luke castallan

'Til My Dying Day (PJO ship week Thaluke)

I ask myself all the time. Why the Hunters? Why did I pick this life? But one name reminds me day after day why.

Luke. My best friend. He was everything I ever wanted. I remember the day we found each other, the day we became a family. After losing my little brother it was hard but I learn to love again through him.

I remember standing up at Half Blood Hill, ready to give my life for him. He had told me he would love me til the day he dies because he would never let me go before him. He screams filled the air that night as all the campers held him back from saving me. I turned to look at him during his screams and mouthed the words I love you. He feel to his knees and cried. And that night I knew he would never let anyone see him cry again.

I felt his presence at my tree everyday. He placed his forehead on the rough bark and whispered every night right before curfew. He told about his day and how much he wanted me there with him. He said the same words every day. I will love you til my dying day.

It all stopped after a while. I never knew why and I was worried that he had forgotten about me but glad he had moved on. Luke had to stop living in the past. The day I heard Luke scream from the woods, “Don’t speak of Thalia! The gods let her die!” I knew something was wrong. I just wanted to tell him I was okay.

It was when I was brought back it all went wrong. Don’t get me wrong some parts were great. I reconnected with Grover and Annabeth and met this new guy Percy. But I always wondered about Luke. Was he really as evil as everyone said? The Luke I knew and loved could never do that to me. Why should I believe he would? He was my best friend, my lover, and my family.

Annabeth told me about what he had done. She told me how he had become. She told me that it was only me and her left in the family. But there was an understanding past between us. Luke was our family and one day he will stand by his word. Then and there Annabeth held me as I cried and told her of the love Luke and I had once shared.

Out in San Francisco was when it hit me. I looked into his eyes and I knew one thing. My Luke was gone. Dead inside of him and replaced with this evil that now coursed through his veins. But when he looked back at me I still saw the small shred of the boy I once loved.

As the shouting between us rose I knew there was one thing left to say to him. “You are not Luke! I don’t know who you are anymore.” And when he fell off that cliff I wanted to cry. There were tears in my eyes as I thought, I killed my best friend.

After that I excepted the Hunters offer. The only reason I hadn’t before was because of Luke and now that was gone. Luke was dead and a prophecy was following me like a plague. So why not?

Two years later, the day of Luke’s real death. The walked his body down the path of Olympus. When they passed me I asked them to lower him to me. They did has told and I unwrapped his face from the cloth. The pale, scarred face of Luke lay under it. I kissed his forehead, nose, cheek, and lips, all cold and lifeless. I rewrapped his head and just before wrapping his ear I whispered into it the words he had said to me so long ago. “I will love you til my dying day.” Then I stopped. “And if I know you in the life after that I will love you then too.”

It has been a thousand years since that day. I still look at his picture everyday and think to myself, I will love you til my dying day, Luke Castallen.

Quando Annabeth tinha oito anos e ainda estava descobrindo suas habilidades como semideusa, trabalhou um pouco com tecelagem, sendo filha de Atena. Seu primeiro trabalho foi uma pulseira vermelha, feita de cordão, bonita, porém simples. Ela rapidamente decidiu que a daria de presente a Luke e, após alguns dias tomando coragem, entregou aquilo ao semideus. "Ei, obrigado!", disse ele. "Vou guardar para sempre." Annabeth se esqueceu disso com o passar do tempo. Apenas no meio da batalha contra os titãs em Nova York ela reparou que ele ainda a usava. E não era mais Cronos quem estava lá, era Luke, seu melhor amigo, aquele com quem ela podia contar. Tinha sete anos de novo e ele ia salvá-la, ele ia... Cronos atacou Quíron naquela hora, e foi como se Annabeth tivesse sido traída de novo. Lágrimas escorriam por seu rosto. "EU TE ODEIO!", ela gritou, furiosa. Porque, por um segundo, parecia que Luke se importava.