luke hayden

Whoever even looks at Kylo the wrong way is going to have to deal with me. I’ll fucking fight you. He’s done nothing wrong in his life ever.

Sometimes I forget how little chill Anakin has...

  • Claims he’s the best pilot on Tatooine- hasn’t finished a race
  • Hits on a girl at 10 who is 4 years older
  • Jumps on top of a former queen/current senator and slices a worm in half
  • openly admits to a Jedi Master that he would like to dream of padme 
  • tells padme he’s been in love with her for 9 years 
  • doesn’t find his former master on his home planet purely because the planet is made of sand
  • kills a man and gives the man standing next to him his job
  • got into a tie fighter himself because his crew wasn’t doing a good enough job
  • makes a pun about choking while he force chokes director krennic  
  • builds his castle on the planet where he lost all his limbs, burned to a crisp and where he believed he killed his wife 
  • cuts off his son’s hand and asks him moments later to join him
  • throws a lightsaber at his son because son said he wasn’t evil enough
  • refuses to stay an old force ghost, reverts back to young self
  • arrives on a tie fighter, not in it…on top of it

murders 30 children 

It hasn’t even been officially announced that we might be getting Force Ghost Anakin as played by Hayden or even that Ewan McGregor will be coming back to Star Wars, but you can bet your ass I’m already sobbing just thinking about Obi-Wan getting to see Luke again, to see the Jedi he’s grown to be, about Anakin getting to watch over his son as a ghost, since he couldn’t when he was alive, both of them knowing what the lure of the Dark Side can mean, in different ways, but both so sympathetic and understanding, just thinking about how kind they’ll be to Luke and how much my heart is going to break is already making me cry.  And that’s not even if we get any, “I’m sorry, Master.” “I’m sorry as well, Anakin.” scenes between Ewan and Hayden.  I’m crying just thinking about it.

History repeats itself.

Lorelai & Christopher… and Luke.
Rory & Logan… and Jess.