ArE You TrYiNg tO kill ME?!,,,!!

midnight || calum hood

it was always midnight when they met. 

(inspired by the movie ‘the first time’)

y/n closed her eyes and inhaled the clear night air, relieved that she managed to escape the crowded party scene;  she was getting slightly lighted headed from the loud thumping music and the smell of beer, sweat and marijuana. 

she knew her friends weren’t going to be looking for her as they were probably too busy hooking up with some horny high school guys which they’ll obviously forget the name of the next day. y/n was sick of guys hitting on her and asking her out for a date, they all meant nothing to her and she meant nothing to them.

every guy she dated in her 17 years of life all wanted either sex or just a ‘fling’ that would keep them occupied for the nest couple of months until they were sick of being in a relationship. all she wanted was a person who would genuinely love and care for her; someone who would look at her as if she was the only star in their life and have deep and meaningful conversations about their dreams and fears.

she told her friends what she wanted, they told her to wake up.

the street was dimly lit by a few lamps and there were barely anyone around except for the kids leaving and entering the party through the back gate. with a small sigh, y/n sat on the side walk with her arms wrapped around her knees and mindlessly fiddled with the rings on her finger, completely bored and a bit sick of people in general.

“hi montana, i have to tell you something. so, the girl i’ve been telling you about is actually you. yeah i like your more than i should, like more than a friend.”

y/n looked up from her boots to see a tall guy in the distance, his shoulders were slunched and he seemed to be talking to a wall. she couldn’t figure out what he looked like due to the poor lighting and the fact that his back was turned to her.

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