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Disclaimer: I did not find all of these easter eggs myself. I watched many Youtube videos and read many articles and gathered the best easter eggs and connections to the Star Wars movies and I compiled them into one organized post. Enjoy!

Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia: 

Body doubles were used for the both of them but they special effects team were able to use Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing’s faces on the bodies. (We don’t see the below scene in Rogue One, I just wanted to include a photo of the both of them together)

C3PO and R2D2! 

They’re in every Star Wars film, and in Rogue One we see them on Yavin IV near the end of the film before the Rebel fleet takes off to Scarif. (This screenshot is from A New Hope)

    Blue Milk

    We see blue milk on the table in Jyn’s home in the very first scene of Rogue One. Here it is in A New Hope.

    “It’s A Trap!”

    The well known line said by Admiral Akbar in A New Hope is said by Saw Gerrera in Rogue One when talking to Jyn about the Bodhi’s defection.

    “I have a bad feeling about this”:

    the infamous running gag that is in every single Star Wars film. In Rogue One, K2SO says it as he, Jyn, and Cassian infiltrate the Empire base.

    Rian Johnson

    Rian Johnson (far right), the director of Star Wars VIII has a cameo in Rogue One as a laser operator on the Death Star. Rian repaid the favor by giving the director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards (far left), a cameo in Star Wars VIII.


    The name of the prison planet that Jyn is rescued on is called Wobani, which is an anagram for the name Obi-Wan.

    Mon Mothma:

     Mon Mothma is a politician in the Galactic Senate and leader in the rebel alliance to restore the resistance. We see her in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (played by the same actress) as well as Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi (but she is played by a different actress of course since that film was released in 1983).

    Bail Organa

    Leia’s father. We see him many times throughout the film. Jimmy Smits reprises his role in Rogue One (we see him as Bail Organa in Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2)

    Aurebesh on Jyn’s Necklace

    Jyn wears a necklace given to her by her mother, a Kyber Crystal that contains an inscription in the alien Star Wars language Aurebesh. It says “Trust the Force”

    Ponda Baba and Colonel Evaza

    During their trip to Jedha, Jyn bumps into Ponda Baba and Colonel Evaza, the two tough guys that threaten Luke Skywalker while at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine.


    The flashback that we see of Jyn as a young girl watching her parents talk with Krennic actually takes place in the Erso family’s living quarters on Coruscant. You can see the city outside the window.

    Obi Wan Kenobi:

     Bail Organa said he has a “Jedi friend”, of course, referring to Obi Wan Kenobi.

    Captain Antilles: 

    Right after Bail Organa mentions his “Jedi friend” he walks out and talks to a man named Captain Antilles and tells him to get ready. We see Antilles again at the end of Rogue One, giving the Death Star plans to Princess Leia. Captain Antilles is also known as Vader’s first on screen kill in A New Hope. He gets strangled by Darth when he refuses to give up the plans to the Death Star.

    Darth Vader’s Castle on Mustafar 

    Mustafar is the lava planet we see at the end of Star Wras III: Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin lost the infamous lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and loses all his limbs. This is basically where Darth Vader as we know him was born. The director confirmed that Vader resides there to sort of punish himself. George Lucas wanted to include Vader’s castle in the Empire Strikes Back.

    Warwick Davis

    We know Warwick Davis plays Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, and in Rogue One he plays an alien creature named Weeteef Cyu-Bee who we see on Jedha as a member of Saw Gerrera’s militia.

    Krennic’s Empty Seat in A New Hope

    In A New Hope, when Darth Vader meets with Empire officers, there are some empty seats at the table. Before Rogue One we just assumed that they belonged to officers Darth Vader killed, but now we can speculate that one of the seats most probably belongs to Orson Krennic from Rogue One.

    Wilhelm Scream

     the audio scream in all the Star Wars movies. It’s heard as a stormtrooper is killed.

    The Guardians of the Whills

    Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus use to be part of the now almost extinct order called The Guardians of the Whills, which were devoted to protecting the Temple of Kyber in the holy city of Jedha. One of the very first drafts for Star Wars was titled “Journal of the Whills, Part I” and then “Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars.” and then just “Star Wars” (Starkiller was Luke Skywalker’s original last name)

    “Rogue One”

     In the Empire Strikes Back, the rebel ships are named “Rogue Two, Rogue Three, etc” and Luke Skywalker is in the first ship but they call him “Rogue Leader”…. because there already was a ship called “Rogue One.”


    In a deleted scene from Star Wars (1977), we see Luke Skywalker on Tatooine look up and see Rebel and Empire pilots fighting. It is most probably the same fight we see in the third act of Rogue One. Click HERE to see that scene.

    Easter Bunny! Calum

    Happy Easter Weekend!!🐥

    Pairing: Y/N and Calum

    Warning: Smut..Things get kinky not going to lie 

    !!PORN GIFS!!

    Words: 2.7K

    Summary: Calum has been acting weird to fairly new girlfriend Y/N. Y/N didn’t expect to find out like this…or at all. P.S The picture below is me using a shitty editing app because my photoshop isn’t working properly sorry!


    The one of many special occasions you actually enjoy. Take out the Christmas and birthday, Easter was something you enjoyed. There was no pressure in faking opening present and pretending to like them when really a sweater that’s two sizes small for you is not exactly what you want.
    But for Easter all you get is chocolate and who exactly can complain about that?

    Also it will be your first Easter with your boyfriend Calum. You’d met Calum around July last year, your friend had dragged you to a All Time Low concert and you were stood next to him and his friends. Calum was also in a band which they were pretty awesome. We had got talking and found out that he also likes rock bands too, so we bonded over AC/DC and strawberry milkshake.
    From then on we’d been together and I can safely say that I am in love with him.

    I had just got back from work, working at a magazine company had its perks and downs. The down part being all the gossip we basically had to twist and make appealable for the readers.

    I threw my purse down on the floor and stretched my arms. I walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge, tomorrow was Easter which means I should probably have something healthy seen as I’m going to stuff my face with chocolate.

    I yawned, closing the fridge before I felt two arms wrap around my waist.

    “Hey babe”

    “How was work?”

    “It was good, how was band practise”

    “Good we decided to have waste the night on the set list”

    “Thank god, I actually thought you were going to play Don’t stop 168 times”

    He laughed in my neck and kissed my cheek. I turned around and smiled at him. He gave me a quick smile before shuffling around on his feet. He’s only started doing this the past two weeks. I feel like he has something on his mind, that he’s not telling me. It can’t be much serious though, we’d already said our first ‘I love you’s’ and we’d only been dating for 8 months so it can’t be marriage. Maybe it’s nothing but he’s been acting odd and that isn’t like him. I leant on his chest and yawned again.

    “You tiered baby? Maybe you should get some sleep, have a early night?”

    “Yeah good thinking” I mumbled into his chest, smelling his beautiful musky cologne that I always love when it was mixed with the smell of mints. I pulled away and Calums pink lips kissed my forehead.

    “Ok well I’m going out with the boys tonight, I’ll be back around 11”

    “Ok baby” I groaned walking up the stairs to our shared room. Yes, me and Calum had already moved in together, I got kicked out of my flat and well Calum wanted some company. It was great waking up and seeing your beautiful boyfriend next to you, getting to cuddle all the time and have sex anywhere we want.

    I changed into my pj’s which only involved me wearing a pair of my lace underwear and Calums white GreenDay shirt. I tied my hair up before climbing into bed and drifting off to sleep.

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    Happy easter from my modern! AU super proud Spacedads!

    It’s only a little sketch, but I had to get this chocolate bunny munching baby Luke out of my system!  I’D

    My headcanon for this one was Padmé being too busy with work to spend easter with the family. So the two super proud dads sent her this pic to cheer her up a little!
    (In longingformirkwood s and my modern! Au Padmé is Anakins and Obi Wans surrogate mother and they are all one big, fluffy and happy family, bc Revenge of the Sith never happened, ok? :’D And of course Qui Gon is still alive and Luke and Leia’s strange grandp- er uncle! And Obi Wan has this super ugly cat called Mrs Molly…check out Longingformirkwoods fic!!! It’s super cute!!! (and it’s only the beginning of this modern! Au heuhue)

    For more, check out my Instagram *3*

    A Strong Woman Vs. A Woman Of Strength

    - Poem by Luke Easter

    A strong woman works out every day,
    Pride in her appearance she portrays,
    But a woman of strength kneels to pray,
    Her soul in shape, God leading the way.

    A strong woman claims she isn’t afraid of anything,
    Looking forward to challenges each day will bring,
    Women of strength show courage in the midst of fear,
    Declaring triumph through faith because God is near.

    Strong women won’t let anyone get the best of them,
    So skilled in defenses even if they have to pretend,
    Yet a woman of strength gives her best to everyone,
    And even on a cloud filled day still bright as the sun.

    A strong woman relies on the physical attributes making her tough,
    In her search for power and money she will never have enough,
    A woman of strength understands that it’s not about material stuff,
    Knowing that before becoming a diamond first she’ll be in the rough.

    A strong woman sometimes disguises her feelings shadowed by clouds,
    Unhinged when challenged on her policy becoming boisterous and loud,
    A woman of strength concerns herself not with judgment from others,
    And will not let business interfere with commitments as a wife and mother.

    A strong woman is easily impatient back and forth she will begin to pace,
    Counting on her holier than thou attitude instead of depending on faith,
    A woman of strength is assured trust in God will always carry her through,
    And at the Creator’s appointed time she’ll receive all that is justly due.

    A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same for tomorrow,
    Refusing to take time looking back with reverence and Godly sorrow,
    The woman of strength realizes life’s mistakes no matter how slim,
    While thanking God for the blessings as she capitalizes on them.

    A strong woman walks head first with no doubt in her mind,
    No matter what, she’ll not make this mistake a second time,
    But a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls,
    So when a situation arises again, she’s not afraid to answer the call.

    A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face,
    Always doing whatever it takes to finish, seeking only first place,
    The woman of strength competes with an emotional sense of grace,
    Understanding it’s more important to run a Holy Spirit filled race.

    A strong woman has faith that for the journey she’ll have enough,
    No matter how uneven the terrain or roads being rocky and rough,
    A woman of strength knows it’s in the journey she will become strong,
    And the love of God is forever with her, no matter how difficult or long.

    A strong woman when uninformed thinks that she is being mistreated,
    In the end her physical attributes fail causing doubt to become seeded,
    A woman of strength will compromise as a little give and take is needed,
    Why? Because a lesson not learned the first time is soon to be repeated.

    Ladies start everyday on your knees with supplication & prayer,
    Trust and believe that God will always get you from here to there,
    And should your giant steps seem to be moving only inch by inch,
    The journey is not as A Strong Woman but A Woman Of Strength.

    Realize his-story is not the preverbal or only meaning of the word history,
    Read the poem titled, ‘Women Preachers & Pastors In The Ministry? ’
    This male chauvinistic attitude’s deceitfully titled, 'The Same Old Song, ’
    No wonder society thinks a woman can’t compete & this is totally wrong.

    Difference between farther & further,1 is distance,1 is to understand,
    Where Motherhood is instinctive however it has to be learned by man,
    A woman carries a life form up to & maybe more than 9 months long,
    Man can’t stand to be with a crying for baby 2 hours and he is strong?

    It is thousands of years later, man still cries, 'first the woman was deceived, ’
    As Adam looked at God and said, 'it was that woman you gave me’ oh Eve?
    It always happens that when things go wrong we are quick to pass the blame?
    Sin didn’t manifest till Adam ate the fruit as well but he put it on Eve’s name.

    Every woman is a catalyst for any little girl to become the same,
    So the question is what will be the consequences from her name?
    Strong relays an outward appearance yet under pressure it cracks,
    And only through strength will she be able to withstand the attack.

    Girls beware, because the road traveled is both winding and long,
    And for this very reason you will surely have to more than strong,
    This should inform you that an arduous trek is measured in length,
    The main reason it takes intestinal fortitude only found in strength.

    Now for an excellent example relaying exactly what we mean,
    The United States Marine Corps, 'Female Engagement Team, ’
    Women in Afghanistan not in rear support yet on the front line,
    Not so much physically strong as through strength in the mind.

    Isn’t it amazing disciples from miraculous powers were big and strong,
    Peter cut off a servant’s ear but denied Christ 3 times it didn’t last long,
    Yet two Mary’s and Salome the weaker sex faithfully stood by at length,
    Face to face with adversity you will only pass through fire with strength.

    Blacks sat in the back of the bus for years although it was wrong,
    Now imagine how many men complied who were big and Strong,
    But, it was a female, Rosa Parks, who would not budge one inch,
    Yet another example of what it means for women to have Strength.

    Certain things capture your eye but pursue only those that capture the heart,
    Although an, 'Ancient Indian Proverb’ yet Solomon gave the verse its start,
    Likewise, don’t seek after frivols material things that only make you Strong,
    For Strength is the seed of eternal roots to remain even after you’re gone.

    The association of motherhood is something truly unique,
    And only through inner Strength can you reach your peak,
    As the Strongest will tire from repetitions they must repeat,
    Because the latter without proper rest is destined to be weak.

    Imagine how tough women have to be not just bearing and raising their child,
    While at the same time many have to control their spouse from running wild,
    A single or married mom with a tight knit family that’s united for any length,
    Not so much from a Strong Woman as it is through, 'A Woman Of Strength.’

    With all the aforementioned qualifications it is a mystery,
    Why many believe women should not preach in the ministry,
    Birth, feed, raise, clothe and impact men with knowledge,
    Of a multitude of wisdom they’ll never receive in college.

    This poetic tribute is a, 'Shout-Out’ to any woman everywhere,
    Seemingly impossible circumstances faced head on the scare,
    By the armor of faith fear of the unknown shall not make a dent,
    They are withstanding not by outward Strong but inner Strength.


    Luke Cage includes an easter egg joke about his original costume

    In the tradition of Netflix’s Marvel series keeping its storylines as grounded as possible, Luke Cage doesn’t have its titular character decked out in yellow and chains when fighting bad guys. But there is one moment that heavily references his retro outfit. Blink and you’ll miss it.

    Attachment and the Force: Anakin vs. Luke

    /accidentally celebrating Easter by watching entire original Star Wars trilogy

    /as you do

    /secular humanist life

    Watching “A New Hope” last night, I got to the (really rather explicit and gory) death of Owen and Beru.

    Something struck me, and I pointed out to lilihopebird that Anakin and Luke share something chilling: their adult journeys as Jedi really begin with deaths that ostensibly cut all their ties with Tattoine (Shmi and Owen and Beru). Their journeys begin with grief and an obvious object for vengeance. Anakin gives in to the desire for revenge immediately. Luke doesn’t obviously do so. But given the look on his face at the homestead, I can’t believe there isn’t a dark bit of satisfaction for him in shooting up a few dozen storm troopers. Though he can at least wrap it in the cloak of the rebellion.

    And Lil pointed out something else important, that emerges over Empire and Jedi: Anakin and Luke also share a common rejection with the old Jedi teachings on attachment. In Anakin’s case, it’s glaringly obvious and nearly all focused on Padme; to a secondary extent also, on Obi-Wan. But Luke does it too. He refuses to let Han and Leia die without taking action, and changes his whole path. Attachment, connection, love; it costs him his hand, but he never regrets it.

    The difference is Anakin is consumed by fear; fear of loss and of abandonment. Anakin’s childhood was just him and Shmi, two against the world. Then he loses his mother while falling head over heals with Padme; and developing a deep adult friendship with Obi-Wan. The fear of losing Padme and Obi-Wan simultaneously gets wrapped up together in this toxic stew, because to him old Jedi teachings mean he can’t really keep his wife and his best friend. So he chooses Padme. But he chooses her in a way that dooms her, in an abusive grip that justifies (to him) all the choices he makes to betray the Jedi, and even worse, all the values she herself holds dear. All because he is so selfishly goddamn fucking terrified of his own loss and his own grief.

    And it’s a bit amazing to realize that maybe Obi-Wan, alone and scarred, made a bit of a choice too. Not to raise possible Force-sensitive children by himself, according to the old ways. But to let them have a normal life with Bail and Breha and Owen and Beru. So that if there was even ever a chance of bringing back the Jedi, it would have to be with these two kids, both with Anakin’s passion/temper and Padme’s empathy/big picture mind. Luke and Leia grew up with families, friends, and entire communities. They had homes worth fighting for, and even when the two of them lost those homes in the span of a week, that stayed with them.

    Maybe this is why Luke could reconcile connection & the Force. Maybe because he had a bit of Padme’s kindness and empathy in him; what drove her to be a senator and a fighter for her people. And he had the nurturing of Owen, Beru, and Ben. While their deaths started him on his Jedi path, and his love for Han & Leia and his X-Wing buddies is one of his defining characteristics, he never becomes so terrified of losing them, so focused on them as MINE, that he lets the Emperor in. On the Death Star II in Jedi, Luke looks at his hand, and remembers that love and loyalty are really the heart the Force, to drive us towards acts of courage, rather than acts of fear and hate.

    There’s a touching easter egg tribute to Prince in Luke Cage

    Luke Cage’s show-runner Cheo Hodari Coker revealed on Twitter that he was going to show Prince the first two episodes of the show with the hopes that the singer would make a cameo in the finale. How was he going to convince him? With the subtle but heartwarming tribute inside Pop’s Barber Shop.