luke cartwright

“The Reason”--an Everlark birthday present for keelaree


Person A is a single parent whose life is very busy with their full time job and their child(ren). Person B is someone they’ve known for a long time and they are very close and Person B is good at helping out with Person A’s child. One day, Person A’s child announces to Person A that Person A is in love with Person B. (Bonus: Person B is currently in another relationship. Possibly with Person C)

Happy birthday, keelaree—my darling pre-reader and friend! I hope this brings a smile to your face on your special day.

Summary: “Uncle Peeta,” Luke said through his tears, his eyes squarely on the man in front of him. “Mom is in love with you.”

After thirteen years, Peeta Mellark finally hears the truth.

Fluff and nothing but fluff.


“Let me help you with that,” Peeta said as he took the boxed cake from his date. “Once I introduce you to everyone, you’re likely to get mauled.”

Delly turned to him, her blonde curls bouncing as she did. Her blue eyes were lined with concern.

“Who exactly will be here?” she asked. Delly let out a nervous giggle. “I just want to be prepared.”

“Well, this is my friend, Katniss’ house,” he explained as they stepped onto the long porch. “I’ve known her as well as her ex-husband, Gale, since we were kids.  I’m even Godfather to their daughter, Arianna. They got divorced a little over year ago—and it’s been hard on her kids.”

“Kids?” Delly repeated in surprise.

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