luke hemminfs


Luke’s POV: Text AU: Luke accuses you of stealing his shirts while he’s on tour


You and Luke had been living in your tiny one bedroom apartment for about three months now. Moving out of your parents house and paying for an apartment and college while working a low pay job had been really difficult for the both of you. But you both worked so hard to make ends meet and everything was so worth it. At the end of the day Luke would come home from his bartending job around two in the morning and you would be home for a few hours and make dinner after you got home from your job at the office. You never went to bed before Luke got home, it didn’t feel fair and no matter how hard you tried when you had a test at 8 the next morning you couldn’t sleep without him. On this particular night you made tacos which were Luke’s favorite. You sat on the blow up couch you and Luke had scored at a garage sale reading for your English class in the kitchen/living room when Luke finally got home. You heard the keys jingle in the door and looked up to see a tired smile aimed towards you. Once Luke locked the door back he would plop down tiredly on the floor inbetween your legs as he rested his head against one of your thighs. You smiled and ruffled his hair.

“How was your day babe? I made tacos.”

At the mention of tacos he immediately perked up and walked to the counter in the tiny kitchenette. He plated tacos for the both of you while answering the usual generic answer about his day. He handed you your plate and plopped back down in between your legs. The rest of the dinner was spent watching Netflix on your tiny laptop while Luke rested against you. After you had both finished Luke shut down the laptop put the plates in the sink and pulled you towards the bedroom sleepily. Once you both sank down on the plain mattress on the floor with cozy blankets he wrapped both arms around you tightly. He made sure to kiss your cheek and nuzzle his nose against it too.

“G'night sweetheart love you.”

“Love you too Luke now get some sleep.”