just us two - luke hemmings (part 7)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

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‘Mommy?’ the small voice at the top of the stairs struck Luke and Y/N apart like a bolt of lightening.

'Sammy? What are you doing awake?’ Y/N asked as the little boy made his way down the stairs towards them.

'I heard you talking really loudly, you woke me up.’ he mumbled, rubbing his eyes tiredly before holding out his arms to be picked up.

'Oh sunshine I’m sorry. I’m here to take you home now though so you can go right back to sleep in the car.’ she said, kissing the top of his head and holding him close to her.

'Wanna stay here with Luke and Luna.’ Sampson mumbled through a yawn.

'We gotta get home now sammy.’ Y/N repeated quietly, pressing another kiss to his upturned face.

'Okay.’ the little boy sighed. 'Night night Luke.’ Sampson said before he closed his eyes, already dozing off to sleep again.

'You’re really going to leave now?’ Luke asked, trying to keep the pain from his voice but clearly failing as Y/N looked up at him with a frown creasing her forehead.

'I promise I’m not leaving for good Luke.’ Y/N said.

'Please.’ Was all Luke could say in response, willing himself not to think about the goodbye he never had with Luna’s mother, which he imagined would have gone a lot like this. Y/N clearly realised this was what Luke was thinking as her eyes started to shine with tears.

'I’m not doing what she did Luke. I’m going to come back.’ Y/N promised again. Luke nodded, drawing in a shaky breath as he did so. Y/N paused for a moment before stepping towards him and wrapping her free arm around him, leaving Sampson pressed in between them.

'I believe you.’ Luke said after a few moments, pulling away from the embrace. Y/N held up a finger as Sampson stirred, signalling for Luke to wait a minute. She walked out the door to the waiting car, strapping Sampson into his seat. Luke stepped out after her and the cold night air raised the hairs on the back of his neck, or maybe that was the sight of Y/N illuminated from behind by the car headlights, a halo of golden light around her.

'I may not know what my feelings towards you are Luke.’ Y/N said slightly hesitantly as she stood in front of him again. 'But I do know they mean something.’

'If you stay, we can figure it out together.’ Luke said softly, before he reached down and connected their lips again. This kiss was less heated and more tender than the last, their lips sliding slowly together and hands winding slowly around waists.  Eventually they drew apart, lingering close with foreheads pressed together and eyes locked.

‘Soon.’ Y/N said finally before breaking away from him. This time Luke couldn’t bring himself to watch her go as a small part of him still believed that it would be the last. He decided to check on Luna and see if she had been woken up by the noise outside. Opening her door quietly he peered round and found her sleeping soundly. Just as he was about to close the door again she stirred and opened her eyes blearily. 

‘Daddy is that you?’ she asked. ‘Where did Sampson go?’ 

‘Y/N took him home baby.’ Luke explained, stepping back into the room. 

‘Will you sleep with me instead? It’s cold without him now.’ Luna said, pulling the blanket tighter around her. 

‘Well we both know I’m not going to fit in your bed.’ Luke chuckled, reaching out to pick her up blanket and all. ‘So why don’t you come and share mine?’ Before Luna could respond she had already fallen back asleep in Luke’s arms and he felt his heart swell looking down at her. Carrying her into his bedroom he laid her carefully beside him and she instinctively curled closer to him in her sleep. She’s all you need. He reminded himself, as the nagging though that Y/N wouldn’t come back returned to his brain. 

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4 with luke

4.  “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

You felt bad. You felt really bad. All you just wanted to do was prepare a nice dinner but everything just failed. You felt like curling up in a ball and cry for the rest of the night.

First, you almost set the house on fire when you forgot the food on the stove while you were mixing the mixture for the dessert. You put it out quickly but the food was ruined and it was the start of your bad day.

The second time, you placed out a whole tray of eggs from the fridge but you slipped which caused for everything to spill and crack. Worse, some of them landed on you. You sighed as you cleaned everything up and took a shower, not even bothering anymore with the dinner.

As you came out from the shower, you felt guilty and started to do dinner again, but as usual it failed. You were cutting some vegetables when it slipped and caused you to cut your finger. It wasn’t that deep but it sure hell’s bleeding a lot.

You dropped the knife and took some paper towel. You wiped it but it wouldn’t stop bleeding and you finally reached your breaking point and cried. Luck wasn’t really on your side when the front door opened, signalling that Luke finally arrived.

“Hey babe-” he stopped seeing you on your state. “Why the hell are you bleeding?” he rushed in front of you and examined your hand. “E-everything just… It slipped a-and…” he kissed your forehead. “Shhh.. I’ll be right back.” he went to get the first aid kit as you stood there in the middle of your kitchen.

When he returned, he carried you and made you sit on the kitchen counter and tend to your wound. “You okay?” he said softly. You hummed in response and he smiled at you. “There. Finished.” He put away the kit and just stared at you.

“I’m sorry for the dinner Luke. I really tried.” He chuckled. “It’s okay babe. As long as you’re safe. Let’s just order pizza?” You nodded and hopped off the counter. “Let’s go clumsy girl.”

a/n: I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve been so busy please forgive me :((((


Luke Hemmings or basic white girl? 99% of people will get this wrong

I choked…

Okay imagine for a second that he’s holding your hand instead of his own and he’s sharing his headphones with you and he’s so tired that he can’t keep his eyes open and falls asleep on your shoulder the second he gets on the plane and holding your hand while falling asleep helps him sleep better and you are running your other hand through his hair and its so soft and messy and you’re gently just playing with strands of his hair so he feels comforted and once he’s asleep, you take off his headphones so he doesn’t suddenly wake up to some screamo and the second the music cuts off, he leans closer to you and you feel his body loosen up and he mumbles “Mm love you…” and you kiss his forehead as his breathing slows down and you can hear him snoring really softly as he falls back asleep and he may even drool a little on your shirt but you don’t mind because he looks so cuddly and cute and the fact that he trusts you enough to fall asleep on you makes up for the fact that you have scruff scratches on your neck and drool on your shoulder because he never lets go of your hand however deeply he’s sleeping and his body stays close to yours the entire time and you’re his favourite cuddle buddy and he can’t ever imagine falling asleep next to someone else and idk i really want to sit next to sleepy Lukey :(



imagine how cute it’ll be when Luke gets back to his hotel room all tired and sleepy after meeting a bunch of fans and you’re waiting up for him and the second he walks in, he’s just holds out his arms and goes “Cuddle” and pulls you into his chest so tight and walks to the bed and he sits with his back against the headboard and you’re sitting on his lap straddling his waist so your chests are pressed together and Luke just nuzzles his head into your neck and tiredly wraps his arms around your back and you slowly pull his SnapBack off and start twirling the ends of his hair with your fingers and you can feel his beard poking and rubbing your neck and he’s letting out really soft, mumbled hums and quiet moans and you’re like “let me kiss you?” and he nods into your neck and pulls away, his eyes are half shut because he’s so tired and sleepy and you cup his cheeks in your hands and start peppering his face with kisses, Luke smiling a little when you press a kiss to his forehead and you can feel his growing dimples beneath your palms and when you get to his nose, he’d scrunch it up and giggle really softly so it’s a tiny squeaky, breathy giggle and his eyes are slowly fluttering shut when you reach his lips and they’re probably slightly chapped and he’d lazily kiss you back while you gently rubbed your thumbs on his cheeks and he’d whisper “Sleep..” against your lips so you’d get off him and sit next to him, pulling his long body close to you by wrapping your arms around him and he’d rest his head on your boobs or your tummy and you’d be running your hands through his hair and he’d just curl up into a tiny ball and press his body into your side and wrap his arms around your waist and just fall asleep really cutely I’m crying bye


Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 1200+

Warning: This is smut, read with caution. 

Mornings with Luke would be magical 

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Omfg footballer Luke AU where you’re his lucky charm so he makes sure you come along to every practice session and game and he’s always holding your hand while you walk him to the pitch and places a hard kiss on your lips and whispers a low “I love you, princess” so his teammates know you’re all his and he gets you a jersey that says Hemmings at the back of it and he enjoys nothing more than coming back after a game and seeing you in his jersey with hot underwear ready to spoil the fuck out of your sweaty boyfriend by sitting on his back and massaging his shoulders earning low, satisfied moans from him that always ends up turning into celebratory sex with you riding him as a gift for the win and he enjoys leaving hickeys and marks all over your skin so the guys in the crowd know whose girl you are.