luke hemmings and his penguin

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Luke and his penguin :)

5SOS: A summary.
  • Ashton: Wild jungle man. Ashton Irwin is often found searching for spiritual enlightenment via taking selfies with big trees or mountains in random locations that look very Tumblr-y. During these adventures, he lets his hair and beard grow so all can bask in the glory of his jungle-ness.
  • Calum: Bad ass puppy stealing hoe. Calum Hood spends 90% of his life in various clubs and sparking outrage in the fandom by being seen smoking. When he is not in clubs, he can be found trying to steal dogs in order to take very adorable pictures with his new canine friends for Instagram.
  • Luke: Penguin boy. Luke Hemmings spends his days mastering the penguin-like ability to waddle with his knees staying closed. Currently, he is practicing the art of keeping a large egg safely between his knees (he is using an easter egg at present but wishes to advance to a real ostrich egg in the near future) in preparation for when he joins his new penguin colony and starts his own penguin family.
  • Michael: Endangered species. The Michael Clifford is a rare creature and has been placed on the endangered species list due to the lack of sightings; it can disappear for weeks at a time. It is also skilled in camouflage and can change it's hair colour as often as it wishes. Some theories surrounding this possibly mythical creature are that this camouflage contributes to the lack of sightings as it has mastered blending into it's surroundings. Some claim that shouting 'Muke AF' or 'I love Luke more than you' will entice it out of it's habitat.