luke dwyer


Just some dudes hanging outside the venue in Manchester.  Loved this area.  The UK has been cloudy almost the entire time we’ve been here… Which is depressing.  But at the same time makes for awesome lighting almost all the time.  The clouds act as huge soft-box for the sun making any time of the day a good time to shoot.  

5sos parks and rec/the office au tho?? just. Anything that requires them staring into a camera

michael/luke/calum do something and ashton just stares at the camera with a deadpan expression. alternatively, he’s already staring and just waits for the camera to pan on him

luke: [says something without thinking]
[shot of ashton staring at the camera]

calum is the one who talks shit about the others u just know it

michael has kind of like a crisis because calum looked so cute today did you see him fuck he’s hot -

also michael talks so much shit about luke they have to censor his every second word

LUKE IS ANDY DWYER just asdfghjkl
“ashton, you’re like an angel with no wings”
“so, like a person?”


“i was dying earlier today. now i’m dead”


“calum, you beautiful spinster i will find you love”