luke hemmings and his penguin

Anything for You x Luke Hemmmings

Word Count: 1396

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Slight Trigger Warning Concerning Body Insecurities 

Much love.. 

“Hey Babe, what’s Ben’s Instagram? I want to tag him in the photos from today,” you questioned Luke as you scrolled through the pictures you were debating on whether or not to post. Luke leaned out from the kitchen doorway, where he was currently making dinner, and replied,

“I actually don’t know, check who I follow. Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes though,” he smiled and soon returned to the kitchen.

Getting onto Instagram you began to browse through the nearly three hundred accounts he follows in hopes of finding a single one. Without any success at a quick glance you began selecting random accounts. You’re heart dropped when the first account you clicked on belonged to a beautiful girl you’d never heard of, who according to her bio, just so happened to be a successful model. You quickly shook it off, without letting it bother you too much. There was nothing wrong with it; you couldn’t stop Luke from following girls, even if you believed them to be much more attractive and flawless when compared to yourself. Concern laced through you veins as you continued to click accounts; Victoria Secret models wearing practically nothing, beauty gurus whom were perfect, thin, fit women with gorgeous smiles… You sighed as you stood up, leaving your phone on the couch and walking toward your bathroom. As you looked at your reflection tears welled into your eyes, threatening to pour onto your reddened cheeks.

Negative thoughts flooded you’re mind, ‘He’s not happy with me,’ ‘He thinks I’m ugly,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ 'he could get any of those girls, why is he with me?’ Your hands prodded at your body, observing, easily finding flaws with everything. You pulled at the skin on your face, poked at the tiniest blemish and looked at yourself from every possible angle is disgust. Luke constantly talked about how beautiful you were and denied you when you had any intentions of changing yourself for what you thought would be the better. Tears now stained you cheeks, mascara running, loose strands of hair sticking to your face. You slid down against the bathroom wall, “I’m not good enough,” you muttered nearly inaudibly as you buried your face in your hands.

A light knock shook you from your thoughts, “Dinner is gonna get cold Princess, are you-” Luke questioned but you quickly interrupted, sniffling, “I’ll be out in a minute Luke.”

“Are you c-crying,” he asked wearily, oblivious to the current events. “No,” you replied, sadness evident in your tone.

“I’m coming in,” Luke replied, lacking to respect any form of boundaries. “I don’t want you to see me like this,” you challenged as the door knob turned, the door itself opening immediately after. Luke stood in the doorway and reached out for your hand, “C'mon, let’s get you some dinner and we’ll talk.”

A heavy sigh escaped your lips as you stood up, Luke pulling you toward the dining room. You sat down at the table at the plate directly across from his setting. His hand soon outreached for yours, interlocking fingers; his eyes never leaving you.

“What the hell just happened, Princess,” he questioned as you poked at the food on the plate in front of you with your fork. “I’m fine Luke, it’s no big deal,” you groaned.

“No, it’s a big deal. Especially when your girlfriend is going through Instagram and next thing you know she’s in the bathroom crying her eyes out,” he paused, a slight amount of irritation in his voice and on his face. He softened as he continued, “And I’d love to know what’s bothering you (Y/N). I hate seeing you cry, it breaks my heart when you do,” he spoke sweetly as he squeezed at your intertwined fingers. You continued pushing your food around your plate, contemplating a response.

“Why am I upset, why was I crying?” Breaking your fingers out of his grasped you continued, “The better question is why are you following about fifty models on Instagram?” You sighed out of exasperation, dropping your fork down onto your plate.

“(Y/N), really? It’s no big deal,” Luke retorted, using prior arguments against you. You remained silent simply because you lacked a relevant response. He shook his head at you, “Is it wrong that I follow friends. I know every one of those girls…”

“But Luke, that’s the problem, you could get any one of those perfect girls in an instant but you are with me and I’m not that,” you spoke rapidly, “I’m not prett-”

Luke stood up grabbing your hand, “Be quiet for a minute, please.” He walked over to your side of the table pulling you up from your chair. His arm slipped to the crook of your knees as he picked you up bridal style and carried you back toward your bathroom, setting you onto the counter, “(Y/N), my princess.. Why are you worried about that?”

You hadn’t questioned any of his actions, actually smiling at them until he asked that dreaded question. “Luke, I don’t want you to leave me for them. I feel like I’m not pleasing you, that-”

He cut you off once again, “I love you no matter what but you are beautiful. I tell you that all the time.”

You sighed, “Talk is cheap Hemmings.” Luke’s face lit up as his adorable laugh filled the room, “You think I’d say that to you without meaning it, you’re crazy (Y/N). I’d never lie to you.”

After inhaling sharply, carefully weighing every word about to come out of your mouth, “I know you love me Luke but… I’m not them; look at my thighs, my arms, my stomach, my face… Me. I don’t deserve to be able to stand next to a sexy, Australian with dazzling blue eyes and perfect hair… I’m like-,” Luke pressed his lips to your as if put an end to your continuous rambling.

He cupped your face in one hand, the other hand gliding across your body as he spoke,  “I love your gorgeous face, especially your cute little nose,” he smiled as he ‘booped’ your nose.

“Your thighs are perfect, I love when you wrap them around me,” his volume lowered significantly as his hand ran across your inner thighs. His delicate touch left a tingling sensation to envelope your body.

His hands ran down your arms, “There is nothing wrong with your arms, there just like anybody else’s… They’re arms,” he laughed again causing you to smile.

“That’s my girl,” Luke continued, “and your stomach; I want my baby to be in there one day…”

You gasped out of excitement, at his last comment. You never expecting those words to leave his lips and they actually caught you off guard, “You wanna have kids?” He smiled, “One day, Princess… I mean we’d make some pretty good looking ones.” You giggled pulling him even closer, nuzzling your face into his chest, he’d make an amazing father, no doubt about it.

~Several hours later~

The two of you were finally able to finish your dinner and had managed to clean everything up so you two could relax. Luke sat back on the couch, your head resting in his lap as your eye lids became heavy. You dozed on and off, listening to Luke’s soft humming along to the movie playing on the screen in front of you. Luke was scrolling through his phone as usual; but this time, a small smirk graced his lips.

Your phone began to buzz within your back pocket, not once or twice, it was simply endless. You were accustomed to such ruckus from Luke’s phone but not from your own. You sighed pulling your phone out of your pocket only to see Instagram notifications littering your lock screen.

@lukehemmings liked your photo

@lukehemmings commented on your photo

@lukehemmings liked your photo

@lukehemmings liked your photo

@lukehemmings commented on your photo

@lukehemmings commented on your photo

@lukehemmings tagged you in a photo

Unlocking your phone, you began to scroll through the relentless notifications produced by Luke. A small smile formed upon your lips as you read through his comments, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ ‘I’m so lucky to have you,’ ‘How are you so perfect?’ and more comments beyond.

“You mean it, Luke?” You questioned him once more as the notifications began to ease up. “Of course I do,” he pulled you up onto his lap, leaving a slobbery kiss on your cheek. “You’re so gross Hemmings,” you groaned, pushing his face away from your own.

Luke took handed you his phone which displayed everyone he had blocked on Instagram. “Why did you block so many people,” you laughed, slightly confused yet more so amused, “you blocked them all?” “Of course I did, I just want my princess to be happy,” Luke grabbed his phone from your hands, placing it on the ottoman in front of the couch.

“I’m beyond happy when I’m with you, Luke, I just overreacted,” you admit reluctantly, “I’m sorry.” His hand grabbed your own as the two of you interlocked fingers once again, “I don’t know why I followed them anyways; I was kinda desperate back then. But they can’t compare to you, (Y/N), I promise… You are breath taking.”

Rolling your eyes, you smacked his arm with a small grin on your face, “What are you trying to do Luke? Whatever it is, it’s not working…” He shrugged as his tongue brushed the piercing on his lip, “I’m just trying to be a good boyfriend, making the lady love me.”

“I already do, now shut up and kiss me loser.”

He smiled, “Anything for you,” which he confirmed as his lips attached to your own.

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Me after Luke changed his username on Instagram

You tweet a picture of him (5sos)


@(Y/T/N) Meet Nemo, the new member of the family :) @Ashton5SOS 


@(Y/T/N) So proud of @Calum5sos he finally learned how to make a tosti! 


@(Y/T/N) Should I be scared… @michael5SOS 


@(Y/T/N) Luke only wants to cuddle with his penguin :(

Luke and his penguin :)

5SOS: A summary.
  • Ashton: Wild jungle man. Ashton Irwin is often found searching for spiritual enlightenment via taking selfies with big trees or mountains in random locations that look very Tumblr-y. During these adventures, he lets his hair and beard grow so all can bask in the glory of his jungle-ness.
  • Calum: Bad ass puppy stealing hoe. Calum Hood spends 90% of his life in various clubs and sparking outrage in the fandom by being seen smoking. When he is not in clubs, he can be found trying to steal dogs in order to take very adorable pictures with his new canine friends for Instagram.
  • Luke: Penguin boy. Luke Hemmings spends his days mastering the penguin-like ability to waddle with his knees staying closed. Currently, he is practicing the art of keeping a large egg safely between his knees (he is using an easter egg at present but wishes to advance to a real ostrich egg in the near future) in preparation for when he joins his new penguin colony and starts his own penguin family.
  • Michael: Endangered species. The Michael Clifford is a rare creature and has been placed on the endangered species list due to the lack of sightings; it can disappear for weeks at a time. It is also skilled in camouflage and can change it's hair colour as often as it wishes. Some theories surrounding this possibly mythical creature are that this camouflage contributes to the lack of sightings as it has mastered blending into it's surroundings. Some claim that shouting 'Muke AF' or 'I love Luke more than you' will entice it out of it's habitat.

Luke has sent you all of these pictures over the last 6 days. The last picture’s caption reads ‘Only one day until my mom meets the love of my life! I don’t know who is more excited! Me or her!’ Today is finally the day. You got dressed in your nicest sundress to meet up with them. You call Luke, and start rambling on. “Luke! I don’t know if the dress I’m wearing right now is good enough to meet your mom in and I’m just freaking out because I wouldn’t be able to handle it if she doesn’t like me. I’m a family person and what kind of family could we be if your family didn’t like me? I’m just really freaking out right now,” you sigh. “Don’t worry, babe. I’m sure you look gorgeous. And I’m sure my mom would love you no matter what. Don’t worry,” Luke tells you in his calming voice. “But how can you be sure?” You ask. “Because she is sitting right next to me. And you’re on speaker phone. And she has already told me she can tell-” You cut Luke off. “MISS HEMMINGS JUST HEARD ALL OF THIS.” You started to take deep breaths. “Yes I did sweetie. But no worries. I already love you from everything Luke has told me. You sound like an absolute delight. I would never stand in the way of true love, anyways, and that’s what this is. I’m happy that Luke has picked you to be his penguin.”

Fun facts about my boyfriend:
He’s just over six foot with blond hair, blue eyes, he’s athletically inclined, acts like a child 99% of the time, spends a lot of time with his best friend Ashton, and absolutely loves penguins. But it’s not Luke Hemmings. Nope. His name is Noah. So I’m kinda dating a non-Luke Hemmings version of Luke Hemmings.