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Since I’ve been leaving you guys hanging, and I’ve been requested so many times to make a masterlist, I finally have :-) Thank you for all the love and support on my stories and I’ll be back to writing by friday this week! PS for anyone who’s a writer that knows how to put their masterlist in their bio on mobile, message me and let me know!



Just Saying 1 2 3 4 5 *first story ever written
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Someone New 1 2
Better In Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Would Never Call It Love 1 2 3 * still in progress
Gotta Go My Own Way 1 * still in progress

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One Shots

You’ll Be Safe

I have more stories written on this blog than these shown, but these are, in my opinion, my best work. Some stories I just plain don’t like and they flopped, so this is it for now. As you can see my writing comfortability is within Calum, I write best when it’s about him. But I do write for all the boys and I take requests of any kind.

The One in Which You’re Sugar and He Is Buddy // l.h.

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word count: 3.8k

summary: drunken, you’re left sitting propped against a fence on the sidewalk, until a stranger stumbles over your legs. 

It’s been hours since the party started, and all the drinks and games have left you a curled up mess against a fence. Your eyes are drooping and you’re so damn tired, but in the back of your mind you can hear a voice telling you to get the fuck up and find a way home. But your body doesn’t want to listen apparently, because it does not move one inch.

You sigh, then giggle.

Then you hear, above all the pumping music, footsteps approaching. Someone has left the party and is walking home. You can see their tall figure marching your way. The sidewalk is narrow as it is, but with you sprawled across it, it is no surprise the stranger stumbles over your stretched out bare legs. A few curses leave his mouth as he regains his balance and stands above you.

You look up.

The stranger looks down on you, a look of confusion etched on his face, which then turns into worrisome. Your view is beautiful, you think. The way the boy has his eyebrows scrunched up, his eyes, his lip ring, the sky above him, the stars scattered across it. You may be drunk, but your heart still knows what beauty means, and this—this is definitely a masterpiece—carefully and messily crafted.

The stranger crouches down in front of your body as you struggle to sit up, shifting yourself so you’re leaning against the fence. He smiles at you, and his smile—it is not one of any negative or judgemental undertone; it is careful, genuine. It is beautiful, just like himself. His hair is a blond mess, strands flying across his forehead, a beard adorning his jaw. His eyes hold the sky of happy days, you can see them, even in the dark.

“Are you alright?” he asks, weaving a hand through his hair. There is no laughter in his voice as he is not making fun of you. It is rather soft and laced with a smile. “Where are your friends?”

You choose to ignore the first question. “They left.” Your voice is barely above a whisper, but he somehow manages to hear you, despite the loud music and all.

His brows raise. “Well, do you have anyone to take you home?” His eyes roam over your body, taking the goosebumps on your arms in. Surprisingly, he doesn’t linger on your naked legs from the daring outfit your friends forced you into, which earns him even more points.

No, you think as a response but don’t voice it out loud. This is not you. You have never been drunk before, but tonight your friends made you drink with them, claiming it was finally time for you to loose your “al-ginity”. You are a good girl, one that chooses not to drink for specific reasons, a girl who doesn’t dance out of the line.

Tonight you feel betrayed, stamped on, dirty. It is one thing for your friends get you drunk, another for them to leave you all by yourself.

“Here,” he says and shrugs out of his flannel, before draping it over your shoulders. His hands run over your arms gently. “I can call you a cab, get you home safely.”

It may be the alcohol, but for whatever reason your eyes begin to water as he offers you this. You’re a total stranger to him and somehow he’s still got enough kindness in his heart, to help you out. “Hey hey hey,” he shushes you, “It’s gonna be all right. Don’t worry.”

You nod, because what else are you supposed to say? That he’s much nicer than your very own friends? Or that your emotions are over the top right now and he’s not helping at all? “I don’t have any money for a cab,” you slur.

His lips broaden into a smile again. “That’s all right,” he assures, sticking his hands into his bum pocket and fishing a worn out wallet out. “I’ve got…a total of five dollars. Damn it.”

His words make you cry harder because you think you will never get home. “I—I don’t want to d-die!” The stranger begins to chuckle then, teeth buried in his lower lip as he tries to hold it in. “Is not funny!” you snap at him, but it comes out in a slur. The hand you raise to slap at his chest wobbles in the air before he gently clasps it in his.

“I’m not laughing,” he says, laughing, “I swear.” He’s so laughing, though. “Okay. All right. I’ll just—uh, let me think for a second.” His chuckles die down, but he keeps holding onto your hand as he seats himself on the concrete before you. His teeth are still biting down on his lips, so you raise your free hand and slowly bring it to his mouth, poking at his chin and prying his lip out. His eyes flicker to yours, then to your fingers that are hovering before his mouth. “I think,” he says, “we need to sober you up first.” He grins at the finger you’re wriggling in front of his face. Grunting, he raises to this feet again. This time it is him who holds his hand out and wriggles his fingers. “Come on,” he says. “I’m sure there’s some coffee somewhere inside.”

You shake your head profoundly. “No.” You sound like a whining child, but you keep murmuring this small word. “I don’t wanna!”

“Babe, you gotta help me out here,” the boy says slowly. “I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have a nasty hangover tomorrow, so please just come back inside so we can detox your system. And I can’t really properly talk to you like this.”

Leaning back against the fence, you pout and sigh. “Is loud inside,” you tell him, staring at the floor and raising your brows in a duh manner.

The stranger stares at you for a second too long, before he puffs and crouches back down in front of you. “All right, all right. Let me think for a moment.”

When he doesn’t say anything in, what feels to you, a really long time, you say, “Buddy,” poking him in the chest. He only glares at you in a confused way, his eyebrows crunched up. “Buddy?” you say again.

He laughs, and to your drunken ass it sounds like the most holy sound you’ve ever heard. “What’s up with you?” Gently, he pushes your hand away, but you keep reaching for him. “Stop calling me that,” he says, grinning, “It sounds like I’m your kid or something.”

“You’re my kid.”

“Oh, I hope not.” His big warm hands wrap around yours as you still haven’t stopped bugging him.


“How about you call me Luke? ‘Cause that’s my name.”

“Luke.” You try his name—how it rolls off your tongue, how it tastes in your mouth. “Lukey—me likey.”

Luke laughs at your choice of words. “I’m glad,” he says. “Now how about your name?”

You snatch your hand back, resting your palm against your chest and leaning forward, before telling him your name like you’ve just done a great job.

Pretending to play along, Luke looks impressed and his eyes grow wide. “Wow! That’s amazing!”

You manage a nod in response that leaves you dizzy all over again. “But I like you calling me babe better,” you tell him, grinning.

The corners of his lips raise, though it is not a smirk he’s giving you but a sweet smile. “I can do that,” he says, softly. “Hey, you still got your address in your head? We can walk—it doesn’t matter.”

This time, you shake your head, causing you to almost topple over, if he hadn’t caught you by your waist and shoulder. “Slow down, babe,” Luke murmurs, gently moving your body so you’re leaning against the fence again.

You continue shaking your head as little sobs escape your throat. “I can’t go home,” you manage to spit out. Luke’s nodding his head like he understands, so you decide to enlighten him. “My si-sister’s home. She’s as stuck up as me—you know, in c-case you haven’t noticed how stuck u-up I am. She c-can’t know I got drunk.” Grabbing onto his shirt, you pull him closer until his nose is almost touching yours. There’s this fierce look etched on your face and just as you are about to open your mouth to make him promise he won’t let your sister find out, a short laugh bursts out of him. His eyes find yours as he continues to laugh at you. “Buddy—”

“Hey, if you keep calling me Buddy I think I’ll have to come up with a stupid nickname too,” he interrupts you. “Hmm,” he hums, his hands clasping around yours in order to release your grip on him. But he doesn’t let go. The warmth of his hold is so comforting, you think, as you sink back towards the fence and close your eyes.

“Sugar,” he calls, shaking your shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep on me now, Sugar.”

Immediately, your eyes snap right back open. “Oh, don’t you dare call me that.”

“Hey, if you can call me Buddy, then I think I can call you Sugar.” He throws you a quick smirk, before he raises to his feet, holding a hand out to you. “Now come on, Sugar. Get up. I’m taking you to my place.”

“Mama said never to follow a stranger,” you slur, shaking your head.

Luke rolls his eyes, laughing quietly at your pout. “Mama also said to never drink until you can’t even walk, eh?”

You nod in defiant.


Following a stranger into his car may easily be the dumbest thing you’ve done in your life, but you think falling asleep in said stranger’s car may top that. Yeah, it kind of does.

You wake up to a voice humming and a car door being slammed shut. “Buddy?” you ask with a dry throat.

“Right here,” a voice answers. You can feel the vibrations against your arm and shoulders and as you think about it, you also feel smooth skin against your cheek and forehead. In conclusion, Luke is carrying you out of the car into his apartment.

Forcing yourself to fight against the cloud of tiredness, you weakly try to push your hand against his chest. “What are you doing?” You look around, seeing nothing but darkness and an apartment building. “Where are you taking me?”

His hand squeezes your thigh. As if that were reassuring? “Hey, I’m just taking you to my apartment so you can sleep off the alcohol,” he tells you softly. “Look, if you can walk, I can put you down. I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, I’m just trying to help.” His cheek grazes the top of your head.

You press a tiny kiss to his neck.

Oh, there is still so much alcohol controlling your actions.


Unfortunately, he can’t manage to open the door with you in his arms, so you have to stand on your own feet—more like lean against the wall (a thing you’ve done a lot these past hours)—and wait for him to unlock and let you in. You stumble your way inside the building, spotting the elevator and making a beeline for it only to be disappointed as you spot the piece of paper. OUT OF ORDER, it says in giant red letters. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” you groan, stomping your foot like a five-year-old. But honestly, at this point, you are so tired and drunk and you only want to lay down and take a nap. Or maybe two.

Luke laughs as he sees you, ready to throw a tantrum. “Come here,” he says, grinning and squatting down in front of you.

His gesture brings a smile to your own lips, before you hop onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. You lean your head against his, tucking your chin into the dip where his neck meets his shoulders. “Thank you, Buddy,” you whisper and press yet another kiss to his soft skin, causing Luke’s heart to almost jump out of his rip cage.

Adjusting your body, he smiles and tips his head to the side so it touches yours.

Luke’s always wished to live high up in the sky, but this time he’s kind of glad he only has to trek two levels. And thanks to working out regularly, he isn’t out of breath and doesn’t embarrass himself. At his door, he has to let you down again, in order to unlock it.

Stepping inside, you’re overwhelmed with a smell which just screams LUKE and the messiest mess one can imagine. His shoes are scattered not in the rack but around it, jackets lying around—not hanging, and the actual living room is even worse. Tiptoeing around his trash (mostly take-away boxes), you let yourself fall onto the couch, a loud sigh escaping your lips. As you close your eyes for a well-deserved nap, Luke shuffles in front of you, a glass of water in his one hand and two pills in his other. “Come on,” he says, shaking the hand with the pills slightly. “You gotta take some or you’re going to die tomorrow.”

Your eyes widen instantly. “I don’t want to die!” you squeal in horror, quickly snatching the pills and swallowing them with a few gulps of water. Luke looks at you in a funny way, his head cocked to the side and one corner of his mouth slightly raised.

“Alright, Sugar,” he begins, clapping his hands once. “You can have my bed. I’ll take the couch.”

“Uh-uh.” You shake your head and refuse as Luke tries to pull you from your well beloved couch. “I wanna stay here.” Your voice literally comes out like the whine of a five-year-old. “Me and couchey are great friends and we don’t wanna be separated.”

The look Luke throws you this time is confusion and disbelief. He cannot believe he’s picked this stupidly-kind-of-cute drunken girl off the street. “Okay,” he replies slowly. “First of all, it’s couchy and me and secondly, it’s up to you. I’m not gonna deny myself a perfectly comfortable bed. So, if you want to stay here, fine by me.” He stands up, grabs your empty glass and wanders off towards the hallway.

“Wait!” you shout after him. “Where are you going, Buddy?”

Luke turns back around, thinking you’ve changed your mind and do actually want the bed, but what he finds instead is your drunken ass raised onto your knees, leaning against the back of the couch, only your eyes peeking at him. He laughs. You raise your eyebrows. He laughs even harder. “Is not funny,” you pout.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He raises his hands in surrender, one still clutching the empty glass. “I was just going to get you a blanket.”

“Okay,” you reply slowly. Is that suspicion Luke is hearing in your voice?

He comes back two minutes later with blankets, pillows and clothes. “I figured sleeping in those isn’t gonna cut it so I brought you some sweatpants and a shirt.”

“Thanks,” you say and begin to pull down your skirt.

“Okay, slow down a second, babe!” Luke shouts in horror and swiftly turns around so his back is facing you. “You could’ve warned me…”

“Uh, sorry.” You blush. Forcing your body into a much more comfortable outfit, you can feel yourself relax again. “I’m done,” you tell Luke quietly.

“Okay,” he says, facing you again. “Lay down.” He nods towards the couch, throwing the pillow on one foot of it as he comes at you with the blanket.

You obey like the good little drunken girl you are and jump on the couch, bouncing a couple of times.

“I said lay down, Sugar,” Luke says, laughing and pushing his hands at you in order to keep your body still so he can drape the blanket over you. Tucking it in, he looks down at you. There’s warmth spreading in his chest. You look so innocent, lying beneath him on his couch, your cheeks still reddened from the alcohol. He can’t bear the thought of what would’ve happened to you, if he hadn’t stumbled over you tonight. You were in no state to find your way home, if you had somehow managed to convince yourself to even go there. Shaking his head, he pats your arm in an awkward Luke-way and retreats towards his own room, but is stopped by your hand on his wrist.

“Where you going?” you mumble sleepily at him.

“Well, you’re not the only one that’s tired.”

Half sitting up—and ruining the way he’s so perfectly tucked the blankets around your body—you pull at his wrist slightly. “Don’t leave me,” you whisper, tears in your eyes. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Luke sighs, rubbing his forehead with his free hand. “It’s alright, Sugar,” he says. “I’m just in my room. It’s not like my apartment is ginormous and you won’t find your way, if you need anything.”

“Please stay with me.”

He looks at you—really looks at you this time. Your hair is dishevelled, eyes and cheeks reddened, teary-eyed, a frown adorning your face. You look like you’re scared. And it’s kind of breaking his heart to see you this way.

When people are intoxicated, they kind of transform to their true selves. You may not be a five-year-old, but your drunken self shows the innocence that surrounds you. And Luke feels like he needs to protect you. That’s the way he’s always been like. Being the last-born he’s never really had anyone to protect, so his protector instincts have always just been there, and now that you’re here in his apartment, the urge is even stronger than before. It’s a pull towards your half-sleeping body, this pull to wrap you up and never let anything bad touch you again.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he says quietly, pulling your hand from around his wrist and wrapping his own around it. He gives it a good squeeze. “I’m just gonna go and get my blanket and pillow, alright?”

You nod, wiping at the tears.

He’s back a second later, laying one blanket on the floor beside you and a pillow on top of that so you’re head to head.

Face to face you two lay in the dark, waiting for sleep to come and whisk you away. And just as you’re on the edge to dreamland a soft voice whispers, “Sleep tight, babe.”


The thing that wakes you in the morning is not the obnoxiously loud snoring beside your head. It’s the slight headache and the blinding light your eyelids can’t seem to tune out. Oh, and the fact that there’s bile coming up your throat. Slapping a hand on your mouth, you scramble to get up, though you step on the sleeping figure by your feet in the process. Cursing, you step around him and frantically take a few turns until you spot the kitchen and—thank God—a sink. Never having thrown up due to alcohol, you’re surprised by how different it is to normal puking. It’s astonishingly not that gross tasting as you’d have thought.

“Babe? Sugar?” a tired—raspy—voice calls out. He steps into the kitchen just as you rinse out your mouth. It’s the snoring dude.

Redirecting your stare from his sleepy half-naked figure down at yourself, you notice you’re wearing different clothes than the ones you left with yesterday. The dude seems to sense what you’re thinking, because a blush creeps up his neck and he raises his hand to scratch at his head. “You, uh—You changed yourself. I didn’t touch you, I promise!” His hands come up in a defensive gesture.

You laugh. “Hey, it’s alright. Even if you had, I’d’ve been glad.” You cock your head. “At least I think so.”

He smiles at that. “Well, I didn’t, so there’s that.” He moves around you, opens the cupboard above your head and grabs two glasses. Filling them up, he hands you one, tipping the other one slightly in a cheers kind of way. “Do you even remember what happened last night?”

You gulp the water down like you haven’t had a single sip for weeks, before answering him. “Not really. Not a lot. I know you’re the dude that helped me out, though. I think. Because my instinct isn’t telling me to kick you in the groin. And because you’re good-looking as hell, I’m deciding to trust my instinct and pray you won’t go all psycho on me.”

His eyes widen a tad bit. “Oh-kay.” Clearing his throat, he places his glass in the sink. “Anyways, I’m Luke, in case you’ve forgotten.”

You smile sheepishly at him and tell him your name as well.

“I remember your name,” Luke says, grinning. “I wasn’t as drunk as you last night. Nowhere near as drunk.”

A blush creeps up your neck. “That was my first time being drunk. Actually, that was my first time even tasting alcohol.”

His eyes widen. “Really? What first timer drinks himself into oblivion?” He shakes his head, taking the glass out of your hands and places it in the sink as well.  “You hungry?” he asks.

“Very so,” you answer, taking a seat at the tiny table that’s shoved in one corner. “What’cha got, Buddy?”

Luke turns around, grinning. “So you remember that?”

You look at him, confused. “I have no idea where that came from.”

He laughs, facing his fridge again as he takes out a couple eggs. “Yeah, we kind of gave each other stupid nicknames. You started it, by the way, Sugar.” Turning to you, he holds up the eggs. “Omelette okay?”

“Sure,” you reply, saliva already filling your mouth. “Eh, as far as I can judge so far, we’ve built a very nice friendship. But I think I need a refresher.”

His shoulders shake with laughter. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Would you say yes?” you ask, chest pounding, bottom lip tucked between your teeth. You’ve actually never asked someone on a date before, as you have, in fact, only been to one date in your entire life of 19 years. Alcohol somehow does change people, you find, taking notice of your changed confidence, though it only knocked up one notch.

Abandoning the bowl with beaten eggs, Luke turns around again, gazing at you in a funny way. His eyes shimmer in the sunlight. He strides up to where you’re sitting in his kitchen chair, caging your body with his one hand on the back of your chair and the other on the table. Your lungs cannot expand, as you force oxygen into them. His face is so breathtakingly close to yours, his eyes burning into yours with such intensity, you can’t look away. Slowly, he lowers himself, as if giving you time to back away, until his lips meet yours with soft pressure. It’s an incredibly sweet and slow kiss. You’re taking your time to explore his mouth, your tongue finding his in a gentle caress. Your hands reach up—one on his neck, the other on his cheek. And all too soon, it ends.

Luke pulls himself away from you. You’re thankful not to be the only one who’s finding it hard to breathe. His entire face smiles at you. “That answer your question?”

The Boyfriend Tag: Part 1

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A/N: So, I wrote this imagine and I’m planning on making it a series if people like it. Basically, Y/N is a Youtuber, so she and Luke decide to do the boyfriend tag. To put it simply, It’s just the stories behind the questions. Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat.

“Is the camera on?” Luke asked, sitting down on my bed, fiddling with his hair, as I tweaked the settings on the camera around.

“Uh, I think now it is,” I sat down next to him, looking in the view finder and seeing the flashing red dot, “Yeah, it’s recording.”

“Yay!” Luke squeaked, wrapping his arm around me.

“Hey guys, It’s Y/N, and today, I have…” I cheered, pointing to Luke so that he could introduce himself.

“Luke.” He finished calmly, pulling me towards him. 

“He’s my boyfriend and we’re going to answer questions that you asked. So, question one, where did you meet?” I read off my phone, looking up at Luke as we both flashed back to the day we met. 

I sat in my Dad’s bar, alone in a both in the corner, cuddled up against the window. I held my cup of tea just below my face, so the steam fogged up my glasses making it hard to read over my history essay I had finished in my lunch break earlier. Dad had invited me into the bar so I could help set up for tonight. It was Saturday night, so he had a local band or artist coming in to play. But instead, he let me sit on my own, leaving me to get wrapped up in my own world. 

I set down my essay, deciding I had done enough for the day. I rested my head against the large window, sipping the rest of my coffee. My breath misted up the glass, so I decided to reenact my essay.My bored ass decided to draw a middle finger on the window, with ‘Fuck you all’ written underneath it in bubble writing.

“Hey, Y/N,” My Dad called, running up to my table, “Can you help serve the drinks, the crowd’s a lot bigger tonight so we need extra help.” I looked over at the group of girls gathered around the stage.

“Dad, those girls are my age. I don’t think they’re old enough to drink.” I retorted, leaning side to side to try and catch a glimpse of who they were here for.

“Doesn’t matter. Help. Now.” He ordered. I rolled my eyes and left my essay on the table, making my way over to the bar and beginning to wipe it down. Four boys, around my age, if not slightly older, walked on stage. The mass of girls started screaming.

“Hi. We’re Five Seconds of Summer. Some people online call us 5sos. But yeah, um… We’re going to play an original song. This is, um…” The blonde boy who stood at the front stuttered, “This is… Beside you.” 

The lights on the stage shone through his dark gold hair, splitting into sunbeams and lighting up his angelic, boyish face. He reached for the neck of his guitar, and began playing the song. Although I was skeptical, they, surprisingly weren’t awful. Not awful at all. Miles better than anyone else we’d ever had in here. 

I soon found myself bopping my head along to the song they played, mouthing along to a few lines in the chorus I had began to memorize. I looked up at the stage once again, this time catching the boy’s eye. They were the exact same shade as crystallized bluebells. He winked at me and something in my stomach fluttered around, making me lean my elbows on the bar, rest my head in my hands and give him my full attention. 

By the end of the night, I found myself twizzling the ends of my plaited hair around my fingers, completely infatuated with the idea of this blue eyed boy. Dad dismissed me from the bar, kissing me goodbye and telling me to go home without him, as he had to stay behind a while longer than usual. 

I returned over to my corner booth, seeing someone hunched over in my spot against the window.

“Um… Hi?” I questioned, bending over and waving at this boy. He looked up at me, startled, his mouth hanging wide open and his eyes bright with surprise, “Oh, It’s you.” I smiled, instantly recognizing him as the boy on stage a couple of minutes ago. 

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to read your stuff I just… I just saw you over here… And, and… I thought you were intriguing…” He mumbled, blood rushing to his face and tinting his cheeks red. I blushed too at the flattery. Nobody had ever really called me intriguing before. In fact, nobody had really noticed me before.

“It’s fine. Really, don’t worry about it.” I reassured him, sitting down opposite him, “So, how was it?” I asked.

“Huh?” He panicked, looking very taken aback. 

“The essay. Was it good. Good grammar, historically accurate. Y’know, that stuff.” I specified. He looked down at the paper flicking through the pages.

“Well,, there were a few errors. I can mark them down for you. I mean, if you want to.” He offered. I nodded eagerly and handed him a sharpie so he could circle any mistakes. He only circled a few and handed the paper back to me, before leaving me alone again and waving goodbye. I sat there for a while, realizing how bad I had messed up, completely forgetting to ask for so much as his name. I sighed in defeat and grazed over the paper, my heart stopping when I read what he wrote on the back. In bold, black letters he had written his number and his name.

How horribly cliche of him.

“Luke was obsessed with me.” I looked back at the camera, smiling as Luke whined and shook me by the shoulder.

“No I wasn’t, you were infatuated with me from the moment you saw me, you liar.” Luke argued, giggling as he continued to shake my shoulder. I smiled, knowing it was true.

“So, yeah, we met at my Dad’s bar when we were fifteen. And yeah. That’s about it. Pretty basic.” I smiled, looking up at him and knowing that as basic as it was, it was pretty fucking magical.

Christmas In College

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 20th:
Epilogue: Oversized Hockey Shirt - Christmas In College

A/N: Isn’t this exciting! I asked you which cancelled series you wanted back and this was the most requested one so here’s the final part of Oversized Hockey Shirt! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here and I really hope you enjoy this! Consider it an early Christmas present from moi :-) x

Pairing: Y/N/Bestfriend!Roommate!Hockey!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Words: 8.000+

Summary: When Luke gets challenged by his other hockey teammates to fuck a cheerleader after getting the title as captain of the team he tries his best to push away his feelings for his best friend and dorm roommate Y/N. But when Y/N finds out Luke’s plan at Calum’s Christmas party things change completely.

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Subway - Luke Hemmings

Description: Luke has bad days sometimes; well so does Y/N.

Warning: None

Request: No.


~Luke’s POV~

“One more time, Luke.” Feldy mumbled into the microphone, his voice filling up the whole recording area as well as my eardrums, while he messed about with some of the dials on the equipment set up in front of him. “This time when you get to that high note, can you make it softer, if that’s possible?”

Nodding my head up and down, I cleared my throat as I waited for my cue to begin. Once I finished up that section of vocals for the second time, I looked up to see Feldy’s expression from outside in the main room, and from what I could see, this was definitely going to be a hard night.


Hours later, we finally got that part in the new song fixed, enough to where it wouldn’t make anyone cringe that is. The two of us ended up spending so much time and focus on that one piece of the song, that nothing else that’s extremely crucial to the song got remotely fixed today.

“Luke, stay close to me while we’re down here.” The guard that was told to follow me from the hotel, to my studio session, and back to the hotel, grunted as we approached a pretty good sized mob. “These subways are dangerous, so you need to stay right by my side at all times. I don’t even know why you wanted to ride this thing, we could’ve gotten one of the drivers to come to get us.”

Rolling my eyes at the grumpy old man that was pressed up against my back, the stress of the off day I’ve had causing me to be more irritable that normal. “Stop complaining. I’m doing this because I get pleasure out of actually participating in normal, everyday people things nowadays.” I scoffed out. Excitement hitting me as I saw the subway quickly pull into view.

As my guard and I crept up inch my inch with the rest of the crowd, a smile smile never left my face. “I can already tell that there’s not going to be many seats available, Hemmings. So when you get on, find you a chair to sit in and stay there so I can stand in front of you.”

Even though this man only knew the ways of famous people now, I knew that he at least did understand that I had had a tough day, and that late nights like these really took a lot out of me.

As we finally stepped foot onto the metro, I scanned all around the packed area surrounding, trying to find somewhere that I could rest. Eventually my eyes landed on a spot not that far from the doors, but it was beside a girl who looked to be annoyed with the world at the moment.

“May I sit here.” I smiled warmly her way, trying my best to sound as pleasant as I possibly could, not wanting to irritate the pour girl staring off into space.

She slowly nodded her head in agreement, moving her belongings to her other side so I could fit in the small area given.

A while after we got going, flying through the complex underground system, I felt myself slowly becoming more and more drowsy. “How much longer until our stop?” I shifted my gaze from my lap to the buff guy standing right in front of my slumped frame.

“You’ve got a while left. If you can’t keep your eyes open any longer, just give them a rest, I’ll watch and make sure you’re completely safe.” He gave me a tired, but still stern, look. Humming lightly, I leaned my head back against the metal wall behind my chair, letting my heavy eyelids finally close shut.

"Hemmings, get off the poor girl, she needs to get up and off of here.” I heard my security person say, he sounded slightly embarrassed by his urgent tone. His words confusing me, that was until I sat up and looked around at my surroundings, seeing the upset girl from earlier all flustered and smiley.

Grumbling once I realized what I had done while in a obvious deep sleep. As the girl stood to her feet, throwing on her bag and purse, I saw a wet mark on her shoulder. My eyes widened and I threw my hand up to my cheek, only to feel my cold and wet slobber all over my skin. “I kind of…”


~Y/N’s POV~

"It’s that stack over on the right corner of my desk, Y/L/N, if you get started now you could be out of here by eight.” Daniel, the C.E.O of the company I reluctantly work for, smiled halfheartedly. “I would do it myself, but then I’d miss my flight for tomorrow nights conference.”

I wanted to argue so badly, I wanted to yell at him for pushing his work load that he couldn’t complete for himself, onto my already full schedule. “Sir, I’ve been here since five in the morning, can’t I just come in early tomorrow morning and finish everything up?” I sighed, a frown easing it’s way across my lips as I took in his stern glare.

“Finish them tonight, send them out, and go home only when that is all done.” He growled while walking towards the exit of his massive office. “When I wasn’t C.E.O of this place, I worked here casually just like you and everyone else, I know what it’s like being here more than you are home most days of the week. Don’t ever complain to me, Y/N.”

Gulping down my rising anger, I nodded shortly before taking a seat behind his desk. “Have a nice flight, Sir.” I forced a smile onto my face as he looked back into the room once more, no response coming from him as he looked right over me whist scanning his work area for any items that he had forgotten, shutting the door loudly as he finished second checking.

“Hope you lose this deal.” I scoffed once I knew for sure that he was far from these doors, rolling my eye in annoyance as I started on the stack of forms that was placed to my right, not ready for the long night I was in store for.


Just like my boss had said, I would be out of that place by eight if I started as soon as he left, he was right. Eight on the dot actually. Now it was time to head down to the busy tunnels of the metro area.

When arriving to the tracks, I squeezed my way through multiple tight spot to just get in another crowded and huddled up group, at least I was in the door like this time. As the subway raced into station, my shoulder slumped a bit in relief, already feeling the exhaustion hitting me that usually didn’t happen until I was quite a ways through the ride.

“Excuse me. Please, excuse me people.” I mumbled once I stepped foot onto the subway that everyone was trying to get on, I pushed trough people in attempt to get to an empty chair, and others pushed through and past me as well.

Finally I found a spot at the back, but as I approached the brightly painted seat, I looked a little to the left of it only to see the guy that had slobbered all over me the last time I rode the late train. “May I sit here, please.” I tried my best not to chuckle as the guys eye widened as he seemed to remember me.

“Hey, yeah, take a seat.” His words came out all rushed and jumbled up together, like he was excited but also nervous. “I promise I won’t drool on you this time, I’m not even tried tonight, surprisingly.” I continued to talk as I listened, sitting myself down beside him thankfully.

I didn’t say a word as he stopped rambling, I could only yawn. I was really exhausted tonight. Looking over at the blonde, a small smile etching it’s way onto my face as I decided to lay my head down on his shoulder without permission.

He seemed shocked at my actions, as he tensed up, but he soon relaxed and started laughing lightly. “It’s only fair.” His eyes crinkled at the ends, his nose scrunched up, all as he giggled.

“Hey, I don’t drool though, so…” I hummed out as I felt myself get drowsy as rested on the nice boys shoulder. “Wake me up whenever that lady with bright red hair stands to get off.” I instructed the guy, falling asleep not long after I stopped speaking.

“Wake up.” That guy spoke into my ear sweetly, him standing to his feet before I could fully get woke up. “I’m getting off before you today I guess, see you another time girl.” He laughed at my surprised facial expressions, waving goodbye to me as him and that big buff guy walked out of my view.

Rubbing my eyes in attempt to wake myself up a bit, I felt someone tap onto my leg. Looking up to the person standing in front of me, holding onto the metal pole placed in the middle of the isle. “Check your left pocket.” The middle aged lady told me, a huge smile on her face as she watched me follow along with her request.

I pulled out a piece of ripped up and folded paper, unfolding the small strip, I saw sloppy handwriting all across the front. ‘Call me subway girl’ flipping the slip of white paper over to see the slobber guys phone number written across the back.

A smile was permanently spread across my mouth the whole rest of the ride to my street, the whole night actually, if I were being honest.

Cake Tasting. \\ l.r.h.

Word Count: 1,541

You and Luke had been best friends for as long as you could remember. The two of you already did practically everything together, from bar-hopping on the weekends to napping together after work, so when you caught word of your favourite radio station giving away free tickets to a wedding show that was coming to town, open to both women and men, you wasted no time in calling, despite knowing just how small of a chance you had of actually winning.

Of course, where would the story be if you hadn’t heard the words, “Congratulations, you’re caller number ten!”?

Immediately after receiving the news and being told exactly where to pick up your free tickets, you had excitedly texted Luke, asking if he wanted to be your plus one and mentioning that there would be free cake.

You received his reply in under a minute, with him agreeing without another question. And on the Saturday that the show was happening, Luke had appeared behind the wheel of his car in front of your apartment building.

“You know,” he mused as you clambered in, shutting the door behind you, “you could have at least done a neat bun.”

“Shut up, Hemmings,” you hissed out, buckling your seat belt and then immediately pulling down the sun visor, opening the mirror and letting out a groan at your appearance. He was right, as always (though you’d never actually vocally admit that) — you looked like shit.

“I was just kidding, (Y/N). You look like my beautiful fiancée.”

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12 days of Christmas: Day 1 (Luke)

A Night to Remember

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12 Days of Christmas Masterlist

A/N: Hello and welcome to ‘12 Days of Christmas’. There’s going to be an imagine every other day until Christmas eve. We’re starting off with Luke because I’m in love with Luke. And no, this isn’t smut, although the title does sound like it could be. Anyway, enjoy…

I pulled up to the hotel with my kids in the backseat. They were oddly well behaved today, probably just the anticipation of seeing their dad again for the first time in a month. My daughter, Madison, fiddled with her pale blonde hair that I had styled into pigtails for her. My son, Xavier, was staring out of the window with his fingers in his mouth. I stared at the tall hotel, hearing the Christmas music blare from inside. My husband, Luke, was the CEO of his own business, and we were attending his Christmas party.

“C'mon, kids.” I cheered, getting out of the car. Maddie was four, so she was perfectly able to get out of the car. However, Xavier had just turned eighteen months old, so I had to carry him inside. The doorman recognized us immediately and cheerfully let us inside. As soon as the door opened, a cacophony of Christmas music was released into the outside world, and submerged us into the hotel lobby, that had been decorated with gold tinsel, silver snowflakes and a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the room.

“Daddy!” Maddie yelled, running over to Luke as soon as her eyes landed on him. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, her silky white dress trailing behind her.

“Princess!” Luke exclaimed, taking the tiny blonde girl in his arms and spinning her around. Maddie was the spitting image of Luke, with her bright blue eyes and cheekbones I envy. Luke’s eyes landed on me and I walked over to him, holding Xavier on my hip.

“Hello gorgeous.” He whispered to me, hugging my shoulders because he didn’t want to squish Xavier.

“Hiya, Xavier!” Luke cooed, bending down to kiss him on the forehead.

“You look gorgeous tonight, Princess.” Luke blushed, kissing me firmly.

“I missed you.” I mumbled into his shoulder. I was so desperately in love with Luke it was hard for me to be away from him for a few minutes, so a month alone was basically torture.

“Are you okay.” I asked, looking up at him and seeing his eyes tear up.

“I missed you too. So, so much, oh my God.” He replied. I pecked his lips and rested my head on his shoulders.

“We’re here now.” My heart pounded into his chest.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

Gotta Go My Own Way | Calum Hood

Gotta Go My Own Way (based off of HSM2)

Calum Imagine

(not my gif, found on google)

Calum slammed his bass on top of his bed, sitting down next to it and running his hands through his hair in frustration. Y/N and the other boys, Luke, Ashton and Michael, all joined it and sat in a circle, Y/N sitting next to Calum rubbing his back. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, his heart racing and tense muscles underneath her delicate touch. He and the band had been trying to get signed and noticed by companies and other bands for over 4 years now, and no one has made an effort to take them on and have faith in their ability to make it big. Calum had spent endless nights on the computer and phone, contacting every record label about an audition to be signed, and each time they turned him and his dreams down. He couldn’t take it anymore, he was ready to give up the dream of being a musician down with his best friends, at the age of 19.

“Calum, calm down, just because someone hasn’t discovered you yet, doesn’t mean no one will.” Y/N tried to comment to comfort him. Calum only huffed, as if she made some sort of joke.

“Are you kidding me? 4 years. 4 years the guys and I have been on countless auditions and using every minute on our phones to contact producers and record labels. I gave up a career in football for this. I was on my way to becoming a famous athlete, my future all laid in stone. But I gave it up for something I actually loved more than anything in this world. And I can’t even achieve it.”

“Calum calm down! You’re making it sound like you’re regretting ever starting this band!” Luke shouted as he stood up and pointed at Calum.

“Well maybe I do!” Calum stood up, chest to chest with Luke.

The room fell silent, with the exception of the slight ringing noise in the air. Y/N grabbed onto Calum’s hand and rubbed circles on his knuckles, with a look in her eyes that showed she was scared. Scared of him ever lashing out at her the way he was lashing out at Luke. She had never seen him this way, with smoke and flames practically coming out of his nose. She pleaded him to stop, while Luke sighed and marched over toward Calum’s large bedroom window to get his mind off all the stress being put on him and the band. Instead of Calum sitting back down and being rational, he stormed out the door and down the stairs into the summer air. Once he was outside, he rubbed his forehead, heat immediately radiating off of it. Then, as if on que, vibrations came from his jean pocket. He growled, not wanting to hear any voices since he was already getting a massive headache.

He ripped the phone from his pocket and angrily hit the green button to answer.

“Hello!” He yelled.

“Oh I’m sorry is this…Calum Hood?” An innocent voice fell from the lips of the girl on the other end. He instantly felt bad for shouting, and took a breath.

“Yes, sorry for shouting, but yeah this is him. Who is this?”

“Hi! I’m Nia from the band Hey Violet. We have a record label named What’s Up Records, and we’ve seen your band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s youtube videos and Hey Violet loves you guys! How would you like to meet with us about being our opening band on our upcoming tour?”

Calum nearly jumped out of his jeans, opening his mouth and gasping at the unbelievable opportunity being thrown at him at the time he needed it most. He felt the tears peaking in his waterline, and smiled so big that the crinkles in his eyes were showing, the sign of pure joy from Calum.

“Oh my god…Oh my…wow, yes yes yes we’d-we’d love to…oh my god, thank you. Thank you so so much!” She laughed on the other end.

“You’re very welcome. You guys are talented, and deserve it. Come by our studio tomorrow at 2 pm. The address is 3002 Suite Street. We’re looking forward to meeting with you guys.” And then he heard the phone noises signaling that she ended the call. Calum jumped up and down like a 5 year old girl after getting the doll she had been wanting all year, and ran inside the house trampling up the stairs.

“Guys! Guess what!”

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This is wrong? - C.H.

Summary:So **basically in this (possibly one shot) the reader [you] have really strong feelings for Calum, who is your brother Michael’s best friend. **

warnings : swearing, fluff.

word count : 1010

A/N : this prompt idea was taken from another account here on tumblr account so yeah. Please enjoy and don’t hate, this is my first fanfic on here. :)) part two - here

“Mikey! Where the bloody hell is the hot cocoa!” You screamed from the kitchen. It was cold, late at night and you brother Michael had some friends over so you decided to grab some snacks, make hot chocolate and binge watch The Arrow.

“It should be in the cupboard, use your eyes and you might find it!” He shouted back. You huffed and stood on your tip toes as you searched for the hot cocoa mix in the highest shelf. You jumped up several times to try to grab the box of powder. You saw a hand in front of the box, pulling it down and handing it to you.

“Here you go, love. Thought you would need a hand.” Calum, one of your brother’s friends said. You smiled, a blush creeping up along your cheeks. You’ve had a crush on Calum for a while now, ever since he and your brother started hanging out you had liked him.

“T-thanks.” He nodded, a smile on his lips as he walked away. You made you hot chocolate, gathered you snacks and sauntered down to my bedroom with everything.

“Where you going little sis? Aren’t ya goin’ to sit up here and watch a movie with us?” Michael said. You groaned and turned around.

“Do I have to?” You asked. He nodded and they all moved around so you had a seat on the couch. And that seat was right next to the one and only, Calum Hood. You sat down next to him, curling your legs underneath you and setting your snacks on the side table. They had the original Ghostbusters playing, but you weren’t paying attention since you had watched this movie hundreds of times before.

You ate some of your snacks, drank your hot cocoa and before you knew it, you were dozing off on the couch.

Your head rested on the top of the cushion, your eyes getting heavier every time you blinked. You tried your hardest but you couldn’t help but fall asleep, causing you head to fall onto Calum’s shoulder. Once you were out it was like the domino affect. Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum were out like a light. You hadn’t realized that Calum had pulled you closer, hist muscular arms wrapping tightly around your small frame. You snuggled him, nuzzling your head into his arm, his body heat warming you up perfectly.

You all slept through the night, and somehow Calum ended up spooning you on the small couch. Your back was pressed to his chest, his head on your shoulder. You loved it, and wanted to stay like this forever, until your brother Michael had to ruin it.

“Get off of my sister! What the hell? Why were you two cuddling?” He shouted, obviously not okay with what was happening. It took you a little while to wake up and get your eyes adjusted to the new lighting.

“What?” You say groggily. You turn you head to the side a bit and notice a peaceful Calum Hood. You yelp and jump from his grasp, causing him to jolt awake.

“What? What’d I miss?” He asked, shaking his head and looking around. You were already down the stairs, but you stopped half way to listen in on what your brother was going to say to Calum.

“You were cuddling my sister, you know she’s off limits.” He pauses. “To all of you.” You rolled your eyes at how protective he was over you. Sure you were 18, but he was still always going to dictate who you are in a relationship with. You sighed, walking down to your room and taking a shower so that you could spend the day playing volleyball in the backyard.

“Mine!” You scream as you and y/b/f/n play one on one volleyball in your very large backyard. You dug into the ground, hitting the ball over the net and earning a point as your friend seemed to miss the ball. You smiled to yourself, happy that you were improving on your skills. The boys were sitting outside sun bathing with some rock music playing in the background. The only one who wasn’t sun bathing was Calum, who was watching you and your friend play the game. You look over at your friend, signaling for a five minute break and then heading inside so you could get some water.

Calum followed, and you knew he would. You took a big drink from your bottle, letting out a breathe as you set your bottle down. Calum stood by the fridge, watching you closely as you tried to regain your breathe.

“You’re a pretty good volleyball player, ya know that?” He said, a smile trying to force it’s way onto his face, You nodded,

“Yes, I know that. Why do you think I’m number one in all of the High schools?” You smirked. Calum laughed and started walking towards you. 

“Sorry about my brother and what he said to you, he can be a big pain in the ass sometimes.” You both chuckle. 

“It’s alright, I get it. He’s just trying to look out for his little sister.” You nod and take another drink, the silence turning a sharp corner into awkwardness. You two stood there until you looked up and his lips were connected to yours in an instant. You didn’t even hesitate before kissing back. He pushed you up against the counter, your mouths melting together perfectly, as though they were made for one another.

After a minute or two he pulled away, realizing what he just did.

“I’m sorry, oh my god I’m s’ so sorry. You’re my best friend’s little sister, this can’t happen. This is wrong.” Your furrowed your eyebrows and tilted your head a bit.

“This is wrong?”

Part two? Message if you think there should be a pt. 2

12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 (Luke)


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12 Days of Christmas Masterlist

“Luke, Please.” I whined playfully, tugging his arm behind me as I ran towards the Ferris wheel. 

“No, I hate heights. And the fact that it doesn’t look the safest isn’t helping.” Luke explained.

“Please.” I begged.

“No.” He replied.

“But I wuv you.” I mumbled, pulling a baby voice and fumbling with the end of the sleeve of his coat. I looked up at him, making my eyes look wide and doughy, and saw his expression melt. 

“Oh, okay fine. But if we die, I told you so.” I squealed at his agreement, and ran up to the man at the entrance of the Ferris wheel, handing him our tickets. Luke caught up with me, following me onto one of the seats.

“This could end up being a really bad idea.” Luke warned as the Ferris Wheel spun around. I started rocking the seat gently, before violently shaking it, watching Luke grip onto the sides with fear.

“I’m sorry I had to.” I apologised, still kind of giggling. I looked out over the huge fairground. The lights that were scattered around sent a warm glow that lingered around the attractions, and contrasting against the night sky. A light dusting of snow lay on the top of lamp posts and stalls. 

“It’s so pretty! Isn’t it just the epitome of Christmas?” I asked, looking over at Luke, who had seemed to calm down a bit.

“Yeah, It’s so nice. It’s like we’re not in the real world anymore, isn’t it?” He whispered softly, I knew exactly what he meant.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“Y/N,” He started, “Will you marry me?” Luke pulled out a small, black, velvet box and held it up to me. He opened it to reveal the prettiest diamond ring I had ever seen.

“Of course, Oh my God!” I exclaimed, kissing him firmly. He slipped the ring on my fingers whilst our lips were still locked. I pulled away, looking into his eyes. Everything felt right. Everything was right.

#228: You Think He’s On Tour But He Surprises You


If it was possible, this day couldn’t get any worse. Trying to get over the fact that you had been yelled at, at work for almost a full on hour and later on spilled coffee over your white shirt, it wasn’t really how you had intended your day to be. Just when you had woken up alone this morning to the sight of horrible weather you just knew from that, that it wouldn’t be a day of yours. And now when you were finally home and had thrown your keys to the kitchen counter, hair sticky and all wet from the rain the only thing you could think about was to go upstairs and take a full on hour shower. You were so insanely tired and you just wanted the day to be over with because it wasn’t something that you wanted to remember. Opening the door to your bedroom you froze completely and felt how your breath hitched in your throat. You remembered having turned off the lights this morning but you couldn’t remember you had forgotten to blow out your candles. In fact, you hadn’t used your candles for days and it made a skeptically expression appear on your face but that changed completely when you opened the door fully to see Luke. He was standing at the dresser with a secret smile on his face and a small bouquet of roses. “I’ve had a really few crappy days.” He announced and gave you the flowers. “And I thought to myself, how am I gonna change this? By watching some movies or be by myself for a couple of days? No, I fix it by doing what I’ve wanted to do since the first day of this tour.” He grabbed your hands and linked it together with his, pressing a soft and lingering kiss to the palm of it. “I go home and visit my girlfriend even if it means it will only be for one night.” The smile on your face couldn’t compare to anything else, this was nothing that you had expected and when you thought about it, this was all you needed. “I can’t believe you’re here right now.” You almost whispered to not let the exhausted tears float out from your eyes, leaning up to wrap your arm around his neck and pull him down for a well-deserved and long lasting hug.


“I miss you.” The words seemed to be so common it almost sounded monotone, but it didn’t have less emotions as the others. The way he was looking at you spoiled everything, the way his eyes were tired and lingering with how much he just wanted to wrap you up in his arms. “I miss you too.” You softly said, leaning your cheek against the pillow and held your phone under your lamp to make sure he could see you fully. It was hard to see where he was because he wasn’t in his bunk, he was walking around, you assumed it was outside to lit a cigarette. He smiled back by your words and sighed carefully, but he also had an expression on his face that was hard to figure out. He was smiling, but in a different way than usual and it made you furrow your eyebrows confused. “Is something funny?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as offended but you preferred to have the conversation alone now that you were heading for bed. You did this every night, it had become a tradition of some sort. “No I was just wondering.” Lights suddenly came onto his screen when he walked through a door, confusion written on your face when he continued. “Do you recognize this living room?” He flipped the camera on his phone and made you sit up on the bed in a rush, eyes blinking twice by the sudden screen. He moved his hand up to make a small wave in front of the camera, definitely proving where he was and you ripped away the sheets to get inside. You didn’t get the chance to put on pants but it didn’t matter because all you needed right now was to prove yourself that what he was showing was in fact real. “Missed me?” He questioned when you came into sight, seeing him stand in his leather jacket and open arms. You almost couldn’t form words in happiness and felt how your heart was pounding so loudly, hurrying towards his form and let his cold fingers burry themselves into your hair. “You have no idea.” You shakily said and held onto him closer, letting your face burry into his chest and take in his smell that had seemed to be the only thing keeping you alive since he left months ago.


It was as if everything froze completely by the sudden puzzles of sounds coming from downstairs. You had literally just come out of the shower, steam still clouding out from the warm bathroom and your hair covered up in a white towel. At first you only thought it was yourself being paranoid being home alone and all that but when sounds of feet walking downstairs appeared once again your breath hitched in your throat. You still hadn’t gotten clothes on yet, another white wet towel wrapped around your nude body and you considered whether or not what do to. It must have been yourself imagining because you had made sure to lock the door, there was no possible way of someone breaking in. But when sounds came from downstairs once again you didn’t hesitate to grab your hairdryer laying on top of the dresser, plugging it out from the outlet and used that as your weapon. Truth was you had no idea what the hell you were doing because your fear was almost shown as sweat on your forehead and you could feel how your heart was beating loudly. It was the only thing that you knew would actually hurt in case you would have to hit someone in the head and you slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen. It was as if it wasn’t real to you, a black hooded person standing with a phone in his hand and hovering over the counter. You were shaking so much you were sure he would hear and lifted the hairdryer in the air ready to hammer it right in his face but that was when he turned around with a terrified expression. “No, Y/N hold on it’s me!” You almost dropped the hairdryer in your hands when Michael pulled the hoodie down to reveal his dirty blond locks, a smile coming to his face by your reaction. “Michael what the hell!” You heart was still pounding harshly as he wrapped his arms around your shaking form, a huge smile on his face. “I was supposed to surprise you but then you apparently planned on killing me with this, couldn’t you have found something better?” “Shut up.” You mumbled into his shirt, taking in all the emotions he was giving you at once. You had missed the warmth he was giving you, the comfort and most importantly filled out the huge miss.


“Hello?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as confused as it did, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes widening when there was no answer. Faintly you could hear the TV being turned on in the living room along with various voices coming from the kitchen, there was no doubt who was home but someone sure as hell was. Letting your jacket fall to the ground along with your shoes you felt how you were starting to grow nervous, you knew a few of your best friends had your key but it wasn’t that they had suddenly planned to visit you after work. You called out once again to make sure that it wasn’t actually home robbers giving you such surprise, and your eyes almost popped out of your head when seeing Ashton hum over the stove. He hadn’t taken notice of anything else but the radio playing out new Ed Sheeran tunes, his eyes glancing towards where you were standing coincidentally and his eyes widened in surprise. “You’re home?” You managed to ask, still too surprised to say anything and he looked a bit defeated towards the stove filled with food. “Your best friend said you wouldn’t be home until half an hour so I thought that I would do what I’m best at. Surprising you with a lovely dinner.” He smiled softly by his failure because just by seeing you couldn’t not make him stop smiling. “Aren’t you on tour?” You still questioned completely shocked, holding onto the doorframe to stabilize yourself. “I was, but we have a few days to rest before we go to Asia. The others wanted to spend the time in LA but I thought about it and really wanted to give my attention someone else.” He placed his hands in his pockets casually while speaking, feeling how he was blushing because of his small story. You shook your head almost in disbelief and felt how your heart was racing in a fast pace, hand coming up to touch your shocked mouth. He was literally standing there with his messy curls sticking to his forehead and his military sweat shirt that made him look like the cuddliest person ever. “You’re home!” This time it came out as a full on conformation to yourself, you couldn’t stop smiling and it took you seconds to be in his warm arms. “I’m home, baby.” He whispered into your hair, giving you a soft kiss.

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Just one more chapter.
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disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | FINAL

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Friday, January 21st
So, I’m free tomorrow… maybe around 2? Do you want to get lunch?

Uh, I’ll have to ask the guys about rehearsal, but it should be fine. They’ll understand, hah.

Okay. Let me know :)

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Last Christmas | Calum Hood

Last Christmas

Calum Hood Imagine

Can you please do one based on the song Last Christmas the Ariana Grande version. Where Luke/Calum (you choose) and y/n have been friends and one holiday break they do the deed but then Luke/Calum ends up going on tour and not telling y/n and just stop speaking to her. And now that it’s the holidays again he tries to win her back. Even though she doesn’t want to be fooled again? But gives in.?

(not my photo, found on google)

All the boys, Hey Violet and of course Y/N, the very good friend of Calum Hood, sat around the hotel room relishing in their last night before going on a 2 week holiday break. Their red cups were filled with eggnog mixed with some form of liquor that Michael had brought, and a messy child-like gingerbread house stood lopsided on their small table. Y/N sat across Calum’s legs and her arm around his shoulder to keep her steady, and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it. There was plenty of space in this room for her to sit and still be in close proximity with her friends, but Calum was the only place she wanted to be. His hand softly ran up and down her side for comfort and warmth, and each time he did that her stomach tingled and she almost felt like vomiting, but in a good way.

Around 2 AM, Calum yawned putting his drink down and tapped Y/N’s waist signaling for her to get up off from him. He stretched before grabbing her jacket, keys and phone.

“You guys leaving already?” Ashton looks up at us as if we’ve just committed a crime by leaving a damn gathering at 2 in the morning.

“Yeah, we’re tired.” He said nonchalantly. He grabbed Y/N’s arm before anyone could say anything else and lead her out of the room, a confused look plastered on everyone’s face.

“Cal, what was that?” She said taken back, still slightly tipsy. Once they made it to Calum’s room, he kicked the door open and set his things on the counter. Y/N shut the door and suddenly felt two warm hands lay upon her shoulders making her shiver. His voice just above her ear, but was heard enough to make her feel dizzy. Calum was just that enchanting.

“I just wanted some time with my favorite girl.” She laughed out at his comment, walking out of his grip and into the small kitchen he had. She found a bottle of wine in the fridge and popped it open, pouring the alcohol in seperate cups for themselves.

“You’re too much Hood.” She said handing him his own cup and walking over to the huge hotel bed, turning on the TV and cuddling up underneath the blankets. Calum followed her with a sigh, and laid across the bed sheets, not daring to get under.

“Aw, you mad I didn’t like your dumb-“ and before she could finish, with her eyes still open, Calum grabbed her cheeks and smashed his lips onto hers. She swore she felt his teeth cut her lip from such force, but none the less, the warm sensation Calum’s lips carried kept her wanting to feel it even more. She heard their cups fall onto the ground, staining the carpet and she gasped and pulled away.

“They’re going to kill us.” Y/N slightly giggled at their mess, with hair falling in front of her face.

“Maids will get it.” Calum leaned in once again but was stopped by Y/N’s hands over his mouth.

“Please, Y/N. It may not make sense right now what I’m doing and no it’s not because I’m drunk or just trying to have a quick fuck but I truly can’t get you out of my mind.” He paused and looked down at the wrinkled bed sheets. “And I know you want to do this too.”

She snaked her arms around his neck, one hand traveling to his curls and looked into his eyes, seeing that he was serious about the actions that were to take place soon. She smiled, playing with the ends of his hair and whispered, “I do.” Calum didn’t take another second before lundging at her, taking her body beneath his. His hands and fingers traveled down her body and his lips nipped at her sensitive skin, taking any chance he got to cherish her, before it was too late.

The next morning arrived and Y/N’s head was banging. The slight TV noise in the background woke her up, as she flipped from side to side trying to make sense of anything that happened last night. She could still hear the moans that bounced off the walls, she could feel and see the purple marks all down her chest, neck and even arms, she could still sense his skin upon hers which made her get goosebumps instantly. She sat up grabbing her bra and underwear on the floor next to her, and walked around the room, trying to find the boy who made her Christmas wish come true.

The kitchen, the bathroom, the small living room, the bedroom. Calum was nowhere to be found. Y/N finally gave up and decided to grab her phone, thinking Cal had just gone out for a bit in the morning. Her phone was flooded with texts from the Maori boy and she opened them curiously.

Calum: I’m sorry, I had to leave you this morning.

Calum: You deserve so much better than what I gave you. I don’t deserve the title as your best friend, let alone…boyfriend.

Calum: Don’t call me, text me, or look for me. Last night was the end of the beautiful connection we had. I can’t explain now, but don’t wait for me when I can.

Calum: Last night was amazing. It will be a day I never forget and will be a day I always cherish. But now, there is where I block you, and where things end.

Calum: I love you. Always.

Y/N just made a weird face at her phone, shaking her head. ‘He has to be joking, this isn’t real. Calum is my best friend and he would never just leave me without a trace or warning.’ But boy, was she wrong. Soon her phone was to her ear, ready to spoil Calum’s plan at scaring her, but her worst fears arose when his voicemail immediately popped up.

“Real fucking funny Calum.” She called once again, and then one more time…and one more time after that. And after 5 calls in a row, tears were brimming in her eyes, realizing he might have truly left her. But she was still holding out for the possibility that this was a joke gone too far.

She decided to call Luke, knowing that he was most likely with Calum. He picked up after 2 rings, and her shoulders dropped. The background with filled with many talking voices, and loud noises of engines were heard in the distance.


“Y/N I can’t talk right now…”

“Don’t you dare leave me in the dust too. Don’t you dare.” She was almost full on sobbing at this point, her voice shaking and breaking.

“Look, your suitcase is packed in the corner of the bedroom.” She quickly looked to the corner with her fingernails in her mouth nervously, and realized he was right. “And there’s a ticket in there to anywhere you plan on going after this. We’re so sorry Y/N, but we have to go now.” And without letting her have another word, the line went dead. Her throat felt as if it was closing, her eyes were stinging with tears as she looked toward her packed suitcase. She fell to her knees as tears fell down her face, but no whines or cries came out of her mouth. It was more of that silent cry, where you know you can’t stop it, and knew that if any small noise escaped your mouth, you wouldn’t stop for days. She wasn’t going to let Calum do that to her. Y/N grabbed some random clothes, a jacket, her sunglasses, and marched out of hotel room with a final slam to the door. Thank goodness she knew where they were off to next.

The boys were on their way back home to LA for the winter break they received from tour. And Y/N being the best friend of Calum knew exactly where he lived, which is also where Ashton lived. Her plane came down from the air and she practically sprinted to baggage claim and hailed a cab with a simple whistle into the street. Calum had no idea she was coming, and she wasn’t going to leave him without putting up a fight for feelings that she clearly knew was there.

“Calum open up the damn door!” She banged her fist on the apartment door multiple times knowing he was hearing her. This was te third time she’s shouted at him since arriving.

“Calum I know you’re in there please…” she pleaded, her voice becoming lowering and cracking at the reality she was too stubborn to face. Calum had used her for sex, and left her.

“I know you’re done with, I know you want to never speak with me again, I mean…it’s apparent in your texts.” She sniffled. “But I just need closure, and then I’ll be on my way out of your life like you want.” Her palm was placed on the door, and she sunk deeper into the door, her back falling again against it for guidance. “You’re my best friend. I won’t just let you go without a fight because…because you mean so much to me Calum. Last night…it was expected, but it was the greatest moment of my life and you know why? Because last night was the moment I realized I fell in love with my best friend, the one person I could picture my entire life with and never want anyone else with me.” Tears were falling down her face at this point, but she was too busy professing her love to Calum to even care that her 25$ mascara was running. “If you give me a chance and open the door, I will prove to you why you don’t need to go, but why you need to stay. Stay with me…”

In the next few seconds she felt the door leave her back and open slowly. Y/N stood up quickly wiping her fallen tears and looking into the eyes of the boy that was listening to her entire rambling speech. He huffed before pulling her inside, and wrapping his muscular full arms around her shoulders. Y/N burried herself into his neck, remembering the scent he filled her with last night. Calum’s hand came behind her head and combed through her hair, calming down her fast rapid heartbeat.

“Oh angel, I so didn’t want to leave you yesterday.” She pulled back at his comment, with a slightly confused look on her face.

“Then why did you.” At this point it wasn’t even a question, but a demand.

“Y/N you wouldn’t understand right now.”

“Why? Because I’m not famous? Because I’m not a part of your celebrity world? Calum I came before that! I came before all the cameras, TV interviews and sold out arena tours! I was there when you were scared to sing on Youtube, remember it was me who pushed you to even post those. I may not be famous or wildly popular within the media, but I know you better than any of those other people could.” She got closer to his face to cause more intimidation, even though he wasn’t looking at her, but at the ground. “If you think for one second I won’t understand you, you’re wrong. I would learn a thousand languages to understand you. And that’s something you’d do for someone you love.”

His eyes were glossy, afraid of even a single drop of water to escape from them. Calum held his own and breathed deeply, leading Y/N to his couch. He placed a comforting hand into hers and rubbed her knuckles, a gesture he knew calmed her down all too well.

“It’s Nia.”

A blank expression, and a silent room.

“See, I knew you wouldn’t get it. That’s why I couldn’t explain and why I had to leave-“

“What about her Calum. What does she have to do with us.”

“Management and her came up with a plan for us to get together, to sell more of her bands music and to get more publicity for me since, out of the 4 boys, I’m the one who likes to stay out of the headlines.” Y/N let him continue, scooting closer to him.

“I left because last night, after you had fallen asleep, I got a text from our team telling me of this plan. I had to fight to LA to be seen with her today, in fact…” he looked at the clock behind him, “I have to be down at the grove in 10 minutes so the paparazzi can photograph us at lunch.” Calum grabbed her cheek and looked into the soft colored eyes he knew he couldn’t resist. He had so much he had to say to her, but those eyes, those damn beautiful eyes, always had him tongue tied.

“It had nothing to do with you, okay? It’s not her, it’s not anyone else, it’s always been you.”

“Then why can’t you stand up for yourself and for us? Why are you being so submissive to them?”

“Y/N they control me, if I don’t do this the boys and I could very well be out of a job. You know how much I love this band, the fans, the music. I’d risk everything for it, and I’m sorry but that includes you too. No matter how much I’m in love with you…”

She wasn’t going to let Calum make her cry again. She had been crying over him for almost two full days now, and she wasn’t going to let him win against her.

“Fine, then that’s all I needed to hear.” Y/N sprung up from her seat on the couch and paraded to the door, just before Calum stopped her and brought her close to him.

“Please don’t walk away though, I still need to know you’ll be in my life someway.” Suddenly, they felt a vibration and ringing noise come from his pocket. He sighed frustratedly and pulled it out looking at the caller ID. Y/N saw her name instantly, and chuckled in disgust.


Hey where are you? I’m here already!” Her perky voice shouted through the phone and almost made Y/N gag.

“Sorry can’t come. I’m with my girlfriend right now.”

Wait what? What do you mean girlfri-“ and he declined the call looking into her eyes once more.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because last christmas I wished for you to be my girlfriend. This year, I’m going to make it a reality, right now.”

So I made it a bit different, and wrote as close as I feel like Calum would handle the situation, even though it is just a story. Hopefully y’all like it! Request more holiday themed stories I love writing them :)