if someone asks you who the hell are 5sos just show them this vine

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5sos as people on snapchat

ashton: best friends with everyone and has lots of streaks, constantly posts on his story, forces friends to be in his story and record for him, probably one of the most used apps on his phone

calum: sometimes uses snapchat but not often, only talks to some people, always featured in his friends stories, his story is mostly puppies

michael: only uses it to keep up with his streaks but sometimes forgets, uses filters all the time, secretly records his friends doing stupid things on his story

luke: hardly ever uses snapchat, when he does its lit so you gotta screenshot, never has anything on his story, only has it because his friends made him get it

Make Love to a Killer (LH) - Part 8

A/N: It’s finally here and I’m so so sorry for the wait. I honestly thought that I was going to have a tonne of time over summer to write, but honestly I’ve been hella busy and social - (ik wtf) - but it’s finally here and I hope I don’t disappoint.

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Make Love to a Killer

Pairing: Luke & Reader
Word Count: 4.4k approx.
Warning: Swearing, violence

Summary: “Didn’t they tell you to never fuck a killer, Princess?”  


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Happy Endings

Pairing: Luke & You 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw

Luke has a bad day and only you can replace his anger with happiness - fluff and playfulness ensues 

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