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what is art? this is art

Luke Hemmings... Am I Right?

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i want him to stroke me like that

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dork… but our dork

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serving looks since 1995


Febuary 19, 2017: Today 1 year ago a tour began that changed my life. My first concert, also of my favorite band. topped the Billboard tour charts, skinny dipping into rivers, to meeting doge. thank you for the memories we miss you xx @5sos

when it turns out ur right but n o b o d y listened to you so u about to hit them with the line “I told you so.”


i been’ drinkin, i been drinkin’



don’t you go (l.h.)

warning: mild violence and smut

word count: 7k+

songfic based on all time low’s “don’t you go”

I didn’t really know why I felt the need to get so dressed up for this party, it wasn’t like I was even going to be there longer than what would please my friends. They had begged me to come for days on end, claiming it was going to be the best party of the year. Considering it was a New Year’s party on a Friday night, I had a feeling it would pretty packed. I for one would rather be at home with my boring boyfriend, in my boring apartment, watching the boring broadcasting of Times Square as the ball dropped tonight. Apparently my friends had other plans, not allowing me to do so another year in a row.

My shaky hands were doing a surprisingly good job at applying the thin eyeliner, bringing out my eyes just enough for my liking. My outfit was a bit more dressy than I would normally choose. My top was black, the solid material cut off just above my chest and transforming into an elegant lace that traveled up to my neck, sleeveless. The skirt which it was tucked into was a light mint green that reached just above my knees, and black strappy heels. My hair was in light waves, coming down center back. I felt like I was wasting such a nice outfit on such an insignificant night.

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he invented being adorable


Request : Spending time with Ashton on a rainy day☔️

Okay I literally just need a cute boy with big hands to grab my waist then I’ll be happy


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