luke hemmings blurb


cheers to 5 years 🍻 @5sos

friendly reminder: 5sos may not know who every single one of you are, but one does not need to know every star to appreciate the sky

  • me: i have very high standards
  • michael clifford: *is soft*
  • me: oh no he meets all my standards

I sold my S O U L to a three-piece
And he told me I was H O L Y
He’s got me D O W N on both knees

@ ppl who don’t like wrapped around your finger: who hurt u





P.S photo not mine lol credits to the owner

why does michael swear in wrapped around your finger live???? why does he yell out “still wrapped around your motherfucking finger”??? who hurt him to the point where he needs to scream that???? i need answers

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: gets burned

5sos: plays in Wembly arena
5sos: plays slsp
Michael: falls off the stage


who wants to play a game of spot the whitewashing? hint: his nose and skin is a very obvious one.

5sos: *mention a new song*

my pathetic, sensitive ass, after months without new music:


I was as P U R E as a river
But now I think I’m P O S S E S S E D 
You put a F E V E R  inside me
And I’ve been C O L D since you left


okay no offense but 5sos should make a music video for social casualty about a girl from a broken and abusive home running away not to a boy but to college in order to pursue to her dreams. like picture this, luke starts the opening verse and she’s walking around her small and boring town and watching her parents argue as the days go by, then michael comes in with the chorus as she starts packing her bags, then calum with the second verse and as he sings “just a girl turned eighteen, she ran away to chase her dreams” she’s getting off a bus and then you see her view of the university campus and she starts unpacking her bags in her dorm room. and as the song continues on it switches from the boys playing on a stage to moments of the girl’s experience in college like the football games with her friends, late nights studying in her room, finals, partying, and then back to the boys until the very end of the song where you see her walking across the graduation stage shaking hands with the school officials with her diploma in the other hand and she’s smiling brighter than she ever has in her entire life because she ran away and accomplished her dreams.. idk i think it would be a badass video because she’d be breaking the cliche norm of running away to be with a guy and instead be running away to get an education and make a future different from her past. @5sos-official hire me to be your next music video director. i gotchu fam