luke hemmings fake tweets

signs as 5sos quotes
  • Aries: "let's play titanic, you be the iceberg and i'll go down" -michael
  • Taurus: "what fruit has amnesia? Pineapple bc it's not pine at all" -calum
  • Gemini: "real bands save fans, real fans save bands" -michael
  • Cancer: "NO I'M NOT FUCKIN OKAY" -ashton
  • Leo: "some people are sass monsters on twitter, like honey you need to chill" -ashton
  • Virgo: "i'm not here to touch your penis, i'm here to touch your heart" -calum
  • Scorpio: "5sos are trash !"- luke
  • Sagittarius: "one day i'll be cool :( haha" -luke
  • Capricorn: "here's a cup of calm the fuck down" -michael
  • Aquarius: "why are you up in my grill i don't barbecue bitches" -calum
  • Pisces: "find something that makes you happy and don't let anyone take it away from you :-)" -luke

- another member tweets a cute moment of the two of you

#2 - What They Tweet When They Miss You






Fake Tweet #5: You Tease Luke About His Height 

Luke is my giant. And he’s so tall with them broad af shoulders and I would love to just hug him for days feeling so protected because I’m so tiny and ahhh okay </3

signs as ashton irwin quotes
  • Aries: "people that fart in elevators are the worst people"
  • Taurus: "apparently i had a boner in the acceptance video..."
  • Gemini: "tadpoles are baby turtles"
  • Cancer: "my balls are so sore"
  • Leo: "Calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. He got down on one knee. It was really romantic"
  • Virgo: "Wearing green underwear today, I feel like a frog"
  • Scorpio: some people are sass monsters on twitter, like honey you need to chill"
  • Sagittarius: "Do I look like I know how to twerk? I'm a small blonde boy"
  • Capricorn: "pelicans are scary mother f-erz
  • Aquarius: "P O O P I N G"
  • Pisces: "If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there. Ride it out. Come out on top"

For dorks-and-sexgods! x

he tweets about your daughter - 5SOS Fake Tweets

I know it’s strange to some people to imagine 5sos as daddies but honestly I think it’s super cute (: Enjoy xx

Daddy Michael -

Daddy Luke -

Daddy Calum -

Daddy Ashton -


AU MEME: After years of being together, you and Ashton decide to go your separate ways.  He confronts the situation during an interview and sets the record straight while remembering the good times you two shared.

This is my first time ever making one of these so I hope it’s okay. It made me really sad to make this but yeah I’d click on the gifs to expand them if I were you.

requests are open for au memes, tweets, texts, imagines and anything else here!


AU: the boys tweet about you

I enjoyed making the last ones so I decided to make a kinda part 2 if you wanna request one of these you can :)

Boyfriend!Luke Would Include:
  • lots of times when he’s holding you around your waist while you’re walking and he snuggles his nose in the crook of your neck
    • sometimes mumbling cute words
    • or whines
  • whining that you’re not cuddling him
  • probably lots of lazy days too
  • always tricking him and playing around
    • like swimming and playing Marco Polo and you get out of the pool and it takes him longer than it should to notice
  • i feel like he would do a lot of online shopping with you
    • and always get super fucking excited when the package arrives
  • lots of chilling in nothing but your underwear
  • i think he’d probably try to hide a lot of his emotions when leaving for tour so he would become very quiet but once he left with the boys is when he would let it all out
  • lots of phone calls
    • “i’m so tired of these idiots. i need you, baby”
  • binge watching netflix and certain shows on TV
    • which means scheduled nights together with popcorn and tea to watch your shows
  • coming home from tour to a surprise sleeping in your bed bc he couldb;t stay awake long enough
    • “oh, baby, you’re here! well.. surprise. i’ll tell you everything tomorrow - come cuddle me now.” very sleepily
  • lazy cuddles
  • sweet, slow sex
  • occasional rough sub!luke sex
  • lazy sex on the couch in his shirts
  • sex, sex, sex
  • “i love your body so much, baby”
  • summer evening walks hand-in-hand around the beaches/streets
  • giving you his jacket when you get chilly despite him telling you that you should have brought one
  • joking nicknames and insults
    • “ohmygod you dork, you can’t put that in the microwave”
    • “don’t call me a dork you dweeb”
  • lots of eye rolls at him
  • LOTS of corny jokes!!!!
  • the boys teasing you but thinking y’all are really OTP
  • lots of vacations with him and the boys
    • vacations alone too!!!!!
  • probably touring with him too for bits
  • head nuzzles, “you’re my favorite person”
  • sex, sEX, SEX
  • stupid texts with emojis
  • sending him lots of pictures of your new panties and bras
  • cooking dinner together every sunday
    • sometimes inviting the boys or maybe his family too
  • whenever you’re out together, constantly stopping into furniture stores
  • cute spontaneous gifts to each other just bc you saw something in a store that reminded each other
  • dancing around the house and singing into hair brushes
  • “netflix and chill?”
  • “hey pretty lady, can i take you out on a date?”
    • “luke, we’ve been dating for a year already”
  • “stop doing your work and come give me attention”


you and your instrument - 5SOS Tweets

the signs as Michael Clifford quotes
  • Aries: "#fuckevenmorebitchesgetevenmoremoney"
  • Taurus: "what are ya gonna do? spank me?"
  • Gemini: "let's play titanic, you be the iceberg and i'll go down"
  • Cancer: "real bands save fans, real fans save bands"
  • Leo: "i'm pringle. That's kinda like single but hungry."
  • Virgo: "wearing pink underwear. today is going to be fabulous"
  • Libra: "i remember when i saw my first pair of boobs"
  • Scorpio: "here's a cup of calm the fuck down"
  • Sagittarius: "When Ashton first joined the band I convinced Calum and Luke that his middle name is chlamydia"
  • Aquarius: "i'm a pretty big pizza enthusiast. i could talk about pizza all day long."
  • Pisces: "i look like a pretty girl. SELFIES"
College!Luke Would Include...

I wrote these with this cutie @nightchannelsmikey, and you should totally go check her out! 

  • Studying together at 3am and eating oreos all night
  • Stealing his school sweaters
  • Him showing up at your dorm door with breakfast and coffees but you still sleeping so he comes in and sits there waiting until you get up
    • When you do, though, you freak out because why is he there??? and spill coffee everywhere
  • Him walking you to every one of your classes even if it makes him late
  • Him waiting for you at an open table for lunch when it’s raining
    • If it wasn’t raining, he would take you off campus and treat you
  • Wanting to always party with you and you guys usually go, but those days you’re just not feeling it he would blow it and spend with you with Netflix and snacks and cuddles
  • Him working on the campus coffee shop with a little green apron and smiles and being so nice and taking and making orders :’)
    • When you come in for coffee, he acts like you’re a smokin’ person he just met and writes his number on the receipt and a “call me;)” 
    • “Luke, we’re already dating”
  • He would learn how to make the cool coffee art things and waits to see your expression and getting all smiley and proud when you say you love it
  • He would probably try to have sex one night when you say your roommate is out but then complain bc the beds are too small 
  • Always studying together on the quad omg and when u get stressed he takes you somewhere off campus to cool down :((((
    • Or taking his clothes
  • Walking around campus when you have no classes, hand in hand, and just talking about random things
  • He could bring his guitar and sing to you :((
    • He could even teach you!!
  • Helping him decorate his room and him helping you decorate yours
    • Both putting up pictures of y’all and little stuff  like stuffed animals and knick knacks from each other gtg die now
  • Him giving you textbooks from classes he has done or vice versa
  • Dragging you to all the school games or events!!
  • You guys making playlists for each other to listen to while on the way to moving in / going home
  • Omg you being a tour guide and he would purposely run around campus just to get in your way and interrupt the tour!!!!
  • Him complaining when you have to read a long book for a class and you bribing him with sex or food so he would just shut up and read at least half 
    • Refusing to do any of the work that night so one gives in with sex or food 
  • Keeping you really close at parties bc he doesn’t want anyone else getting to close to you
  • Missing morning classes bc Luke slept over and he kept mumbling 5 more minutes
    • Somehow managing to fit together on those small ass beds (not exactly the most comfortable)
  • Graduating together :’))))