i feel like Luke would be the person who would wear his wedding ring on a chain around his neck. At first he would wear it on his finger, but  after time he would be nervous that he would scratch it while playing on stage. Plus he would never have those freak out moments, where he would put it on the bathroom counter before a shower, but when he gets out its not there. And he would probably make a joke like, “this way you’re closer to my heart babe.” 


I sold my S O U L to a three-piece
And he told me I was H O L Y
He’s got me D O W N on both knees

Waking up early after a good night of sleep and going downstairs to make breakfast for you and a still asleep Luke, when, while you’re running fresh water on some fruit, you feel two warm hands grabbing your waist and sliding under your night shirt. Luke nuzzles his nose in the crook of your neck, his beard tickling your skin. A soft groan leaves his lips while he grinds his semi hard member against your bum. His calloused fingers running down your front rubbing you through your panties. He has you melted in his arms. Your head on his shoulder giving him complete access to your neck. Soft moans and whines leave your mouth at the feeling of his fingers teasing your nipples. He keeps grinding against your ass. As he feels his member twitch, now fully hard, he bends you over a little on the kitchen counter, moving your panties to the side. Your breath quickens and you whine loudly when he teases your entrance with the tip of his member. Him heavy breathing directly in your ear is driving you crazy. He keeps teasing you till you slam your hands on the surface, eager, wanting him to stop teasing you and just fuck you. And he does it, slowly thrusting into you. He pulls out and slams into you hard. Your head falls back and your lips find his. The two of you moaning and whining in each others mouth. When he knows you’re both close he grabs at the kitchen counter pressing his chest against your back and with a few more thrusts you both come. You’re still a mess when he pulls out and turns you around pecking sweetly your flushed cheeks. “Morning” He says in his raspy morning voice smiling. “Oh, well, good morning” You giggle smacking his bum. 

daddy!luke sitting at the table with your three year old daughter one day, who’s busy scribbling away on some paper while her daddy replies to emails and she tugs on the sleeve of his shirt with a “finished daddy” so luke averts his eyes from his laptop screen and over to the picture little hemmo has drawn. His eyes scan the four crayon stick figures that lay on the paper before him as he reads the names above them; mummy daddy me. “Why did you draw four people sweetheart, who’s this?” he asks, pointing at the smallest stick figure with no label. This causes little hemmo to look up from her new drawing she’s working on, “That’s the baby” she answers casually before going back to work. Luke smiles, “What baby?” Her head pokes up again, blue eyes glistening as she looks into her father’s identical ones. “Yours and mummy’s baby”. He can’t help but laugh now, “But you’re mine and mummy’s only baby” he tells her. She considers this for a moment before picking up a new crayon and drawing some more scribbles onto her page, “Well you should have a new baby” and Luke’s heart swells at this because he’s been thinking about trying for another baby for a while now but he hasn’t found a way to bring it up to you yet, so tonight he can show you the picture because even his little girl agrees that three Hemmings aren’t enough.

Okay but yknow that pic of Luke going around where he looks angry as fuck?? Well it’s literally my shit because I’m teen wolf trash and all I can see is him as the true alpha of his pack and everyone is so surprised he’s the alpha because he’s so precious and cute but then he shows that side of himself and he’s just filled with so much rage and its so hot and imagine going to beacon hills high school and the captain of the lacrosse team Luke hemmings asked you on a date and fuck was it the most amazing thing ever but yknow what shit had to go down at your date and his rival pack showed up and Luke and his pack ( the boys basically ) are ripping these scary ass men up and you’re just shaking and so confused and Luke just runs over to you after and he holds your face and he’s still wolfed out do you flinch a little at his claws and you kinda just try to calm you’re breathing and stare at him and place your hands on his face and run your thumb over his bottom lip and he can feel your hands shake as your fingers graze over his canines and he’s so scared he’s going to scared you away so he keeps whispering things like it’s okay your safe I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you and shit it’s so good and he finally calms down and goes back to normal and you kinda just pull away and say “soooo what about that second date?”

Sick Mikey- A M.C. Imagine

Requested?- yes (requests are open)

Anon- Could you please make a blurb where Michael comes home from tour but he’s feeling a little under the weather and you/she makes him feel better lol I dunno how these things work lol

Rating- G (pure fluff)

A/N- this probably isn’t my best and I’m sorry. Also, I wrote more of an imagine than a blurb and I also didn’t know how to end it so I’m so sorry.

The door open and you heard Michael’s shoes against the hardwood floor before he closed the door and dropped his bag on the ground. You hopped off the couch and ran up to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and pressing yourself against him. He had been gone on tour for months and he wouldn’t even let you meet him at the airport since his flight didn’t land until 11. You didn’t even try to sleep though. You stayed up until now, one o'clock in the morning, for this moment. You heard Michael mumble a quiet ‘I missed you so much baby,’ into your neck followed by a small sniffle.

You pulled you head out of his chest and looked up at him, expecting to see tears, but only seeing a red nose and bloodshot eyes.

“Mikey, are you okay?” You asked, moving your hands up to cup his face. He nodded a little, before breaking out into a fit of small coughs.

“M'sick, that’s all.” He explained once he finally caught his breath. You felt so bad. He had just been working his butt off on your for three months, got the first flight home, didn’t land until 11, drove two and a half hours home, and he’s sick.

“Oh baby,” you cooed, placing a light kiss on his nose. “C'mon.” You took his hand and led him upstairs. You pushed your bedroom door open and had him lay down on the bed before you went into your bathroom. You quickly started the bath and let it fill as you went back out to get him. He was laying on his back on top of all of the covers, all of his clothes still on.

You smiled a little at how little he looked before walking over to him and silently taking his shoes off. You slowly began to undress him, until he was left in his boxers. You helped him stand up and led him into the bathroom. The tub was already full, so you turned the water off and dropped a bath bomb in the water before undressing yourself. You turned around to see that Michael had already taken his boxers off and was looking at you with lust-filled eyes.

“I’ve told you this before, Clifford, no sex when either of us are sick.” You scolded, earning a groan from him. You shook your head a little before helping him into the bath. The two of you sat facing each other in the warm, colorful water for twenty minutes. You washed his hair and gently massaged his back and neck, hoping to make him feel better. You could see him starting to dose off, so you climbed out of the bath, grabbing a fresh towel and wrapping him up in it before emptying the bath.

You led him into your bedroom, handing him a pair of boxers to change into. You slipped on a pair of your own underwear and one of his shirts. You laid down on the bed with him, fitting your body behind his. He curled into you mumbling about how much he missed you on tour and how much he loved you. You told him that you missed him too and assured him that you lived him to the moon and back. You knew he had fallen asleep when his breathing evened out and he was no longer sniffling as much as he was.

You couldn’t help admiring how beautiful he was, even when he was sick.

Coffee Shop Cutie // Luke Hemmings

Summary: You get flirty with a cute barista named Luke, who writes cheesy pick up lines on your coffee cup.

I went to the same coffee shop every single day. It was a routine. I went every day, same time, went to the same register. The barista was usually different throughout the week, but on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, it was the same guy. Always. His name was Luke.

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take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

But just imagine being Calum’s sister and he’s a college student and one night he takes you to a college party but when a girl asks him back to her place he makes you go back to his dorm. What he didn’t expected was his smocking hot and flirty roommate Luke to be actually chilling, watching tv shows and eating cereals in only his boxers and a snapback. He would check you out and say “And who are you?” and when you’d tell him you’re Cal’s sister and sit on your brother’s bed he would just say something like “ I knew he had a sister, but never told me she was hot.” “Ass” He would chuckle and after you two hung out watching HIMYM reruns you’d ask him for some cereals and he’d smirk “Nope. If you want them come and get them.” After few minutes of hesitation you’d sit next to him eating cereals. But you can’t focus on the tv because his body is so warm and his smell’s so good and oh shit his hand is caressing your thigh. When he’d notice you clamped your legs together because you were starting to get wet, he’d gently squeeze the soft flesh of your upper thigh looking at you in the eyes whispering with his signature smirk plastered on his face “Do you want this?” And of course you would end up having really sweaty passionate sex. The morning after Calum would find you both naked and asleep tangled up between the sheets in each others arms and he would be so upset because, shit, his best friend fucked his little sister.

Prompt credit to 5sos-writing-prompts Thanks for the idea 👍🏻

ok but can you imagine how happy Luke is when he gets back from tour because now he can relax and not only that but be able to see his favorite girl which is you and his family and chill with the boys and close friends and just take a load off because tour life and jet lag is killer and even though he missed being able to not having to worry about what time rehearsals are and what out of the 5 shirts he has that are actually kinda clean he should wear -he would never take back the moments he got to share with his fans doing something he loves and lemME STOP BECAUSE I NOW HAVE A HEADACHE 

Signs & Seduction

Pairing : 5SOS/Reader

Rating :

Summary : So this is basically what you could do with each boy that would have them so fucking whipped, based on their zodiac signs. Tell me if you guys enjoy this !

Words : 1114



The greatest thing about Cancer men is that they absolutely love to experiment. So if you are into bondage and you don’t know how that is going to go over with your him, try it! Bring it up with them. Ashton doesn’t want to not just try everything new, but he might have some desires of his own that might pique your interests.

The Cancer sign is one sign that absolutely loves to be nude. They are super into nudism and they love to be naked in front of their partner. Although, you may have to watch out for this one, because you have to reassure them that their body is enough, that they are absolutely what you want in a man.

Also, this sign especially absolutely loves to role play. They want to pretend to be in situations and try to get out of them. They like the imagination and the creativity behind role playing. They want it to mean something. When you are with a Cancer, they don’t want to settle for just anyone. They want their partner to be vocal about what they like and what they need. They want to be in tune with exactly what your needs are too, so keep that in mind. 

Sharing experiences, sharing best sex practices and sharing how hard or soft you like it is a must when you are with a Cancer. This particular sign is very nurturing and giving and they never, ever want their partner to be so ahead of them.

Finally, the last thing for Ashton is, it all boils down to the locations that you are going to have sex – why not try it somewhere you’ve never tried before? Cancer men in particular love surprises like that.


Calum being an Aquarius, his erogenous zones are his calves to his ankles. Playing a little footsie or running your hand down his leg may cause him to take you right then and there. Another thing Calum would love in bed is enthusiasm. An Aquarius man likes to be stimulated and excited and you’ve got to share in that stimulation and that excitement, especially during sex.

Another thing that is totally key when you are with this particular sign is foreplay. Trust me, this isn’t a step that you want to skip with this sign. They want to feel close to you and they want you to explore them – everywhere. So, keep up the foreplay as long as possible.

The Aquarius is a sign that really likes to have fun and they really like to connect and be spontaneous – so that includes a little bed-wrestling! They like to laugh, be tickled and they really like to have a bit of competition. So try to pin down your Aquarius all in fun and see where it gets you. Also toys are a must!

Finally, I feel like Calum is extremely competitive. Which would definitely translate in the bedroom. Aquarius men like to compete for power and they really want someone to indulge this side of them too. Give Calum a run for his money !


Okay so Luke. Dear God, Luke is so fucking sensual. His favorite place for you to touch would definitely be his chest. Don’t get me started on his praise kink. Cancers love to hear/watch you get off. Especially if they caused the get off. I don’t think Luke would be a fan of like serious dirty talk, but you bet your pretty little ass he wants to hear you moan and groan about who’s making you feel good.

I already mentioned the assurance piece in the intro, but it’s so, so important for you to constantly reassure Luke that you like what your he’s doing and that you also share exactly what you like. He wants to know and he wants you to feel just as good as he does. Cancer men like to be vocal about their likes and wants too, so listen to them.

The romantic side of this sign is all about kissing, cuddling and spooning. This can be before, after or especially during sex. This all boils down to their insecurity that they aren’t good enough, so make sure that you are constantly touching, constantly cuddling and constantly kissing your Cancer! 

This particular sign is all about the tongue, all about French kissing and all about the need to have something in their mouth. They love to make out and they absolutely get off on French kissing in general! 

With a Cancer, you cannot let things get dull and boring. Instead, you need to keep it spicy and need to keep the excitement level completely up! Try a different spot, catch your partner in the shower – surprise them when they wake up. So many possibilities.


Based on Michael’s zodiac sign, he is low-key kinky as hell. Masks? Yes! Blindfolds ? Of fucking course. Michael, as a Scorpio man, loves a surprise. Anything that will lead them toward something mysterious and anything that will really allow for them to role play and be themselves. A Scorpio is also a sign that loves sex rough. Michael wants you to leave bruises. They also like to bite.

Another great thing about a Scorpio is that they like to watch themselves. They really like mirrors and they like to be able to show off. If you are looking to heighten your sexual experience with your Scorpio partner, put a mirror over or near the bed so that they can see themselves while they are at work.

Bondage is another thing that this particular sign absolutely loves. They like to be tied up, like to things that are tight on them and they love handcuffs. If you are looking for a way to spice up your sex life with this particular sign, you’ve got to drag out the bondage play! Handcuff them to the bed and see where it gets you

Missionary would probably be Michael’s favorite position. He doesn’t need to use any elaborate positions, because missionary works perfectly well. So there’s no need to worry about reading the Kama Sutra and coming up with new ways to flex every night.

Don’t be shy when you have a Scorpio lover. If you’re eager to try something new, chances are that they’ll be up for the challenge. Don’t keep quiet about your desires, because they have such kinky thoughts that they won’t blame you for yours. Scorpios love it when their partners are confident. Strip for them, take control, and show them that you know exactly what you’re doing. They’ll be turned on by the way you’re strutting your stuff. 



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I’m willing to fight a 5H fan if it comes down to it, they are the most disrespectful, self absorbed, rude fandom I have ever seen. Seriously, just face it, 5SOS won and 5H didn’t seriously get tf over it. It’s an award, it isn’t going to kill the girls to lose one award. So suck it up, and stop being such arrogant dicks.

(Seriously idc if someone sends me hate for this post, I will stand by it)

Roommate Luke (Part 7)

Synopsis of the series: you and your roommate Luke didn’t talk a lot on a daily basis, but there’s some things he’s been telling you long ago without using words… And you’re starting to realize it now.

A couple of anons request one more part of roommate Luke and here it is :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Leave your feedback here guys!! It means a lot.

Luke was looking at you in the eye. Still. Listening to every word you were saying.

“And… That’s it. I have one week to decide”

“One week?”, he raised his voice. You nodded and he started rubbing his jaw, looking away. Since the wounded arm was the right one, Luke hasn’t been able to shave after the accident so his stubble was getting noticeable.

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anonymous asked:

literally anything about Luke will do I'm just deeply in love omg pls

okay but imagine boyfriend!luke wearing his sweater and snapback ((like in the pic with ash!!)) and its still summer but in the evenings it’s already getting cold so as you, him and all of your friends sat around the bonfire while eating marshmallows and smores and stuff ((that’s so fucking clichè i’m sorry)) and you would start shivering as you were only wearing a shirt and hotpants with your vans so luke would notice you rubbing your arms in order to keep yourself warm and he’d take off his sweater, struggling a lot with his broad shoulders and long arms, knocking off his snapback in the process which caused you to burst into giggles about your idiot of a boyfriend. when he finally managed to take it off he’d hand it to you and ofc it was inside out so you’d roll your eyes at him but still smile, then turn it and put it on, while slipping it over your head the hood would stay on your head and the arms would be way too long so you’d simply snuggle into it before leaning against luke’s side, him wrapping his arm around you as michael would snatch his guitar and start singing the camp fire song from spongebob

i reckon me n luke would be really good friends because we’d bond if he got his lip ring caught on something or if i got my nose ring caught on something… but then one day we’d both happen to get caught on each other’s jumpers and it would be a mess and we’d have to wait until ashton or calum found us because be real michael would be no help at all he’d just laugh and take pictures

Young God by Halsey [LUKE]

Warning: this one shot talks about drugs

He says, “Oh, baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends
I’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven
If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes
I know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight”

Luke and (y/n) were nobodies. That was the only word to describe them. Nobodies. But if there’s one thing they had, it was hope.

They didn’t have much money, only the money they brought home whenever they played together in an old bar full of ungrateful people who didn’t even like their music. They lived in old hotel rooms but they knew that one day, they were going to be big. They were going to get the recognition they deserved for their talent. They were going to be legends and their names would pass through the mouths of the world.

It was a sad life and they couldn’t deny that. Not having enough money was the problem because nowadays money is everything. But all their problems were forgotten when they grabbed a special thing that made them escape the world.

Drugs were their only escape from this awful world we live in. They made them feel like the kings and queens of everything. They felt infinite. They felt like they could do anything and everything even go to Heaven but once it was all over, they were back to living their plain and boring lives once again. The light at the end of the tunnel would slowly fade away and they realized that it was just the sun outside.

And I’ve been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool
For a while now, drowning my thoughts out, the sounds

They would climb the top of the hill and reach the highest point. They would look at the town they were staying in and they would smile and open their arms. Those were the only moments they could feel like they ruled the world, just because they were higher than everyone else. That made them feel powerful.

But then they would sit down and once again, reality would kick in and they would realize they lived those miserable lives. Sadness would take over them again and they just wished they could drown their thoughts and the voices in their heads. They didn’t want to suffer anymore.

“At least we have each other.” He would whisper for only her to hear.

He says “Oh, baby girl, don’t get caught on my edges
I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon
There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight”

“If you wanna go to Heaven, you should fuck me tonight.” Luke would whisper in (y/n)’s ear and she knew it was true. It was a different kind of Heaven, but it still was a good one.

The way his words were harsh were very different from the way he softly touched her. They would stay embraced together, their skins touching and they knew it was impossible to be closer to each other. In each other’s eyes they weren’t the kings and queens of the world, they were each other’s world itself.


But do you feel like a young God?
You know the two of us are just young gods
And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath
And they’re running, running, running

Maybe they weren’t the rulers of the world…maybe they were destined to be gods, superior to people. They were too good to be only human beings. They wanted more, they were ambitious.

They didn’t belong in this filthy world, full of twisted people and demons with friendly faces. They belonged in some place better. They belonged in Heaven because they were both young gods.

Requested by coughsyrup 

(This was a big challenge for me because Halsey’s lyrics are always so difficult to write about!)

(I know this one shot has a strange story but I kinda like it. If you think this is a strange story, I just want to let you that it’s my brain’s fault for being weird and creating weird things…and it’s also because it’s currently 6:43am and I haven’t slept in about 26 hours after having an exhausting day…)

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tragedies & heartbreak

Seeing you there was like seeing a glimmer of heaven, a glimmer of a life he could have had––and would have had, too. (That is, if he couldn’t have royally fucked everything up. Like usual, he thought.) Your back was to him and your blonde hair cascaded down the white shirt that hugged your body and Luke’s eyes narrowed, wishing he was its silk material.

He hadn’t seen you in two months and, truthfully, he thought he would never see you again. It hadn’t been a great split what with medical school overtaking your world and music overtaking his own. Flashbacks of the salty tears that had stained your cheeks played over and over in his mind and he shut his eyes tightly to will them to go away.

Seeing you cry, something you rarely ever did, haunted him and made the hairs on his body stand on end. It was something he hated and something he never wanted to see again. Crying was something that didn’t fit you. It never would. You were steel and ice and cold and calculating. At times, he might even say you were callous. (At least that’s what he would have said two months ago.)

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anonymous asked:

can you do a blurb for the blurb night thing with dorm roommate luke confessing his feelings? you can choose how! love your blog btw xx

well shit i guess im a little late, sorry love. had a lot of things on my mind lately that kept me from writing but here I am!!
• • • • • •
it’d be late at night and you were laying in bed with your favorite book, reading like you did every evening. sometimes your nights turned into mornings but you couldn’t care less. college life was sucking your energy anyways. the only positive thing was your room mate, luke hemmings. gorgeous, ocean blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that was starting to get a little curly now that it’s getting longer, a cute little nose that you just longed to boop and plump, soft looking lips with this undeniably sexy black lip ring adoring the left side of his bottom lip. just thinking about his lips made you bite down nervously on your own, a bad habit of yours. but tonight was supposed to roll differently.
at about 11:28pm luke stumbled into your shared dorm room, looking totally flustered and sweaty. he was wearing a tank top, the sides cut low almost making it possible to catch a glimpse of his torso if he bend down the slightest bit and some black nike shorts with his black and white nike shoes. a pretty casual look of his, at first he would only just wear black skinny jeans literally 24/7 but as he grew more comfortable around you he even sometimes tended to take his shirt of ((which you didn’t mind ofc)). anyways, as you put your book away to turn around and look at the flustered 6'4 boy you couldn’t even blink before he already had his hands on your cheeks to make you look him in the eyes. you could see the sweat slowly rolling down from his forehead to drip down his chin but he didn’t smell like it, he still smelled heavenly off his deodorant that you grew to love. “shit, this is so fucking weird right now but (Y/N)” he took a second to try and catch his breath “i really fucking like you.” was all he managed to get out before he randomly crashed his lips onto yours. and let’s just say his lips didn’t just look soft ;-))