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5 Seconds of Summer


Video Games and Bug Bites* // Video Games and Bug Bites PT 2 *


What Are Best Friends For?*

More Than You Know*

Sweet Dreams* (Mashton Threesome)

Not My Type*


The Way I Loved  You: PT 1

She’s Mine* (Cake threesome)

Navy Blue

My Dirty Little Secret*

Everything I Didn’t Say*

That’s My Seat*

Lessons* (Lashton Threesome)

Smirk* // Smirk pt. 2* // Smirk pt. 3


The Way I Loved  You: PT 1

She’s Mine* (Cake threesome)

Of Course*

If You Don’t Know*

If You Don’t Know pt. 2*

Red* // Red PT 2 *




Book Shop*




Lessons* (Lashton Threesome)

Sweet Dreams* (Mashton Threesome)

Coffee Shop*

Princess AUs:

Mikey: Rapunzel *


Calum: Aladdin*



After Wedding Sex 4/4*

One Direction


Begin Again

Thin Walls*

Ready To Run*




Work of Art

Work of Art Pt. 2*


In Control*


Midnight Memories


“I thought I wasn’t cool enough to be friends with Calum.”

Santa Baby - Luke Hemmings

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Luke’s leg was bouncing as he sat on the plane, parked at the terminal waiting for the pilot to take the fasten seat belt sign off. He wanted nothing more than to get off the plane and into the arms of his girlfriend that he hadn’t seen in four months except over Face time and Skype, which clearly isn’t the same thing because you can’t kiss through a camera. It had been the longest ride of his life, both physically and emotionally, but the end result would be worth it, especially when he saw her beautiful right in front of him, eyes bright, kissable lips…

The light flicked off, Luke quickly standing, bags already ready as he made his way down the aisle standing in front of the stewardess bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to calm himself down. “Anxious to get home?” she questioned smiling at him, eyes running over the length of the boy’s body, Luke oblivious as he smiled nodded quickly.

“Haven’t seen my girlfriend in four months. I’m really excited,” he responded, the girl’s face dropping slightly as she tried to keep a smile on her face. Luke wasn’t ugly, and he knew it, but he also had the girl of his dreams waiting for him at the end of that tunnel and right through customs.

“Well, she must be really great if you’re this excited to see her,” she said, Luke nodding quickly as the door opened. He quickly sped off, walking as fast as his long legs would carry him down and out through customs. It wasn’t a quick process, getting his passport checked and let back into his home country, but it was quicker than when he was trying to get into London. He stepped through the double doors instantly being attacked by his two older brothers, Luke dropping his bags hugging them back tightly hoping they let go just as quick as they hugged him.

“Lewi’s home,” Jack teased being the first to pull back, Ben pulling back next as Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd, a frown coming to his face.

“She’s not here, Luke.”

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The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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when you make the plan and you’re the only one who shows up

25 Days of Christmas Masterlist

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HAPPY DECEMBER FIRST! These are my favorite 25 days of the year, so, I thought we could all celebrate together with 25 days of pure 5SOS. Enjoy! (This is my favorite fucking gif in the entire world and I just…I can’t. *Cries in the corner from being disrespected*)

A/n* Everything will be posted at 10AM New York time (Sorry. I suck with time zones) on each day. And, as always, anything smut will be marked with a *.

A/N I stopped posting due to hate I was receiving around Christmas. I’ll finish posting these when I feel ready to. The Masterlist is up to date

December 1: I’m Sorry - Calum Hood
December 2: The Christmas Party - Lashton *
December 3:
Mr. Claus - Michael Clifford *
December 4:
Meeting the Family - Luke Hemmings
December 5:
Last Christmas - Frat!Ashton *
December 6:
Santa Baby - Frat!Luke *
December 7:
Feliz Navidad - Frat!Calum *
December 8:
Nutcracker - Frat!Michael *
December 9:
Christmas Shopping - Cake *
December 10:
Happy Hanukkah - Ashton Irwin
December 11:
Christmas Wish - Cashton *
December 12:
Snowball Fights - Michael Clifford
December 13:
Mistletoe - Calum Hood
December 14:
I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Luke Hemmings
December 15:
Ski Resorts - Malum *
December 16:
25 Days of Christmas - Ashton Irwin *
December 17:
Hot and Cold - Muke*
December 18:
All I Want for Christmas is You - Calum Hood
December 19:
Secret Santa - Ashton Irwin *
December 20:
Baby It’s Cold Outside - Mashton *
December 21:
Help - Dad!Michael
December 22:
Not so Lonely Christmas - Dad!Ashton
December 23:
Gingerbread Houses - Dad!Luke
December 24:
Ugly Sweater - Dad!Calum
December 25:
(It’s a Surprise) *


HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY MICHAEL. THE BIG 2 AND THE 1. 2⃣1⃣ incase you havent catched on. YOU CAN FINALLY LEGALLY DRINK!🍺 im so proud of you and how far you have come💓 Keep doing what you’re doin🐦 hope you have a fucking amazing day and we love you so so so so so much small bean. Hope you’re day is full of smiles and hugs and you’re surrounded with the bestest vibes😘 Again Happy Birthday From The Fam We Love You💙🎂🍻 dONT PARTY TOO HARD🎂🍻 @5sos

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Everything I’ve Written About Luke Hemmings

// TEXTS: //

He’s heard you’re getting back together with your ex (Part 2) (Part 3)

He sees a guy harassing you

He misses your game

He’s insecure (Part 2)

You leave him after a one night stand

You two drift apart (Part 2)

You post a picture with another band member (Part 2)

He wants to date you but you know how he is with girls (Four months later)

You overhear him say he misses something about his ex

He tries to admit his feelings at the same time you tell him you’re dating Michael (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

He won’t stop texting like a fuckboy

Ship name issues [for Sarah]

He tries to go back and forth between you and his current girlfriend

You’re the girl he cheated with

He ran out of condoms and asks Ashton for help

You’re in a bad mood

He compares you to his exes

You and Husband!Luke are still kids at heart

You don’t want to go to his show

Your brother finds out you’re a lesbian

// ONE SHOTS: //

Biggest Fear

// BLURBS: //

Get Some Rest

// PROMPTS: //

“You’re my baby and I’m not losing you.”

“Do you think you could just please go one day without pissing me off?”

“Of course you’re dating the person you told me not to worry about.”


Michael | Calum | Ashton | 4/4