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Don’t make us cry, really, the fact that it has been sitting there all this time, is just too much to handle. Right? Why is it there? Did Luke plan to propose sometime in the past 9 years or was he just reluctant to get rid of it? You can’t just sell the ring, which was used for an engagement with the woman you’re currently with and you are also living together. It’s some useless jewelry, in the end, you can’t use it and you can’t sell it either. 

However, there’s also the fact that Luke is a softie inside. He can’t get rid of anything that has something to do with someone he loves. He has kept the horoscope for 8 years in his wallet before dating Lorelai. There’s still the order his father put on a wall, and Luke had spared out that spot when he put new paint on the walls. He kept the boat his father had started to build and after selling it out to Kirk on a whim, he bought it back as soon as Kirk lost interest in it, which was like a month later.

Luke complains about Lorelai not being able to get rid of old stuff, but Luke is just as bad at it as her when it comes to things, which are connected to people he loved. And the ring he had kept, just in case, just for remembering, came in handy that faithful night in the fall of 2016. Eleven years after their first engagement. Ten years after their break-up. The ring survived it all and made their engagement official again.