Swimming Lessons (Luke)

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You heard the gunshot and plunged into the water. 

“Go  Y/N Go!” You friend shouted from the bleachers waving around a huge banner. 

You smiled as your body hit the water, the familiar feeling of the  blue waves lapping over you as you put one arm in front of the  other, trying to free-style your way to the other end of the pool. This was the spring championships and you had been training hard all year just for this event. It was the big shot in the swimming universe and all you wanted was to do your team proud.  Your mom was watching. Your friends had come to support you. You had a cash prize, a trophy and a leading title to defend. You were nervous, but you couldn’t lose. Not now. It simply wasn’t an option.

  You took a deep breath and dove in, doing the familiar  arm and leg movements you had been practicing every weekend. 

You urged your body  to go quicker, taking a lead on your opponent as you kicked your legs and stretched your arms out  in circular motions trying your best to get there before she did.  You could see the end point  drawing nearer and nearer.  You could feel  the victory in your bones.  You smiled as you kept up a good pace, feeling the adrenaline course through you, almost  tasting the sweet, sweet success on your tongue. 

But oh, how  things can change.

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i can just picture luke ending up with four kids but they’d all be girls. after the first two you decided to try for a boy and after the third you agreed that you’d try one more time. when you when in to get the ultrasound you were secretly praying that you’d finally get a little boy. so when the ultrasound tech smiled at you brightly and announced that it was a girl, you couldn’t help but be disappointed. luke knew how desperately you wanted a boy but he knew he couldn’t help that fact that you blessed him with four little girls now. that night when you got home and broke the news to your three daughters, ranging from ages 8 to 2, you couldn’t help but be happy about the news as the three girls rushed over to hug you, rambling off name suggestions and complaining because now they had to share their daddy with another girl but luke just smiled and picked your youngest daughter up, kissing her cheek and kissing the top of the others’, saying, “this just means i get a fifth princess” to which the oldest giggled and said, “mommy is your queen, silly!! we’re your princesses.” and by then, you’d forgotten that a few hours earlier, you’d been praying for a boy, because in that moment you couldn’t wait to have another tiny princess join you. 

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the rich bitch diaries - l.h // part 4

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Bounce it, bounce it, I’m about to throw a couple thousand
Ones, fives, tens, twenties, Work your way up to them big face hundreds - just bounce it.

WARNING: Swearing, mention of sex, alcohol, and abusing drugs

Side note: Also I have no idea how to write smut without it just sounding extremely awkward and dumb but there is a rather sexual scene in this part so fair warning.. sorry.

PART 4: 

“I can’t believe y/n curved you,” Ashton laughed while taking a seat next to her in our section of the club.

“At least I’m not the one sleeping with Trump’s niece,” I retorted causing Calum and Michael to snort and Ashton to shut right up.  Ashton had fucked up and gotten involved with the Trump family; Trump’s niece to be exact. Despite her having a nice ass, she was just as unbearable and disgusting as her uncle. But no matter how much he hated her and the sex, he couldn’t just drop her seeing as her uncle and his father were business partners and pissing her off would ruin everything.

“Okay but you should’ve seen the look on Luke’s face though, almost like daddy took away one of his thirty credit cards,” she smirked. I glared at her. If she wants to be an ass, I can be a bigger one.

“Shut it, trust fund baby.”

She immediately stopped laughing and rolled her eyes at me while taking another drink of her champagne. That had struck her nerve. We’d only been at the Nice Guy for ten minutes and tension was already filling the air. Sure she had pulled stunts like that before but this was too far seeing as I getting sick of not getting what I want. “Well…I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like dancing. C’mon,” y/n spoke while grabbing Calum and Michael’s hands, dragging them towards the main floor, Ashton and I took another shot, following them.

Shot after shot, and drink after drink, I was trashed. Ashton was god knows where, Calum probably getting a blowjob in the bathroom, and Y/n and Michael grinding together. That bastard. They always had a habit of dancing together when they were trashed. They had this thing to where if one of them was too fucked up, they’d stick together, preventing them from hooking up with random people. Maybe it was the alcohol speaking, maybe it was my jealousy, or maybe it was the fact that for once I wasn’t getting what I wanted when I wanted it, that made my blood boil. I took another drink. Slow down Hemmings, you’re drinking too much. I grabbed the nearest girl and began grinding with her, staring at y/n the entire time, hoping she’d notice and become jealous. Who knew you could be so pitiful, Hemmings. The blonde on my crotch turned around and whispered something in my ear that I was either too drunk to catch or just didn’t care in general. I nodded my head trying to play it off that I actually payed attention.

“We should get out of here,” she suggested while running her hand down my chest. I glanced to my left, y/n was staring. This could’ve been you. 

“Your place or mine?” I smirked, feeling the alcohol hit me harder than before.

“Mine, it’s right down the street,” she replied, and before I knew it I was being dragged out the club, briefly making eye contact with y/n as she stood there in absolute shock as I left with another girl. You had your chance. 

Blondie opened the door to her condo and stumbled in taking her heels off. It was a nice place. Her father was probably in the state government and bought her the place. But mine was nicer. Everything slowed and I knew what was coming next. I was about to blackout. I gently grabbed onto her hips and pushed her against the wall, connecting our lips, trying to keep my shit together for as long as possible. Y/n should be the one I’m pressing against a wall kissing. My shirt was thrown to the side and her dress was lost somewhere on the way to the bedroom. I was stumbling. Most of this I probably wasn’t going to remember in the morning. I lied back on the bed as she climbed on top of me and attacked my neck with her mouth causing me to moan. Y/n’s mouth would be better… I flipped us over, kissing her while running a hand down her body. Y/n would look better underneath you than this girl. Blondie flipped us over again, discarding her lingerie. I know for a fact y/n’s tits are nicer. She reached down and began palming my bulge. “Fuck y/n, stop teasing,” I moaned. My vision getting blurry signalling I was going to black any second.

“Excuse me? Who the fuck is y/n?”

A fist came at my face. And then blackness.





“Hey baby girl! How are you?” Luke asked you. You and him were Skyping, as your husband, Luke, was on tour. “Hey babe and I’m alright. I miss you and so does (YDN)” You told him, as Luke smiled. “I miss you and (YDN). Not long until we see each other again. I’ve missed kissing you and laying next to you” Luke sighed as he looked down. Before you could say something, you heard “Mummy?” You turned and saw (YDN). “Hey baby! Wanna say hi to daddy” You picked her up, as Luke looked up and smiled. “Hi daddy” “Hey baby” “Miss you daddy” (YDN) said, as Luke wiped his eyes. “Miss you too baby girl and I miss mummy as well” Luke wiped his eyes, again as (YDN) said: “Don’t cry, daddy. Me and mummy will be on tour with you soon” “I know baby. I really miss you guys” “We miss you too. Only a week to go, then me and (YDN) will be on tour with you and the guys” You told Luke as he smiled. “Luke, we’re on stage in 5 minutes” You heard Ashton say. Before you knew it, he was in the screen shot. “Hey guys” “Hey Ash” “Uncle Ashton” (YDN) yelled, making you and Luke smile, as Ashton chuckled. “I know Luke would love to talk longer, but we’re about to go on stage. Talk later” Ashton smiled, as you said bye to him. “I better go. I love you two and we’ll talk later” “Love you daddy” “Love you too baby” “I’ll talk to you later, Luke. Love you” “Love you too baby girl” You all waved to each other, as the screen went black.

Chewing Gum ~ Chapter one

 Requested: yes 

 Warnings: Sex, and drug use 

 Rating: NSFW 

 Summary: Luke wants her, all of her. She only wants him for pleasure. Its supposed to be a one time thing. She cant get enough of him.

Lukes pov

It was early, about four when I awoke. I was in a state of Rubatosis as I laid in the unfamiliar bed in an even more unfamiliar house. Finally I decided to open my eyes and face my actions from last night. The room was dark but I could still make out the gold duvet on top of me. Across from the bed was a desk and next to it was a closet. 

Then I spotted her. 

She was sitting on her windowsill looking out of it. She had jet black hair tied up  into a pony tail and emerald green eyes.

“Your finally awake.” She muses glancing at me out eyes meeting for a quick second. I take notice of her covered in a bedsheets and her feet to her chest. Yet I had no clue who she was.

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Just imagine coming home from a long day of work or school and walking in to find Luke, who has had an even longer day in the studio, asleep on the couch and his mouth is hung slightly ajar and his hair is flat and pushed inside a beanie that is falling off. The light from the barely audible tv lights up his face sporadically and the colors dance over his peaceful eyelids and tiny nose.  He looks too serene and exhausted to wake up so you cross the room to grab a blanket for the boy curled up into a ball on the couch but when you go to drape it over him a tired hand reaches up and grasps your wrist and pulls you down to him.  He uncurls his body and molds it around you, planning a kiss on your cheek before burying his face into the crook of your neck, and even though you have a huge bed with an actual comforter and pillows just up the stairs, using the thin blanket and Luke’s bicep as a pillow is much more preferable.  You would just start to fall asleep to the sounds of his slow breathing when Luke would mumble half asleep, “I wrote a song about you today,” and would softly hum a pretty little melody that you hadn’t heard before against your skin until he fell back to sleep.

Luke Hemmings or basic white girl? 99% of people will get this wrong

I choked…

Okay imagine for a second that he’s holding your hand instead of his own and he’s sharing his headphones with you and he’s so tired that he can’t keep his eyes open and falls asleep on your shoulder the second he gets on the plane and holding your hand while falling asleep helps him sleep better and you are running your other hand through his hair and its so soft and messy and you’re gently just playing with strands of his hair so he feels comforted and once he’s asleep, you take off his headphones so he doesn’t suddenly wake up to some screamo and the second the music cuts off, he leans closer to you and you feel his body loosen up and he mumbles “Mm love you…” and you kiss his forehead as his breathing slows down and you can hear him snoring really softly as he falls back asleep and he may even drool a little on your shirt but you don’t mind because he looks so cuddly and cute and the fact that he trusts you enough to fall asleep on you makes up for the fact that you have scruff scratches on your neck and drool on your shoulder because he never lets go of your hand however deeply he’s sleeping and his body stays close to yours the entire time and you’re his favourite cuddle buddy and he can’t ever imagine falling asleep next to someone else and idk i really want to sit next to sleepy Lukey :(