma attack. if it was mild, he’d quickly grab you inhaler out of your backpack and have it held to your mouth as you used it, smoothing his hand over your hair. after you used it you coughed less, and started to calm down. he’d probably get a glass of water and let you sip at it for a few minutes. “are you good, (y/n)?” and after you’d nod after rubbing your chest a little. he’d sigh in relief and hug you tightly. “don’t scare me like that, it gives me a heart attack.”

Luke Hemmings Imagine ♡

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Y/N and Luke have been friends through thick and thin. It came to no surprise that she was there support Luke and the guys when it came to the band. Y/N was there every step of the way not once having a single bit of doubt about those young boys she called her friends. Things soon started to take a toll on her, growing up in with strict parents as the only thing that was holding her back. Her parents were focused on their daughter going to one of the top colleges in Australia. 

“Mum?” Y/N stated as she walked into her mothers home office, fixing the skin tight skirt she had one while chewing on her bottom lip. Y/N’s parents were wealthy and she was more than grateful for all that her parents had given her growing up. 

 "Yes Y/N.“ Her mother stated taken off her glasses as she folded her hands looking at her one and only child. 

 "I know the answer might be no, but I’m going to try again. I really miss Luke and I was wondering if maybe just maybe I can join them in the American leg of the tour…” She muttered. She felt foolish most twenty year olds are living out on their own and having to tend to their own needs, and yet there she was asking her mother permission to fly half way across to the world to be with her best friend. 

 "Yes.“ Her mother stated looking at her daughter whom stutter. ”

But I really want to go mum, and I really miss Luke and the others..“ She muttered as she picked at the shirt she was wearing not having heard her mother before. 

 "Darling I said yes.” Her mother chucked and as walked around to stand before her daughter. Looking at her mom with wide eyes she let a small sequel escape her lips. 

 "Oh my god mum thank you so much!“ She giggled as she attacked her mother with a hug and a light kiss on her cheek before skipping off to her bedroom to pack.


 It’s been years since y/n parents had finally allowed her to tour with Luke and his band. Throughout those years she was able to get a job as their stylist and always being with the boys. Things were often rocky seeing as they would have their arguments. 

 "Calum stay still..” She mumbled while putting the finishing touches on his outfit. The boys had a special appearance tonight on a talk show, and she was making sure they looked perfect as usual. 

 "I would if you stopped poking me with those nails.“ He huffed making y/n roll her eyes at his comment about her nails poking him. ”

Well if you stayed still they wouldn’t be poking you.“ She giggled finally finishing him up. Stepping back she looked over his outfit quickly before going over to fix his hair. Shifting on his feet, he signed before he finally started talking. 

"So, I was wondering if maybe you’d like go out to dinner with me..” He muttered as she stopped was she was doing in order to look at the tan boy before her. It was no secret that he was beyond attractive, Y/N knew that at some point she did have feelings for him, she was taken back by his words. 

 "I know this is very sudden and a very lame way to ask you out on a date. It’s just that whenever I do try you’re always called away for something. If it’s not Michael wanting help dying his hair, it’s Ashton needing help, or it’s just Luke taken up all your time. 

I really -“ He was cut off mid sentence as Luke came stumbling into the room. 

"Hey. Hi, Y/N I NEED YOUR HELP REAL QUICK!” He rushed out trying his best not to get caught. Looking between the two boys she quickly apologized to Calum before walking out the room with Luke. 

 They walked in silence for a while before Luke quickly pulled the two into a small room far away from all the madness outside. She looked up at her blue eyed friend who, quickly pulled her in for a passionate kiss. 

 —– I

t’s been two months since the Calum incident and the kiss between Y/N and Luke. Luke ending up confessing his feelings towards her and asking her on a date. 

 It’s been months since Y/N and Luke have become official. The couple have managed to hide their relationship very well. Luke was more than ready to tell the guys he had finally scored the girl of his dreams while Y/N had a couple doubts. She made Luke promise her that they wouldn’t come forward and tell the guys till Calum was fully over her. “

What is this?!” Michael, Ashton and Calum rushed into the room where Y/N and Luke were in a heated game of monopoly that has been going on for almost an hour. 

 "Huh?“ Luke muttered as he rubbed his chin in thought.

 "This!” Michael stated as he shoved his phone in Luke’s face. There on the screen was a picture of Y/N and Luke lip locking.


white hair michael appreciation (x)

pic creds to owners


michael is literally the cutest person ever


Calum and Luke glo’d up

Okay imagine for a second that he’s holding your hand instead of his own and he’s sharing his headphones with you and he’s so tired that he can’t keep his eyes open and falls asleep on your shoulder the second he gets on the plane and holding your hand while falling asleep helps him sleep better and you are running your other hand through his hair and its so soft and messy and you’re gently just playing with strands of his hair so he feels comforted and once he’s asleep, you take off his headphones so he doesn’t suddenly wake up to some screamo and the second the music cuts off, he leans closer to you and you feel his body loosen up and he mumbles “Mm love you…” and you kiss his forehead as his breathing slows down and you can hear him snoring really softly as he falls back asleep and he may even drool a little on your shirt but you don’t mind because he looks so cuddly and cute and the fact that he trusts you enough to fall asleep on you makes up for the fact that you have scruff scratches on your neck and drool on your shoulder because he never lets go of your hand however deeply he’s sleeping and his body stays close to yours the entire time and you’re his favourite cuddle buddy and he can’t ever imagine falling asleep next to someone else and idk i really want to sit next to sleepy Lukey :(



my everything