Frat!Luke (Final Chapter)

This has been a long journey and I don’t want to detain you from reading the ending, but I do need to thank you. Thanks to you I’ve survived longer than I ever intended. Your messages got me through loads of difficult days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You guys are the best and I love you. Hope you like this, do let me know!:) xx-Z.


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A/N: This chapter contains a slighty abusive/violent content so if you feel triggered with stuff like that, better don’t read it!! It’s not smut tho. Hope you like it!! And thanks for your votes and comments on Wattpad, they motivate me to keep on writing :-)


“Is that the final song?” I whined, drawing yet another sketch into my notebook. I was bored as hell, the show took forever and I was hungry, again, and I felt like exploding if I would have to sit in this dressing room for one more minute.

“Yes it is, Y/N. I don’t understand why you didn’t want to sit at the side of the stage! I thought you liked the music?” Carl said while typing something on his phone, as always.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even listen to so many songs yet. I just want to get out of here and do something” I decided to stop drawing and packed the little black book into my bag. “Are there many people coming to the after show party?”

“The crew, the boys, some VIP guests… You’ll have fun. Are you ready? I guess we’ll leave in 30 minutes, they just have to shower and then we can head to the club.”

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HIII so this is me , my name is Qrissy, pronounced Chrissy..i’m 16, and im a Cashton Clemmings girl.. thats Calum , Ashton , Clifford and Hemmings.. but i’m mostly most definitely a Calum girl ..Im french-portuguese , whaaaat yeah not that cool ..i’ve been brought up around bands because my dad was a band junkie..i mean my first album i got was Slipknot and he made me blast it on full volume…i was about as tiny as they come, and i stand strong at 5ft tall ..I’ve lived in 4 different countries so far and i continue to move like a nomad..I wanna get to know all of you so message me and stuff and ask me for a follow of you want ❤❤

I don’t know about you but this is the love of my life…

the tattoo artist - a punk luke imagine

Luke was taking care of the tattoo shop since everyone else was on break; he had to stay since his appointment was due any second. He looked at himself in the mirror, his body covered with art, some from himself, and others from his coworkers. It was one of the perks of working in a tattoo parlor; he had the resources to give himself a tattoo whenever he wanted. His body was a canvas that he wanted covered in tattoos.

He was looking at his new tattoo, a new addition to his sleeve, it hurt a bit, but by now he was used to the pain, he didn’t mind it. he walked over to the back of the tattoo parlor, waiting for his appointment to come in, he didn’t know who it was, but one of his friends told him that they found him a client, and that they would come over today. He walked over to his sketchbook, letting the ink meet the paper, his vision becoming a reality as the sound of heavy guitar and drums filled the cigarette scented room.

You were walking down the street, being bit cautious, since you weren’t completely sure of where to go, as you thought over if you should get a tattoo or not. Your friend Michael had told you about a local tattoo parlor, as well as an amazing tattoo artist, who worked there. The best he knew, and so you were heading there right now, since he had gotten you an appointment. You gripped the hem the fabric of your dress, easing yourself a bit more.

Michael had said that he would have gone with you, but he had something planned that he couldn’t get out of. He asked that he could reschedule your appointment so he could go with you, but he wasn’t sure when the next available appointment would be. You told him that it would be fine, that you could go there by yourself, Michael, asked you over and over if you were sure, and each time you said you were, despite being  a nervous wreck on the inside.

You were a very shy girl, something that you felt that you weren’t ever getting over despite your friends trying to break you out of your shell. If you had asked your friends to describe you in three words their answers would be ‘shy, sweet, and innocent’, and they couldn’t be any truer. There was just something about you that gave off an angelic innocent look that no one could deny. Anytime anyone that was male would talk to you, your face would instantly redden and flush, making you instantly find Michael to calm you down.  You would just be a nervous wreck wherever you went, making people think you were more innocent than they originally thought. But besides that, you were the sweetest girl in the world.

You finally made it to the tattoo parlor, standing before the large neon sign letting you now that they were open. You took in a large sigh, calming yourself down making sure that this is what you really wanted to do. You nodded and entered, hearing the door ding, letting whoever was inside know that you were here.

The place was dimly lit, the red and black walls giving the place a punk rook look to it and making it seem darker but you were still able to see everything clearly. Various frames were hanged on the walls, some catching your attention. You could tell that some was made by some of the tattoo artists, showing from the art that they were capable of, which you couldn’t help but be in awe, at something you couldn’t ever imagine drawing.  

“H-Hello?” You said unsure as you walked up to the glass counter that showcased the different rings and piercings and even tattoo paint and needles. On the counter top were four large binders with names, most likely the portfolios of the workers here.

By now your nervous level was off the charts, part of you wanted to just turn around, and call Michael telling him that you weren’t going through with this, but at the same time you wanted this, you didn’t want to leave, who knew when you would gather the courage to do this again, you probably never will again. So let out a sigh, and calmed yourself down, you were going to go through with this.

There was a folder with the name Luke written across the top that sparked your interest, you felt like you heard that name before but you weren’t completely sure, and then you remembered that was the name of the person Michael gave you an appointment with. You opened the folder, just to get a taste of this artist, even though you knew exactly what you wanted inked across your skin.

His art was nothing like the ones on the walls; his art was simple but had an elegant look to them. His drawings and modeled pieces varied from flowers and other plants, to animals like koi fishes and birds, as well as other amazing pieces. But despite being so simple, there was immense detail in each of the pieces; it seemed so real that if it wasn’t for the fact that it was tattooed on skin or drawn on the paper, you would think they were pictures of real life things. Your fingers touched the laminated bird tattoo, you could almost see the individual feathers on the tattoo that almost looked real that you could touch them, the shading was amazing, nothing about it was imperfect, you couldn’t imagine someone paying this much attention to detail but every piece he did proved you wrong .You stared at the minuscule details of the feathers on the bird for a while.

“See something you like?” A deep voice asked directly in front of you. 

The voice made you jump out of your skin and shut the binder close. Your head shot up to see the owner of said voice.

In front of you was a tall blonde haired guy with beautiful blue eyes, his ears pierced along the rim as well as small gauges, and a lip ring. His tattoos instantly captured your attention; his shirt had cut off sleeves displaying his tattoo sleeves across his hands, as well as some peeking up from the collar of his shirt. He was a walking canvas, displaying beautiful pieces of art on his skin. Your eyes drifted to one tattoo in particular on his forearm, it was so strikingly beautiful and detailed, that you knew immediately that it was made by Luke. You looked back at his face, and noticed that he was staring at you with a questioning look as he leaned on the glass counter, obviously not sure why someone like you would be here.  A fierce blush rose to your cheeks, and you wished that Michael was here to calm you down.

He just gave you an almost teasing smile and stood to his full height, since apparently he was leaning against the counter, “is there something that I can help you with? Are you here to get a piercing?” He asked with curiosity dripping from his words.

You blushed again and shook your head, “I am here to get a tattoo actually” you said, embarrassed at your stuttering.

Luke’s eyes widened, you didn’t seem like the person to get tattoo, he really had thought you were here to get a piercing, since your innocent look didn’t seem like one to get one. “a tattoo, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need an appointment first, if you want we can schedule one and you could skim the rest of the binders to see who you want your artist to be”, he said as he reached for the schedule to book you an appointment.

“I actually already have an appointment”, you whispered.

Once again Luke was lost for words, you had an appointment, he was sure that he had never seen you in the shop, he would for sure remember you, yet he didn’t know who you were.

“Oh…ok, well I will check you in, would you mind telling me who your tattoo artist is?” he asked so he could sign you in.

“I think his name is Luke”, you said hoping that you got the right name.

By now, he thought that he was getting punk’d, he was your tattoo artist, he was sure he never booked an appointment with you, and yet you were telling him that he was the one who was going to tattoo you. Maybe it was an appointment by phone, but he was sure that the person that did an over the phone booking wasn’t coming by until later, at least that’s what he was told.  

“Ok…so what’s your name and I guess I’m your tattoo artist, name’s Luke”, he said as he stuck his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m (Y/N)”, you said surprised that the guy in front of you was Luke.

At the sound of your name, he gave you a peculiar look, as if he were to be studying you, “You’re (Y/N)?” He asked once again, still seeming skeptical for some reason.

You just nodded in response, fiddling with your clothes like you had done something wrong, which made him somewhat blush at your adorableness.

Luke nodded his head towards you, “Well, Michael called the other day saying that he had a friend coming in by the name of (Y/N) and to treat her nicely, but not to seem rude or anything,” this made you a little nervous as you watched him intently for him to continue, “I was expecting this rock hard girl like Michael to show up, not this… cute little thing like yourself.” He said with a small smirk on his face.

This small compliment made your face burn up, that you just wanted to cover your cheeks hoping he wouldn’t notice, but you tried to keep yourself as calm as possible. “O-Oh, uh, thank you?” You said unsure.

“So since you were looking through my book, I assume you like my work?” He asked, “if not I can get someone else to do your tattoo, it’s really no worry”, he said wanting to make sure you were comfortable like he promised Michael he would do.

You smiled, “no I actually like your work, plus Michael recommended you”, you finished.

The taller male gestured for you to come around the counter, “Then let’s get started, shall we?”

You nodded, feeling a bit comfortable around Luke, something that you were glad that you were. You thought that the moment that you saw him he would scare you, looking a bit intimidating with his various tattoos and piercings, but you could tell that he was just as kind as anyone else; he was just covered in ink.

He led you to the back of the parlor, leading you into a red room, with various pictures as well as a nice stack of vinyl albums and record player in the corner. Next to that was his a cabinet filled with paints, and work desk filled with his personal stuff. And in the center of the room was his tattoo machine along with a plush chair and stool.

He sat you down on a plush chair and sat himself down on a stool beside you, “So what tattoo do you have in mind?” He asked, flashing you another one of his charming smiles.

His smile made you flush slightly, “R-Right!” you stuttered out, pulling a piece of paper from your bag that you immediately showed him. Luke started unfolding it as you explained your choice, “It’s a  cherry blossom tree”, you said looking over to him, “I would like it across my whole back, so I was wondering if you can make this image larger to cover most of my back…if it’s not too much trouble”

A small smile formed on Luke’s lips as he nodded, “I think this would look beautiful on you.” He said as he stared at the simple drawing, a blush flashing over his own cheeks realizing he wasn’t supposed to say that out loud.

Thankfully, you didn’t even notice the blush since you were leaning towards him, also admiring the picture, “Thank you.” you added.

Luke stood up as you sat back in your chair, “Alright, I’ll go transfer this to some thermal-fax paper, and um,” He paused and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, “You need to at least remove the top of your dress so I can access where you want it”, He asked awkwardly, “as well as unstrap your bra strap, I have a towel you can use if you want to cover yourself from the front” he said walking over to the cabinets to hand you a towel

You just flushed scarlet and nodded before he left. Of course you knew that you would have to undo your dress, but you just didn’t expect someone so attractive to be the one applying the stencil AND be the one to turn your skin into a beautiful canvas.

You struggled a bit to lower the zipper of your dress, part of you wanted to ask Luke if he could help you,  but the thought of Luke unzipping your dress, made your face burn with embarrassment. You finally undid the zipper and your bra. The dress slid off your shoulders, as you quickly reached for the towel to cover up your chest and waited for him to come back.

Luke walked in with your tattoo on the large thermal-fax of your cherry tree that would transfer the outline onto you, as well as wearing latex gloves.

A bright blush surfaced to the skin of his cheeks, because you just sat there half-naked, eyes full of curiosity like the innocent doe you were. It wasn’t that he hasn’t seen girls half naked in this line of business; it just was different for you. There was something about seeing your innocent face and wide eyes that made him clench his jaw and try not to blush.

Once he got himself to stop gawking at you, he sat back down on his stool and scooted towards you, “So, you where exactly do you want this?” He questioned, looking at you and then down at your bare back, “I think this would look amazing if it was more on your side, with the main braches extending to the middle of your upper back”

“Yeah,” You pointed to your right side, “I want it like that actually.” You added quietly, still rather uncomfortable being exposed to him like this.

He nodded, “that’s good.” He said confidently, smiling at you, “now, let get this on your skin”

Luke leaned the back of the chair all the way down and had you lay back on it. He started preparing your skin to apply the paper wax onto your skin, and finally applied it on your skin, making sure that nothing was out of place. After he placed it on your skin, he pressed lightly before; he started to carefully remove the paper, leaving the purple outline of your cherry blossom tree.

“Do you want to see it before I start”, he said as he started reaching for his tattoo machine.

You nodded as you tightened your hold on the towel covering your chest as well as the rest of your dress, and walked over to the large mirror to look at the tattoo. It was beautiful, you could already imagine it. Luke even managed to add a few of his own touches, making some of the branches extend to your shoulder and rib cage, the tattoo was marvelous.

“It’s beautiful, I like what you added”, you smiled.

“I’m glad you like it, now is there a particular way you want it colored, like do you want it bright and vivid, light, pastels, or just black and white?” Luke questioned as he was walking over to his paints ready for you to answer.

You smiled, thinking if you want it bold and bright, or settle, “I want it a settle colors, nothing too vivid”

“Shall do.” Luke answered as he reached for the paints necessary and making sure that you could see the colors, becoming serious as he was getting to work.

He filled the machine with the brown paint, while simultaneously asking you of you could lay more on your left side so he could reach around the whole tree.

Luke positioned his hand and gun at the base of the tree, at your hips, “I’m not going to say it won’t hurt, because it does. And since this is obviously your first, just tell me if it’s too much and then we could take a break till you feel better” He said, his words laced with sympathy, not liking the idea that he was going to hurt you, “It helps some people if they just talk, to distract them a bit from the pain.” You gave him a nervous nod and he started up the machine. “Oh, umm… how about I play some music for you, I have ton of records if not we could search something up on my phone and connect it, that way to ease you more?”

“Umm… do you have anything by (favorite band/artist)?” you asked.

A smile grew on Luke’s face as he set down the tattoo gun and walked over to his stack of albums, “yep”, he said as he pulled out a vinyl and played it on the record player, the room becoming filled with music that was in fact was helping you relax.

He told you that if you wanted him to change a vinyl or anything, that you let him know, as well as if you need to stop, he will. You nodded. Luke asked you if you were ready, and you nodded again, hearing the buzzing of the machine as it came to life.

It was a needle pressed to your skin, adding ink to skin, and it hurt. You hissed in pain as he started, you gripped the arm of the chair, biting down on your lip to keep you from making a sound. The room was filled with the sound of the buzzing tattoo machine and the music he was playing. You started get somewhat used to the pain, but it still did hurt.

“Who else works here?” You asked after about five or ten minutes of him outlining the tree, wanting to distract yourself.

Luke smiled at the question, glad that you were taking his advice, “Well, there’s me obviously, I’m the best.” He boasted, making you giggle slightly, “But there is Calum, who’s my best friend, and our bosses, it’s just us four.” His eyes concentrated on his work.

“How do you know Michael?” You asked, being truly curious on the subject.

Luke laughed a little, “I was waiting for that question, I’m surprised it took you this long to ask, I actually wanted to know how you knew him”, he said as he put a bit more ink into the machine, “ we went to school together, but I won’t go into detail of my school life, I was a geek back then, and Michael even hated me back then”, he finished, “and then one day, he walked into here to get a tattoo, I didn’t want to do it, but there was no one else, and well we sort of just got along surprisingly, but you don’t know how tempted I was to tattoo a penis on his arm for everything that he did in high school. But yea, since then Michael comes here to get new tattoo, I’ve actually done all his tattoos” he said his eyes never leaving the tattoo, not wanting to mess up at all.

You laughed a little, making sure not to shake too much that it would mess him up, “That’s neat, and I’m surprised he didn’t mention someone like you.”

“Someone like me?” He asked, clearly amused with how you phrased that, “what you trying to say?”

“I-I mean,” You started blushing, the color made its way to your ears, amusing him further, “I w-would remember s-some like you. Michael’s my best friend, we grew up together, but I don’t think he’s ever mentioned you, so I was surprised, I figured he would tell me”, you finished.

“Let’s flip this conversation in a different direct, may I ask the lovely (Y/N) something?” Luke said with a large grin.

You giggled once again, Luke already in love with the little noise, “Of course you may.”

“Alrighty then, what is a sweet girl like you doing in a tattoo parlor in the first place?” he asked, wiping away some of the excess ink from your side, before he went in to outlining more of the tree.

You smiled at the question, you waiting on that to be asked, “I was waiting for that question, I’m surprised it took you this long to ask”, you said trying to impersonate him, which made him laugh; he was really starting to like your company.

“I wondered that from the moment I saw you, I actually thought that you were lost at first”, he said as he stopped to wipe more excess ink.

“I mainly wanted something to change my innocent façade, and just something so people could see that I can make my own decisions, a new chapter in my life, a new me” you finished.

He was clearly stunned by your answer. Most girls like you that come in to get ink it’s usually a flower, birds, or something along those lines, at least the girls that he worked with. But he could tell that the sakura tree meant something to you, and he knew it, if you wanted to just change your image, why does getting a tattoo have to do with it, you can change without having a tattoo.

“If you to start a change, why a tattoo?” he asked curiously.

“I’ve always wanted one, and because… because I just knew that this was how I wanted to express myself.” You responded, smiling sweetly at nothing, “It’s a cherry blossom tree, in japan these trees and there flowers represents how beautiful and fragile life is. The flowers blossom quickly and have a short season compared to other flowers. They are beautiful when in bloom reminding you that life can be just as beautiful and bright like the cherry blossom, a sense of hope for me. But it also reminds me that you need to make the most out of your life, because just like the blossom, it doesn’t last as long as we think it does, its short life is a visual reminder for me that I need to make everything count. Plus trees in general can mean rebirth, since they come to life in the spring after looking dead in the winter, so I guess this is like a rebirth for me, a new me, to me it’s much more than a pretty tree” you finished.

Luke was stunned to silence, just the buzz of his machine and the music in the background. That was really deep meaning behind a simple tattoo, and he was glad that you had shared that with him, it actually motivated him to make this the best tattoo he had done because by the way you passionately talked about it and compared yourself to this tree, he needed to make you make proud.

Through the rest of the tattoo session, the two of you just talked like that, learning things about each other, him telling you the stories behind some of his tattoos, some of which he had never told anyone else. He just felt so open with you, not feeling the fatigue at all from working on your tattoo, he distracted you from the pain, and you distracted him from feeling tired. At some point he did have to take a small break, since he had to eat and you did too, so he had called a local pizzeria to deliver two pizzas one with your favorite toppings, and one with his, sharing more laughs as you both ate in that red room.

And after hours of talking and laughing and eating pizza, the tattoo was finally finished.

“Alright (Y/N), I really hope you like it.” He said as he led you to the mirror on the wall your back faced the entire time you were getting the ink.

You smiled at him and held your dress and towel as Luke led you to the mirror.

He held a mirror in front of you so you could see the reflection from the other mirror. You gasped as you saw the ink on your skin. It was perfect. In every single element of the tattoo, it was perfect. The lines were all straight and precise, the shading was phenomenal, and the overall art of the piece was amazing. The tree bark was detailed, and the small flowers looked beautiful, simple but still beautiful. It was far better than you expected.

“Luke…” You breathed out your fingers hovering over the branch on your shoulder, “It’s perfect.” You said beaming at him.

He blushed and scratched the back of his head, “Well thanks, I’m glad it’s everything you wanted.”

Just then, another boy peeked in, “Wow Luke, that has to be one of your bests!” he complimented.

The guy had black hair, something about his face giving him a childlike appearance, and quite tall as well. His ears were pierced as his arms were decorated with various tattoos, but nothing compared to Luke. But despite his punk exteriors, he still reminded you of a puppy or little kid, which was probably due to his smile.

You blushed brightly and tightened your hold over your clothes and towels, suddenly feeling a bit shy and nervous with the lack of covered skin.

Luke immediately noticed your discomfort, as he used his body to cover you up a bit which you mentally thanked him for, “Oh this is Calum, Calum this is (Y/N)”, and he said introducing you both to each other.

You gave an awkward smile in return, “U-Uh, hey Calum” You said quietly, feeling a bit better since from everything that Luke had told you about his best friend, you knew that he was just as sweet as a puppy, and a great guy.

He gave you a cheeky grin, “Nice to meet you (Y/N)! But I just wanted to say that I’m leaving, so see you tomorrow Luke?” he said as he waved by to him, and you.

Luke just nodded and waved bye to him as the raven-hair boy left, but not before shouting at him to remind him that he still had his CD and he wanted it back. You laughed a bit, to anyone who saw them on the street they looked like a couple of guys that could easily cause trouble, the ones that you ten d to be careful around, but you could clearly tell that they were honestly some of the nicest people in general, nothing about them threatening at all. You started to feel for the zipper as well as start to adjust the straps on your bra to put it back on.

“Wait wait!” Luke said grabbing your arms instantly putting them down once he realized that maybe you wouldn’t be ok with it, “do you mind if I take a picture of it to put it in my binder?” He asked a bit nervously.

You nodded slowly; Luke smiled as he went over to his table to get his digital camera. Luke positioned you over a blank wall and turned so your back was facing you. He had you hold your hair up with one hand so he could take a clear picture of the whole thing. He then sat you down and took a photo of the area that went over your shoulder, and took a few more shots that he would later choose from

After you took the picture, Luke kindly wrapped up your tattoo for you and kindly zipped up your dressed when you asked him to, which by the shaking of his fingers, you could tell that he was just as nervous of the proximity as you were. He told you the prince, which you thought was a bit cheap for the work that he had done, but he said he lowered the prince for you, since you were not only a friend of Michael’s but also because you were his friend. Your face heated up at his comment, smiling largely as he admitted that you two were friend after only meeting today. You thanked him by giving him a hug, which he returned as he carefully placed his hands around you, making sure to not touch the tattooed skin.

You were on your way out of the tattoo parlor, after saying by to him, when you heard him shout out your name. You turned around and there Luke was with a blush on his face as he looked anywhere besides your eyes. Luke awkwardly handed you a piece of paper with his personal number on it, asking you to call him sometime. You nodded, your voice completely gone, as you took the paper from him making sure to put it somewhere you wouldn’t lose it. he smiled glad that you hadn’t rejected his number, he was about to walk back into the shop before you reached for his hand to stop him, as you leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek. You let your lips linger a bit before you quickly pulled back and told him that you would call him later tonight. Leaving Luke stunned as his fingers touched the area where you kissed him, his face becoming red like a cherry blossom.

Once you got home, you immediately texted him when he was able to talk. You expected him to text you, but instead your phone started ringing, which you quickly answered. You two just talked the rest of the night, both of you with flushed faces, and before you two ended your call, he said if you would like to go to lunch tomorrow.

Which you eagerly accepted.

——–Three weeks later————

“What’s that?” Ashton asked as Michael was scrolling through his Instagram feed, and stopped on a picture that you had just uploaded.

It had been about three weeks since you got the tattoo and you started hanging around Luke. And although you two had recently met, something about you two just clicked that he officially asked you out a week later. You accepted, and suddenly Luke brought you into a kiss, eagerly kissing you as you felt him smile into the kiss. He admitted that he wanted to do that the moment you had kissed his cheek after he gave you his number, but he was too shocked to move and kiss you. You kissed him again, telling him that you were sorry but now he could kiss you whenever he wanted, which he did, and you did too.

Michael showed Ashton the picture that you had uploaded. It was a photo in the shop as Luke kissed your cheek as you displayed your new piercing, which he did for you too. You don’t know how, but somehow you convinced yourself to get this done, Luke constantly asking if you were sure about it. But there was no going back, and before you knew it you had a new piercing.

The picture itself was cute, you both beaming with joy despite your personalities clashing, you still looking somewhat innocent, which Luke looking like a punk and tatted up, but you both complemented once another. Your sweetness and his edginess, the perfect ying and yang, perfect opposites.

Ashton looked at the photo questioning, “Since when did Luke and (Y/N) start dating?”

Michael let out a smirk as he liked the photo, happy that his two friends were dating each other, and ignoring Ashton’s question.

The male sighed, sitting back into the couch he was currently sitting on, “You set them up didn’t you?” ash ton mused at his friend.

“Yes.” He said as he continued scrolling through his feed, “but it was a good thing, they both needed to someone like each other”

He said as Ashton started up his Xbox and played a random game.

Michael was right, you needed someone like Luke, someone who could easily bring you out of your shell, someone who could ease you into doing something outgoing. Someone who could just make you laughs by the simplest of things, and had the courage to protect you if you were ever in trouble, someone who was basically Luke Hemmings. And Luke needed someone like you, someone who would show him the kindness he was denied because of how he looked. He needed someone who could see past the tattoos, piercings, and somewhat cold demeanor. Luke needed someone to soften his rough edges, basically someone like you.

You just both needed each other.


For those wondering what the tattoo looked like, (at least for me) it’s a combination of these two tattoos:

Back tattoo  || shoulder tattoo

I told you that I would do a punk Luke, although I think this wasn’t that punk, mainly him being a tattoo artist, so I’m sorry if I disappointed. I just needed to write more for Luke since he is the least I write for, (since I mainly do Ashton, I literally wrote Ashton’s name by accident twice times as I wrote this)




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Lego House (Deep/Rain Edit)
  • Lego House (Deep/Rain Edit)
  • Luke Hemmings

“Have you ever looked at somebody and realized that they are everything you have ever wanted. That’s how I feel about you. You and you only, Ella. Being away from you was torture for the both us, wasn’t it… I mean it almost killed you.” I paused to shake my head, that wasn’t something I wanted to remember. “That… That’s not supposed to happen when you’re just friends. I’ve never felt the need to take care of another person like I do for you. I can’t even tolerate the thought of you being upset or hurt. I never want anything like that to happen again, seriously, you almost had me in a crazy house myself. I’ll make you so happy, I swear! I know it’s not gonna be easy, but we can do it… Together the way we should of been in the first place. A challenge everyday isn’t something I’m gonna back away from because in the end it’s gonna be me and you. Okay? Me and you always, El. I don’t care if you don’t think you’re pretty enough, or smart enough… Because I do. I’ve realized that I need you more than anything. I will take care of you and you’ll take care of me, just like we always have back home. You can rely on me, darling. I promise. Did you hear me? It’s all for you, my love is for you. If anything goes wrong we can start again, and again, and again. I don’t care how many times it takes I will do it until the day I die. Just believe me when I say I promise you know matter what, I love you and that is never gonna change…

this is the opening paragraph of 'the confidence project', i still 
don't have a title lol, but i really wanted you guys to read it.
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Hanging On Luke Imagine

Anonymous asked: I’m in love with your writing! Can you do a one where you get pregnant and Luke cheats on you. So you break up, and some years later you meet up and Luke meets his child for the first time. Please thanks :)

You walked out the Doctors with a smile on your face and the results in your hands. Before you told Luke, you wanted to be absolutely certain that you were pregnant.

“Luke!” You shout running into the house.

“Fuck,” You hear someone whisper as you climb the stairs quickly; as you walk into the bedroom your hands fly to your mouth.

“Sorry!” You shout running out of the room and trying to get rid of the image of Luke and the other girl. Why you apologised, you didn’t know but you did.

“Y/N!” Luke shouts running after you.

“I er, I want a divorce.”

“No please baby.”

“I’ll get the papers,” You say grabbing your bag and running out quickly.

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Friends with Benefits (Luke)

Warning: Is there smut? Yes, most definitely. Also, prepare yourself for some cuteness and giggles.



It all started because I did Luke a favor. Granted, it was a fairly large favor. Taking someone’s virginity isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, but I had no plans of it resulting in us being friends with benefits.  Here I am though, making a booty call at one in the morning to my once best friend turned fuck buddy.

I lay sprawled out on my couch, my foot jiggling back and forth, as I wait for Luke to answer the phone. “Come on.” I groan, listening to the ring of the phone for the sixth time. Just as the call is about to cut to voicemail, a groggy voice answers.

“Hello?” Luke’s voice is muffled and slurred. His face is likely pressed into his pillow.

“Hi.” I chirp. Not leaving time for formalities, I cut to the chase. “I’m horny.”

I hear the bed creak and the covers shift on the other end of the line. “What?” Luke’s voice is clearer now, but still rough with sleep.

“You heard me. Luke I haven’t seen you in a week because you’ve been so busy with recording.” I whine. “I miss you. Both in a ‘I need my pancake buddy’ way and a ‘I really miss having sex with you’ way.  Come over?” I sound pitiful, but if that’s what it takes to make him get out of bed and come downstairs, then so be it.

He groans, and I hear him shuffle around. “Give me like five minutes. I have to find condoms.” I can hear him rummaging around. “Where was the last place we had sex?”

I pause to think for a moment. “Um the couch I think?”

“Aha! Found them.” He sounds victorious. “They were on the end table.”

“Okay. So see you in a few?” at this point I’m literally bouncing in my seat.

“Yeah, see you.” He hangs up.

Not five minutes later and he’s walking through my door. I suppose it helps that he only lives three floors above me though.

 A bright but sleepy smile lights up his face. His hair is disheveled and mashed flat in some spots. He almost looks too endearing to have sex with. Almost. “Y/N!” he whisper yells, flopping down on top of me. He talks into my stomach. “You’re extremely comfortable.” His eyes close. “I missed you by the way.” I feel him yawn against me.

“Hey.” I flick him on the ear. “Now is not the time for sleeping. Now is the time for sexing Y/N up.” I roll him off of me. He hits the floor with a thud.

“Ow.” He groans. “You’re so demanding. You’re lucky I love you.” Immediately realizing what he said, his eyes grow large. “I mean in a friendship way, because you know we’ve know each other for years so of course I love you, but it’s totally platonic and…” he trails off. “You fucking know what I mean.”

I awkwardly nod. “Yeah I-I know what you mean.” I stay seated for a moment before taking action, trying to move past the awkward silence. Crawling off the couch, I straddle Luke. “Hi.” I grin from my perch above him.

“Hey.” He reciprocates with a drowsy smile. He stretches, and I take the opportunity to remove his shirt. With his arms still stretched out he says, “So we’re doing it on the floor huh? That’s new.”

“It was the most convenient place at the moment so…” I shrug.

“I like it. I don’t have to walk anywhere.” He plays with the hem of my shirt. I raise my arms so he can remove it. “So you’re going to be on top tonight?” He struggles to unclasp my bra. His eyes are heavy and his speech is slow. Finally he just gives up and pulls it over my head.

I fiddle with the elastic of his sweats. “If you don’t mind?” I lift myself off of his hips to remove them, taking his boxers as well.

He yawns once again. “Course not. I’ll have a great view.” He attempts to wink, but stops half way through, shutting his eyes.

I laugh softly. “Yeah, if you can keep your eyes open.”

He peeks at me, just enough so that I can see the pale blue of his iris. “Oh I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open.” He smirks and ruts against me.

I roll my eyes before standing to shimmy out of my sleep shorts (a.k.a. Luke’s taco boxers that I stole and never gave back.)

He whistles. “I like you in my clothes. You’re welcome to steal some more.”

I snort and shake my head. “I’ll keep that in mind.” I straddle him once again. “Where are the condoms?”

He leans up slightly and feels around for his sweatpants. Finding them, he retrieves a condom from one of the pockets. With a proud smile he offers it to me. “Would you like to do the honors?”

I place a hand on my bare chest and pretend to wipe a tear away. “Really? All my life I’ve dreamed of rolling a condom down your dick. I’m so happy to have gained this opportunity.” I snatch the foil package from his hand.

He narrows his eyes and sticks his tongue out at me.

I laugh and roll the rubber down his length. Positioning myself over him, I place one hand on his abdomen for balance and the other on his member to guide it. With a sharp intake of breath, I take him all in.

He gives an experimental thrust up. I rock my hips to meet him. He groans and sits up so that my chest is pressed to his. “We should do this more often.” He nips at my jaw. He braces his hands behind him for leverage.

I hum in response and grind my hips in a tight circle. Twining my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, I place light pecks all around his face.

He giggles. “What are you doing?” his languid thrusts continue. We have a steady rhythm going. Like a boat rocking on the ocean.

“Kissing you, you oaf.” I place a sloppy kiss right on his mouth, the kind you give when you’re little, all puckered lips and spit.

“Ew!” he laughs, tossing his head back. “I’ve gotten Y/N cooties!”

I snicker along with him. “It’s a little too late for that. Your penis is kind of inside of me. You’ve been cootied.”

He grins deviously. “That’s right. My penis is inside of you.” He thrusts up sharply, tilting his hips at an angle.

I moan before narrowing my eyes down at him. I quirk my lips up in an evil grin, reaching down to cup his balls while simultaneously slamming down.

He drags his bottom lip between his teeth. His thrusts start to quicken. I rock down hard to meet them.

“You close?” he huffs out, his eyes lidded.

I hum a yes. “You?”

He nods vigorously. His thrusts are growing sloppier by the second.

I reach a hand down to rub my clit.

He moans. “That is so hot.” With that, he cums.

I follow close behind, panting. He slides out of me and I collapse onto his chest. He rakes his fingers through my sweaty hair. It’s not long before we’re both asleep.

“Naked pancakes!” is the first thing I hear upon awakening. I sit up and peer around the couch only to see a grinning, naked Luke, holding a plate of pancakes. He waves, spatula in hand.

I giggle and slip Luke’s shirt over my head before making my way into the kitchen.

“That’s cheating.” He whines. “You have a shirt on.” He places a plate in front of me.

I dig into my pancakes, stuffing my mouth. “I was cold.” I talk around my food.

He mumbles. “You’re still cheating.”

We chew in silence for a moment before Luke lifts his glass of orange juice. “Cheers.” He pauses. “To pancake buddies.”

I clink my glass against his. “And to fuck buddies.”

He clinks our glasses again. “That probably should be in a relationship but aren’t because they’re dumb.”

I smile, taking a sip of juice. “I don’t care what we are right now as long as I have dibs on marrying you.” I stuff another bite of pancake in my mouth.

He chokes on his drink. Spluttering, he says, “You want to marry me?”

I shrug. “It’d be nice. I love you. We get along. You make ace pancakes. Oh, and you’re great at sex.” I give him an exaggerated wink.

He nods and chews thoughtfully. He lifts his glass in the air once again. “Well then, cheers, to us. Whatever the fuck we are.”

I smile fondly at him. “Cheers. To us.”



Lets just take a moment and appreciate stagesos BECAUSE DAMN

Late Nights, Early Mornings Luke Blurb

Synopsis: You’re woken up by screaming and sshing 

For 5sauciness, adropofhemmings and luke-hemmings-is-a–penguin

Between the baby thinking 3am was 11am and Calum and Luke not knowing when to shut up, you were angry. 

And awake at an abnormal hour, for you anyway.

“Goal!” Calum shouts,

“Ssh,” Luke hisses. You roll your eyes at the two idiots downstairs before taking a good 5 minutes to get out of the bed because of the size of your bump (due in a month). The stairs were another struggle, you were trying to keep quiet so you could scare the shit out of both of them but your elephant feet were having none of it.

“Baby? Did we wake you?” Luke asks when you waddle into the room, you narrow your eyes at him as you rest your hands on the bump protectively.

“Did we wake you,” You mimic, “Of course you woke me!”

“Sorry,” Calum laughs pausing the game to look at you.

“Me too, that hormone outburst was uncalled for,” You say waddling over and sitting in between the two of them, grabbing Luke’s controller.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Baby’s awake, I’m awake,” You answer un-pausing the game and continuing to play with Calum. You feel Luke’s stare on you as you aim to score a goal.

“I love you,” He says before you shoot.

“Hmm, love you too,” You say leaning over to kiss him, your eyes never leaving the screen as the ball hits the net and you cheer loudly.

“GOAL!” You shout excitedly.

“I hate you,” Calum laughs shaking his head as Luke smiles happily and wraps an arm around you, resting his hand beside the bump and rubbing it.

“Good goal,” He whispers kissing the side of your head.


Skater!Luke in a baggy tie dye tee and shorts with a backwards hat, coasting up a half pipe and doing a kick flip in mid air and landing solid as he rides to the other side. You stand on the sidelines and watch him in awe as your date tries to stand on his board a couple meters away but keeps falling on his ass. As Luke rides slowly across he lifts his shirt up and airs his sweaty and slick body off in the bright sunlight,which leads down to the peek of hair above his waistband. You end up making eye contact with him and involuntarily raking your eyes down his moist neck and collar bones and broad shoulders that are being draped by the thin fabric, and begin to feel flustered. Luke reveals his dimple and nips at his lip ring while he smirks at you. He folds his sleeves up to reveal his upper arms and turns to focus on speeding up to the ramp. He flies up into the air and spins 360 to flip a Caballerial, then nearly crushes your date put lands right past his curled up body and coasts toward you with the corner of his mouth curled up and a cocky expression. You’re at a loss for words as he hops off his board just inches from you and softly presses his lean body against yours and looks down from his towering height, sweat dripping down his temples, heart beating against you. You look up slowly, he leans in so damn close and whispers. “I promise you I’d fuck you harder than that guy could ever dream of.” And tugs your belt loop so your hips press on his before Luke begins backing away, dropping his board to the ground and pushing himself across the wood. You look at him with your heart racing and he glances back at you one more time with his lips parted and his hand taking off his hat and running through his wet hair.

The Tattoo

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Words: 5000+

Request: No

“Are you sure you’re supposed to be wearing leather shorts after getting a tramp stamp?” My best friend asked quizzically, her perfectly plucked eyebrows raising in suspicion. She was sprawled across my bed, casually flipping through the new edition of Cosmo as I dug through my drawers for a possible blouse to match with the shorts in question.

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