friends / luke hemmings


pairing | luke and y/n

rating | PG

requested | nopes

synopsis | luke & y/n have drifted apart greatly, and maybe this will fix it

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humans!! i’m back because i finally finished most of my requirements (but i still have a shit ton to do tbh *cries*) and i finally got some motivation to write after a million years. also i feel like i’ve been writing about luke way toO much but hey you know what, he’s my fav so like. plus i closed my ask for a while aka i never replied and im sorry for that HAAAAAA but i’m back on again soooo yeaaaaaask box // masterlist

“Hey, wanna go to the boardwalk tonight? Venice Beach.”

It’s weird hearing that kind of offer from Luke; Y/N was used to watching him exit the door with another girl’s fingers intertwined in his. But she looks up from the book she’s been reading, nevertheless, and gives him a tight-lipped, small grin, despite the fireflies igniting flames in her stomach. “Sure,” she responds quietly, tugging her cropped shirt down as she stands up. It’s around four-thirty in the afternoon, and the sun is just dipping into the beach she can see from Luke’s hotel room.

“Aren’t you going to swim? The water should be pretty warm,” he asks gently, as if he’s talking to porcelain. She nods slightly, and goes to her room, practically slamming the door behind her. Leaning against it, she slides down toward the floor and lands with a silent thump as she contemplates the situation. Should she stay or should she go? Shaking her head, and without a second thought, she grabs her swimwear and tugs it on along with her shorts.

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Bestfriend to Boyfriend

prompts taken from this post


You’d lost track of how many times a day someone joked about it.

Ashton and Y/N; the Old Married Couple. The pair that knew everything about each other, the two that bickered about the little things. You always tied his tie for him when he had to wear one and he always carried your bags when you were shopping. Ashton held your hand when he dragged you through arenas and you played with his hair when he couldn’t sleep. The only other person apart from himself who could make his coffee perfectly was you, so he claimed, and he was the only one who knew that when you couldn’t sleep a sure fire way to make you tired was to go for a drive. You were best friends, always had been.

But that was all you were.

And despite the jokes your other friends made, despite the protests from both of your families, Ashton was just your friend. He was your best friend in the entire world, but he was just your friend.

Nothing more.

“Honey, I’m home.” Ashton grins, dropping onto your couch beside you. You rolled your eyes, aiming a playful kick at his shin before shifting so your legs were draped across his lap. “Play nice.”

“That was nice.” You smirk, taking the drink he handed you. “Besides darling, this is my home, not yours.”

“What’s mine is yours, isn’t that the official marriage motto?”

“You do know we aren’t actually married, right?”

“Damn, then I need to cancel those anniversary plans.”

When he said things like that, a voice in the back of your head questioned it.

But you dismissed that voice, pushed back into the box where it came from. You’d seen the movies, you’d read the books. Nothing ever good came from thinking thoughts like that about your best friend.

So you didn’t.

And honestly, you were more than content with being nothing more than Ashton’s best friend. You never wanted to risk losing him, never wanted to be without your partner in crime. A friend was someone whom you had mutual affection with, and there was no one who you had a stronger mutual affection than you and Ashton. And soon enough, the voice in the back of your head remained firmly in its box, never daring to make an appearance.

It never dawned on you that Ashton had that voice in the back of his head too.

You were laying in Ashton’s bunk with him, a common occurrence when neither of you could sleep whilst you visited him on tour. He was only in his sweats and you in your underwear and one of the World Tour shirts, giggling under your breath at each other as he played with your fingers.

“I hope you know I’m taking full credit for these fairy lights.” You grin at him, his own smile growing as his eyes flicker to the string around the top of his bunk. “Totally my influence.”

“Yeah, you’re lucky they’re not actually yours.” He chuckles, thumb brushing your hand. “Thought about stealing some off you but then decided I’m above petty theft.”

“Oh good. I am glad.” You laugh, nudging him playfully. “How much stick did they give you?”

“None, actually. Well, a couple of married couple jokes but they don’t count anymore since they’re basically true.”

“Again Ash, we aren’t married. We aren’t even dating.” You roll your eyes, still grinning. “Can you imagine? It’d be a disaster.”

“Right. Yeah.” He nods, eyes falling on where your hand is in his, the smile on his face being replaced with a frown. “A disaster.”

You’re silent then, watching him as he watches your hands. You can practically see the cogs in his brain turning, his eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated on toying with your fingers.

“Ash…you’re my best friend.”

“And what if you’re more than that to me?” He meets your eyes then, hands stilling their movements. “What if I want the married couple jokes to come true one day? Would that be so bad?”

You smile at him, lacing your fingers with his and tilting your head up to press a kiss to his lips. It only lasts a moment, your lips soft against his chapped ones, but he knows what it means. You both do.

“I can think of worse things.”


He wasn’t one hundred percent sure how the two of you had gotten into this mess.

All he remembered was the nagging every time he went back to visit his parents, the snide remarks from his cousins and the comments from his grandparents. Girlfriend this and relationship that. Michael swore he couldn’t remember the last time he had a conversation with a family member that didn’t somehow end up on the topic of his love life. Apparently, it was unacceptable for him to be single at age twenty.

So when the invitation to the barbeque came, he knew he couldn’t go alone.

Which was what lead him to sitting on your sofa awkwardly, trying to build up the courage to go with him. Except instead of going as just his best friend, Michael needed you to go as his girlfriend. You nearly spat your drink out.

“Just pretend of course.” He’d been quick to reassure you as you composed yourself. “I just can’t go to another event alone and endure the hours of significant other questions. Please Y/N? For me?”

Michael ignored the way his heart did a little flutter when you agreed.

Because he was not asking you to portray his girlfriend as that was what he really wanted. You were his best friend, just his best friend. Michael definitely did not get butterflies when you smiled and he did not have the exact shade of your eyes memorised. The love he had for you was definitely not more than he should have, and the fact that he was single definitely had nothing to do with the fact the only person he wanted to actually be with was you. Definitely not.

You were his best friend, he wasn’t allowed to think like that.

And seeing you laugh off his family’s comments about how they knew you were more than just friends when the two of you arrived, that definitely did not affect him. Michael was definitely not having an internal battle about whether you had better acting skills than he gave you credit for or whether you wanted this to be true as much as he did. He was not enjoying having your arm around his waist and he didn’t like holding your hand, not one bit. In fact, Michael was hating every single second of this entire stupid charade.

At least, that’s what he was trying to tell himself.

“How are you going to break it to your family that we aren’t actually a couple?” You laughed as he drove you home, twisting in your seat to grin at him. “Or am I going to have to leave the country?”

“Are you kidding? They like you more than me.” He smirks, ignoring the way your giggle made him want to smile more. “Besides, I leave the country for eleven months of the year, so you can stay put.”

“Oh, so I don’t get an invite on your tours anymore? Gee, you pretend to be a guy’s girlfriend once and he demotes you from best friend and cuts you off completely. I see how it is, no need for little old Y/N anymore now that the family are appeased.”

“God are you finished?” He laughs, leaning across the car to tap your knee lightly. His train of thought derails when you grab his hand, but he quickly recovers it before you notice. “I’ll just tell them distance sucks or something.”

You hum in response, playing with his fingers. Michael does not have to concentrate harder on the road when you do this, he is perfectly clear minded and unaffected by the gesture.

“Why did you pick me?”

Michael swallows hard at the question, not daring to glance at you as he pulls into your street before he answers.

“You know me the best. Easy acting.”

“But a random girl could have carried it on longer. Now you have to create a whole new break up story.”

“I don’t know, you were the first person I thought of.”

“So it isn’t because you actually want to be my boyfriend then?” The questions makes him nearly crash the car into the one in front of him. He parks slowly before turning to look at you in horror. “Cal told me.”


“Good thing I feel the same.” You grin, leaning across the car to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “You coming in or what?”


It kept hitting him in flashbacks.

One minute, the two of you were laughing at Ashton tripping as he left the stage after sound check, and the next Luke can’t get the feeling of your lips on his out of his head. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he wasn’t supposed to feel like this. You’d been best friends for six years for crying out loud, he couldn’t go ruining that now.

Of course, this would all be much easier if you just remembered that you’d kissed.

But no, you were blissfully unaware of the event that had caused a shift in your relationship. So it was Luke and Luke alone who was left without the knowledge of how to act around you best friend after you’d accidentally shared a drunken kiss.

The nights were the worst.

That was when he couldn’t escape the image of you giggling at him as he walked you back to your hotel room.

“You’re my best friend Lu.” You giggled, tripping a little as you left the elevator, causing him to laugh. “You know that?”

“Well duh, you’re mine too.” He smiled, holding your waist as you straightened up. “You good Pretty Girl?”

“Yeah, walk me to my room?”

His mind swum with the picture of you leaning against your door with a stupid smile on your face before you grabbed his shirt and pulled his lips to yours, the two of you grinning against each other.

“Night Luke.” You giggled against his lips, before brushing a final kiss to them. “Love ya.”

“Love you too.” He grinned as you pulled back, hands dropping your waist as you opened your door. “Night Y/N.”

It was when he could feel the traces of your lips still on his for a moment, his thumb swiping along them as he thought about the moment over and over again. Luke was spending the last few moments of his consciousness every night thinking about kissing you.

But he couldn’t tell you about that.

So instead, Luke kept fumbling his words and getting distracted by your lips whenever you spoke to him, brushing it off when you questioned him. He wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last, but he knew one thing for certain; you weren’t just his best friend anymore.

Because he wanted to kiss you again.

Luke wanted to be your boyfriend, not your best friend. He wanted to be able to kiss you whenever he wanted and to be able to hold your hand and sleep next to you and all the things he wasn’t supposed to want when you were his best friend. But it was too late for that because you kissed him and it made him realise things he didn’t know he wanted and now he was stuck in this damn limbo because he remembered and you didn’t.

Which is why when you brought it up, he almost dropped his guitar.

“I…you…we…uh…” He stuttered, looking at you in shock across the dressing room. Everybody else had gone for lunch and he’d been messing around on his acoustic as you finished your emails, but none of that mattered now. “Say that again.”

“Are you acting weird because I kissed you?” You repeated your question so calmly that Luke thought he must be dreaming. Because there was no way you remembered and were unaffected whilst he was freaking out. “Lu? Is it because-“

“I thought you didn’t remember.”

“Well you never asked.”

“But you didn’t say anything.”

“Neither did you.”

“Right. Yeah. I didn’t.” He mutters to himself, eyeing you carefully. “So just to clarify, you-“

“Remember that when you dropped me off at my room the other night piss drunk I kissed you and you kissed me back? Yeah.”

“Right. Good.”





“Yeah Luke?”

“Wanna do it again?”

You grin, crossing the room as he puts the guitar down. His hands are on your waist and yours are in his hair and he can’t get the grin off his face until the moment your lips are on his again and everything feels right in the world. When you pull back, the smile returns to both your lips.


“Yeah Luke?”

“Wanna be my best friend and my girlfriend?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Luke doesn’t think he’s ever smiled so much.


Calum was the most important person in your life.

He was your best friend, and you loved him unconditionally. Calum had been there for you at your lowest moments and you’d held his hand when he had reached his. You’d cheered him on as he hit his highs and he always clapped the loudest when you hit yours. The two of you were so intertwined with each other’s lives that sometimes, it was hard to see where Calum’s memories ended and yours began, you knew the stories so well.

You suppose you were bound to fall for him.

And it happened to effortlessly you didn’t realise what was happening until your cousin was describing how he felt about his new wife in his wedding speech and you realised he was describing how you felt about Calum. And there was no denying it, once you realised you didn’t even try and kid yourself. As long as you kept those feelings hidden from Calum, there was no harm in being in love with your best friend.

Well, it hurt sometimes, but you could live with that.

So you went about your life as if the epiphany had never hit you. Calum was still your best friend and you wanted him in your life, and if squashing your feelings was the way to have him, then that was what you would do. You still held his hand when he wanted you too and played with his hair when he was tired. He still gave you piggy back rides for fun and carried your suitcases when they were a little bit too heavy. And whilst those gestures meant more to you than him, you didn’t mind in the slightest.

You should have known it was bound to come out eventually.

You were lying together in the back of the tour bus, the two of you laughing at each other’s lame jokes as you played a round of questions. Despite the fact you’d been friends for years, Calum still insisted on the game when you were together, to make sure you always knew all the details of each other’s lives, despite him being half way across the world from you most of the time. However whilst the questions started as a way of catching up, they always ended up completely off topic.

“Would you genuinely marry one of the boys if you had to?” You grin at him, Calum scoffing as the arm around your shoulders pulled you closer absentmindedly. “What?”

“Depends which one.” He grins, making you roll your eyes. “And the circumstances. Like, I could live with them all, sure. But I don’t wanna have to actually date any of them.”

“Sure thing Hood.” You smile, and he only rolls his eyes again. “Your turn.”

“Would you take a bullet for me?”


You realise the second you say it that you answered to quickly, with too much conviction. Calum’s eyes widen a little, and you shrug, looking back at where his feet were tangled with yours.


“Yeah, of course. I would die protecting you. You’re my best friend Cal, and I care about you more than anyone else in the universe. You’re a complete pain in the ass most of the time, and sometimes I really hate you. But I love you. So much.” You sigh a little, before plastering a smile on your face and turning to look at him and joke. “You dweeb.”

Calum’s eyes scan your face and your smile drops. He can read you better than anyone, and you know he’ll see through the joke. What you don’t expect however, is for him to tilt his chin forward, for him to connect his lips to yours in a gentle kiss that was much too short for your liking.

“For the record,” He mumbles, his eyes closed. “I love you more than anyone else in this universe, an all the other universes.”

Your breath hitches as he opens his eyes to gage your reaction. Unable to find words, you lift your hand and pull his face back to yours, trying to convey everything you felt into the kiss. Judging from the smile he gave you when you pulled back, he understood. Like there was any doubt he wouldn’t.

He was your best friend, after all.

for @cliffwoes and @cliffovevo‘s bestfriend!5sos blurb night

Predicament: Luke AU

Pairing: Luke & Y/n

Requested: yes!

Member: flora

Warning: sexual content/ foul language 

Luke’s P.O.V

I had gotten myself in a sort of predicament months ago. At first it wasn’t a big deal, more like some type of high school crush until it wasn’t anymore. 

I had seen her for the first time at Ashton’s family barbeque. I was sixteen, and Ashton had been my best friend since we both went to the same school together. She was only fourteen, so I never dwelled on the fact that I found her so attractive- but I could never deny that she was. I heard about her a lot from Ashton, she was his cousin that was more like his sister and he was so protective over her.

I had seen her again once in a while when I was invited to family gatherings or sometimes she’d stop by when I was over. Two years later she moved into Ashton’s house for reasons that were very vaguely explained to me but what I could make of it was that she just didn’t want to live with her parents anymore.

Fast forward another two years and I’m twenty and she’s eighteen. I wasn’t very close with my parents, they suffocated me and hated the fact that I could never be tied down to one woman, but I had never met anyone that sparked my interest romantically. Sexually for sure, but never more than that.

When Ashton offered me an extra room at his house I jumped at the offer. Of course I would love to live with him, and y/n. She wasn’t home much, and when she was she was usually accompanied by her boyfriend. And yeah it bothered me, because again I had a high school crush on her.

What was I supposed to do though? She wasn’t mine. In fact she was off limits. And not only because of her boyfriend. Ash told me that the biggest rule of me moving in was that I was not allowed to go anywhere near his cousin. I wasn’t allowed to look at her or touch her.

That’s when I got myself into my predicament. It started one night at around eleven o’clock. Ash wasn’t home, and she walked through the door in a mini skirt and a crop top and I averted my eyes to the television screen because of the ‘rules’.

“What are we watching?” She asks plopping herself next to me on the couch. I look at her and notice her red puffy lips are plump and swollen. I notice her gorgeous eyes are watery, and also the strain in her voice.

“Have you been crying?” She looks away and stands up not answering the question and begins to walk away.

“Y/n wait.” I said but she doesn’t listen. “Y/n.” I try again and this time I’m close enough so I grab her arm and study her face once more. We’re no longer in the dark, and she’s standing right against me trying to avert her gaze anywhere else. I pick up her chin in my hand and tilt it towards me.

“Why have you been crying pretty girl?” I all but whisper and finally her eyes meet mine. I knew that was a stretch, and I was half prepared for her to come and sucker punch me in the face but she never did.

“I saw him kissing another girl. He did it right in front of me, just because I wouldn’t give him a hand job on the couch. He’s such an asshole.” She shook her head and then rested it against my shoulder as she cried softly. I wrapped my arms around her small frame.

“He didn’t deserve you anyway.” I said after some time of just standing there. She chuckled half-heartedly.

“There should be more guys like you Hemmings.” Her head lifted from my shoulder and her arms were now around my neck. I wiped away a small tear from her beautiful face and she looked down shyly.

“There are, you just haven’t found the right one yet.” Her small fingers rubbed circles on the back of my neck and I tried hard to concentrate on the words coming out of my mouth rather than the feeling of her skin on mine.

“None that want me.” She argued.

“I can think of one.”

From that day on I broke every single rule that had been made by Ashton. I looked at her, I touched her, I did every single thing with her that I knew I wasn’t supposed to and I still didn’t care. I found myself in this predicament for months.

It wasn’t only about the fact that I craved the feeling of her body pressed against mine, or the way she moaned in a harsh whisper if Ashton was home. Not even the way she screamed my name and it echoed off the walls when he was working.

I loved her now, and she loved me back. But we couldn’t tell him, I wasn’t ready to tell him and neither was she. So we continued our relationship in secret; I would pick her up from school, we would go out on dates and then she would sneak into my bed at night and we continued to break all sorts of rules.

She was at school today, which was a good thing since I was incredibly pissed off. Not with her, and not with Ashton but with my parents. Every time I call them, it’s always about how much I’m fucking up my life. I needed to just be by myself and sort it out, and I thought I’d be able to since Ash was sleeping in his room and she was at school.

But then I heard the sound of the door opening meaning she was here. She was the last person I wanted to take my anger out on, but I also knew I wasn’t in a state to just brush it off and pretend like nothing was wrong. She'd see right through that.

When she walked in the room, I almost prayed she had gotten here sooner. She was wearing her uniform, the button up shirt unbuttoned and hanging loosely on her body.

Her hair dishevelled, and she was no longer wearing her knees socks but just gym socks because I remembered her telling me she was too lazy to change back into them after gym class.

She wore her plain white vans. And she called my name when she walked into my room keeping her voice low when she did. My eyes trailed up her toned legs, and she stepped on her shoe while she waited by the door.

“Hey.” She whispered softly, already sensing my mood and being careful as to what she was saying. Now I knew what I needed. And it wasn’t a run down the street, or throwing my fist in a wall. I needed her.

The innocent look on her face, and the way she bit her lip made me want her even more. She swiped her hair and parted it on the opposite side of her head and slowly came to stand in front of me. I stood up and kissed her quickly, making sure we didn’t have to exchange any words because right now I needed her.

She ran her hand through my hair, pushing some of it from my face and looked at me. I knew she could see it-how much in needed her- it was written across my face.

With a slight nod of her head, her lips were back on mine again. And my hands held her waist and pressed her body against mine. She stepped forward, so we could lay down on the bed but I didn’t want that.

“Turn around for me baby.” I whispered in her ear, and then made a trail of kisses down to her neck. She did as I said and let me push her hair to the side to expose the skin of her neck.

I led her over to the dresser where she put her hands on either side of the wood and arched her back. Her ass pressed against my hard on and I tried not to make too much of a sound.

I lifted up her skirt, and then hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down her legs, and the pooled around her ankles. I unbuckled my jeans, and then pulled the zipper down to allow my dick free.

With one hand I went under her skirt again, and stroked my finger up and down her pussy feeling the wetness that pooled between her legs. She moaned, and with my other hand I pressed it against her mouth to silence. Last thing I needed was Ashton waking up and then we’d have to stop.

“So wet.” My finger slipped inside of her entrance, and the walls of her tight pussy clenched around it. Damnit I had to be inside her. I pulled my finger out, and stroked the skin of my hard cock while rubbing the head trying to find her entrance.

She pushed her hips out more and when she did the head slipped in her tiny hole causing her to gasp. I pushed in all the way and a loud moan threatened to escape her lips but was silenced by my hand over her mouth.

I paused, because I was trying to maintain some piece of mind and not blow my load inside her in just mere seconds. I needed her to feel every single plateau of her orgasm, but I also knew we needed to be quick. Especially with Ashton down the hall.

“Can you be quiet for me princess?” She nodded her head but I knew she couldn’t promise. Regardless I took my hand off of her mouth to rest on her hip and pulled out enough to allow movement and then thrust forward again. The dresser shook with the movement and she bit her lip to contain the sound threatening to spill from her mouth.

I grabbed her hair, forcing her to arch her back a little more and then pounded into her sweet pussy. The room was filled with her gasps and moans that were contained to not make too much noise. She was on her tippy toes and every time I thrust forward her body would raise up with the movement.

I grunted out my pleasure, trying not to be so vocal myself but it was so hard, because she felt so fucking good.  I grabbed her hips and then pulled her down on me to meet my thrust.

“Fuck,” She gasped and then put her head down and rolled her hips into mine. I smirked and continued the motion. With every thrust I was able to relieve some of the frustration and anger I had pent up but it also felt good to me and her. I removed one of my hands from her hips and intertwined our fingers on the dresser.

“Your pussy feels so good baby.” I moaned, whispering in her ear. She squeezed my hand again, her nails digging into my skin and I didn’t even care if she left marks.

My hips met her backside and again the dresser shook with the motion. Another moan left her lips, and though I knew we had to be quiet it was so fucking hot. She couldn’t be quiet no matter how hard she tried and I loved hearing the sound of her pleasure.

“Do you want Ashton to walk in right now?” I taunted. I could feel the pulse of her orgasm, as her walls continued to clench around my cock so I sped up my thrusts.

“You’re so thick… so hard.” If that didn’t make me want to cum right then and there I don’t know what did. I managed to hold it in, by some small miracle. She was almost there and she was ready to cum I could feel it. That made me impossibly harder and I felt like I was about to explode.

“Fucking hell…” Her tight little pussy constricted around my cock and she came hard. I thrust my hips harder and with the hand that wasn’t holding mine she clamped it down on her mouth to contain her sound.

The feeling of her pussy clenching around me, and each time she squeezed my hand sent me where I needed to go and a feeling of euphoria shot through me and I came with another deep thrust. I pulled out, letting the rest of my cum drip down between her legs and some of it catching on her shirt. I kicked my shoes off along with my jeans, and pulled my boxers up.

I pulled off her skirt and school shirt throwing them in the basket of dirty laundry. She turned around and rested her head against my shoulder. I brought her over to the bed and she cuddled into my sheets not even removing her shoes.

She pulled at my arm so that I could come down and lay with her and then rested her head against my chest. I ran my fingers along the side of her stomach and her soft lips kissed at my chest every once and a while.

“Are you okay?” She whispered softly.

“I’m fine princess.” She nodded her head, and hooked her thigh so that she could wrap her leg around mine. My hand stayed on her butt keeping her firmly pressed against me.

“I love you.” She mumbled barely audible for me to hear, I kissed the top of her head smiling.

“I love you too baby. So damn much.” She smiled against my chest and held me tighter.

“I think we should tell him. I want to be able to kiss you whenever I want, and I people to know about my super sexy boyfriend.” I laughed.

“We can tell him-”

“Tell me what?” Both our heads snapped to the door where Ashton was and she grabbed the blanket to cover herself.

“Ash we just-” She started but he cut her off.

“You know you could have at least been discreet about it. I’ve known for a while, the two of you make it so obvious.” He shook his head. “You better have used a condom.” He yelled while walking away.

“I’m on the pill!” She yelled back.

“Gross!” We both laughed and she kissed me again.

“I guess that was easier than we thought.”

“I have to y/f/n and tell her about you.” She squealed and jumped up from the bed to grab her phone. This was the woman I loved, and I’d never question why.

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Imagine waking up from a nightmare at 3am and you’re in your bed next to Luke and trying to process that everything is okay, but you’re just so scared and done with the world, because this dream you had was just too much. You wake up Luke - him being super sleepy at first and then he sees in what state you are in and you’re sobbing and he wraps his arms around you and pulls you to his chest, holding you as close as he can. Then he starts to quietly hum the start of “Chasing Cars” and continues to sing it to you to soothe you. After a while you’re feeling better again and feel how you slowly drift off to sleep. You don’t notice Luke looking at you while you peacefully lay next to him - because in these moments he truly realized that he loves you more than anything and you become his world.

So the other day, our English teacher asked us to write a horror story, and I got super excited bc I love to write those, so I got out my lame writer skills and obviously got carried away.
So, the friend I was working with read it after and he was really impressed and he said I could totally write a book, and I blushed and was like “Whaaat? Not that I’ve been trying to this whole time” and he asked me if I was going to study sth related to writing and I said no, but he really wants me to write a book now :-)



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friendly reminder: 5sos may not know who every single one of you are, but one does not need to know every star to appreciate the sky

I don’t mean to be extra but the dog filter on Luke Hemmings has cleared my skin, it’s fixed my grades, it’s balanced the chemicals in my brain, I’m finally happy again, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me


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I sold my S O U L to a three-piece
And he told me I was H O L Y
He’s got me D O W N on both knees

michael is bringing back the old days with the scruffy dark hair and the loose denim jackets and with each passing second of this Look™ a piece of my soul leaves my body

luke would take up too much room in your bed and when you complain about it to him he gets all frustrated like ‘well there’s nothing i can do do about it??’ and you’re just like ‘well maybe you can try not sleeping with your limbs hanging over the edge?’ and he’s like ‘that’s how i’m comfortable sleeping there’s no other way i can sleep i don’t know what you want me to do’ but you just drop it because you can’t be bothered but later that night you notice luke is sound asleep in the tiniest ball you have ever seen a 6ft man curl into and you can’t help but smile at how adorable he is so you just unravel him in his sleep and cuddle up to him and he just sighs super contently as he wraps his arms around you and he whispers ‘sorry i’m so large’ as he’s still half asleep  


Are you high enough without the M A R Y J A N E like me?

Sugar (Luke)*

Businessman Luke doesn’t know how to get your attention, but he thinks a hefty tip will do the trick. 

*= smut | WARNING: BDSM, read at your own risk. 



“Maybe i could get your number, sweetheart?”  

Your breath hitches in your throat as his hot breath tickles your arm like a warning signal. You tilt your arm, pouring his dark, unsweetened coffee from the steaming pot in your grip before sliding the mug towards him.

“Not today, Al.” You grumble,straightening out your pink cotton dress. Hearing a familiar ding from the back, you instinctively reach out  and take the scaldingly hot plate of poached eggs on toast that had once been resting on the counter behind you.

“The usual?” You say, setting the dish gently in front of him.

“Thanks, love.” Al says, grabbing some silverware from the metal container beside him and digging in.

Sighing, you grabbed a dish rag from  below the counter and made your way over to the tables by the windows, their surfaces in desperate need for cleaning.

When you thought  of your “gap year”, you didn’t think it would involve waiting tables and getting hit on by middle-aged, horny men- but that’s exactly what it was turning out to be. Long hours of wearing uncomfortable push-up bras the management had forced upon you and these ghastly roller-blading shoes that made you feel like you were at least 5.

“It creates that endearing 1950′s vibe.” The manager had said, handing over your uniform with a forced, teeth-grinding smile.

You smiled at the memory, shaking your head as you took a quick look at the diner around you. This diner was hardly endearing-tears in the old, “vintage” wallpaper, paint chips in all the mugs and glasses, and worst-of all, the broken set of airconditioning that dripped water every time you glided past. A look that quite have possibly died in the 1950′s itself.

Swiping  some bagel crumbs off the table, you realised that there was no point in your consistent complaining. Even if working at this diner was as close to hell as you would get-  it did give you good pay.  Backpacking across Europe would  cost an arm and a leg- but with this job, there was at least a sliver of a chance you would be able to fulfill your dreams in one whole piece.

Smiling a little to yourself as the inner child in you dreamt of all the best places you would see, you  were about to drag your tired legs back to the counter when the chimes on the front door signal you to someone’s entrance.

“Table for one please.” A gruff voice says.

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I like the summer rain I like the sounds you make we put the world away I FEEL SO DISRESPECTED

luke is such a nerd he’d literally have all these interesting facts that don’t have any immediate relevance to whatever you’re talking about ‘hey did you know that an earthworm has five hearts’ and you’re like ‘??? okay what does that have to do with criminal minds’ and he’s like ‘oh i just saw a worm and it reminded me’ his mind would wander so much it’s so cute i love luke