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beside you or everything i didnt say? english love affair or mrs all american? wrapped around your finger or close as strangers? end up here or long way home? i cant remember or heartache on the big screen? castaway or safety pin? invisible or broken home? what i like about you or 18? disconnected or daylight?

Protect Myself (PART 2) - Best Friend Calum/Boyfriend Luke

Part one can be found HERE - I got a couple requests for a part 2 so I hope you like it!


I wake up with Luke’s arm draped across me and the sun blocked by the curtains. When I look at the clock, I realize that it’s already almost noon. I shift so I am facing away from him but I allow him to tighten his arms around my waist and hold me closer. Silence. 

“Morning” Luke mumbles but I don’t respond. I have hope that Luke may think I just turned in my sleep so I wait to see what he does. Luke shuffles so his front is pushed to my back and he kisses the back of my neck and sighs. “I just wish you would tell me.” He groans as he turns himself out of bed and walks into the bathroom. I lay flat on my back and focus on the off light fixture. Calum was right…of course. I need to tell Luke and I need to tell him soon but there is no way that I’ve imagined where Luke does not blow his top and tell me I can’t do something. When he returns from the bathroom he finds me sitting on at the head of the bed.

Luke knows that I have bad days. He knows that there are times that I could be given all the love and affection in the world but one person could say something that might at some point possibly be construed into something slightly rude in the tiniest of ways and it could be bad enough to me that I have to tell Luke I’m having bad thoughts. He knows that in the past I’ve been raped, he knows that I tried (unsuccessfully) to end it and he knows that even with I say I want to be alone, what I want is to be with these four idiots who can change everything. 

“Oh! You’re up” he says surprised.

“Yeah” I reply sadly. He comes towards me but stays cautious.

“Are we going to talk about yesterday at all or is that something we just need to let slide past?” I look up with no emotion and he nods his head up and down. His face falls in the expectation that he will never know. 

“I just - Calum told me that you asked him not to say anything.” 

“Yeah” I say again. “I’ll have to remember to thank him for that.”I knew that he wasn’t going to leave it alone, even if he promised that he wouldn’t tell him for 2 weeks. I knew as soon as I looked in his eyes as I left that he was going to spill the beans eventually. “It’s just all jumbled it in my head.”  Luke comes over and inches towards my back. As screwed up as my emotions are right now, Luke trying to squeeze his tall frame behind me makes me let out a quiet puff of a laugh. His arms wrap around me and he pulls me back. I lean in and prepare myself for what I expect to be a fight. 

“I’m ready when you are.” I rest my head and close my eyes. I want to feel him wrapped around me for a second before I ruin this. 

“I got arrested.” I mumble quietly and Luke stiffened. His arms stayed tight and I wait.

“I think I heard wrong” he replies, he knows he didn’t but he is going me a second chance to say it. There is a fight coming but I know that Luke is going to try and stay as collected about it as he can for as long as he can.He tends to get loud and big when he is mad but I cannot handle the intimidation that inevitably comes with a man over a foot taller then you, yelling.  

“Where?” His jaw is so tight.

“Santa Monica.”

“Why?” This was definitely just said through his teeth. In an effort to keep thing calm I try to defuse it before it goes further. I can feel the annoyance rolling off of his skin. He wants me to stop being vague but I need to keep him sitting.

“I have to start with that really, it wasn’t my fault. It was bad timing for the cop to show up and he didn’t see the whole thing and it was my word against the other guy’s and I’m okay, he wasn’t able to - “

“Stop” Luke interjects. “Just tell me what you were arrested for.” 

“Assault” I mumble. 

“For” he pushes but he isn’t as tense - for now. 

“Punching a guy in the sack the way that Calum taught me.” I add the last part so that Luke knows that I used my self defense. He must know that I would only use that punch if I was being attacked. 


I stay silent for what feels like forever. 

“Why?” He says louder and the wall he put up for the anger, it’s starting to fall. 

“Because he was…” I feel the first tear fall. “He” a tear lands on Luke’s arm, still at my waist. 

“Did he fucking touch you?” In one swift move, I am turned to the side, on Luke’s lap with his eyes holding a steady gaze on my far less confident one. “Did. He. Fucking. Touch. You?” His eyes are full of fury and I start to shake. This is going the way I was scared it would. He is starting to falter and I know that he can’t hold back much longer. 

“No. I protected myself” I respond. His eyes lighten slightly. 

“What happened to him?” I just shrug at the question. 

“I don’t want to talk about him or it or the police. I want to forget it happened and I want to go back to acting like we always do” I rush out. I can’t lock eyes with him anymore. I can’t keep my fighting flame lit if Luke fixes those blue eyes too strong. 

“Last time this happened to you…” he trails off, no doubt thinking about the weeks I spent in the hospital afterwords. I can see his teeth grinding and know he is using everything he has to stay calm. 

“Last time isn’t now, Luke.” My fingers tight around each other.

“I know that but -”

“Please. I don’t want to think about it. I want to let it go and I want to just go back to what it was before this happened.”

“You want to go back to me constantly worrying that when I go to work, you are out on the street in danger of being attacked, of being raped again, of being killed? No, I’m not going back to that. You’re coming to work with us and you will come home with us and I’m not letting you -” I push myself out of Luke’s lap. 

“ABSO FUCKING LUTELY NOT, LUKE.” I yell. For the first time in a long time, my anger is like a fire. Luke is taken aback but stays seated. It’s hypocritical for me to be able to yell but expect Luke to remain relaxed but no one ever said PTSD made sense. 

“I called Calum because this is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. You don’t get to tell me that I can’t go out and do stuff. I was able before and I will be able again, I’m not going to lock myself in a room and do nothing because of a little catcalling.” I’m beyond frustrated. I hear movement in the house and know that the others can hear our fight. 

“MY JOB IS TO PROTECT YOU!” Luke yells, hands flung through his hair, holding tight to release some frustration he stands at full height but I sink to the floor and cower towards the wall. Within 2 seconds of my collapse Luke is back to holding me. He is curled completely around me when the door flings open. 

“Luke” Cal says and moves swiftly to get me away. Luke would never do anything to me but Calum can see I cracked. He pulls me free and gets between me and Luke. 

“I’m sorry, I just got frustrated. I didn’t mean to - ” he is a mess. I can hear the congestion from the tears and I know he must look a wreck. I feel someone’s hand run down my face and I pull away quickly, scrambling along the floor to the door. I get up and run. 

“Y/N!” Cal says, startled. 

I see Ashton at the bottom of the steps, seconds from coming up. He doesn’t know what happened but he holds his arms open and I collide with him hard enough to knock the wind out of my lungs. I clutch to him and whimper. 

“I can’t be here. I need to… I need… Please.” I don’t know where I want to go, I don’t know what I want to do but I do know I can’t be with them. I have to get away from Luke and Cal. I have to clear my mind before I formulate stupid thoughts. 

“This is what I was trying to stop” Cal is saying frantically as he came down the stairs. I hid behind Ashton, still furious with him and scared of the whole situation. He was right and I know it but it’s too late and now…Now I need Ashton to be my protection. “Please. I can’t handle you being scared of me” I make a pathetic whine and grip Ashton’s shirt in my hands, face buried in his chest when he turns back to Cal.

“Please, just go to Luke” he tells him. He looks sad and I hate that I’m doing this to them but I can’t stop it. I need to leave, I need to be somewhere that I can’t do something stupid. Ashton ushers me to the door where he grabs his keys and we walk outside. He doesn’t say a word as we get into the car. 

“It’s my fault. I’m broken and all I do is break others.” I stare out the window as Ashton backs out. I’m sobbing now, knees to my chest, lungs on fire from finally letting it all out. Luke is looking out the bedroom window and my heart shatters when I see him realize how scared I am. He puts his hand to the glass but Ashton pulls away. 

“You have a good reason to act the way you do” Ash reminds me. 

“Not one that’s good enough…”


-Did we like it?? 

anonymous asked:

can I get a calum imagine where you broke up cause of management a while ago and he's low key never moved on and he sees you at a party cause your kind of famous too and he sees you with a new guy and he grabs you and is jealous and still loves you THANK YOU

Of course, I am like, totally in love with this idea!

Being with Calum was the time of my life, sure, it was a few months ago, but I loved him dearly. Sometimes, you just have to move on. Many people didn’t even want us to be together, especially his management, they were livid when we got together. We were the perfect couple, we never fought or anything, until management tried to tear us apart, and they did.

My fans, supported me, even through the break up, and Calum’s fans supported me too, which made me so happy. It wasn’t until I was sent to an award ceremony that I had to be placed with someone for publicity. A few days before the award show, me and the guy I was paired with, were sent to go out into town and have a coffee ‘date’.

Mark, was nothing more than a friend to me, he told me about how he had a secret girlfriend that his management didn’t want anyone to know about, and I told him about what happened between Calum and I. “And then management forced us to break up. That was when we had our fist real fight, I tried to tell him even if my management wanted us to break up, I would have still been with him.” I sighed while trying to explain everything to him.

“It was really upsetting because he had to break up with me. Management told him the boys’ contract would be deducted if we stayed together and he couldn’t do that to him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love those boys, but it was just heart-breaking, you know?” I looked to Mark who sat across from me in a small booth.

He nodded, “Yeah, I get that, I can see things from both perspectives, but, we’ll be going to that awards show, and I know Calum is going to be there.” He grinned smugly, “And you’re going to talk to him, even if I have to make you.” I giggled, “Ok, it would be nice to talk to him again.” I sighed as Mark cheered.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” I nodded and we walked out of the coffee shop together. Outside, the paparazzi were buzzing trying to talk to us, I looked down and hid my blush. it always got to me, I still wasn’t over paparazzi. “Y/n! Y/n! Is this your new boyfriend?” “What about Calum Hood?” “What happened to you guys?” “Did you know he’ll be going to the awards show you’re attending?” Were some of the things being called out to me.

I tried to keep my head down so they wouldn’t notice the tears being welled up in my eyes. It still hurt to think about what happened between Calum and I. Mark dropped me off at my house and the next few days were me mentally preparing to go to the award show.

When Mark and I got to the place, it was a normal award show, and I didn’t see Calum for the most part. the real fun was the after party, music was loud, and blasted throughout the different rooms. “Look Y/n, there’s Calum! Go talk to him!” Mark yelled as we stood in a corner together with some drinks.

“Um, I’m not too sure I can talk to him yet, is there anyway I can practice on you what I’m going to say?” I asked hesitantly. Mark chuckled and nodded his head.

“Ok, Hey Calum,” I giggled, “This is so weird, I’m sorry.” Mark chuckled, “No, it’s fine keep going.” I sighed again, “Listen, I think I still love you, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we broke up, and I miss you so much. Is there anyway-”

I was dragged away by the arm by someone. When we were a far distance away from mark I turned towards the person and looked at them -it was Calum. “Cal? Hey.” I said uneasily. I noticed him glaring and huffing. His fists were clenched and so were his teeth, I noticed that being his jealous look. “Cal, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Do you like that guy? You were all over him and telling him how you loved him and missed him, and I know you didn’t date anyone after me, so does that mean you loved him while we were together?” He asked in an aggravated tone. I was about to speak, but he cut me off again.

“I know you probably love him or something, but I love you  ok? I’m sick of sitting back and seeing you with someone else. It drives me crazy and I want you to be happy but-” I cut him off by softly placing my lips to his. He was shocked, but kissed back fairly quickly.

“I was talking to him about what I was going to say to you when I walked up to you, but you beat me to it.” I giggled as he chuckled and kissed me again. “Well, I had a whole speech planned out and everything, but I guess I don’t need it anymore.” He chuckled as I hugged the life out of him.

“I missed you Cal.” I sighed.

“I missed you too.”

This low-key killed my heart it was such a cute ask. Thanks for the request lovely. Sorry for spelling and shit, it isn’t edited. :-)

Yall remember that one keek where Ash tired to revive Luke’s penguin and Michael pokes his head out the window to look what he’s doing and then Ash boots the penguin into the pool…..damn good ol times


Anon: Can you do a text au where Calum’s begging you for cuddles and you’re messing around with him? My name is Mya and I love your writing!

 A/N: I love doing these so thanks for the request. I hope you liked it lovebug💕

cheater cheater (l.h.)

I looked over my appearance once more, not quite as satisfied as I could have been with myself, but figuring it was just Calum and he had seen me at my absolute worst.

I had on an over sized white Blink-182 shirt, considering all we had planned was a movie day in, maybe even a few of the boys might stop by, so I didn’t feel the need to get dressed up or anything. Leggings clung to my legs as I struggle to squeeze my vans onto my feet in attempt to avoid retying the shoelaces.

My phone buzzed next to me on my bed just as I had finally gotten myself recomposed, from Calum.

Cal: Hey (Y/N), the doors open for when you arrive :)

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Family (a.i. imagine)

Summary: You’re Luke’s sister. He treats your twin sister better until you get pregnant with Ashton’s baby.

Requested: yes

Warnings: none

Okay, so your request said I could continue it on from where you left off, so I just made it past tense and then put the imagine into present day. I titled it as an Ashton imagine because I wasn’t sure how to title it. This was really challenging to write, but I hope you like it! I tried to make it as long as I could.

Your family was big. There was no denying that fact. You had three older brothers and a twin sister. Growing up in the Hemmings household was always fun when you were a child, though. There was always someone there to play with. Your brother, Benji, taught you how to ride a bike. Your other brother, Jack, taught you how to climb trees. Your twin sister listened to you ramble about the boy you thought was cute at the time. Luke, the youngest of the boys, was always around to crack a joke or sing a song to make you smile.

As you got older, though, Luke became less existent in your life. He started spending more time with (Y/S/N); started treating her better and bought her anything she wanted. When he left for tour, he sent her money so she could buy things. You always felt slightly left out, but never thought too much into it.

That is, until you met a certain golden haired, giggly drummer.

Ashton visited once when the band was on a break from touring. As soon as you met him, you guys clicked. He ended up visiting a lot more often, always claiming to be there to work on songs with Luke, but always ending up in the kitchen to talk to you. He made you laugh and listened to you talk about anything and everything. He paid attention to you.

Which is why he noticed that Luke treated your twin sister better. He noticed that Luke and you barely spoke somedays, and on the days that you did, it was to argue about something stupid. Ashton wanted to talk to Luke about it, but you refused to let him do that. You didn’t want to start a fight between the two boys, or between your sister and you. It was just better to let things be.

One night, while the whole band was visiting, you and your sister went out to a New Year’s Eve party with them. You usually weren’t much of a drinker, since you usually had to drive (Y/S/N) home from parties.

But Calum had been so insistent on making sure everyone got completely wasted.

And Michael kept ordering another round of shots.

And Ashton promised that it would be okay.

When you woke up the next morning, things were not okay. First off, your head thumped so hard that it felt like your head was breaking in half. Second, you were naked. And third, Ashton was beside you sleeping, also naked. You had jumped out of the bed and grabbed your clothes, almost escaping until the floor creaked underneath your feet. Ashton had been shocked just as much as you, but neither of you remembered anything.

You both agreed to forget it ever happened, since you wanted to keep the friendship you had blooming.

It worked out great. For the most part.

Things went back to normal. You two still laughed about inside jokes and had movie nights. When he went back on tour, you called each other every night. You sent each other stupid snapchats. Ashton was your best friend.

That all came crumbling down the day that you discovered you were pregnant. It was supposed to be a normal check up, but ended with you in tears after hearing the news from your doctor. You knew that Ashton was the father, since you hadn’t slept with anyone else.

You decided that you had to tell Ashton as soon as possible, and that’s just what you did when he called later that night.

“Pregnant?” He had echoed, sounding confused. Then realization clicked. “Oh my god, it’s mine, isn’t it?” He had asked. “Yeah, Ash. It’s yours.” You had whispered.

Ashton took the news better than you expected. He was so excited to be having a baby with you. He couldn’t wait to start picking out baby things.

You both agreed to wait until the next time he and Luke were home to tell Luke. You told your parents and other brothers that same night, and everyone was overjoyed.

When Luke finally heard, he was not.

“You knocked up my sister?” He asked Ashton, his eyebrows furrowed. “I wouldn’t put it that way. That sounds so offending towards her.” Ashton said. “Don’t get fucking smart with me, Ashton. You know I told you she was off limits to anyone in the band.” Luke snapped, standing up. Before Ashton or you could say anything, your twin sister walked into the room.

“What’s going on?” She asked, touching Luke’s arm. “(Y/N) is pregnant with Ashton’s baby.” Luke said through gritted teeth. Your sister turned and smiled at you. “Really?! That’s so cute.” She said softly. You smiled a little. “No, it’s not!” Luke yelled, before turning and storming out of the house.

**present day**

It’s been three years since Luke stormed out of the house. He stayed away for a week, before calling you one night and actually talking to you about it. He even asked if he could still be a part of your baby’s life. Obviously, you agreed.

Things are going really well. You and Ashton fell in love quickly after your second trimester. He treated you like a queen.

Your little girl came two weeks early, but was healthy and adorable. She had golden curls like Ashton and your eye color. Ashton loves her so much. He absolutely adores her. He hates leaving for tour now, but always calls home every night to “see how my favorite two girls are doing.”

Luke started spending equal amount of time with you and your twin, and stopped giving her money. She threw a huge fit at first, but eventually got her act together and is now a successful businesswoman. Your daughter loves her uncle Luke; always asking if he can come visit.

Things were finally starting to become amazing for you. You had a loving family and a beautiful baby girl.